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Y3 - Crocodile

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 6 Week 5

The end is in sight but there is still fantastic learning going on in Year 3!

This week we started a new English unit looking at non-chronological reports. We identified the different features of them and recognised how they are different to fictional texts. We also looked at the language that they use and recorded ideas on our learning walls.

In Maths we went over the rising stars tests that the children complete to be assessed at the end of every half term and we discussed how best to work out the different problems. As well as this, we looked at time and recapped how to work out if it is past/to and to read the time to 5 minute intervals. This is still an area that the children need to be practising at home!

Of course we had our amazing trip to 'Super Stonehenge!'. The children were all really well behaved and excellent role models for the school. When we arrived we had a quick toilet stop then walked up to the stones. The children shared some lovely facts that they had learned during our topic work with the teachers and parent helpers. We then got the shuttle bus back to the information centre, had lunch and looked around the re-created Stone Age huts! Thank you very much to the parent helpers. Check out some of the pictures from our school trip below!

This weeks talk topic is your new teachers and thinking about what goals you would like to achieve in Year 4! 


I hope all who went enjoyed the circus and that everyone enjoys their last two weeks in Year 3!

Our trip to Stonehenge!

Our trip to Stonehenge! 1
Our trip to Stonehenge! 2
Our trip to Stonehenge! 3

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 6 Week 4

Another great week as we near the end of Year 3! 

This week we have been writing our detailed versions of A Firework Maker's Daughter using all of the skills we have learned this year!

In maths we have recapped our fractions knowledge and show Miss Chandler just how much we can do! From adding/subtracting fractions, finding fractions of amounts and recognising equivalent fractions! WOW! 

We are getting very excited now for next week which is our CIRCUS AND SCHOOL TRIP WEEK! Make sure you get your tickets early next week to avoid disappointment - we will not be having a summer fair this year! This week we created some fantastic pieces of art my painting sunsets and then adding silhouettes of the stones at Stonehenge!

Our talk topic next week will be Stonehenge! So make sure after our trip (or before) you share what you are looking forward to or what you have found out. This can be around the dinner table, in the car or even relaxing on the sofa! 

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 6 Week 3

We have had a fun filled week of sun and sports this week!

Miss Crocker and Miss Griffiths have been busy organising lots of different sports events for us to compete in. Monday we played rounders against alligator class, Tuesday we completed a carousel of different activities, Wednesday was Sports Day, Thursday we played cricket games and some of us went off to the MAD Olympiad and Friday we played netball in our house teams and completed a whole school mile walk! 

A huge well done to all of the children that represented Year 3 in the MAD Olympiad we came in third place as a year group and Dan W won a silver medal for his 75m track run and bronze for 200m track run.  

In English we have been looking at different sporty poems and then we created and published our own poems including rhymes, alliteration, similes and humour! 

Please, please, please can you practise telling the time to 5 minutes or even 1 minute at home. 

Our talk topic for next week is how to be a good Year 3 and we will be writing instructions to the Year 2s. 

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 6 Week 2

Another great week full of sunshine! 

This week we have focussed on our different calculation methods in Maths using all four operations. Nearly everyone is able to use column addition/subtraction, grid method for multiplication and bus stop method for division. Remember to practise this over the summer so you don't forget anything! 

In English we have been continuing with The Firework Makers daughter by looking at the fantastic vocabulary that Philip Pullman uses, creating our our fire fiend characters and using speech punctuation correctly. Next week we will have a week away from this book and be looking at a sports poem that we will all learn. 

Please, please, please can you practise telling the time to 5 minutes or even 1 minute at home. 

Our talk topic for next week is an Sports Day and we will be writing a newspaper report to recount the events of the day! 

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 6 Week 1

We made it to the last term! I can't believe that we only have 1 term left in Year 3 until you move up to Year 4! Lets hope it stays sunny and we have lots of fun! 

This week we have started our new English book - The Firework Makers Daughter. We read it last term so that the children are familiar with it and this term the children will be doing lots of exciting things linked to the book. So far we have discussed the characters and where we think the story is set, shared the main points of the story and created some fantastic story maps to sequence the main events of the story. 

In Maths we have played some exciting Maths activities to improve our multiples, made 3D shapes out of playdough and straws (this helped us recognise the properties using the playdough as vertices and straws as edges) and we have also used our angle and direction skills. 

Our talk topic for next week is an idea for an episode of Blue Peter. 

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 5 Week 5

Here we are at the last week of term. The weather is starting to look summer-y as we enter the final summer term. The Year 3's are starting to look ready for Year 4 as we realise how much they've changed and grown this year and how much more mature they're becoming. 

This week we edited and published our versions of Stig of the Dump onto bordered paper. The children worked hard on their cursive writing to try and earn a pen license. It was a chance for them to edit and improve as they went. 

In Maths we recapped interpreting statistics and using the data to answer questions. We looked at pictograms, bar charts and tally charts. We also recapped telling the time. By the end of Year 3 children should be able to tell the time to the nearest minute or at least 5 minutes. Please take the time over the half term to look at a clock with your child as practice makes perfect!

Thank you to parents who came in to join us for some Maths and English activities on Wednesday. It was lovely to see children and adults working together. 

Have a wonderful break and we'll see you on Tuesday 6th June as we have an INSET training day on Monday 5th.

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 5 Week 4

This week the children have produced some fantastic stories in English. Miss G wrote the opening and we picked out all the good things she included, then we used our new characters to live in the dump and described them. We followed a similar plot structure to the original story but we did change the ending as a class. 

We have also continued to read The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman which will be our book for next term. 

In Maths we have been looking at fractions! It is clear we are getting to the end of Year 3 now as children were applying the skills we have already learned this year to harder problems. We found fractions of amounts where the numerator was more than one and equivalent fractions. Don't forget the song Year 3 "Divide by the bottom, times by the top, and if you're feeling lucky you can get a can of pop!". 

Next week's talk topic is fidget spinners - we will be writing a persuasive letter to Mrs Williams. Please remember to discuss the talk topic at home because it makes a big difference to the children's writing. 

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 5 Week 3

WOW! I can't believe we are already over half way through this term! 

In English we have been creating our own characters to add into the story of Stig of the Dump by borrowing some ideas about Stig but then adding our own too. We created a role on the wall for the characters then wrote some fantastic character descriptions looking at their appearance and personality. 

This week we have started reading our book for next terms English unit - The Firework Maker's Daughter by Philip Pullman. 

In Maths we have explored numbers! We rounded numbers to the nearest ten and then used this skill to estimate answers to two digit and two digit calculations. Then we used our column addition and subtraction skills to check our answers - the inverse. Some of us even got onto missing number problems!

The children created some fantastic poems this week during our Big Write. Please remember to discuss the talk topic at home because it makes a big difference to the children's writing. 

Next week's talk topic is 'desert islands'. We will be writing a setting description as a person who has been stranded on a desert island. 

Fire safety workshop

Fire safety workshop 1
Fire safety workshop 2
Fire safety workshop 3
Fire safety workshop 4

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 5 Week 2

We have crammed an awful lot into this four day week. On Wednesday we had a real life fire man in to talk to us about safety around fire, lighters, matches etc and also completed the athletics challenge run by our very own Year 5 helpers, on Thursday we were lucky enough to have an extra session with the sports coaches because Year 5 were on a school trip and Friday we had swimming and cricket. What a packed week! 

In English we started to look at description for our stories in more detail. Last week we described Stig's cave and this week we described characters. We wrote a detailed character description of Stig using both details from the text and ideas from our imaginations. We also wrote a diary recount in character as Barney on the day he first met Stig. The children were really engaged. This will help them next week when we start to plan out our own stories.

In Maths we have recapped 2d shape, perimeter, lines and angles. We were glad to realise that the children remembered both of their learning on these areas and were happy problem solving. Keep practicing counting in 4s, 8s and 50s as it's something we need to be able to do by the end of the year.

Talk topic ready for next week is A Day in Summer. Children are going to write their own poems about what they'll miss about summer when it turns to autumn later this year. It's based on a poem called A Day in Autumn by Ronald Stuart Thomas.

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 5 Week 1

What a brilliant first week back! The children have been so engaged in their learning and behaviour has been exemplary. On Monday we started with a visit from Google to show us 360 degree images related to our new Term 5 topic. We looked through virtual reality headsets using normal mobile phones. Ask your child about it. It was incredible. 

In English we started our unit on Stig of the Dump. We did some drama scenes of the beginning parts of the story to immerse ourselves in the characters and setting on Monday and Tuesday. Later in the week we focused on describing Stig's cave in the story full of all his 'treasures' from the dump. 

In Maths we have focused on counting in 4s, 8s and 50s which they need to do by the end of the year. Most children found this no problem using repeated addition. We're starting to feel less intimidated by times tables now which is great.

Our Talk Topic for next week is a time you've been on an adventure! Have you been wandering through the woods not knowing where you're going to come out? Have you and your parents driven the wrong way and ended up in a new place? An adventure is just something or somewhere new!

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 4 Week 7

Last week of Term 4. This year seems to be whizzing by. In English we started a mini unit on poetry. We read and learned the poem 'A day in Autumn' by Ronald Stuart Thomas. We planned and created our own versions of the poem called 'A Day in Spring'. We thought about all the thing we'd miss about Spring when Summer came. The description used by the children was fabulous.

In Maths we recapped measure and focused on length and capacity. We estimated, measured accurately then compared the length of classroom items. The children completed a range of problem solving tasks. They loved trying to figure out how much squash would be needed for Sports Day if all the classes needed some and how many smaller cups of water would fit into a larger jug. All of their measure skills built up over the year were invaluable.

HAPPY EASTER! Have a wonderful break and we look forward to hearing all about it when we're back.

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 4 Week 6

Another busy week in Year 3. In English we continued our instruction writing. We used our Ancient Greece topic to focus on writing instructions to help Hercules beat different monsters like the Nemean lion and the Hydra. All the children loved adding extra details to make their instructions really clear.

In Maths we continued to revise the most efficient ways to complete multiplication and division sums. We also practiced applying those skills to word problems.

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 4 Week 5

We have had lots of fun this week especially with our Red Nose Day celebrations on Friday. Alligator and Crocodile class joined up and did a sponsored conga around the school. Everyone looked fantastic in their red clothes and the whole school sang the Red Nose Day song in assembly - Put a Nose on it! Keep an eye out on the school website for pictures and possibly even a video! 

In Maths this week we have revisited multiplication and division so that the children are confident with the methods that we should be using in Year 3 (grid method moving onto long multiplication and bus stop). 

This week in English we started instruction writing. We looked at the different features of instructions and created word banks of imperative verbs, adverbs and conjunctions that we could use to write detailed instructions. 

Next Week the talk topic will be Red Nose Day and we will be writing a newspaper article on the events that happened in class and around school! 

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 4 Week 4

Over half way through the term now. Our week has been very busy and has gone by very fast. Alligator Class spent time practicing for their class assembly on Friday 17th March. They were all brilliant. Miss Griffiths, Miss Davies, Mrs Baker-Haynes and Mrs Duggan were all very proud of the Alligators.

In Maths we have been focusing on telling the time to the nearest minute. Once children can do that we move onto digital 24hr time. Keep practicing at home! Practice makes perfect!

In English we've been finishing off our Ancient Greek Myths. Once we'd written our myth stories we then got the chance to edit and publish our writing onto Greek myth themed paper. Their stories can then be attached together to make a book for everyone to share. 

We're continuing our two weeks for British Science Week. Our talk topic will be what kinds of science activities we've been doing at school so we can write a review of British Science Week on Friday during Big Write. 

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 4 Week 3

I hope you all enjoyed your 4 day week! Miss Griffiths and I had great fun during the INSET day with training from Di Pardoe looking at how we can do more with purple learning power at school and creating a fun hands on display to share with you.

In English we started to write our own versions of Theseus and the Minotaur which are sounding fantastic! Everyone has remembered to include lots of exciting setting and character descriptions and started to introduce their monsters!

In Maths we have been looking at fractions! It has been a tricky week as we have been recognising fractions of shapes and amounts, comparing fractions and finding equivalent fractions. 

It was lovely to see so many parents attend Parents Evening this week. We hope you enjoyed looking through your children's books and finding out how well they are getting on in Year 3. If you ever have any more questions please do pop in or if your child would like to share some work with you. 

Our talk topic this week again is thank you letters. Have you ever sent one? What might it say? We're going to write a thank you letter to Nicomedes, the Ancient Greek visitor from last Monday. 


Our Weekly Learning Update Term 4 Week 2

This week started with a bang when we had an Ancient Greek soldier in to talk to us about what we had learned in Term 3 and what we are about to learn in Term 4. We played an Ancient Greek board game, solved a puzzle designed by Archimedes, acted our Jason and the Golden Fleece and held a replica (blunt of course) Ancient Greek short sword! The children were so excited by all the different things we did during the day. 

In English we started to plan our own versions of Theseus and the Minotaur. We also gathered lots of interesting description vocabulary for the setting and main character. Next week we'll be writing our myths.

In Maths we worked on strategies for division. The children were purple learners challenging themselves to try different strategies. We were really proud of them. 

Our talk topic this week and next week as we have an inset day on Friday are thank you letters. Have you ever sent one? What might it say? We're going to write a thank you letter to Nicomedes, the Ancient Greek visitor from Monday. 

The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit

The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 1
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 2
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 3
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 4
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 5
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 6
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 7
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 8
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 9
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 10
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 11
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 12
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 13
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 14
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 15
The day an Ancient Greek Solider came to visit 16

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 4 Week 1

A fantastic first week back from half term. We have started our English unit on Ancient Greek Myths and Legends. We are focusing on Theseus and the Minotaur. We practised reading it from a playscript and thinking about how the characters would be acting at the time and what actions they might be doing. The children loved the slightly arrogant but great character of Theseus. 

In Maths we recapped our previous learning on Multiplication. We practised multiplying numbers by 10 using place value and also grid method.

Our talk topic for this week is Fantasy Stories and Fantasy Worlds. What fantasy stories have you read?  

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 3 Week 6

WOW what a fantastic Term 3 we have had!

This week in English we shared our published news reports and created a class newspaper. Big write this week was amazing! All of the children produced very high quality pieces of work about internet safety. Their instructions were very factual and it was clear they know the correct ways to stay safe on the internet. 

In Maths this week we looked at different types of lines. Test us out at home to check our understanding of vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines. We played lots of games and created some interesting shapes to test each other on what lines we could identify. 

Have a fantastic half term break and try to complete some of the jigsaw activities. 


Talk topic for the first week back will be based around mythical creatures! Watch this space for some exciting Greek myths! 

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 3 Week 5

In English this week we continued our newspapers unit and wrote a guided newspaper article about last year's Sports Day. We planned the article as a class using the 5 W's to help us: Who, What, Where, When, Why. Later in the week we practiced including a quote from someone in our newspaper articles. A lot of children chose to quote Mrs Williams saying how fantastic the day was.

In Maths this week we've started a unit on shapes, lines and angles. We looked at the properties of 2d and 3d shape, what a right angle looks like and how we can move quarter turns clockwise or anticlockwise. The children loved getting up and practicing their quarter and half turns clockwise and anticlockwise. 

Our Talk Topic this week is how to be safe when using the internet as it's Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 7th February. We sometimes use the internet for research and playing games so we need to explore ideas for how to stay safe. 

Well done for such a fantastic class assembly on Friday about Ancient Greece! All the teachers have told me how great they thought you all were. You should be very proud of yourselves.

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 3 Week 4

Well done Year 3. This week we started our new English unit on newspapers. We learned about the features of a newspaper and got to read what might have been in the newspapers in Ancient Greek times.

In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract amounts of money. Some of us have been adding and subtracting where there is a decimal point and some have been sticking to whole amounts of pennies or pounds so they can focus on exchanging where needed. I have been very impressed with everyone's resilience this week.

Our Talk Topic this week is a day in the life of a child in Ancient Greece. We will be describing writing a diary entry on Friday. If you are a boy you could be training up to be in the Spartan army or going to school to learn to read, write, play music and make art. Unfortunately if you were a girl in Ancient Greek times you were seen as less important so you may not have had the chance to learn to read and write or go to school.

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 3 Week 3

Another brilliant week of learning. I have been so impressed with the children's imaginations when it has come to writing their own version of Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman. We've got our characters flying off to pirate ships, vampire castles and whole worlds made of chocolate expertly described by the children. Reading their stories and comparing them to their first stories back in September they have come so far and learned so much. Very proud.

In Maths we studied mass/weight and capacity practiced how to read different scales, measure, add and subtract mass and capacity within word problems. Along with length and perimeter the children are really getting to grips with the unit of measure now. Tell your child to let us know if they do any measuring at home whether it be cooking or measuring for new furniture. We'd love to hear about it. 

Our Talk Topic this week is a holiday in Greece! We will be describing a place in Ancient Greece for a holiday brochure page on Friday in our Big Write linked to our topic. It would be great if you could do some research into the weather and what Greek islands look like. 

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 3 Week 2

What a fantastic week! All the children have got straight back into routines and produced some amazing work. 

In English this week we have been unpicking our English text - 'Fortunately the Milk' and started thinking about own own worlds. We have also looked a tricky technique of non-standard English to use in our stories for characters speech eg slang, speaking like a pirate, accents and adding extra letters (trusssst in me). Next week we will be writing our stories so please ask your children to share their ideas.  

In Maths we continued with perimeter and has lots of fun designing our own zoo's! We had to think about the scale we would use and decided that in our books every 1cm = 1m.   

Topic lessons this week have been based around history, finding out about different time periods so that the children can understand just how long ago Ancient Greece was!


Our talk topic this week is litter-bugs! We want the children to think about our environment and on Friday we will be writing complaint letters to Mrs Williams about the litter around our school. 

Enjoy your weekend-fingers crossed for more snow!

Measuring the perimeter of possible animal enclosures for our own zoo designs!

Measuring  the perimeter of possible animal enclosures for our own zoo designs! 1
Measuring  the perimeter of possible animal enclosures for our own zoo designs! 2
Measuring  the perimeter of possible animal enclosures for our own zoo designs! 3

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 3 Week 1

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year break. The children have come back excited to see their friends and also excited to start our new units of learning. 

This week we started our Ancient Greece topic where the children got to paint their own shields and Ancient Greek style pots. They are all proudly on display in our classrooms and in the corridor outside our classroom. At the end of term we will send them home so you can see them.

In Maths we started a unit on measure and perimeter. We made sure we knew how to measure accurately and used dienne sticks to make different shapes and work out the perimeter.

In English we are studying a book called Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman. It's a bit mad but there are lots of adventures inside it to read about. Soon we will be writing our own adventure stories.

Our talk topic this week is Classic Fairytales. Which ones do you know? Which are your favourite? How could they be made different like the big bad pig and the 3 little wolves?

Our Shadow Puppet Show

Our Shadow Puppet Show 1
Our Shadow Puppet Show 2
Our Shadow Puppet Show 3
Our Shadow Puppet Show 4

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 2 Week 6

It's so close to Christmas now. Just 1 week left. Next Friday will be our class Christmas Parties so don't forget to wear non-school uniform in on Friday 16th December. Food and squash will be provided so you don't have to worry about bringing anything.

This week we had our Christmas dinner in the hall. Year 3 loved making their own Christmas hats to wear. Miss Griffiths and Miss Chandler wore their own Christmas hats and sat in the hall to eat their Christmas roast dinner with the children. We sang lots of Christmas songs as we ate.

In English we have been writing a formal letter to Mr Strict at Bristol City Council about his idea to cancel all lessons other than English and Maths. The children's letters were laid out formally and they used great formal language such as 'In conclusion...' and 'On the other hand...'

In Maths we have continued learning more about fractions. We know how to find a fraction of a shape and are starting to understand how to find equivalent fractions.

We had a spelling quiz today of 20 spellings that children in Yr3 must know by the end of the Year. If you look in your child's spelling book at the back you can see how they did. It'd be great if you could practice those that your child got wrong over the Christmas holidays. 

Have a lovely festive weekend!

Next week's talk topic is: Chriiiissstttmaaass! (How could we ignore it?!)

Christmas Dinner Day

Christmas Dinner Day 1
Christmas Dinner Day 2

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 2 Week 5

This week has been super exciting as both Year 3 classes have had a naughty elf getting up to mischief in their classrooms! (Take a look at the pictures to see what he has been up to). As a result of this, Year 3 have produced some fantastic character descriptions for the elf in this weeks big write. 

We have planned our formal complaint letters to Mr Strict to explain why we should learn a variety of subjects and not just Maths and English. 

In maths we have been working our brains extra hard to understand how to recognise fractions in shapes and to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. 

During topic we have planned an investigation to understand how shadows are formed and this work will help us in creating a puppet show towards the end of the term. 

Next week's talk topic is 'what makes Christmas special' and we will be writing a recipe for the perfect Christmas. You could discuss any traditions you have as a family over Christmas or a funny story that remind you of Christmas. 

Enjoy your weekend.

Naughty Elf

Naughty Elf 1
Naughty Elf 2

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 2 Week 4

This week was almost as busy as last week! We've started a brand new unit on Letters for English. As an exciting opener we read The Jolly Postman by Allan Ahlberg. Also this week we've looked at a very professional, formal complaint letter and compared the differences between formal and informal letters. Maths has been exciting too. Our talk topic for this week is naughty elves! Talk about what a naughty elf might get up to at Santa's Workshop and how we might describe them on Friday. 

P.S. We hope you enjoyed your hot chocolate reindeer from the fair!


Our Weekly Learning Update Term 2 Week 3

Wow! What a fun filled week! 

We have been writing our own versions of the Iron Man in English this week which have been absolutely fantastic!!!! The descriptive language has been lovely and I hope you were all able to read these during Parent's Evening. 

In Maths we have been focusing on multiplication. The children have been using a variety of different methods to solve them such as arrays, repeated addition and grid method. Some of us even managed long multiplication!

On Thursday, our school trip to the cinema and MShed was really fun but also very soggy! The children were fantastic in representing the school with their behaviour. We were intrigued as we watched the Iron Giant and on the coach home there was lots of lovely conversation going on discussing how different the film was from the book. On our walk to the MShed we saw Castle Park, the cranes at the Harbourside and the Matthew Ship. All things which we have been learning about in class. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to all the parent helpers as even I would agree that the wet walk wasn't 'fun' but you all stayed positive and were a great help in encouraging the children to keep going. 

Next week's talk topic is 'our school trip' and we will be writing a recount of what we saw. 

Enjoy your weekend.

Miss Chandler


Our Weekly Learning Update Term 2 Week 1

Well done Year 3! You have come back from half term happy and ready to get on with Term 2's learning. This week we started our new topic called Bristol to Bourdeaux where we will be comparing the two cities focusing on geography. We enjoyed looking at Google maps.

We also started our new book for English: Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The children cannot wait to see the Iron Giant at the cinema as part of our school trip. 

Our first proper Big Write on Friday went really well. Most of the children wrote almost a page and their writing included lots of fantastic vocabulary about fireworks. Our talk topic for this week is journeys. Talk about when you've been on a journey, where did you go, how long did it take, how did you get there, do any of your favourite books or films have journeys in them.

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 1 Week 7

What a great last week of term!!

Year 3 have continued with poetry in English and creating their own shape poems about volcanoes! We used a range of language features to make them exciting to read. We finished the week by reciting a poem that Miss G found about volcanoes (ask us to share this with you at home).

In Maths we have been looking at division and the different strategies we can use to answer questions: arrays, repeated subtraction and bus stop. Some of us even found remainders. 

Well done for all of your fantastic learning this term you have all been great! There is already lots of exciting learning lined up for next term including our topic 'From Bristol to Bordeaux' so if you have spare time try and find out some interesting facts to share with us during the first week back. 

Our Talk Topic for the first week back will be 'fireworks'. Please talk to your children at home about this and hopefully as a result of all the conversations shared the children will produce some fantastic work linked to this in the Big Write on Friday!

Programming a Probot

Programming a Probot 1
Programming a Probot 2
Programming a Probot 3
Programming a Probot 4
Programming a Probot 5
Programming a Probot 6

Volcano Poems

Volcano Poems 1
Volcano Poems 2

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 1 Week 6

Week 6 was our introduction to poetry in Yr3 and we had fantastic time reading examples of acrostic poems, shape poems, poems that rhyme and poems that don't rhyme. We learned that poetry has to make the reader feel something and must include lots of great description. Ask your child for examples of similes. 

We started multiplication in Maths learning lots of different strategies for multiplication including repeated addition on a number line and grid method. Please ask your children or us for examples if you'd like to do some extra practice at home. 

Harvest Festival Assembly went really well, thank you to all that came and supported us.

We were very proud of all the children.

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 1 Week 5

This week we focussed on measure in Maths. We looked at measuring the length, weight and capacity of different items. It was very fun as we made our predictions first and then measured them accurately looking at the different units of measure. Would you measure the weight of an elephant in grams?

In English we finished our persuasive leaflets and then moved onto preparation for the Harvest Festival. Year 3 have produced some lovely work linked to the Harvest Festival after following one of our school aims and "exploring" what Harvest Festivals are all about. We hope to see you all there next week - Friday 14th October 2:30pm. 

Finally in topic, we looked at the water cycle. Year 3 learnt lots of new vocabulary linked to this and should be able to share with you at home how the water cycle works (do ask them to share their learning). 

Keep up the fantastic reading that is going on at home, it makes such a difference! Also remember to practise your spellings!

Erupting our volcanoes

Erupting our volcanoes 1
Erupting our volcanoes 2

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 1 Week 4


This week has been focused around planning our experiment to erupt our volcanoes and on Thursday afternoon we all got to erupt our own. The eruption was created by bicarbinate of soda and vinegar. We also added washing up liquid for bubbles and red paint for the colour of lava. The children loved seeing their volcanoes in action. 

Also this week, we've started a new English unit on persuasive writing and have been practising our subtraction skills. 

We finished the week with an anti bullying play on Friday afternoon. Year 3 loved it and got involved in discussing what bullying is and how to stop it. Remember STOP - bullying is when it's Several Times On Purpose.

Remember to read 5 times a week to earn raffle tickets, practice your spellings and timetables.

Have a great weekend!

Road Safety Team

Road Safety Team 1
Road Safety Team 2
Road Safety Team 3

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 1 Week 3


Wow! Another exciting and fantastic week in Year 3! We have all settled into our new routines and are enjoying all of our learning. 

This week in English we have written our own quest stories following the story structure of Leon and the Place Between and on Friday we edited and improved our writing. Hopefully we will have time to publish them this term! 

In maths, we have started addition using a number line. It was a bit tricky at first but I think most of us can now complete number sentences independently. We have also been developing our skills of halving and doubling.

This week we have also had in the Road Safety Team who shared lots of information with us and told us how to keep safe in cars, on the road and when riding bikes. (Don't forget if you are under 12 years old or under 135cm you should, by law, be using a car seat.) As well as all of this we have had some practical topic lessons this week making volcanoes! Keep an eye on our Facebook and website pages for pictures of them erupting!

Have a lovely weekend, remember to read as much as you can and practise your spellings :) 

Roald Dahl Day making potions

Roald Dahl Day making potions 1
Roald Dahl Day making potions 2
Roald Dahl Day making potions 3
Roald Dahl Day making potions 4
Roald Dahl Day making potions 5
Roald Dahl Day making potions 6
Roald Dahl Day making potions 7

Warbourton's Bakers Workshop

Warbourton's Bakers Workshop 1
Warbourton's Bakers Workshop 2
Warbourton's Bakers Workshop 3

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 1 Week 2

Another great week of learning and exploring. Tuesday was Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday so we celebrated by dressing up as Roald Dahl characters, wrote a recipe for potions and even mixed our own potions in Maths practising our capacity skills! We've also been planning our very own stories to write next week based on Leon and the Place Between. We had to create our own magical worlds and so far we've had a diamond world, a candy floss land and one of us has based our magical land on Tudor England! I look forward to reading them at the end of next week. Also this week on Friday we had Warbourton's the bakers in to make sandwiches with us. We talked about healthy eating and how to prepare food safely. See the photos above. Don't forget to practice your spellings, reading and times tables this weekend!

Our Weekly Learning Update Term 1 Week 1

What a fantastic first week back! I have had a great week meeting my new class and getting to know a little bit more about everyone. We have already done lots of learning together and challenged ourselves in lots of different subjects. 

Crocodile class have been busy looking at Place Value in Maths and used lots of different resources to help their learning. 

In English we have been reading Leon and the Place Between which is a very exciting journey story! We have unpicked the characters in the book and written our own descriptions for the characters and settings.   

We have also started our exciting topic for this term which is Wild World! So far we have looked at what natural disasters are and how earthquakes happen. (Ask us at home and we can explain what tectonic plates are and how they move).

Check back next week for another update on our learning!

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Hello Crocodile Class of 2016-17 :)


My name is Miss Chandler and this is my second year at Barley Close. I’m incredibly excited to be teaching Crocodile Class in Year 3 and to stay a part of the Year 3 team with Miss Griffiths and Alligator Class. Our teaching assistant will be Mrs Burton who is a fabulous experienced teaching assistant at Barley Close.


We have lots of learning to fit in each week: daily English and Maths lessons, daily slots focussed on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG), topic sessions on our exciting theme each term, swimming and PE lessons and much more.


I look forward to getting to know all the children and their families well during the year. Please don’t hesitate to come speak to me at the end of the day if you’d like to discuss your child’s learning or pass on any important information. You can also send in a note with your child in the morning. I’ll always make time for a meeting and there are several parents’ evening during the year where we can discuss your child’s progress. 

Keep an eye on this webpage as I will try to add photos of the children’s best learning and most exciting lessons.


Important Days to note: MONDAY AM for swimming and FRIDAY PM for PE. Maths and English will be taught in the afternoon where needed to get our five lessons of each a week. 


Please remember to bring in your full PE kit the first week back each term and leave it in school for the whole term (unless it gets muddy of course!). Your PE kit should include black shorts and a white t-shirt and black daps or trainers. Jogging bottoms and a jumper are also handy as we do PE outdoors as well. A full body swimming costume or swimming trunks are required for swimming each week. These are fun lessons to take part in and something I really enjoy teaching so please remember your kit!

Please also remember that if your child wears earrings, then they need to be taken out that morning before school.


Spellings will be given out on Friday and then tested the following Friday.


A little about me,,,

My name is Miss Chandler and I have been teaching for three years since completing my Primary Education PGCE in 2013. After qualifying as a teacher I worked as a cover teacher covering classes at Callicroft Primary School from Reception up to Year 6. Working across the year groups has provided with a wealth of experience of teaching styles, exciting classroom environments and fun lessons to use. I have covered two classes long-term in Year 2 and Year 4 so I am very excited to be teaching the Year 3 Crocodiles from September. I look forward to learning more about every single child’s likes and dislikes, their personality and learning style.


When I’m not planning exciting lessons I am tucked up in bed reading, watching films or seeing my family and friends who are very important to me. I have one younger brother who used to annoy me when he was younger but now that he’s grown up he’s much more mature than he used to be.


Like Mrs Rammell I like to travel all around the UK and Europe exploring new places. Over the summer holidays I was lucky enough to go to Majorca, a Spanish island for 4 days which was lovely. I put on lots of sun lotion so I didn’t burn! I hope you did too if you were playing out in the sunshine in the holidays. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures. 


Miss Chandler

Me having a go (and failing) at surfing in the summer holidays

Me having a go (and failing) at surfing in the summer holidays 1

Year 3 Curriculum Overview 2016-17

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