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End of Term 1

Term 1


So Term 1 is now over and we have certainly enjoyed ourselves! We have done lots of writing, learning the stories of Rapunzel and Zog and also writing about what we have done. We have also done plenty of Maths, practising our numbers and then getting better at addition and subtraction.


We have really enjoyed our Once Upon A Time topic. For this, we learnt about the materials that things are made out of and where we would find these in a castle, we learnt about different parts of a castle, explored direction to follow secret maps and we did lots of fun art and DT activities to make dragons.


As well as our normal learning, we have done lots of fun things this term. Earlier in the term, we all dressed up for Roald Dahl Day and we made paper plate animals based on The Enormous Crocodile. A definite highlight was our trip to Berkeley Castle, where we danced in the Great Hall, climbed up to the battlements and also saw the spooky dungeon. We have also helped building the pizza oven that has been installed at school, and we enjoyed trying the pizza that was cooked in it. Yum!

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