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Y4 - Iguana

Term 5 Weekly Spellings

Welcome Back to Term 5!


It is term 5 already - can you believe it, almost time for Year 5 for Iguana Class!!! 


We have lots and lots to pack in and it is a short term so please do fit in as much work at home on spellings, timetables and reading as possible. These are our last terms to work together to make that difference. Shout if you would like anything to work on at home or if there is something your child finds hard, we can crack it together :-) 



As you know we start back in the pool this week - on Wednesday mornings. 

Please make sure your child has swimwear, towel and goggles (if your child likes to wear). I do like the children to get changed quickly so we can get as much time as possible in the pool. 

As you know already I am a swimming coach at a club so the children get a high quality lesson and really build their confidence. Please ask me if you have questions about swimming or next steps for swimming. 


Our other PE slot is on Friday pm, we will be outside so full kits including shoes please. We are playing Lacrosse and it gets fast so PE Shoes are essential to avoid injury. 



As I know sometimes the spellings get lost between school and home, the list is attached again for each week for all groups. 


Big Talk

Again as you are not all at the school for pick up and as sometimes run out of time to up date the website (I am sorry I will try harder this term), but here is a list of the talk topics for each week. 


Week 1 - Write a letter to Blue Peter - either standard badge or purple badge review - your job at home would be to watch Blue Peter and discuss with your child what they liked, what they didn't like, how it could be better, if it is inspired them how? etc We will then fill in the forms/post the letters and see if we can get another Blue Peter Badge! 

(Make sure your child knows their home address if possible - thanks) 


Week 2 - Explanation Text - How to build a den/shelter

To link with our book Kensuke's Kingdom we will be den building in school, but please discuss what an explanation text is (let me know if you need a handy guide, I have one ready) and how/why you might need to build one. What things would be important in a den? 


Week 3 - Newspaper report about a missing boy

The main character in our story goes missing off their sailing boat the Peggy Sue. Ask your child lots of questions about the characters (this can start now as we started reading today) and then discuss how the news is presented, either on TV (another chance to watch Newsround) and discuss how it is different to drama TV. What words and phrases might they need? 

Also discuss the 5 w's (What, where, when, why, who) can they hear them in the news reports on Newsround or spot in a newspaper. 


Week 4 - Write an adventure story

The children will really need help to plan this at home in advance. They need to work on plot - so having a clear beginning, middle and ending to their story. Also they need descriptions of characters and settings. We have been using DAD in class description, action, dialogue to move our stories on and also FAD feelings, action, description (the children invented this one). If possible plan the three main parts of the story, the characters and setting at home. I have some sheets for planning if you would like one. 


Week 5 - Diary Entry for Kensuke's Kingdom

Discuss the characters from the book as much as possible. Then decided who would have an interesting Diary. Then build this up, what is a diary, what would Miss Cripps like to see (descriptions of people and places, figurative language, variety of sentence types, vivid vocab, clear order of the events - these are the targets for this term), what have they enjoyed from Kensuke's Kingdom that they might like to try out in their writing. I expect them to write about 1 and 1/2 pages for a Big Write session so they need to have lots of ideas. 



Our teaching order is: 

Week 1 - fractions and decimals

Week 2 - time (24 hour clock and adding time on/timetables etc)

Week 3 - Geometry

Week 4 - Add/Subtraction

Week 5 - Multiplication/Division


Hopefully that will help get us organised! Please do come and ask for anything you think would help to support your child at home or if you have questions about what we are covering in class. As you know I am always around to meet up and discuss any problems or celebrate any success! 

Miss Cripps


Week 4 - Round Up


I think we released our inner poets this week! Some fantastic poems about Varjak Paw and Cats were created, I was really impressed. We also enjoyed watching some clips from Cats the musical and reading lots of cat poems. It was a lovely week to teach and I have really enjoyed reading the poems. There are some funny ones from the Cat Haters - not everyone's best pet. :-) 


Lots of science this week too, not quite what was planned as the 3D printer software had not downloaded properly but I got that repaired on Friday so this week we can move on with 3D printing and our fire outside to watch Changes in State - from solid to liquid and to think about reversible and irreversible changes. I think when we eat a toasted marshmallow, it just disappears! 


The talk topic for this week is Red Nose Day - the list is at the bottom of this page if you have missed the window card. Children are being encouraged to wear Red or the nose etc in school for a 50p donation and our class decided to hold a run - again 50p donation to enter. This will all take place on Friday 24th. Please make sure children have PE shoes in school. 


Any questions or concerns please let me know and I look forward to another busy week. 


Miss Cripps



Class Party


We are going to have our party on Friday - if the children want to bring in toys and pj's or own clothes to wear (as per their design and votes!) 


Please don't let them bring in any really special or expensive toys just in case of loss or breakages. 


Thank you 

Swimming Help Required

We have been lucky enough to have Mrs Haley helping us for swimming for a long time (I believe she did this in year 3 too!) but with her expected new baby due any minute we are going to need some volunteers to help fill this gap - Thank you Mrs H for all your support and good luck. 


In order to help with swimming you need to have DBS check - this takes a few weeks to do and is very simple.  If you think you could help please let me know with any days and times and I will try to put together a rota to help us -I'll put a sheet on the door too but please do let me know. 


I am a swimming coach so I lead the session and it is really having a couple of extra pairs of hands in the pool area. Let me know if you have any questions and I will work towards getting a day sorted once we know if we have any helpers. 


Thank you! Miss Cripps


Week 3 - Round Up


Oh my that was a busy week! 


Roman Day was fab and the children looked amazing - I hope they learnt lots! John is so full of information and brings so much with him it is a packed day. 


Also it was lovely to see so many of you for parents evening - I really enjoyed sharing with you about your childs learning so far this year. If you couldn't see me, then please just let me know and we can find a time or I can give you call. It's really good to catch up, as always though any questions or concerns please let me know. 


We also wrote lots of newspapers and told the time in maths, moving into the 24 hour clock. Please get your children to do as much time telling as possible at home practise is the key. 


Its science week for the next two weeks so hopefully we can get some exciting experiments completed together. 

Sounds like another busy week! 

Miss Cripps

Week 2 - Round Up


Iguana class are so settled and calm this term it is lovely! They are a pleasure to teach, they have been receiving complements on how they have been moving around the school and lining up too! It's always nice to know we have been noticed. 


We have had a few wobbles in maths this week with division, we moved on which cause a bit of confusion at first but we were mostly okay by day 2, please do let me know if your child is a still a bit wobbly at home and they just need a little more practise to build that confidence and we can easily do some more in school or I can send a few home. Multiplication was good with all of use moving into the final stage of our formal method with success. This is where times tables are really needed though so keep up the Mighty Multiples practise at home. 


We had a our first attempt at writing a Varjak Paw Newspaper report this week and will be having another go next week - any exposure to quality newspapers at home would be great for the children to get a feel for the style of writing. Also watching Newsround on CBBC gives the children a good feel for new reporting. 


Parents Evening

Its parents evening this week on Wednesday and Thursday, please sign up via the online system. If you have missed a slot and need it because of work or child care etc then please just let me know and I will do my best to fit you in at another time that suits. Its really important to catch up so please do let me know if you need different arrangements. 

Look forward to seeing you there. 


Roman Day

Its Roman Day on Tuesday - I can't wait, we learnt so much last year! 


If you haven't returned your payment and slip please do so ASAP, I did nag the children on Friday but it is essential that we get these in. 


The children looked amazing on world book day, so I am hoping that we have some fab Roman costumes too - thank you so much, I know it can be difficult as a busy parent but this really does make these days so special in school. 


Class Points = Party

We have earnt all our class points and so the children decided they would like a pj's (or own clothes) and toy afternoon. I will send a note home as soon as I have found us free afternoon!!

We have an inset day next week (Friday) and Roman day so we are a bit short of time. I will let you  know shortly.  


Well done Iguana Class, l can tell we are going to have another amazing week! 

As always please let me know any concerns or issues, 

Miss Cripps

Week 1 Round Up


The children started back in class really well and we had a good first week in class. 

We have enjoyed starting our class book, Varjak Paw, which seems to have caught our attention straight away. 


A change that we have made this week to make you aware off: 


Spellings Day will now be Friday for the test and new spellings to come home


This fits in better with our time table for this term, hope it does not cause any confusion at home. 


This coming week: 

  • Return letters and contributions for Roman Day please (letters went home last week) 
  • Thursday - World Book Day - dressing up as a Hero from book/comic book


P.E Kit - please note we had to send a lot of children out side to PE in their school shoes due to lack of PE shoes and kits. Please send the children in with suitable kits for outside PE including shoes. We are lucky enough to have the coach and it is a shame not to make the most of this opportunity. 


As always please let me if you have any questions or need to discuss your child, 


Miss Cripps

Term 4 - Welcome Back! 


Wow it's Term 4 already! This time we have 7 weeks in school then it will be the Easter Holiday. 


It will be a busy time so please keep an eye on the notice board in the window for more information on any whole school events and regularly ask your child for any notes or letters from school. We know they don't always pass things on so please do ask if you feel you are missing things... 


Our class book for Term 4 is Varjak Paw by SF Said, this is a tale of a cat who has to learn how to unlock his cat skills to survive in the city. We are writing newspapers based on the story in the first 3 week of term, then will write poems and then our own story, based on the ideas in the book. The book is widely available in shops, on line or at the library. 


We will also be holding a Roman Day this term - letter to come home shortly. We will have a Roman Feast Day at the end of this term too. 


We are going to be using the new 3D printer for design and making of a range of items - watch this space, its very exciting. 


We are also lucky enough to have Google Expeditions coming into school for a virtual reality experience - I am so excited. The Google Team don't visit many schools so we are really lucky to have been selected. 



Spellings should come home in the BLUE spellings book on a Thursday. They are stuck in by the children and we have been running this system since September so it should be working. Just in case you are not getting them, the full document of the spellings for this term is attached. Hopefully that way there can be no escape from spellings homework. surprise


Times Tables (Mighty Multiples)

The sheet your child has completed in sent home on Friday and we test on a Monday. Children need to get really confidence with multiplication tables and the division facts so please do work on this at home. We have lots of ideas if you get stuck at home, there are also lots of ideas online. If you reach a times tables sticking point please let us know and we can come up with some ideas to help. 


Reading Books

Reading book and the yellow reading record should come home to you each night. We ask that you hear your child read at least 4 times a week or engage in book talk. If you can record in the yellow book the children get a raffle ticket as a reward, these go into our weekly draw for a small prize. Any problems with Reading please let us know. 


Big Write

This will take place each Friday, the topics are display on the Year 4 notice board but in case you don't get to see them here is the list for the term: 


Week 1 - A Newspaper report about your week

Week 2 - a fantasy story, this will be based on our planning work on World Book Day

Week 3 - Inset day (10th March) so no big write

Week 4 - Science Week - a piece of writing about what we have learnt and done in science week

Week 5 - Red Nose Day, free choice for the children to write on the this topic in any style

Week 6 - A letter either to or from Varjak Paw, based on our reading of the book

Week 7 - A book review of Varjak Paw, what did we think of the book. 



We have the coach again this term and so PE will be outside. Children need PE shoes and warm clothes on a THURSDAY.  Indoor PE is on a TUESDAY. Kit should all be named and can stay in school on your child's peg. Please do try to get a kit into school as it causes the children some worry when they don't have the right kit in school. 


As always please let us know if you have any problems or with anything that is going well! 


Happy Term 4! 


Miss Cripps and Miss Bryant


Term 3-Week 2 Review

Mathematics- This week we have been developing and revising our understanding of the multiplication 'expanded method' or the  'compact method' which a lot of children have significantly improved. Children who have been practising their Mighty Multiples have shown off their multiplication skills during this week so well done-Keep it up!


English- Children have written a non-chronological report on how the Romans used to travel. They all planned and wrote interesting reports using the non-chronological features and sentence openers.  


Talk Topic: Character and setting description of Flavia


We are looking forward to our class assembly this Friday at 2:30!


Miss Bryant and Miss Cripps


Term 3-Week 1 Review


It was lovely hearing about your amazing Christmas holiday and all the exciting things you have been up to!


Great start with your mathematics this week! Children have shown fantastic understanding

with addition, subtraction and finding 1000 more and 1000 less. We just need more practise with the empty box questions a little more- but don't worry we will come back to this!


English- Children have enjoyed starting their new book for the Term- 'The Secrets of Vesuvius.'

which is a historical novel based on our topic for this Term..... THE ROMANS! If children have

the opportunity to do some extra learning and research at home- it would be super if they could bring their learning in!


Monday: Mighty Multiples ,Thursday: Spelling test and Friday: Review on reading at home-Star Readers will be rewarded!


PE will be on Tuesday and Friday- So double check  you have your PE kit ready for those days!


Your talk topic for next week is: 'To predict what might happen in our new class book.' 


A fantastic flying start to the term Year 4


Happy New Year!


Miss Bryant and Miss Cripps


Fantastic Week 4 and Week 5


A fantastic job Year 4 during your ukulele performance in your class assembly. You all

played at a very high standard. We were all very impressed.


Mathematics- We have been using resources to support our visual understanding of fractions

of amounts. From this, children were able to find fractions of amounts confidently. Keep it up!

English- We have continued to develop our ability to write character and setting descriptions. We have learnt about different sentence structures and we have started using fronted

adverbials  and interesting clauses. 


Big Write talk topic this week is "To retell the story of the Winter's Child.' Ask children to explain the story to you and get them to tell you possible techniques they are going to use. This may help them to become a STAR WRITER and have a TASTY TREAT!


You all created a fantastic Cartouche out of clay and carved your name in hieroglyphics very carefully.  Some great creative skills! 


If you have any concerns or questions please come and speak to us! 


Keep smiling you are all doing so well!

Miss Cripps and Miss Bryant








Amazing Week 2 and Week 3

Children have been working very hard describing settings and characters in the Winter's Child. Having read their sequel versions of the Spring's Child, children have increased their writing ability by using all the different techniques in the tool box and using their creativity to expand on a plot. Keep it up!


During mathematics, we have been working on a range of two-step word problems and consolidating our understanding of the multiplication method. Make sure your children are practising their multiplication calculation skills at home if they are finding this challenging.


Thank you for all of the parents and children who attended parents’ evening. We really enjoyed discussing progress the children have made. Keep it up!  Please speak to us if you were unable to attend and we could arrange another time.


Some great Christmas decorations which were created out  of salt dough by all of the children!  We are looking forward to glazing them this week for the Christmas Fayre!


Miss Cripps and Miss Bryant J


The first week back of Term 2!

During mathematics, children have been developing their skills with regards to place value. They have been learning how to answer different styled place value questions and how to use workings out in order to approach these questions effectively.


Throughout the week within Guided Reading and English, children have been reading a new book called the 'Winter's child' by Angela McAllister. Children are beginning to improve their understanding of setting descriptions and language techniques such as prepositions and expanded noun phrases.  


Our talk topic for next week is 'Persuade the winter's child to stay or go.' Ask your child about the AFOREST techniques about why he would like to stay or go. 


Reminder: Make sure you have booked your slot for Parents' Evening. We are all looking forward to seeing you all!


If you are worried about the Year 4 expectations there will be a pack which will be sent out to you shortly.


Keep smiling you are all doing really well!


 Miss Cripps and Miss Bryant


Wimbledon Year 4 Tournament!


Well Done to all of the children that participated in the tennis tournament!  You were all fantastic! Some great forehands and backhands. Congratulations to the children who managed to get the longest rally.  Great job! 



Miss Cripps and Miss Bryant

Wimbledon Tournament!

Wimbledon Tournament! 1
Wimbledon Tournament! 2
Wimbledon Tournament! 3
Wimbledon Tournament! 4

We made it! End of Term 1


Wow this term has flown by - we have packed in so much that the children need a good rest at half term so they are ready for term 2, which is always a super busy term. 


A couple of things to note: 

  • TALK HOMEWORK - you may have seen the sign in the window of Iguana class, as a part of our new Big Write scheme. We will up date this every week and the website with details of what we would like the children to talk about at home in preparation for the Big Write that will take place every Friday. The topic for half term: Instructions on how to have the perfect half term. If you can talk to your child about what makes a good half term and the features they need in instructions this will support them to write in the session on Friday. 
  • Spellings - we have not sent home any spellings for the holidays. If you want to do some spellings work there are some game sheets attached based on the Year 3 and Year 4 spelling list. 
  • Mighty Multiple sheets came home on the last Friday so you should know what to practise or which times table the children will move on to. We will do the test as normal on the first Monday back. 
  • PE - We will have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday next term. One indoor slot and one outdoor slot. We will go out in all weathers so please ensure your children have warm PE kit and outdoor trainers. We will be doing Gym indoors which is standard indoor PE kit of shorts and t-shirts and bare feet. 


Our books next term are Winters Child and The Ice Palace - both available at the library if you want to do some extra reading over the holidays. 


Hope you have a restful term term and see you ready for term 2 in a week! 


Miss Cripps and Miss Bryant. 




Proud Week 6


The children have been working extremely hard with their multiplication and learning how to be resilient when work is challenging. Some children need to practise the ‘expanded method’ or the ‘compact method’ with multiplication. Please practise at home or come and speak to us and we can show you the method in order to support your child.


During English this week, we have been reading the book ‘Tales of Gods and Pharaohs’ in order to write setting descriptions and story openers. Children have been developing their understanding on how to edit work effectively in order to improve their writing.


Some children still need to take responsibility of their homework things such as Reading Records, spellings and mighty multiples. This will enable them to make much more progress with their learning.


We were both very impressed with the effort and dedication the children put into the Harvest Festival performance. Some great expression and clear voices were used. Well Done Year 4!


Next week, children will be participating in an exciting Wimbledon tennis tournament during their normal physical education slot at Barley Close. Strawberries and lemonade will be provided for children if they wish.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 


Miss Cripps and Miss Bryant









Wet Week 5 


Another busy week in class, with lots of fun learning about division and preparing for Harvest Festival by pretending to be actors while reading our poem The Harvest. We hope to see you all there next week! 


Division - some children are finding the concept of "exchange" tricky, at home practise this by using money if you have some change - ask children how many 10p's they would get for a pound coin and exchange them. I know it sounds really simple but some children are just stuck on this visual process in their division for Year 4. Next week multiplication! 


Home things: some children are not taking responsibility for their homework and things. So you know what to expect coming home: 


Every Day: Yellow Reading Record Book - these come home everyday as you need to hear your child read everyday if possible. Please make a comment in their book for us - it can simply be your initials if you are busy. We monitor these every week and keep a record of those who do not receive support at home to read. 


Thursday: Spellings (in blue book) results of this week test and then a new set to learn for next Thursday. 


Friday: Mighty Multiples - the test your child did on Monday in class, will come home on a Friday. If they did NOT pass they will sit the same test again on Monday. Please spend lots of time over the weekend learning this times table. If they did pass they will get a wrist with the times table for the next weeks test on - if they don't want to wear it they will just be told the times table for the next test. 


Wet Weather

As the weather is starting to turn, we have already had a few days where it has been too wet to go onto the field. Children need to have wellies in school, to keep on our racks, for lunchtimes or they will not be allowed to go to the field with their friends. Please make sure they are named. 


As always please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 


Miss Cripps and Miss Bryant

Weary Week 4! 


The children are really feeling it this week - the novelty of being back at school has worn off at just the same time as the work load is gently increasing and they are feeling a bit tired and overwhelmed. Please don't worry and reassure them at home, they are all doing really well in class and responding to the workload challenge with increasing confidence. Year 4 work is more demanding, as is year 5 and then year 6, but they will soon fall into the swing of it. We have had some great group discussions in Reading this week, lots of ideas in English (I did a piece of writing they have loved making much better and up-leveling my word choices and phrases) and we have really picked up the pace in maths with children moving confidently into higher levels of questions and not worrying about seeking a quick check of their work before they move on. We have had lots of children move on in Mighty Multiples this week - yippee! Hopefully they like the wrist bands and find then a fun way to remember to practise. We are also keen to gain stickers for great work and working on our school Values ticks aiming for those values badges. 

The children are starting to make progress and are well on their way to being Year 4 learners. It does take a little time to get into place and so do come and see me if you want to chat and of course I will let you know asap if I have any concerns.


We have also managed well with our first week of mixing up for spellings, punctuation and grammar (spag) groups and are moving to our groups quickly and getting settled. 


Next week in maths we are going to be focusing on division, we will use the bus stop method and lots of very grown up maths language - ask the children to tell you about it and to show you what it is - it's a great way for them to show off their learning and reinforce what they know. I know its a bit odd - but I love teaching division! We teach using counters and it is a great way to get the children really confident with this concept. I am a little bit excited, hopefully the children will be too! 

In English we are going to look at our Harvest Poem, ready for harvest festival, work on how to perform poems to keep our audience interested and show the meaning of the words. 

We will continue with Awful and Awesome Egyptians in guided reading, from the Horrible Histories series. 




Wow Week 3! 

We are really picking up the pace now in Iguana Class - the children are settling into work and routines quickly and we are well on our way to being full Year 4's. 


This week in Maths we have been covering addition using the formal method and 4 digit numbers. We are all very good at this now so we have moved quickly on to applying our addition skills to problems involving money and word problems. Firm foundations are down ready for us to tackle the trickier elements of addition in year 4 in Terms 2 onwards. Next week: Subtraction (we will be covering the formal method and exchanging then moving into application of our skills). 

Times tables  - wrist bands,  we will be trying times tables wrist bands this week to support and remind the children to practise ready for Mondays Mighty Multiples. These are optional for the children but they were great fun last year and really got the children excited about times tables!! 


In English we have been learning about how to create persuasive text, just like in adverts. We have linked this our topic of Egypt and so are writing to attract people to visit - Enchanting Egypt! Again we have been using Talk for Writing to support our writing. Next week we will build on our persuasive skills and come up with our own text about another country. 


Spellings - the children from all of  Year 4 will be mixed into one of four spelling groups from next week. We have assessed spelling and will group the children based on this. All groups cover the same Year 4 rules but in different ways and it allows us to fill any gaps that we find, from a phonics gap, high frequency words, year 1 and 2 spellings etc.  It also supports reading, ready for when we reach our "big books" after Christmas. The groups are  carefully planned and really boost spellings very quickly, as spelling is such a big focus in the new assessments and curriculum. Come and speak to us if you have any questions. 


Year 4 Notice Board

We have moved this to face out to parents on the classroom window - we will continue to add any information for school wide activities. We have also put a note about homework as we know things might have gone missing from bags - as always check with us if you have any questions. 



Year 4 Overview 2016 - 2017

Wonderful Week 2! 


We made a great start to year 4 last week with the children quickly learning routines and working hard to make their work shine. We had some lovely writing about How to Mummify a Pharaoh with all the features of instructions included. Maths also gave us a great start point and it was amazing to see all your comments in the Yellow Reading records! Please do keep up the home reading, research shows it is the single best thing you can do to support your children with all their school learning. 


Mighty Multiples, I know some of the children find this hard, please tell them not to worry, we are going to be doing lots of practise in class and they will soon start to fly through the system. Try lots of apps/games/songs at home to help and remember our system has the inverse using division too, but I will be working on some maths tricks to help over the next few weeks. 


Next week - in English we will move on from instructions to trying to write persuasively! We will be linking this to our topic, Egypt. In reading we will continue to look at our class book Wolves in the Walls but will focus on reading non-fiction wolf facts. In maths we are looking at addition, we will start with the formal method and then move into one and two step word problems and end with some empty box problem solving. 


Please do come and see me if there are any issues or if you need some ideas for reading, times tables etc If you don't come to pick up or drop off please leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


I am looking forward to another fantastic week with Iguana class - they are maturing fast into year 4's smiley

Miss Cripps

Welcome to Iguana Class 


It was great to see all the Iguana's looking so smart this morning in their school uniform. We made a good start to our class routines and got some Maths, English and Reading underway this morning. Monday afternoon is Year 4 planning time so the children will have Mrs Harris for PHSE and Mrs Griffths for French every week. 


We are going to be doing a revision week in maths this week, so we will cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. This should warm us up nicely ready for next week which is focused on Place Value and Number. In Reading we are using the book Wolves in the Walls as our class book and will be making predictions and looking at how the characters feel throughout the book. In our writing we are starting with instructions on how to mummify a Pharaoh to link with our creative topic for term 1 and 2.

Please ask any questions about our topics and how you can support your child at home. 

We will start Mighty Multiples and Spellings next week, but all children should have brought home their reading book and record today. 


Our PE days are: 

Tuesday - swimming (after lunch) 

Wednesday - tennis (outside) 

Please make sure full kit is in school and let me know if you can be a swimming helper. 

As I am a swimming coach I will be teaching both year 4 classes swimming, while Miss Bryant, who is a tennis coach, will be teaching tennis. This way both classes get high quality sports teaching. 


I hope the children enjoyed their first day and look forward to getting to know everyone better as the term goes on. Please do come and find me (or call or email) if you have any questions . 

Miss Cripps

Home School Agreement - Iguana Class

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