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Y2 - Lion

Welcome to Lion Class

Hello! As you know, our teacher in Lion class is Mr Ford and our teaching assistant is Mrs Collins. Mrs Amos will be our reading assistant, who will come in for an hour every afternoon to support children with their reading.

We are always very busy in Lion class as we have lots of fun learning to squeeze in! In the morning, we take part in our daily Maths lesson and also complete daily Phonics and English lessons. Weekly Guided Reading activities and focus tasks also happen. In the afternoons we have various creative activities such as; topic, PE, swimming, music, Religious Education and PSHE.

We are very lucky because we still get our afternoon play and free fruit!



            Days to remember

For your information, we have PE on a Tuesday morning  at 11 and a Thursday afternoon at 1.


Please remember to bring in your full PE kit the first week back each term and leave it in school for the whole term (unless it gets muddy of course!). Your PE kit will include black shorts and a white t-shirt and black daps or trainers. Jogging bottoms and a jumper are also handy as we do complete PE outdoors as well. A full body swimming costume or swimming trunks are required for swimming each week. These are fun lessons to take part in and something I really enjoy teaching so please remember your kit!


Please also remember that if your child wears earrings, then they need to be taken out that morning before school.


Spellings will be given out on Thursday and then tested the following Wednesday. Please read with your child 5 times a week.


   From the teacher: Mr Ford

My name is Mr Ford and I can’t wait to get started on a brand new year at Barley Close! I am looking forward to getting to know the children coming into Lion class this year and am sure that we are going to have an amazing year where they will be excited and motivated by their learning.


This will be my fourth year teaching Year 2 at Barley Close after starting in January 2014. I am really enjoying my time at Barley Close and have noticed a real family atmosphere amongst the staff and families which I am becoming more and more a part of the longer I teach here.

My friends and family are very important to me, I spend most of my free time outside of school catching up and spending time with them. My mum (Mrs Ford) will often come in to help Lion class with their reading and swimming. I also have a greyhound called Mary – you may see us walking around Page Park from time to time! I try to stay fit by going swimming and going on bike rides – although unfortunately I much prefer eating! I also enjoy watching films, reading books and going for walks.


One of my biggest interests is travelling. In 2012 I was lucky enough to be one of 10 UWE students picked to travel to South Africa. During my time there I taught in a township school for three weeks. This was an amazing experience and truly made me appreciate the education system that we have in this country. After teaching we then went on safari and visited Durban and Cape Town. Following this trip I became involved in a charity called Project Zulu. This charity raises money to bring a choir of African school children to the UK once every 2 years. When the children are here they tour the country using their traditional songs and dances to raise money for their school.


Last summer I was lucky enough to travel to Japan. I had an amazing time there and was amazed by their kind natured and reserved culture. While there I was able to visit old temples, look around the bright streets of Tokyo, visit zoos and aquariums and even go to Disney Land Tokyo!


I also love sitting in the sun on the beach so will take any opportunity to travel to Spain for a relaxing rest!

Please see below for more information about our learning and different photographs that will be posted as and when...

Maths is fun! Attached are some fun ideas to make maths real for your child...

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