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Y2 - Tiger

Last Two Tiger Days! 


Well I am not really sure where the time has gone but we are almost there, the end of year 2! 


I hope the Tigers enjoyed their move up days in Year 3 and are looking forward to moving on. I was really proud of them on Thursday morning, they were a great mixture of excited, nervous and ready to go - I know they will enjoy the new learning and have lots of skills to take with them. 


We now have two days together before the summer break. We are going to be doing some fun maths, seeing if we can finish our end of year newspaper and making some tiger cakes. 


Remember to keep reading, trying to do some every day maths (cooking, money, time are easy to fit in during the holidays) and any writing you can, it really helps the return to school. 


Well Done Tigers and see you for those last days tomorrow! 


Miss Cripps

Almost the end of the year! 


Wow, this has come round really quickly but we are almost at the time to move on. 


So on Friday we collected in the reading books, please check at home for any more Barley Close reading books you might have and bring them back into school. We won't be supplying school books again until September, so remember the Library Challenge as good activity for the summer holiday. The children had an assembly and a book mark this week so can tell you all about it. 


We are going to have a Class Party on Wednesday - children can wear home clothes, pj's etc and bring in games or toys. We are mainly going to eat some treats and spend a great day together before they go to move up days. 


Thursday and Friday are move up days, so your child will go to Alligator Class. 

Drop off at Tigers on Thursday morning, then collect from Alligator (currently Chameleon Year 4 Class room) and then drop and collect from Alligator on Friday. 

So the children will not have PE on Thursday pm or Swimming on Friday as they will be in their new classes. 


We then get two last days together on the Monday and Tuesday. 


The children did a great video project for Future Friday and I will upload the videos (for children with website permission) over this week as it takes a bit of time. They really enjoyed this and we looked great as old people! 

We also had a fun packed maths week, we did so many activities. Apologies if anyone was very sticky after cooking, I had marshmallow in my hair! I think we all enjoyed our cake and shapes lesson on Friday as we were exhausted and it was a lovely end to the week. 


Any questions please let me know, I know we will have a fab last week together. 


Miss Cripps

Book Change

Sorry I got back at lunch time from my course on Friday so didn't get time to change the reading books. I will do this on Monday, please do read something fun from home! 


Picture 1



Lions and Tigers battled it out on the hockey and football pitch on a hot Friday afternoon. 


The scores were: 



Match 1 

Tigers 1  Lions 0 


Match 2 

Tigers 3 Lions 0 



Match 1 

Tigers 3 Lions 0


Match 2

Tigers 0 Lions 1 


Both classes played well and gave the sports their best efforts. 

So they are both winners to us! 


Miss Cripps and Mr Filer 



Sports Week! 

It is sports week this week!

The children can wear sports kits all week long, but please remember this is: 

  • School uniform PE kit
  • Kits from sports clubs outside school
  • Sports clothes such as football kits 

It is not just home clothes all week.


Please make sure the children have sports shoes on, trainers ideally as we will be running and doing sports activities every day. They are at risk of slips, trips, falls and injury if they don't have trainers on. 


Swimming - we are swimming on Tuesday (not Friday this week). 


Please let me know any questions or if you need any support. 

Lets hope we have some nice sunny weather for the week ahead. 


Miss Cripps

WC 17th June 2019 

We made it through last week with flying colours! 

The children were amazing and the moderation team were impressed with our books and could see the hard work they put into their reading, writing and maths. We then had visitors and Tigers were on top form enjoying their maths as normal and chatting about our zoo trip with lots of confidence. 


Another busy week begins! 


This week please remember the lunch booking system and pre-book your children's lunches. If you need help the office can talk you over the system and help. You can book meals a few weeks in advance so get a block done and then we don't have to worry about it. Please do speak to the office if you need help. 


Thursday we have MAD Olympiad, we walk from school and children need to be in school early. The letter went out last week but let me know if you haven't seen the details. 

The children need sports shoes and PE uniform. 

Please also keep an eye on the weather, parents can walk with us and watch the mornings activities. 


Friday - no school! 

It's an inset day so there is no school on Friday and hence no spellings this week. 


The days always seem to speed up at this time of year! 


Let me know if you need any help or support or have any concerns. 


Miss Cripps

Some children left their Fathers Day Cards on Friday. Sorry if you didn't get one today, I took a photo! They had done a lovely job and they are safe until Monday. 
Picture 1

Spellings to be tested on 14/06/19

What a great first week back! 


We have done lots of work on our learning gems in the first week and the children have really impressed me with their skills of reflection and working out how they could become even better learners with the help of our learning gems! Well Done Tigers!

Our gem power pledges are up on the wall and we are going to start testing them out this week. 


Busy Week Ahead!

We have a very busy week! 

Firstly I am out of class on Tuesday afternoon, so if you have zoo trip questions please speak to me before then.

The Zoo trip is on Wednesday and a big thank you to those who have offered to help and those who are up together with their paperwork and payment. 

Please make sure your child has a rucksac style bag to carry their thing in on the day and that they are dressed for the weather (based on last week it could be rain, sun or a mixture!) 

We are going to a workshop with animal encounters which is such a good behind the scenes at the zoo opportunity. We also learn so much about habitats and food chains it really makes a great start to our science topic. 


Reading Records - every child needs their yellow reading record in school along with their books. Please make sure this happens next week eps on Tuesday as I am likely to need them for my meeting. Thank you! 

We have also started to slip on our reading at home 3 times a week, please try to pick this back up again and help Tigers to be top of the school for our excellent reading! Thank you to those parents who write in comments every week, I do change the books so I do read them and I love to see them. I don't often get a chance to write much back but I read them! 


In maths we are covering 2d and 3d shape this week and in our writing we are doing to work on a recount from our Zoo Trip. We have started to look at our next book The Minpins and the children have impressed me with their "gossip market" predictions and the way they made links between The Minpins and Little Red. 


I have not yet asked the class if they can remember their house colours for sports week - this is on my list for tomorrow! Please keep your eyes on Facebook and the Newsletter for all the information about these weeks. 


Thank you and please let me know any concerns or successes from home, we are here to help. 


Miss Cripps 



Spellings to be tested on 07/06/19

Welcome Back to Term 6

We have a busy start to the term and in week 2 we have our zoo trip. Please do reply to the office with permission, payment and if you can help on the day. It is a great trip with lots of hands on experiences in our Habitat workshop. 


Swimming will stay on a Friday - please remember kit. Earrings need to be removed by the children or at home first, we can't help the children but they can use the mirror in the bathroom. 


PE remains on a Thursday and children need to come to school in their PE kit, including suitable trainers (school shoes are very slippy so should be avoided if possible). PE is plain white tshirt or school polo shirt, black shorts or joggers. 


Spellings for the first week back are attached and we will be writing a book review in our Friday write, it's about who we think would like to read Little Red so do talk about the book at home, what the children enjoyed, the characters and who else might like to read it. 


Reading - please do read at least three times at home and mark in the yellow reading records. 

Please can yellow reading records be in school every day this term - thank you. 


Any questions or concerns please do let me know and hopefully it will be a sunny term so remember those water bottles and sun cream on before school please. 


Thank you Miss Cripps

Class Party - Monday afternoon (20th)

Sorry for the late notice but the children decided on Friday just before home that they would like their class points party on Monday afternoon. They need to bring in board games, pj's/onsies, soft toys etc to play with in the afternoon. 

Well Done Tigers! 


Other bits and bobs! 

We were so busy on Friday we didn't manage our spelling test so we will fit next week. 


We have a much more "normal" week for the last week of term and I know Tiger's will be glad to get back into our standard routine. 


We have started to slip down the leader board for reading at home, so please can you try to make sure you have read three times a week and that your child has their reading record (yellow book) on a Friday so we can change books and record reading at home. Thank you. 


Times Table Rock Stars - if you have any free time get on to TTRS! We are planning a Lion Vs Tiger battle of the bands next term so Tigers will need to be ready for this fun competition so lets get practising! 


Please let me know any other concerns or if you need any information, 

Miss Cripps. 

Spelling rules to learn for the upcoming SATs tests

Spelling rules to learn for the upcoming SATs tests

There is so much going on this term! 


We are super busy in class, we are doing our best writing and recapping on all our maths! 


We have had a few changes because of the bank holiday etc but next week is back to normal. 


We will be doing our extended write on Friday - this will be Fact File all about Big Bad Wolves! 

We have been reading lots of story books about wolves and know lots of their sneaky habits, hiding in dark, scary forests and eating Grandmas! Any work you can do at home about the headings of Appearance, Diet, Habitat, Fun Facts etc will help the children to do another great piece of writing. 


Maths - please continue times table work at home, inverse and fact families are very helpful at the moment. Also please do log on to My Maths and do some of the activities there to support any areas that your child feels less confident with. 



Swimming is on Fridays. Please have kit and no earrings. I do have some second hand swim kit if anyone needs it - please ask. The children get very upset if they don't swim and they also need this life saving skills so please set a reminder on your phone to bring kit on Fridays. 

Outdoor PE is on Thursdays and please wear kit all day - again this is for the children's benefit. 

We have lots of sporting events coming up and the children need to be ready. 


Thanks again and any concerns let me know, 

Miss Cripps

Spellings to be tested on 10/05/19

Spellings to be tested on 03/05/19

Welcome back to Term 5! 

Hopefully you have all had a relaxing Easter Break and we should be ready to go on our short but busy term! 



We will be swimming on Friday's. We will swim each Friday morning, first thing. Please make sure the children have their swimming costumes, towels and goggles. They are more than welcome to wear hats and long hair is better up and it helps with drying off. The children get upset if they have to miss swimming so please do try to get that kit into school. 

Swimming replaces outdoor adventures. 



We will continue with PE on Thursday. So children need to come to school in PE kit and wear this all day. The PE kit is a plain t-shirt (white/blue/yellow), plain black shorts/joggers/leggings and a school jumper is fine if it is cold. The children need trainers or daps that are suitable for outdoor activity. 



Our topic has moved on to Neil Armstrong and the Moon Landings. This is a great time for the children to speak to Grandparents or Great Grandparents about their memories of this event and how life was different then, maybe they watched all round the 1 television that was in their street! 


Maths - we will be covering lots of maths elements this term. 

Week 1 - Time 

Week 2 - Addition and subtraction 

Week 3 - Mixed Maths - a bit of everything we have so far this year, from fractions, shape, graphs, multiplication, division  - a bit of everything to see what we need some more work on. 

Week 4 - using week 3 we will work with the children to build confidence in any areas that need more practise. 

Week 5 - Data and Direction 

Times tables rockstars continues - remember to log on at home and MyMaths is also available for those who like to do a bit more maths at home. 


English - We will be reading Little Red, a funny reworking of Little Red Riding Hood, with a boy, ginger beer and a big burp. This is a great story and very funny. We will start by trying some ginger beer and learning how it is made. 


Reading - please keep your home reading. We were two class twice last term so we need to keep it up! Please read three times a week at home and put a note in the yellow reading record. The children might win prizes in the weekly draw and more importantly it is the single most important skill, we use it everything so please do find those few minutes to build this great skill and lifelong habit. 


We have a bank holiday on Monday 6th May which I will mention now before I forget! 


If you have any questions or what to discuss something please let me know, the children are doing really well but this can be the time when worries about moving to year 3 and juniors start and we do have SAT's. These are very low key and a just a small part of our work with the children and the tests are a small part of our assessment. We are very used to tests and the children have a great attitude to these so we will keep that going. But if you have questions let me know and please don't worry about this aspect of this term. I will do my best to make sure that the children have a stress free time and carry on to use all their work as a source of pride and building block in their learning journey. 


See you all on Wednesday! 


Miss Cripps 

The Last Week of Term 4


I am not sure I can quite believe we are already at the last week of term 4. It has flown by so quickly. It is another busy week, please keep your eye on the window, facebook, texts etc for all the updates and changes! 


There will be no extended write on Friday - we are having a break! We will share our writing with Lion class so we can see what we all do well. 

There will be no spellings to learn at home but we will be having a "blind" spelling test to just see how we get on. 


There will be: 

Monday - Easter cooking in our new cooking room. We will be using the hobs and making nests. I am hoping we won't burn the chocolate, I always do this at home so fingers crossed. It is linked to our writing as we will be writing instructions.


Wednesday Scooter Training and Wear a Onsie day

The children can wear this and go on their scooters - it will be fun! 

Remember scooters and the helmets. It looked fun when Lions did it. 

After school there is a SAT's meeting in the hall with Mrs Williams. If you can't come or have questions let me know. SAT's for year 2 take place next term, so please let me know if you plan to be away. 


Friday - Easter Egg Hunt, this will be in the school in the afternoon (not the FOBC one). The children will all get small prizes for taking part. 


I am on a course on Tuesday straight from school, out on Thursday morning for a moderation meeting but I will be back in, in case you need me. 


Next term is short 3 days and 4 weeks, so we will have a lot to cram in. If you can keep learning going over the holiday that is great. My Maths is great to keep those skills going and TTRS, ask for Easter Bunny cards, letters, etc to all get written, copy out recipes etc to keep writing going too. We need to be on it next term - I know the children will love our book and it is great fun. 


Lets get this week done first then think about the holidays! 


Thanks for a great term and I know we are going to have a fantastic busy last week. 


Miss Cripps

Spellings to be tested on 29/03/19

Spellings to be tested on 22/03/19

Wow that was a busy week! 


We had lots of fun though, so many experiences to support our learning. 


The bread making was great - thank you Warburton's. I hope you all enjoyed the bread too and it helped to get the children to try something new and it was good to go over our healthy eating messages again. 


We wrote a great diary entry as if we had been caught in the Great Fire, which we are going to copy up on to our paper - this is going to look old and like it got caught in the fire too. 


Our Comic Relief jelly walk was hilarious and not very much mess! The children used amazing adjectives to describe the feelings they were experiencing. 

Our soft toys enjoyed their day in school as well on Friday. Busy times! 


This week just to remind you: 

Class photos - Monday

PE - Thursday (please make sure we are in PE kit and have PE shoes) 

Forest Schools - Friday - we are making Great Fire of London bread and using the outdoor oven, we will get smokey and dirty. 


Talk Topic 

This week we are writing a letter from the Thing to Emily Brown. Have a think what could the Thing be doing now and look at letters, what is the layout. 



Money and Time this week. 

We move on to telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes, lots of practise at home really helps the children. For money it is mainly change that takes more practise so any trips to the shops you can do or talk about pocket money. 



We were top last week! Well done Tigers. 

Please read three times at home and make sure that your child has their yellow reading record in school on a Friday. 


Thanks again for all your support and I am looking forward to another busy week! 


Miss Cripps. 

Spellings to be tested on 15/03/19

Week of the 11th March


We have a bread making workshop tomorrow from Warburton's. They are coming into school to help us make bread and think about how this would have been different in the time of the Great Fire of London. Apologies in advance for messy school uniform! 


Talk Topic

On Friday we are going to be writing a wanted poster for our favourite soft toys. Everyone will need to bring in their favourite soft toy on Friday. I will have my Teddy and some spares in case anyone forgets. This is the children's favourite soft bedtime snuggly teddy type toy, and we will use our work from Friday during the next week of writing too. Please talk at home about how you could describe the toy, Amy, my teddy, has patches of worn fur that I have kissed off, a beautiful blue dress with a duck sewn on. The stitches are not very neat because I did them when I was in Year 2 with my mummy! 


Please also get those Scooter Training letters back in the office, the training includes lots on road safety and is lots of dashing about on scooters on the play ground. Children who don't take part just have to sit and watch so I  am sure they would rather join in. 


A quick reminder - PE is Thursday - dress in PE kit all day (school PE kit only!) and Friday  is forest school old clothes and shoes in a bag. No shoes or clothes means the children can't join in and the same for PE. They get very upset and we have lots of tears about this so please support the children to have the right things in school on the right day. Thank you. 


Miss Cripps



What a busy week! 

Thank you to all those who came to the class assembly on Friday, I hope you enjoyed it. The children were fab and it a great job - Well Done Tigers! I was really proud of them and how well they did. 

World Book Day was amazing with lots of brilliant costumes again thank you as I know as a parent it can sometimes be tricky to get everyone and every thing organised! 


It was great to see so many of you at parents evening as well. It is so positive to share how well we are all doing in school and looking at your child's work from September to now shows you all the hard work they are putting in and how grown up their work looks now. If you didn't make it please just let me know and we can book a time, I can stay Monday after school until 4pm, Tuesday until 5pm and Friday until 5pm, or I can phone or email if easier for you. 


There were a few questions that came up so here are some helpful links: 



Again the best way to support the children at home is Reading - 3 times a week and talking about what you have read and spotting spellings, times tables practise in any way shape or form, doing our weekly spellings  - maybe using the word and a sentence and doing our talk topic homework.


Thanks again for a great week, and do let me know if you have any concerns. 


Miss Cripps

Spellings to be tested on 08/03/19

Busy Week!

 We had a great start to term 4, well done Tigers. We did some amazing writing and maths, as well as lots of topic and science work. 


It is a busy term so this week we have: 


Monday - normal 

Tuesday - Parents evening 

Wednesday - normal 

Thursday - World book day (dress up as book characters) and Parents evening. 

Friday - class assembly at 2,30 pm hope to see you there! 


The children do not need to wear PE kit on Thursday - just book day outfits! 

On Friday they will not need forest school clothes as we will be setting up for assembly. 


Looking forward to seeing you at parents evening - let me know if you need a different time to the main one and we can sort it out! 


Miss Cripps



Welcome back to Term 4

We had a great first day back - well done Tigers! 


This is a really busy term so remember to keep an eye on here and on the door for details and I will try to keep it all up to date! 



Can I remind you that home work at Barley Close is really simple but very effective in supporting the children make progress in school. Homework is: 

  • Reading - at least 3 times a week and record in the yellow record that you have heard your child reading, what pages and if you talked about the book. 
  • Times Tables - we use Times Tables Rock Stars, it is fun and quick and the children can play alone once they are confident. Let me know if you need a copy of the user name and password for your child.
  • Spellings - please practise spellings at home, most children have 10 and they should aim to get at least 8 out of 10 in the test on a Friday. 
  • Talk Topic - this is a chat that you have with your child about ideas they could use in our writing on Friday. This is so powerful for the children's writing please do make time for it and if they want do practise or plan their writing at home. The talk topic is always on the website and the door of the class room.


In addition we have MyMaths, this is a boost or a way of practising maths at home. I have loaded on maths to match our term so this week if you want some extra or if your child says they are finding it hard, log on and have a go at the addition pages. 


Talk Topic - this week we are writing a wanted poster for The Thing, from our class book Emily Brown and The Thing. The story is online if you google in and you can see the pictures and talk over any descriptions of the Thing and think about where you might find him. 


PE - as you know we are swapping to wearing our kits in on PE days, this is Thursday for Tigers. 

On Friday we are doing outdoor adventures, so children need a spare set of old clothes (like forest school clothing) in a bag so they can get changed. This will include shoes so they can get muddy! They do not wear this into school. 


I still have some parents evening slots if you need one and I can slot you in on other days if needed please just ask. 


I am sure we are on track for a busy but exciting term! 


Miss Cripps

Spellings to be tested on 01/03/19

Spellings to be tested on 15/02/19

Busy Busy! 

Wow we have packed so much in this week the children are very ready for a good rest over half term! (Mrs Sellway and I are also very ready!) 


We have some big successes to shout about! 

Firstly, we wrote to Mrs Williams and have persuaded her to let us join a battery recycling programme. We are very proud and excited, I have applied for the programme and told them all about our letters. I am hoping we get a letter from them too. More about this in our class assembly next term. 

Secondly, thanks to all your and the children's coppers and 5p's we won the £80 plus from the FOBC Penny Wars! Well Done Tigers. We need some ideas on what to spend the money on so please have a chat with your child about anything we could get. We talked about a new cage or toys for Mo (the hamster) but otherwise we were too shocked we won! Year 6 had two pots so we thought we hadn't quite made it! 


MyMaths, I know some of you have been on - please don't worry about the dates, they are for me. Please use this if your child likes it and I will add some more things over next term to support us. If your child doesn't like this don't worry, but try to do everyday maths, change in shops, counting out money, telling the time, weighing in cooking, fractions of shared food/sweets etc these are all great maths skills. 


Reading - we are almost top of the school with 81% of children reading 3 times a week at home or supported to do so in school. Please do try to hear your child read 3 times, this is proven to have a huge impact on overall learning so is time that is well spent. Remember to record in their yellow reading record. Talk to me if you are having problems as I love reading and I want the children to have this as a life long skill and pleasure. 


After half term it is PE kit worn all day in school on a Thursday and then forest school old clothes and shoes in a bag on Friday. 


We have had a great term and are moving forward quickly with our writing and maths, it has been hard work and the children are really starting to get to grips with their focus and showing more pride in their work as they achieve more. We were very pleased with our letters to Mrs Williams. 


Enjoy a good rest at half term, Miss Cripps.

Last Week of Term 3! 


I can't believe we have almost reached the last week of term 3, already! 


We have had some great discussions this week and the children have worked really hard on their writing and have come up with ideas of how they would like to work to support their own learning. We have already tried one and I am sure the children are enjoying feeling more in charge. 


In maths we have done a great job on our topic of Fractions. We really pushed our understanding with some equivalent fractions which was exciting. Times Tables Rock Stars is also a firm favourite and the quietest 3 minutes you will ever spend in school! They are all so focused and determined to do so well they don't waste a second. 


Extended Write

We are doing a poster this week about being safe online, so any talk about this would be great. The digital parenting magazine will also be coming home so maybe you could look at that together and discuss what you would do if something went wrong in an online game. 



Thank you for all your support with home reading, we have been the second class in the school three weeks in a row. Please, please read at home 3 times and write in the yellow records, so we can be top class!! 


Half Term

I will be sending home the log in for My Maths. This is an online maths lesson, I have set everyone with Year 1 reminder pack so they can go over the basics and then some Year 2 tasks. We will build it up over the next few terms but please have a look at let me know what you think. 

Please read at least 3 times and do Times Tables Rock Stars, the children love it! 


Next Term

Please keep an eye on the web page and the door as we may change our Wednesday PE day, depending on space available as we might change to outdoor adventures - sorry to say might but it all depends on space and slots!

Also note that we are wearing our PE kits into school all day from next term so the children will need a full out door PE kit on a Thursday. Our school PE uniform is Navy or Black shorts/jogging bottoms a white or blue t-shirt and a school jumper. Shoes should be suitable for sports outside. 

We are trying this approach as we have so many children who never have PE kit in school and also to help with space in our cloak rooms. Lots of other schools do this and so we are giving it a try, I love a day in my PE kit as it is so comfortable and snug! 


We also have our class assembly, a visit from a guest, a purple power project, a possible trip, lots and lots of work to do! I will work hard to keep everything up to date but please ask if you are not sure of anything. As always please let me know any issues or if you need any help supporting learning at home. 


Miss Cripps

Spellings to be tested on 08/02/19

Spellings to be tested on 01/02/19



We are really picking up the pace now in Tigers! 

We have so much work to get through we need to be listening and then completing all our jobs quickly and with the best use of time! 


We are earning extra time on the Activall for doing all our jobs so well and so we have something to keep us going and to look forward to. 


Talk Topic

This week we are writing a Missing Poster for our Robot. Lots of talk about what the robot looks likes, what he is like as a character, where we might find him and our opening and closing sections will really help at home. Thank you for any talk you do at home it makes a big difference to the writing on Friday. 



As we know we have a big focus on reading at home, 3 times a week. This week we were second in the school with 74% of our class reading 3 times or more at home. Please help us keep up this top score and try and win next week. 

We are being supported by parent helpers and year 6 who are giving up their lunchtimes to help us, so please do your bit at home too. It really helps the children in school. Any problems let me know. 



It's money this week so use any coins or shopping trips to help the children count money and different ways to make the same amount is a huge thing in year 2. So how many ways can you make 10p, 50p, £1, £1.50 will really help them in class. 


Thank you for your support and please let me know any concerns. 


Miss Cripps

Spellings to be tested on 25/01/19

Week beginning: 21/01/19

What another a lovely week we had last week. The children have begun to settle back into normal school routines and are already producing amazing work!!


Times Table Rock Stars

Our timetable is very full on, as we always have so much to do. The latest addition to our timetable is the Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) tests. This is where the children have 3 minutes to complete 60 times table questions (2s, 5s and 10s only). Many children have completed all 60 questions within the time and with seconds to spare!! A huge well done to those children. Each week I will be choosing a Times Table Rock Stars Legend. This is someone who has improved the most through the week. We are just working on 10 times table this week, we will build up to mixed but we wanted the children to be really happy before we moved on. 


Results will not be coming home as we will be using these are pieces of evidence for the Teacher Assessment Framework.



Please be reminded that PE takes place on:

Wednesdays (inside)

Thursdays (outside)


Purple Power Project for Terms 3 and 4

Stay tuned to find out about this term’s Purple Power Projects! It is sure to be a good one!



This week’s learning

In maths this week, we will be looking at multiplication and division. We will be looking at the relationship between multiplication and division, for example, if I know that 10 x 4 = 40 then I know that 40 ÷ 10 = 4 etc. There are four related multiplication and division facts for each multiplication. We also call these related multiplication and division facts, ‘fact families’. To start the week we will work on our fact families. Then, we will move on to multiplication and division word problems. We use the RUCSAC method to help us break down word problems into manageable chunks. (Read, Understand, Calculation, Solve, Answer, Check)


In English this week, we will be continuing our work on the story, The Robot and the Bluebird. The children are really enjoying this story and it definitely shows in our writing.


Our talk topic for this week will be writing another persuasive letter to Mrs Williams. We will be learning about the importance of recycling. We will be using our persuasive writing techniques to encourage Mrs Williams to allow us to recycle batteries. If at all possible, please talk about the importance of recycling and what items can be recycled with your child at home. This will really help with their extended write on Friday.


Key dates for Term 3

Thursday 14th February 2019

CAN meeting

Valentine’s Day Disco

Friday 15th February 2019

End of Term 3


Any other announcements of other events happening this term will be added to the webpage as and when.


As always, please do come and talk to me about anything listed above or if you have any concerns/worries about your child. I am always happy to help and will support you and your child in any way possible.


Miss Cripps

Spellings to be tested on 18/01/19

We had a great first week back! Lots of great writing and maths - well done Tigers! 


This week are move on to subtraction in maths. We will start to work out what to do if we don't have enough ones and need to use a ten! Any talk at home will help or using change (or sweets) will help the children to get this tricky concept. 


In English we are reading the Robot and the Bluebird and basing our writing on this lovely story. 

Our Extended Write on Friday is a report all about Bluebirds. There are lots of clips and information sheets online that you could look at together and make some research notes at home to bring in on Friday. Also look at features such as headings and how a report is laid out. 


Times Table Rockstars! This week we start the tests in class, we are going to send the sheets home this term so you can see how the children have got on. Lots of times tables practise at home will really help. Let me know if you need your log in again. 


Spellings are in the document and we are looking at the rule of doubling the last letter, if the one before is a vowel - such a handy rule! 


Thanks for your support and we have made a great start to 2019. 


Miss Cripps

Welcome back to Term 3


I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year break and that we are all rested and ready for 2019! 


It's back to normal routines so spellings for Friday are here and were given to the children today. 

Reading books will be changed this week, please make sure Yellow Reading Records are in school every day - we are focusing on the children reading THREE times a week at home, Mrs Daniels will supply more information. 

Times tables are on Times Tables Rock Stars and please let me know if passwords and usernames are needed. We have also set up My Maths - more to follow. 


This week's talk topic is "Learning Resolutions" - what could the children do to help themselves to be the best learners they can be. We have been talking in class about our gem powers and that we need to break our goals down in small steps and we need to be clear how we are going to change. 


We are reading the Robot and the Bluebird by David Lucas this term alongside You wouldn't want to be in the Great Fire of London. The Great Fire is our topic for the next two terms so expect lots of interesting talk about life at the time. 


Key Dates/Days

PE - is on Wednesday and Thursdays 

Please make sure your child has PE kit in school, we are doing gym so we need clothes to move in and also outside PE needs proper trainers/footwear and warm clothing. 

Key dates for Term 3

Monday 7th January 2019

Inset Day

Tuesday 8th January 2019

First day back at school

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Children’s University Assembly 2.30pm – parents are invited to attend

Thursday 14th February 2019

CAN meeting

Valentines Day Disco

Friday 15th February 2019

End of Term 3


Please let me know if you have any concerns or questions, 


Miss Cripps

Spellings to be tested on 11/01/19

Spellings to be tested on 21/12/18

Spellings to be tested on 14/12/18

Spellings to be tested on 07/12/18

December already!!!! 

Wow, it's December on Saturday, I don't know where the time goes! 

It always gets very busy in school at this time of the year, expect the children to come home with stories about extra assemblies, dance and show practise and visitors! 

It's a careful juggling act to make sure we have lots of Christmas Fun but that we also stay on track with our learning. We change the way we do our tasks a little but please be assured we are still learning even if you hear about days with hundreds of other activities. We carefully fit bits of learning in around the other things as in Year 2 every bit of work counts. 

Please keep going at home with reading, spellings and times tables - it makes a huge difference. 


Talk Topic

We are learning the poem 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to perform to each other, the words are attached and you can google lots of videos and performances of this classic poem. Any practise at home is great as we want the children to write as much as possible into their books during our Friday Writing time - I would hope they can learn the first few verses. The wording is old fashioned so any talk about what the words mean will help the children to increase their vocabulary and understanding. 


Show Time! 

Last week before the show - the costume letters are attached in case it got lost and let us know any costume problems so we have time to think of a plan B. 

The children are working really hard on the songs and dances, if your child has a speaking part please help them to learn this and add in actions and tone. We want it to be a show to remember! We do love it and it does make us all giggle so we really hope you are going to love it too. smiley


Please do contact me with any concerns or good news, it is lovely to catch up with you all. 


Miss Cripps. 

Spellings to be tested on 30/11/18

Talk Topic for 30th November

As mentioned at parents evening a bit of talk at home really helps the children to extend their writing on a Friday in class. 

This week we are writing a Fact File about the moon, linked to our class film La Luna. 

The children might enjoy using a computer or tablet to research moon facts, watching videos (BBC Bitesize has lots). Or look a some books about the Moon to find out some facts. 

We have to use the layout of a Fact File with sub headings such as What is the moon made of? 

again any talk about headings when researching is very helpful. 

We need to vary our openings so not always starting with The moon has... try to think of some other ideas together. Also using because, and, if, so, are really helpful in Year 2 writing. 

The children also get to draw a picture and write a caption for this, again talk over what they might draw and writing means they are ready to do this in the writing time. 


We talk every day in school about the talk topic but extra at home helps to just focus the children and helps them to feel confident and happy about their writing. 


We will start Multiplication in maths - so expect lots more times tables and talk of arrays! Again asking the children to show you or discussing it at home really helps. 


Reading - please keep this going at home, the children need this support to really become confident readers which is an important skill for life. 


Thanks again Miss Cripps. 


Christmas Show

This year we are doing something new! 

The Year 1 and Year 2 teachers have written a show, it's part panto/part musical - we love it! 

The parts have been cast and the children are working on songs and dances. 

We need your help

  • We need the children to be in costumes - there will be a letter on Monday about what your child needs to bring into school in a named bag. 
  • We need the children to learn the song words - these will come home on Monday please practise as these need to be the big opening and closing numbers with all voices included! 
  • We need children with speaking roles to be learning and working on their lines - all scripts went home last week. 

Thank you - its a big team effort. 


Show times and date

The show is on Tuesday 11th December 2018 we are holding two performances. One at 2.15pm in school time then we would like to request children come back to school for 5.30pm ready for a 6pm show. This will allow everyone to see the children perform, we can even offer to extended family and allow working parents to see their child. We hope you all will support us in this. We have asked for mince pies and maybe a mulled wine to be on offer in the evening to tempt you all back and to add to that special Christmas feel. We just felt this is a really important part of primary school life and we want the children to have broad and varied memories of their time at Barley Close. Please let us know if your child can't make it back into the show. 


Thank you and we hope you will enjoy it! 


Miss Cripps

Parents Evening


Firstly sorry for running so behind times, it was lovely to catch up with you all and thank you for waiting for me in the cold! 


Lion Class page has a copy of all the hand outs and some more information on SAT's and the Assessment Framework if you would like to view these. It is important to know about SAT's and what is expected of the children but please don't worry or get stressed about them. We need the children to be happy, motivated learners, this is a skill for life. 


If you missed parents evening or need to follow up please just let me know and we can make another time to meet. 


Miss Cripps

So sorry to be off sick last week. 


I will be back tomorrow and will run parent evening this week at the same times - let me know if that is a problem for you and we can arrange a new time. 


Miss Cripps

Spellings to be tested on 23/11/18

Spellings to be tested on 16/11/18

Welcome to Term 2 

Tigers have made a great start to term 2! Well done guys! 

We are really talking a lot in class about what the children can take responsibility for in their learning and they are using their gem powers to get more independent in their learning. They have completed some brilliant work this week and impressed me a lot. 


We have had some changes to the way we do maths, Try it, Use it and Prove it - the children are really helping me to remember what to do and getting stuck into the new challenges! We are also doing daily arithmetic sessions. These are proving a real challenge for some children and showing that their basics skills of number bonds to 10 and 20 and basic adding and taking away are not solid. If your child asks to practise at home please support them. Top Marks is a great FREE website with maths games on the tablet or computer, this would be an easy way for them to practise and quickly gain more confidence. 


Spellings start next week so spellings will go home tomorrow. We will also start times tables rock stars this term, again lots of home learning really helps with this one! 


Just a few house keeping bits: 

  • PE - indoor on Wednesday shorts and t-shirts is the kit required 
  • PE - outdoor on Thursday, warm clothes and proper outdoor trainers (they go out even if a bit of rain and with lots of puddles so please don't let them go out without the right clothing) 
  • Wellies - it is wellies for the field only at lunchtime. Wellies should be named and in a named bag. If the children don't have this they get lost and leave mud on everything. Please help us to keep the school neat and tidy, it also helps the children not lose their shoes! 


Christmas preparation has also started and we are very excited about our Christmas show. Apologies for starting so early and I have already been told off at home for singing Christmas songs - sorry :-) 


Parents evening next week - Tuesday and Thursday, but let me know if you can't make these days as we can find a time to talk on another day or I can phone you etc It's really important that we work together for the children so please do come along. 


Almost forgot, next weeks talk topic is writing instructions on "how to catch a star". There are lots of stories on you tube about this and a lovely picture book. Talk about ways you could catch a star, what you might need, look at recipes for what instructions look like and practise your bossy verbs (get that, put that down) to help them at home. 


Please remember that you can always come and see me to talk about your child if there are any problems or concerns or if you need ideas to help support learning at home. 


It looks like a great term ahead! 


Miss Cripps

A busy week! 

What a busy week! 

We had our Roald Dahl assembly which was amazing. The story teller had performed all over the world and was very good as the BFG. His feet were huge, I couldn't take my eyes off them! 

The story was brilliant and the whizz popping had us all in fits of giggles. The children were very well behaved and Tiger Class have the most answers and clearly know the story really well. Well Done Tigers!


We had a good week in maths with lots of brilliant multiplication going on, division this week coming up and lots of practical sharing. I am sure it would help at home if you did some sharing with sweets or other treats! Its a really nice way of getting some maths in at home. We are going to start Times Tables in class this week but we are doing it nice and slow before we start Times Tables Rock Stars next term. 


In our writing we are starting to really focus on spellings in our work and have lots of conversations about using what is in the class room to help us. Any work on spellings at home is really fantastic and supports learning in class. 


We have got some lovely parent helpers from Lion class who are also reading with Tiger Class each week you might see their comments in the Yellow Reading Record book, If you do have a spare morning or afternoon or a Grandparent would like to come in and hear readers please let me know. We can always use an extra pair of ears! 


Talk Topic

This week we are learning in  class about diary entry writing. Our job on Friday is to write a diary entry from one of the Crayons from The Day the Crayons Quit or The Day the Crayons came home. Practise the idea of pretending to be the crayon and saying what you have done in the past tense. Try to use different ways of starting (openers) the sentence such as today, then, after that, next etc. We are also doing work in class on the conjunctions because, if, so and when, if the children can have a go at saying these it really helps them to write them. It was cold and rainy outside so we stayed in. I love eating pizza because it so cheesy. etc. 


The children are all starting to get tired as it is a long term - 2 weeks to go. They are then being a bit more emotional with each other so we have been talking about this and how to take care of ourselves, such as getting early to bed, eating well, drinking plenty of water and being able to say that we are feeling tired. We had circle time on this and will continue to do so to support the children as the term continues. They have worked really hard and come a long way to being year 2 learners in a short time so please do let them know how well they are doing if they are feeling down, I am really proud of them all. 


Miss Cripps

PS Spellings for this week attached and they continue to match our writing focus for the week with Year 2 common exception words included. Also the Year 2 Overview of books and topics, this normally is on another page of the website to but here again in case. 

Spellings to be tested on 19/10/18

Great start to October 

We have had an even  better week! All of Tigers are more settled and really showing me how ready they are to learn. We have had a lovely week and its has been a pleasure to be with Tigers. 

We are flying through our maths and feeling very confident with our methods. In writing we have found our feet a bit more with the help of our text map and we have all used question marks and got the layout of a letter sorted! We have moved round the tables again while we all work out what suits us. I try to involve the children in this as much as possible so they feel the ownership of the classroom and their learning, it does take a bit longer to get organised but the children are at the heart of this process so we will see how we feel with the new layout this week and change again if we think of a better way. It worked well for English with most children thinking they were in a better spot for their learning and feeling comfortable. 


Next week - we have multiplication in maths. We will look at arrays and use theses as our starting point for times tables work and we also look at repeated addition. Ask your children lots of questions and ask them to show you what they have done. You could start to do times tables at home, starting with the 10's if your child is keen, please don't feel you have to. We are not ready quiet yet and the children need to feel excited and keen as they start this journey. 


In English we are going to think about what other things in our classroom might not be happy with how we treat them and want to quit! Just like the crayons in our story and like our very upset glue stick last week. I am sure the children will enjoy creating these letters. 

Talk Topic - We have a visit from the Roald Dahl story teller on Tuesday, our writing on Friday will be a recount of what the children did and saw. Please ask lots of question about the visit and discuss why the children liked or disliked aspects of the day. We are building on using because, if and or in our writing so practise saying these in sentences that are in context - this really helps the children in their writing. Also think about past tense and using "ed" to send words back into the pass. This really helps the children so thank you for your support. 

The children were so keen to write on Friday - it was amazing the best class I have had for this so far! They really wanted to get started on their postcards and had lots of ideas. We love our Friday Tiger Write - as we call it! 


Spellings for the week ahead are matched to our writing topic to support the children and feature some that we have already had. This is because the children are not spelling them correctly in their work but might get them right in the "test" so we are going again to get the spellings embedded. We are also going to do them each day in class so we get that extra practise in. 


Please do come and see me if you have any concerns or problems, sorry the door can sometimes be busy but I am happy to meet up if anyone needs a longer chat etc. 


I can't wait for another brilliant week! 


Miss Cripps


PS Monster Mash (School Disco) Please check the poster and its on the news section of the school website as the disco format has changed this year. Tickets are in advance so please have a look. I did mention to lots of you the other day as I know its a change and we all have so much to do that sometimes we miss these things. :-) 

Way to Go Tigers! 

We have had a brilliant week - it has been lovely. 

The children are really starting to fully settle in and with the help of our Smarty Pants challenge they are focused and getting to grips with the learning we need to do. It has been quiet in class with lots of brilliant work going on. We have had beautiful maths that was neat and looked so good someone thought it was year 4 work! Well done Tigers. I have been really proud of you all this week. 


Next week we move on to subtraction in maths and writing letters in English. 

The spellings for testing on Friday are in the document and will be on the door as normal in case of any lost spellings. 


Our talk topic for next week is writing a letter or post card from the next story in the series the Day the Crayons came Home! You can find lots of versions of this online and on you tube. Please try to watch with your child and discuss what crayon could they be writing from, what could they have been doing on holiday, do they want to come home and why. We will be trying to add a question to our work and focusing on using the word because. 


Can't wait for another amazing week, we are at 15 class points too so only another 5 before we can celebrate our fantastic start to the term. 


As always please do let me know any problems or concerns (or good things!) so that we can work together to support the children. 

Miss Cripps. 


The weather has been awful this weekend and so the field may well start to be muddy (although the weather forecast is much better for the week ahead.) This means it will soon be time for the children to have a change of shoes for lunch time in school. These should be wellies or old shoes that can get muddy and dirty. 

Our cloak room is small and is the main route for all children in the school to the toilet at lunch times. So children need to be very carefully when changing shoes at lunch time, if they leave their shoes out on the floor they do get lost as other children are walking past/over them constantly. 

In past years we have found the best way for children to manage this is to have a named bag that they keep their change of shoes in on their peg. They put their school shoes in the bag and hang it back on their pegs, then when they come to get changed they can find everything quickly and easily. Children are given 10 minutes warning at the end of lunch time of changing shoes and are expected to manage this themselves. Muddy shoes should then go back into the bag to reduce the mess inside school. 

You may want to check your child knows what to do and that they have their name in their shoes and know where in their shoes to look for it. 

Children who do not have a change of shoes are not normally allowed on the field. 

Talk Topic  Beegu

On Friday 28th we will be writing a character description of Beegu. 

Beegu is a yellow, three-eyed alien who is the main character in our guided reading book. 

We want the children to focus on adding description via adjectives to their sentences, so Beegu would become a bright yellow alien with three round eyes. 

We will be discussing this in class but any verbal practice at home would really help the children. You could look at a picture and describe it, adding in more adjectives. Also thinking about the what character is like on the inside as well as what they look like. 

If you are not familiar with the story you can find a copy online or pictures. The book title is Beegu by Alexis Deacon. The children normally love this story as Beegu is very cute and she is befriended by a group of small ones (school children) who give her a hula hoop  which she takes back to her space ship. 


SS Great Britain 

What a brilliant trip! 

The children and all the adults had a brilliant time on the SS Great Britain, it was a bit windy but luckily the rain stayed away. 

We really enjoyed learning about the horrible ships biscuits, including bugs! Seeing the tiny bunks and crowded living conditions in 4th class and the luxury of first class. The children asked lots of good questions to the ships crew and enjoyed thinking about life on board. 

In our workshop we focused on what it would have been like to spend 60 days on board travelling to Australia. We each got to try writing with a fountain pen, playing with shadow theatres, wooden toys and sorting objects from luggage. Some of us dressed up too! 

It was a fantastic part of our Brunel's Bristol topic and a really enjoyable day. 

The children did some lovely writing back in class the next day too. 

Finally a big Thank You to our parent helpers you were fab. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Next weeks spellings! 

Here they are just in case those spelling books don't make it home! (you would be surprised where they turn up!) Again this week they match our writing topic in class giving the children lots of extra practise and a chance to use the spellings in our class work. 

Thank you. 



Trip Information Wednesday 19th September 2018

We should have a great day, I know you will hear all about the Talking Toilet! It is a fantastic start to our Topic work about Brunel's Bristol. 


Please note the following for the trip on Wednesday: 

  • School uniform should be worn with school shoes and coats if needed for the weather
  • Please bring a packed lunch unless you have booked a school one
  • Please bring water bottle and enough drinks for the day
  • Please use a back pack bag as the children will need to carry their own things and need both hands to get around the ship
  • We will not be visiting the gift shop so they do not need spending money
  • We need to be in school at the normal time of 8:45am and will return for the normal time of 3:15pm (unless we have a traffic issue but the school will up date you via text system if this is the case) 
  • If you have not yet paid please do so, any shortfall comes from our class budget so means we will not have funds later in the year for things such as cooking, further trips etc Sorry to mention but please do pay if you can. 
  • We have medications that are already kept in school - if your child has a condition you have not let us know about please do this asap. 


We are taking parting a guided tour, workshop and then have free time for drawing and exploring. Thank you for our volunteers if you come into school with your child and then we can brief you on the day. 

Week 3 17th September 2018


Well week 2 flew by! The children are settling in well, it is a big change for them but they can do it! They have already started to learn our routines and are getting to grips with expectations. I know they are going to have an amazing year. Year 2 is very busy but honestly the children will amaze you with how far they come, I am ready to be very proud of them and I can't wait to share their journey. 


In week 3 we continue to build routines and expectations. I am sure we will all feel happier once we have got into the patterns of what happens when. We will make full time table next week and I will add a copy to the website so you can see what we are doing when. 


Reading Books - Friday Book Change Day

These will be changed on Friday from now on. 

All children were assessed and reading levels may have moved up, if your child is finding them tricky then let me know via the yellow reading record and we can look again. They were all very keen to move on in class! 

Spellings - Friday new spellings and test day

We did this for the first time on Friday, we sort of managed! Again we are getting this as an idea so scores are not kept and we are building that routine. Some found it very different and tricky, but we will soon get there. Next weeks spellings in are the documents below. 

Talk Topic - Friday Tiger Write!

On Friday we do a longer piece of writing, we are calling ours Tiger Write (children decided on this as they want to be proud Tigers) This week the writing is a book review of our class book The Day the Crayons Quit. To support at home you could: 

  • Read the story (google if for video versions and a power point of the book) 
  • Discuss our favourite bits
  • Who are the main characters in the story and what are they like
  • Who might like to read it (younger children, children aged 4 - 8 etc) 
  • What rating would you give it? (10 out of 10, 5 stars etc) 
  • What other books is it like? 

On Friday the children will get a chance to write this up and I am hoping we can add to our book corner. We do work on this in class but the more discussion and talk you can do at home the more the children are supported ready to do their best Tiger Writing on Friday.


As before please let me know any problems and see above for trip information. 


Miss Cripps




Meet the teacher - the letter is attached along with times table sheet and also the spelling lists for year 1 and 2. A hard copy will come home tomorrow for you with the children. 


As mentioned we will make sure the spellings on the website too, just in case the spellings don't make it home! 



Please do let the office or me know asap if you can help on our trip on the 19th September. 


We need at least 3 volunteers so if anyone can help please do let us know. 


Week Two! 

Wow we are already starting our second week together as Tiger Class! 

We had a great first week with lots of settling in, this week we will start to have a more solid time table and explore the wider subjects. 


Talk Topic

Our talk topic this week is "How to use your learning powers" - this is a great chance for the children to tell you about the learning powers we use in school to be the best learners we can be! 

We have agreed some Tiger Class powers that we will use and things we will do to show that we are using them! This is in the document attached, please discuss this with your children and then try to talk over some ideas for how they could write this as instructions. I have added a "good" version so you can use this for ideas. The children will need to write instructions about using their learning powers on Friday. 



We are reading The Day the Crayons Quit in class, it is a fab story about some grumpy crayons. 

Reading books will go home on Tuesday this week, I have heard the children read and matched them to a level that will push their reading on. Please let me know any questions and please do try to read as much as you can at home. Its a fab skill for life. 



We are continuing to look at number and place value for this week and next week. So lots of bigger and smaller, greater than and less than, tens, ones and hundreds. 


PE and Swimming

Tigers have PE on Thursday, please make sure PE kit is in school, it can stay on pegs. Details of kit and expectations for safety are on the school website. 

Tigers have swimming on Friday afternoon, thanks to helpers! They need a kit in school as we cannot loan kit anymore. Being able to swim is a key skill for life, I am a swimming coach outside of school so its like a free swimming lesson - so please try to remember that kit. 

Again check the website or ask if you are not sure of kit requirements. 


We have meet the teacher on Wednesday and our trip coming up - please do let me know if you can help asap! 


As always please grab me at the door if you need to check something, or we can book an appointment. If you don't always get to drop off or pick up then please email the school and I will get back to you. 


Miss Cripps


Fab First Day! 

We have had a great first day in Tiger Class. 

Well done Tigers for coming back to school so well we are going to have a brilliant year! 


See you tomorrow!

Welcome to Tiger class.


I hope you have all had a restful holiday and are looking forward to starting Year 2.


Below is some important information for your parents to help you get organised for the new school year.


On Thursday afternoons both Year 2 teachers will be busy planning and preparing for the next week, so the children will have PE with a sports coach at that time. Tiger Class will also have swimming on Friday please let me know if you can be a swimming helper.


As you know, we want children to be able to read for both purpose and pleasure. By the end of Year 2 children should be able to:


· Read words confidently without obvious blending or rehearsal

· Learn letter patterns so that decoding becomes fluent

· Blend letter sounds, including alternative patterns e.g. Recognising ‘ue’ as the ‘oo’ sound

· Read aloud words which contain more than one syllable

· Recognise common suffixes such as -ing and -less

· Read words which don’t follow phonetic patterns such as ‘one’ and ‘who’


We will be sending books home on a weekly basis so that the children can continue to practise and develop these skills at home. We would also like to invite parents into Year 2 for some end of the day reading sessions with their child- details to follow at a later date.


We will also be starting spellings and times tables homework in the next few weeks - we will keep you updated on these when we are ready to start.


Remember to keep an eye out for details about Talk topics on the windows near the classroom door.


In Maths we will begin the year with a focus on number work: recognising the place value of each digit in a number, comparing and ordering numbers and reading and writing numbers. There are lots of things you can do to help your child with this at home and plenty of online games and resources- if you’re not sure, feel free to come and ask.

In English we will be reading "The Day the Crayons Quit" by Oliver Jeffers. In this story, Duncan's,  the lead characters crayons get cross and leave! They are fed up and let Duncan via a series of letters. We will be using this to get our writing going.


I look forward to getting to know you all, Please do come and speak to me if you have any concerns or questions. 


Miss Cripps


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  • United Kingdom, BS16 9DL
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