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Reception - Panda

Welcome to Panda Class!


Adults in Panda Class


I am Mrs Perry and I am the teacher in Panda Class.  This is my fourth year at Barley Close, but I have worked in many other schools, mainly in Reception classes.  All of my children have attended Barley Close, so I have been involved with the school for a long time.  I have met many of the new children and their families and am looking forward to an action packed year in Reception with them all.

Please come and see me anytime if you have questions about your child or any part of school life.


Mrs Lines is the HLTA (higher level teaching assistant) in Panda Class and we would be lost without her!  Mrs Lines has been at Barley Close for a very long time, as her children all also attended the school, so many of you will already know her.  Mrs Lines is a school governor and has a passion for outdoor learning, she leads our weekly forest school sessions which are always popular with the children.


Mrs Crocker works in Panda Class every Monday and will  be taking the class for PE.  Mrs Crocker is an experienced Reception teacher who is just returning from maternity leave (she has a beautiful baby daughter!) and will be working with the children in large and small groups.


Mrs Collins is the reading assistant in Panda Class and works with us every afternoon.  Mrs Collins reads with many children during the year and supports them to develop their reading skills.


Ed Sheppard is a volunteer who joins us each week for Forest School.  This is the third year that Ed has been with us in Panda Class and Forest School would not be the same without him.

What will my child need for school?


Waterproof coat


Book bag

PE kit


All children need a book bag with them in school every day.  This is important for changing reading books as well as ensuring you receive all school correspondence.

Wellies are stored on the trolley outside of the classroom, children use these regularly and need to stay in school.

PE kit is a white T-shirt, black shorts and daps.  This should be in a bag and kept on your child's peg (we will send it home each half term to be washed).


Please ensure all items of clothing (including shoes) are labelled clearly with your child's name.


When will my child do PE?


PE will be on a Monday and will begin once the children are in school full time.


Swimming will be on a Thursday, we will let you know when this will start.


Forest school will take place every Tuesday.



Friday 26th May


This week we focused on different styles of writing, including invitations, speech bubbles, narrative story writing, instructions and a wanted poster. The children particularly enjoyed forming a descriptive wanted poster for cheeky Mrs Lines!! We’ve also been practising our doubling and sharing skills, and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in Maths.


A highlight for the children this week has been doing Hapa Zome in Forest School, which is the Japanese art of beating up leaves with hammers, pounding natural pigment into cloth. The children are very good at being safe with DIY tools and managed to make amazing prints to take home.


When we return we will be reading the story The Little Red Han Makes a Pizza, turning our role play into a Pizzeria and baking our own mini pizzas! 


As the weather is getting much hotter and the children are often outdoors, please make sure your child is wearing suncream and brings a hat to school with them. Children can bring suncream into school to top up during the day, but they must be able to apply it themselves. 


We hope you all have a lovely week – don’t forget it’s an Inset day on Monday so we’ll see you back at school on Tuesday 6th June.


Happy half term!

Mrs Perry and Mrs Lines

Friday 19th May


The children enjoyed a new version of last week's story as we read 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig' this week.  This was a fun alternative to The Three Pigs and the children did lots of work on comparison and produced some fantastic 'Wanted' posters.  It was a very popular story.  In maths, we covered lots of new things, we worked on number bonds (ways of making 10), counting in 10s and we revised our knowledge on doubles.


Swimming was a highlight of the week and the children are really gaining in confidence.  Can I please remind you to name every item of your child's clothing.  The children often pick up the wrong clothes, but if they do not have a name in , it is impossible for us to sort out.


We have only one week left, before half term.  Next week, we have a writing focus, so there will be lots of opportunities to write for different purposes.


I hope you have a lovely weekend and the sun continues to shine,

Mrs Perry



Friday 12th May


This week we have been very busy constructing houses for the Three Little Pigs to escape the Big Bad Wolf, both inside and outside. We have been using wooden bricks, large sticks and cardboard pots to build different houses, testing the materials to find out which is the strongest and which ones the wolf will be able to blow down. We have also been helping the Fairy Tale Police to capture the missing big bad wolf, by creating Wanted posters including descriptions of the criminal, and a monetary reward! The children have really enjoyed exploring this story, and next week we will see a twist in the fairy tale as we read The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig…


We have also been learning how to count in 5s this week, as well as practicing our adding and subtracting skills. Also, we have been comparing different heights of cube towers to decide which is the tallest, shortest and medium height, as well as explaining our reasoning for our decisions.


As you know, this week also welcomed a visit from Ofsted. The inspectors observed different lessons, as well as looking through children’s learning diaries and books. Some of the children really enjoyed having new visitors to show off their learning to! Thank you to parents who offered their views and opinions to Ofsted. We will let you all know when the report is published.


Next week we will be learning how to count in 10s and creating a wanted poster for the Big Bad Pig, while continuing to develop our construction and problem solving skills. 


Please remember to bring your child’s swimming kit in every Thursday, and remove all jewellery at home as teaching staff are not allowed to do so, and children cannot swim with jewellery in.


Enjoy a lovely (and hopefully dry) weekend,

Mrs Perry


Friday 7th April - Happy Easter!


We have enjoyed a fun-filled last week of term, including an Easter Egg Hunt in Forest School developing our number recognition skills, cooking our own delicious Easter Egg Nests and observing the changes in chocolate when it’s heated and cooled, and watching Key Stage 1 perform their brilliant Easter assembly. The children have worked so hard this term, always trying their best and persevering, so it was a lovely, rewarding way to end a long term!


We also learnt about the Christian Easter story, discussing the importance of respecting different people’s beliefs and faiths. We have introduced Red Hat thinking to encourage deeper thinking when reading stories, particularly related to characters’ emotions and feelings. The children were especially good at describing different emotions from the Easter story.


In Maths we have been learning to find 1 more and 1 less from a given number up to 20, continued developing our counting in 2s skills, and continued to describe 2D and 3D shape properties. We have also created and developed unique repeating patterns to design and create Easter Eggs!


Next term we will continue to explore Spring, including learning about life cycles. 


Enjoy a well-deserved break, and we’ll see you bright eyed and bushy tailed next term.

Happy Easter!

Mrs Perry and Mrs Lines

Friday 31st March


This week we have explored our new Garden Centre role play, planting different seeds and growing our own grass! We are looking closely at the different stages of plant growth and any changes that occur. The children are really enjoying taking care of our plants, making sure they are watered every day and kept in sunlight.


We also read Spring poems this week, learning many more facts about Spring and becoming poets ourselves by creating a class poem at the end of the week – we even made sure it rhymed! Our Spring knowledge was helped by adventures in Forest School, where the children enjoyed exploring the pond this week, even finding tadpoles and frogs!


In Maths, we have been developing our counting skills by learning how to count in 2’s. We also continued developing our estimation skills, and will be looking at counting 1 more and 1 less next week.


Next week we will be reading the Easter Story, and introducing Red Hat thinking to empathise with characters’ feelings. We will also be creating different patterns to make our own Easter Eggs and developing our writing skills by making Easter cards. If we’re really good, there may also be a secret visit from the Easter Bunny and an egg hunt during Forest School!


Next week is our last week before the Easter Holidays so please remember to take PE Kits home on Friday for washing. You are also welcome to take your child’s wellies home on Friday, but please remember to bring them with you again on the first day back.


Enjoy a lovely, sunny weekend!
Mrs Perry

Friday 24th March


This week we have been very busy in Reception! We celebrated British Science Week by performing our own experiment – we had lots of fun making our own jelly, investigating how solids dissolve into liquids. We also got to taste our jelly and it was delicious!


We had a surprise visit from the ‘Alien Boss, Zorg’ too, who sneakily left us a letter asking for our help. The aliens have been running out of underpants, and the children chose to create lots of different underpants to help them save the world. The children really enjoyed using their colour mixing and collage making skills, to create different repeating patterns on their underpants. They also wrote letters back to the aliens, informing them of our helpful plans.


On Friday we celebrated Red Nose Day, by dressing in red and performing a conga around the school! Thank you to those who kindly donated to Comic Relief; every contribution is greatly appreciated.


Next week we will be exploring Spring and the various changes the season brings. We will be planting our own cress seeds and observing the changes in growth. We will also be developing our estimation and doubling skills in Maths, including counting in 2’s. Please continue to support your child in noticing numbers and shapes in the environment.


Have a lovely weekend, and a very happy Mother’s Day!

Mrs Perry

Friday 17th March


This week we have been learning lots of facts through our non-fiction Space text and we’ve used those facts to create our own class Space book. The children have really enjoyed using their creative skills to make star constellations and space models, and we will continue our Space odyssey next week when we read Aliens in Underpants Save the World! We have also started to learn how to share and halve quantities to 10 in Maths, while developing our length measuring skills.

Next week is British Science Week and we will be exploring effects of change through our own experiments in Reception. Please see our website Science Week page for ideas to explore ‘Science at Home’. We will also be celebrating Red Nose Day on Friday by joining in a conga! Please help us to support Comic Relief by dressing in red with a red nose and a £1 donation.

I hope you have a great weekend,

Mrs Perry


Friday 10th March


This week we’ve had quite the adventure exploring Space with Baby Bear in the story Whatever Next! We’ve created a Rocket role play, drawing star constellations and creating our own telescopes, while learning lots of different facts about planets and space travel. The children are thoroughly enjoying becoming aspiring astronauts and pretending to communicate with aliens, reading alien words with Obb and Bob.

Thank you to those who came to Parents’ Evening this week. If you were unable to book an appointment and would like to see me to discuss your child’s progress, please ask me at the morning drop off and we can arrange an after school appointment.

Next week we are continuing our Space adventure, including creating our own rockets and aliens, writing letters to aliens and people at home, as well as a list of essential items to take on our space shuttle. We are also developing our knowledge of doubling and sharing.

Enjoy a lovely long weekend,
Mrs Perry

Friday 3rd March - Book Week


What a great week we had in Reception celebrating book week.  We read the story of The elves and the Shoemaker and did lots of activities around it (including our dressing up).  The children looked fantastic on World Book Day, thank you for helping them all with their costumes.

In maths, we looked at doubling and shape.  The children continue to develop their skills in this area.


Thank you to the parents/carers who attended our workshop on Monday.  The children enjoyed sharing their learning with you and I hope you have more understanding of the expectations of your children and the way they learn at school.


Our talk topic this week is Space, as the children are showing a real interest in this area.  Look out for lots of Space related activities happening next week!


Wednesday and Thursday are parent's evenings next week.  Please make an appointment to see me, if you have not already done so.


Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs Perry



Friday 24th February


The children returned to school after half term with enthusiasm and energy.  They have worked hard and got straight back into routine.  We read 'The Smartest Giant in Town' in English, having fun exploring the rhyming words and looking at how the characters were such au range of sizes.  In maths, we introduced doubling, which was a new concept for most children.  They tried really hard, but we will revisit this regularly.


Next week is book week and pancake day, so it will certainly be exciting!


On Monday, we have our Communication, Language and Literacy wo rkshop for parents and carers.  Please come along at 2.00pm to the school hall to engage in some fun activities with your children.  They will show you lots of things they learn at school. All family members are welcome, so please bring along any younger brothers and sisters.


Thursday is world book day.  In Reception, we are asking the children to dress up as a character from a nursery rhyme or traditional (fairy tale).  This is a fun day and even the staff will be dressed up! There will be a prize for the best costume in each class.


As always, I wish you all a happy weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday afternoon,

Mrs Perry




Friday 10th February


We have reached the mid-point in the school year, I can't believe how quickly the time has past and how much the children have grown over the past few months. they will be moving in to year 1 in no time!


We had a change in routine this week, swapping our maths and English lessons around.  The children enjoyed this and showed great interest in reading a non-fiction book.  They have requested that we learn more about dinosaurs and so we will be doing this after the holiday.


The children continued to play in the Chinese restaurant, but have requested a shop role-play area for next term.  With this in mind, if you have any shoe boxes, please bring them to Mrs Perry on Monday.


I hope you all have a restful half term, I am looking forward to spending time with my children, as I am sure you all are too,

take care,

Mrs Perry

Monday 6th February


My apologies for not updating the website on Friday, it was the end of a very busy week!  As some of you may know, we had a problem with the water and heating in our building, so we 'moved house' for a couple of days. The children found this very exciting, but were quite pleased to return to their favourite toys!


The children enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year, they remembered the story, acted it out, ate noodles and had lots of fun doing a dragon dance throughout the school.  We also looked at telling the time again, please continue to support your children to recognise o'clock and half past times.


Thank you

Mrs Perry


Friday 27th January


This week we continued our Pirate and Under the Sea topic, exploring the story of Tiddler. The children enjoy joining in with rhyme, and independently wrote letters to Miss Skate. They have loved role playing as Pirates and have enjoyed exploring under the sea creatures.


It has been a busy week in Maths as we have developed our subtraction skills, measured and compared lengths (including our feet!) and we have started to tell the time using a clock face. The children are continuing to develop number recognition up to 20 and are practising number formation.


In Forest School the children were very enthusiastic about building homes for gnomes! They explored the woodland finding various natural objects to build houses, including digging with spades to keep them safe!


Next week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year, with a very special Chinese restaurant in our role play area and continuing to cook Spring Rolls with Mrs Lines on Thursday's. 

Enjoy your weekend,
Mrs Perry





Friday 20th January


Pirates and sea life have been the themes for this week.  The children love role-playing pirate life and hunting for treasure.  The treasure this week had lots of key words on it and the children have practised reading these words well.


We read the book 'The Troll' in English and focussed on subtraction in maths.  We also learnt how to play 'pairs' which has been a huge success and the children have been quite competitive! In Forest School the child hunted for woodland treasures, filling their own treasure boxes, it has been another busy week!


Our talk topic this week is 'treasure' 


Have another lovely weekend,

Mrs Perry


Friday 13th January


Another week has passed very quickly in Panda Class, the highlight for the children was, of course, the snow!  We did our very best to scrap up all the snow, but unfortunately did not even manage a small snowman.  The children did enjoy feeling the snow and we talked lots about cold weather and how to find out about the weather forecast on a computer.


In English we have read 'Goodnight Pirate' - moving on from our theatre trip last week.  The children have made treasure maps, drawn pirate ships and made lots of creative sea creatures, have a look at the fantastic display they have created.  We finished the week writing 'a message in a bottle', after being stranded on an island.


In maths, we have been adding two numbers.  Lots of the children can add confidently and record this in a number sentence.  They are trying really hard to form numbers in the correct way.


Our talk topic this week is 'Under the Sea', please chat with your children about the creatures they may find under the water.


Have a lovely weekend (fingers crossed for more snow!)

Mrs Perry

Friday 6th January


Today was one of my favourite days in Reception.  We went to Colston Hall and enjoyed an amazing performance of 'Little Tim and the Sea Captain'.  The children behaved brilliantly and I was very proud of them all.  The children joined in throughout the production, with dancing, singing and chanting.  Some of them even went on the stage!  The show was about Tim, who wanted to be a sailor and an adventure he went on, ask your children to tell you all about it.


Earlier this week, we talked (and wrote) about the Christmas holiday and the children told each other about their favourite gift.  We also set ourselves new targets, thinking carefully about what we would like to achieve in school.


We are now teaching the children phonics in smaller groups.  They may have told you that they are in a different room with other children during this time.  We have four groups across both Reception classes and these are based around the children's phonic knowledge.  This enables the children to progress at their own rate, enabling to develop their reading skills more effectively.


Our talk topic this week is pirates, you will notice lots of pirate activities appearing in the classroom this week.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Perry


Happy New Year


Welcome to term 3 and 2017!


I am very excited that we are starting the year with lots of fun things planned.  Our newly developed outside area is packed full of new challenges and opportunities for the children, which they are going to have a fantastic time exploring.


On Friday, we are visiting Colston Hall to watch the performance of 'Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain'.  This will be an amazing experience for the children and links well to our new theme of pirates!  If you have not returned the form and payment, please do so on Wednesday, as we are running out of time.


PE and forest school will continue this term, so please ensure your child has PE kit and wellies in school every day.


Thank you  again for all the lovely cards and presents we received for Christmas.  I hope you had a restful break and are full of enthusiasm for 2017.  I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday


Mrs Perry.



Merry Christmas


We had an amazing last week in Panda Class.  The children made me very proud with their excellent performances of 'Angel Express' I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  


We enjoyed lots of Christmas craft, stories and Maths activities, along with a few treats throughout the week and ended with a lovely party with a special visitor!


Thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts we received this week, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year,


Mrs Perry

Our new outside environment

Our new outside environment 1
Our new outside environment 2
Our new outside environment 3
Our new outside environment 4
Our new outside environment 5
Our new outside environment 6
Our new outside environment 7
Our new outside environment 8
Our new outside environment 9

Friday 9th December


Christmas is almost upon us and we are very excited in Reception!


The children have been learning the Christmas story this week and have enjoyed retelling it themselves.  They have also been busy learning in Santa's workshop, designing their own wrapping paper, writing cards, wrapping presents and sorting parcels.  We have focussed on 3D shapes and the children can now name the common 3D shapes.  Ask them to find some around the home.


We have continued with our Makaton advent calendar, the children have discovered lots of new signs, ask them to show you some of them.


Next week sees the arrival of two exciting events . . .


Our Christmas performance at 2.15pm on Tuesday


and the builders arrive on Monday! 


We are having our outside area redeveloped and it will be amazing when it is finished (hopefully by Friday).  This will mean the children will enter by the side door next week, so we ask that you leave your children at the door, to avoid having adults walking in and out at the same time.  Thank you for your support with this. 


We have a Christmas party on Friday and I am sure a special visitor will be popping in . . .

Friday 2nd December


This week we have been very busy learning all the songs for our Christmas Performance (Tuesday 13th December) and some of us have been learning lines too! If your child has come home with a line to learn, please practice it lots at home so they are confident and ready for the big day.


Panda class was transformed by Santa and his Elves this week into a magical workshop, and the children have been super busy wrapping gifts, writing cards and letters, and sorting presents by number. We also began our class advent calendar, which involves learning a new Makaton sign each day – please check our Twitter page to see the Christmas signs.


Our story this week was the Gingerbread Man and the children really enjoyed baking their own Gingerbread men! Luckily none of ours jumped off the tray and ran away, so we all enjoyed eating them – the children all agreed they were delicious!


Next week we will be reading The Christmas Story, practising our adding skills, continuing to help Santa prepare for Christmas in our workshop and organising our performance costumes. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas..!


I hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend – I will be busy decorating my house ready for Christmas!


Mrs Perry

Friday 25th November


This week the children have been busy starting to think about Christmas - we have been learning some songs ready for our Christmas Performance (Tuesday 13th December) using Makaton actions too. We were busy this week creating glittery jewellery to sell at the Christmas Fare - thank you to those of you who came, we hope you had fun!


Our story this week was Handa’s Surprise which includes lots of tropical fruits. We tried tasting lots of these fruits, including mango, passion fruit, papaya, avocado, orange and guava. The children were very brave and tried every single fruit – some of us were surprised to find they are so delicious! In Maths we then looked at doubling and halving these fruits to make a yummy Smoothie – it’s been a very healthy week in Panda class!


Next week we will be reading the Gingerbread Man and continuing to focus on Christmas, learning more songs and making decorations for our classroom. Look out for a cheeky Elf on the Shelf joining our classroom very soon…


Our talk topic this week is Angels.


Have a lovely weekend! 

Friday 18th November


It was lovely to see so many of you at parents evening this week.  Thank you for giving the time to discuss your child's progress and how you can best help them at home.


The children have worked as hard as ever this week, using the IPAD's to help them with their learning.  We read the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' which led to lots of talk about food as well as the life cycle of a butterfly.  We will continue our food theme next week, with the story of Handa's Surprise.


Our talk topic continues to be FOOD as this is something the children have shown lots of interest in.  We will be thinking about healthy (and unhealthy) foods and the importance of cleaning our teeth.  We will also be learning some of our Christmas songs this week, not long to go . . .


Thank you to the parents who returned the maths feedback forms, this will help us plan future sessions,


Mrs Perry.



Friday 11th November


Thank you to the parents who attended the maths workshop on Monday,  We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did.  Look out for the feedback form which will be coming your way on Monday.

We have read 'Zog and the Flying Doctors' in English this week, this was a very popular sequel to Zog from a few weeks ago.  The children have been 'white hat detectives' while reading, looking for facts in the story.  We enjoyed finding out all we could about Zog.

In maths we have been learning how to play bingo!  The children found recognising the teen numbers a little tricky, but they tried very hard.


We were very lucky to have a 'real life' nurse visit us on Thursday.  The children were very excited to see all the things she uses in her bag and hear about what nurses do.  The children have used our medical kit in their own role-play and have enjoyed dressing up.


This week our talk topic is food, we are having food based role-play next week, so this will link with that.


Don't forget, the school photographer is here to take photographs on Monday, I am sure you want their children to look their best!


I am looking forward to seeing you all this week at parents evening, have a great weekend,

Mrs Perry




Fantastic First Week Back


What a great week we have had, the children all returned to school recharged and ready to learn.


We made our role-play castles spooky and enjoyed the story of Room on the Broom.  The children made their own potions and spells and had lots of fun dressing up.  


We also looked at the celebration of Divali; enjoying the story as well as designing our own rangoli patterns.  The children particularly liked the idea of a 10 headed king!


Next week we continue our dragon theme and will be reading the story of Zog and the Flying Doctors.


**Don't forget our maths workshop at 2.00pm on Monday, your children will enjoy completing lots of maths activities with you.***

Any family members are welcome to join us for the maths workshop (including younger brothers and sisters).


Well done if you spotted the deliberate mistake in this weeks 'sound sheet'.  My apologies as this was my mistake!  I did explain this to the children, I am sure they told you all about it.


Our talk topic this week is doctors, please encourage your children to talk with you about what a doctor does and how they can help us.


As always, I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Perry

Term 2 - Welcome back


A few reminders for term 2:


  • The pool is now closed, so no more swimming sessions until Easter
  • Book bags must be in school every day
  • Please ensure PE kit is always in school
  • We will no longer send sharing (library) books home, the children will only bring home the book they need to read


Thank you

End or Term 1 - We made it!


Well done to the children in Panda Class, the first term at school is hard work and you should be proud of them all.  It has been a very busy term, the children have made many new friends, listened to lots of stories, had three swimming lessons, used lots of energy in PE and that was as well as daily English, maths and phonics lessons!  


Next term is my favourite as I love everything Christmas!  Don't be surprised to hear your children singing songs about angels soon, we will be learning them ready for our Christmas performance.


*****Christmas performance is at 2.15 on Tuesday 13th December *******


(The performance is for adults only - please do not bring younger siblings to the Christmas performance as they will not be allowed in.  Only 2 adults per child due to the hall capacity).


Another date for your diary is Monday 7th November.  We are holding a maths workshop for all Reception children and their parents to attend together.  This will be at 2.00 pm in the school hall, we hope you can all attend (younger siblings are welcome to come along).


Thank you to all the parents who have joined us for our weekly cooking sessions; there is still time to sign up for term 2, please see me if you are able to join us.


The children recently brought a letter home about 'talk topics'.  In Reception, talking to your children about anything is good for them.  They need to practise the sounds of new words and develop their vocabulary, so any talk is great.  Our talk topic in school next week is dragons.


I wish you all a very restful half term, 

Mrs Perry


14th October


Thank you to all the children (and parent helpers) who made this our most amazing week yet, with a trip to Westonbirt Arboretum.  We had a fantastic time collecting autumn treasures and exploring the different trees and the coloured leaves.  We walked up a long bridge which took us to the top of some of the trees (we were very high).  The highlight for many of the children was the coach journey and the picnic lunch!  This gave us plenty of time to take in the scenery and chat to our friends.  We had beautiful weather and the children behaved perfectly, I was very proud of them all.


We spent most of the week using the items we collected at the arboretum, making pictures and describing the textures of all we found, it was great fun and we learnt a lot about the trees.


In English we read the Enormous Turnip and in maths we continued our work on numbers up to 10.


Thank you to the families who sent in donations for our harvest collection, the food is all given to the food bank at Resound Church for distribution.  The Reception children attended the Key Stage 2 harvest assembly on Thursday.  This was our first visit to assembly and the children did really well.  They listened attentively and commented on how much they had enjoyed the singing, well done to them all.


We have one week left until half term and I know we will have another fun week.  

Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs Perry

7th October


Another great week in panda class, we welcomed a new girl who has settled in and made new friends already, well done to all the children for making her feel so welcome.


This week we’ve read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and fantastic learning has come from this, including a fun game of Hide and Seek with ‘the bear family’ in Forest School and some lovely story maps. We will continue to think of this story at our trip to the Arboretum next week (Tuesday).


Next week we are reading The Enormous Turnip as it is Harvest week! Please help us in donating for our local foodbank; all donations can be brought to school on Thursday 13th or Friday 14th October. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.


We had our first swimming lesson this week - everyone was fantastic and had lots of fun! We spent time getting used to being in water and played some games to build confidence. Please remember to bring your child’s swimming kit back into school ready for Thursday next week, and remember no jewellery or hair clips are allowed in the swimming pool. Please remove all jewellery at home as we are not allowed to remove children’s pierced jewellery for them. (We also suggest the girls do not wear tights as it is tricky for them to independently put them back on after getting wet, and that they wear a one-piece costume).


Thank you to parents who are reading with their children each day, remember to always write in their yellow reading record so we know to change their book. Please continue to practice the sounds we are learning each week – a new sheet has been added to children’s folders, which is inside their book bags.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend,


Mrs Perry



30.09.16 - First Full Time Week


They did it!  The children did really well this week, as it was their first full time week.  I am really proud of them as they stayed motivated even although they were obviously exhausted by Friday.


We enjoyed reading Jack and the Beanstalk; the children had lots of fun pretending to be Jack and they drew some fantastic pictures when retelling the story.

Next week we are reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', this will help us prepare for our trip to the arboretum.


Swimming begins on Thursday, the children will need one-piece swim wear and a towel (no arm bands) - this is always lots of fun, but if your child has a fear of water, please let me know asap.


Thank you to the parents who are reading each day with their children, remember to always write in their yellow reading record, so we know to change the book.  The children brought home a sound sheet on Friday with the sounds we have learned this week, please look at these for a few minutes everyday.


As always I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Perry





This week the children have continued to learn new songs and games, tried hard to recognise numbers and shapes as well as continuing to get to know each other. Everyone has settled really well into their lunchtime routine; if your child has a packed lunch please make sure your child’s lunch bag is clearly named.

Please check your child’s book bag as this week we sent a wordless book home along with a sheet of Biff and Chip characters. Please practice these characters with your child every day if possible, and enjoy sharing the wordless book (there are no right or wrong answers for these books, simply encourage your child to talk through the pictures, discussing emotions and predicting what might come next).

Next week children will attend school full time, from 8.45 – 3.15. Our morning routine will stay the same, and the children will very soon adjust to a full day routine. We will start P.E on Monday and Forest School on Tuesday so please make sure your child has their wellies and P.E. kits in school this week. We will begin swimming the following week.

Thank you to those of you who attended our parents meeting about reading and phonics. If you were unable to attend, we have a handout sheet with the important points from the meeting so please just ask for one. If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any time, either in school or by email:

Thank you to those who have sent in family photographs – these are to be used within school to encourage the children to value everyone and celebrate our families. If you do not have a printed photograph, you are welcome to email one directly to me.

It’s not long until we go on our first trip of the year to the Arboretum (October 11th) – please return your slip as soon as possible, and if you would like to volunteer to help on the day please let me know. We will be in touch to confirm parent helpers closer to the date. If you need another copy of the letter please ask me for one.

Enjoy a lovely weekend,
Mrs Perry

16.09.16:  Week 2 is already over!


Another lovely week in Panda Class, there were still a few tears, but they didn't last long and we certainly had a lot of fun and continued to make friends.  The children have played lots of name games and used each other's photographs to help get to know each other.


We have done lots of counting and have played games on the whiteboard to help us with this.  We have tried hard to recognise numbers, help your child by pointing out numbers in your environment (house numbers, bus numbers etc).


Next week all the children attend school from 8.50 am until 1.30 pm.  It will seem busy, but the children will soon get used to it.  Our routines will stay the same with the addition of lunch.  Most children have a school lunch, but you are welcome to bring in a packed lunch for your child.


We sent a text requesting a family photograph, thank you to those who have sent one in.  This is to be used within school to encourage the children to value everyone and celebrate our families.  I will copy the photo and return it to you within a day.  If you do not have a printed photograph, you are welcome to email one directly to me at;


You should have received a letter about our trip to the arboretum, please see me if you need another copy.


Don't forget we have a short meeting for all parents on Friday 23rd September at 1.30 pm to discuss how we are teaching phonics and reading in school.


Thank you for all your support in helping your children settle into school so well,

Have a relaxing weekend,

Mrs Perry

Fantastic First Week


Well done to all the children in panda class for a fantastic first week, you should all be very proud parents. There were a few tears (mums as well as children!!), lots of laughs and some very tired children by Friday!


The children have all settled in well and are already joining in with class routines.  We played lots of games to get to know each other and the children are learning each others names quickly.  We have sang number songs, played counting games and sorted shapes, always keeping very busy.


The children brought home some photographs of their first week in school, check their book bags if you haven't yet seen them.  Please can the children bring their book bags to school everyday, as we will put any letters in there, along with their books.  Look out next week for a letter about our trip to the arboretum.


Next week we will continue to make new friends and get to know school routines. I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Perry

Parents Meeting


There will be a short meeting for parents of children in panda and koala classes on Friday 23rd September at 1.30pm.  This meeting will explain how the children will learn to read and how you can help at home.

Please attend this meeting, it will help your child learn to read.

Thank you

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