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Welcome to Rhino Class!


My name is Miss Clark. I've taught in Bristol before and I am really looking forward to working at Barley Close. Last year I taught Year 4, but I'm really happy to be moving up to Year 5. In my spare time I like to read and bake - recommendations for either will be greatly appreciated! Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Griffiths and we're both excited to be working with the first, ever Rhino Class!


Having only known Rhino class for a couple of days, I'm really looking forward to getting to know them. We have lots of things to learn this year - the children will study maths, English, guided reading, spelling and grammar (SPAG), creative topics, PE, swimming and RE. They will also do French and PSHE. We are aiming to go on several trips this year, but will give you plenty of notice about when these will be!


It will be great for Mrs G and myself to get to know the children and their families throughout the year. Please feel free to send in notes and I will send a reply at the end of the day if one is needed. Feel free to see me at the end of the day if you'd like to arrange a meeting, or just to chat about something.




Wednesday - indoor PE is on a Wednesday this term. Please make sure your child has an appropriate change of t shirt and bottoms.

Monday - outdoor PE will be on a Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child has waterproof trainers (not daps), along with warm trousers and a top. We will go outside whatever the weather (within reason!)


Remember that there should be no jewellery for either of these sessions. If your child wears earrings and cannot remove them by themselves, can you please ensure that you take them out before school.




New spellings will be sent out on a Wednesday in spelling books. Please practise these with your children, we will also practise them at school during the week.

The previous weeks' spellings will be tested on Wednesdays.

What Year 5 will be learning this year:



What a wonderful first week back for Rhino Class! We've started our new book, How to Live Forever, which has really sparked our imaginations. We have also created artwork related to this, which will soon be on display at the back of our classroom. In maths, we have been doing practical activities related to volume and capacity, as well as showing off our fabulous roman numeral skills. We also played maths games on the laptops on Friday afternoon. Particularly popular were the Arcademic Skills Builder games which can be accessed from home.

Next week, we will be beginning work on instructions, ready to write some instructions for How to be a Perfect Teacher, followed next week by How to Live Forever. In maths, we will be revisiting lots of topics that we have covered this year to show off how much we have learned in Y5. We will begin practising for sports day in PE and  starting our new topic about the circle of life.

Next week's talk topic is discussing Peter's life (from our class text), ready to write a biography of Peter from How to Live Forever. We should be brilliant at this after writing our own fantastic autobiographies at the end of last term.


As a quick reminder, we have PE on Monday afternoons and swim on Tuesday mornings. 

Term 6 English Text

This term we will not be studying 'Stormbreaker' as it says on the yearly overview. Instead, we will be reading a text called 'How to Live Forever' by Colin Thompson. The story focuses on what would happen in a library if all the books came to life at night. It will be a really interesting read, which we will be able to have lots of discussions about.



We are well in to term five now and the children are doing fabulously in their new topics. In maths, we have been converting between metric measurements; in English, we have compared different Cinderella stories from other cultures; in topic we have been researching the Mayans; in RE we have been discussing different reasons why people believe that God exists; in computing we have been using Excel and in Art we have been sketching. We have also been swimming, been coached for the MAD Olympiad and continued our project/working with the Bristol flyers.

Well done Y5 for how amazingly polite, engaged and enthusiastic you were about our trip. There are photos on the Barley Close Facebook page, as well as The MShed's twitter. You were superstars for the whole morning and learned a lot! 


Next week will be more of the same. Well done to those of you who are remembering your kits for every session! Our talk topic will be explaining how something works to write an explanation text.


We've had a really focussed week in Rhino Class. In groups, we have created the final versions of our best persuasive paragraphs, ready to convince Mrs Williams that we should be allowed to read the books that we love. I'm sure your children would be able to tell you why we should be allowed read them - they've had lots of brilliant reasons. In maths, we have been representing fractions in pictures. We have used this strategy to help us to multiply fractions by whole numbers. In creative, we have been designing Anglo Saxon metalwork, as well as daily life for Anglo Saxons.


In the last week of term, we will be presenting our persuasive speeches to Mrs Williams to convince her that we should be able to read Macbeth. If we are successful, we will be performing the Witches Poem from Act 4 (which contains the famous lines double, double, toil and trouble). In maths, we will be continuing with fractions. In creative, we will present our research to the other groups and then finally make our Anglo Saxon shields. If you have any spare large cardboard, would you please be able to send it in next week with your child.


After we have made our shied, we will be staging a year five battle. Our talk topic will be a day in the life of an Anglo Saxon soldier, ready to write a diary entry from their point of view on Friday. It would be brilliant if you could ask your child what they have found out about life as an Anglo Saxon.


This week, in Rhino class, we have started a new English unit about persuasive writing. In the last week of term, we will be creating and presenting a persuasive text to Mrs Willams, Mrs Drake and Mrs Daniels about why we believe we should be able to read the books we are reading - despite their more mature subjects (e.g. war and murder). In maths, we have continued to improve our division skills. In topic, we designed Anglo Saxon shields - we will make these at the end of term. Could we pleas have any good, strong cardboard brought in by next week please. 

Next week, we will begin writing our persuasive speeches, multiply in maths and research Anglo Saxon life in topic. Our Talk Topic this week is being set a dangerous quest ready to write a quest story on Friday.


Another great week to be a Rhino! This week, we have finished our Macbeth work by writing a battle scene, based on a battle that we had outside. There was some amazing dramatic writing, leading to the demise of our tragic hero! Very Shakespearean. In maths, we have continued to be fabulous multipliers, even solving word problems on Friday. Our confidence continues to grow! Last week was science week, so we made ice cream (twice!), thinking about changing states. The quality of scientific observation and discussion was brilliant. We also walked to Mangotsfield Secondary to do some exciting experiments with chemicals. We were amazingly well behaved, dedicated scientists and this was recognised by the teacher who led our session.


This week, we will be beginning a topic of persuasive writing in English, dividing in maths and returning to the Anglo Saxons in Creative.


Our talk topic this week, based on Science Week, is an argument about whether we should be allowed to do more interesting and exciting experiments in KS2 (including chemicals and Bunsen burners). Please also remember that Friday is Red Nose Day - children can bring 50p to wear red and 50p for a sponsored run.





Rhino class have had a fabulous week this week. Tom Webb was recorded reading out his poem for the MShed, which will be included in a future exhibition about skeletons. We have been acting out different characters from Macbeth, along with describing the characters. Our knowledge of the play and its characters has increased greatly and therefore we will be able to write about the tragic hero's final downfall next week. We have become much more confident in maths at multiplying by two digits. In History, we have ordered the key events between the end of the Romans in Britain and 1066. In RE, we spoke about Ramadan and the importance of this for Muslims. 


Next week will be the first week of science fortnight. We will be undertaking some interesting experiments and will be doing more of these at Mangotsfield secondary school. If anyone is available to walk with us on Thursday 16th, that would be wonderful. We will be continuing with multiplication and Macbeth. 


Next week's Big Write will be based on this prompt. Children can either begin or end with this.





Last week was another lovely week for Rhino class. We have World Book Day - all of the children looked amazing in their costumes. Well done to all those who dressed up. We also had the robotics visitors in. I was very proud of how hard the children work, despite the long sessions. The way children approached the problems was amazing! In maths, we revisited square and cubed numbers, as well as multiples and factors. Our times tables practise is really helping us to improve - remember to keep going with these at home! We have also began our cooking sessions. Last week, the children made lovely raisin flapjacks. Remember to keep your child's dietary information up to date and let us know if you have any suggestions for recipes which are sensitive to your child's needs. 


Next week, we will be going back to our class text: Macbeth. We will be doing some drama to better understand Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. We will also be practising long multiplication in maths. in RE, we will be thinking about Ramadan. In PE, we will be continuing to learn hockey skills and gymnastics on the apparatus. 


Please remember that next week will be parents' evening. There are still plenty of appointments left so make sure you book up. If you are unable to make these dates, I am happy to talk to you after school the following week. Our talk topic next week is spooky settings so that we can write a story with a spooky setting. 




Rhino class have had a wonderful first week of term. We are really enjoying our new English topic, Macbeth, and were greeted by some gruesome witches who have appeared on the wall on Monday. This week, we have produced some writing in role as either Macbeth or Lady Macbeth about how they felt once they had secured the crown through murderous deeds! We have been looking at place value and rounding again in maths and we are becoming really good at working with numbers up to 1 000 000. We have begun our History topic related to the Anglo-Saxons and have looked at the importance of charity in Islam.


Next week will be World Book Week (please remember your costumes on Thursday!). As a result, we will be temporarily pausing our Shakespeare studies(boo!) and will instead be completing work based on a video. Feel free to watch it over the weekend - most of us have seen it once already. Hopefully it will lead to some really interesting creative writing! 


We will also be having our visitors in on Tuesday for a whole day based on robotics - this is really exciting and I am looking forward to it! Please can we have any remaining permission slips by Monday?


Next week's Big Write will be about creating the story of the next character who we see at the end of the video. 



It's time to come back to school! I hope you've all had a wonderful holidays and are refreshed and ready to do some more amazing work and fabulous learning. I can't believe we've completed half a year together already. We finished off last term with some wonderful work. We researched an aspect of WW1 to create and publish our own non-chronological reports. We all enjoyed it, although we weren't impressed with the conditions in the trenches. In maths, we have gone back to addition and subtraction, and Mrs Hyde was impressed with how much we remembered. This week was also safer internet day, and hopefully this reminded us of how to keep ourselves safe over half term! We wrote play scripts which could teach others about e-safety.


Our new English topic is the Tragedy of Macbeth! Hopefully you will come back ready for some drama and some amazing character descriptions. In maths, we will be continuing with addition and subtraction. In creative, we will be beginning our new topic about Anglo Saxon settlers. 


Our first Big Write is a bit unusual - we have be contacted by MShed to write some poems about Roman Skeletons that were found in our local area. This man and woman were found in Mangotsfield and their bones have an interesting story to tell! 



This week has been lovely in Rhino class, although I think we've all got the cold that's going around! We've written some amazing stories in English, continuing War Horse from where we've read up to. In maths this week we've been using our practical skills to understand statistics - reading bus timetables and line graphs. We've begun our science experiment about rusting materials which you can can see lined up in our windowsills. We have been recording the results every day and will be presenting these in our Creative books next week. We have also been playing team games in outdoor PE and continuing with gymnastics indoors.


Next week we will be continuing to use statistics in maths, and then rounding. In English we will be organising our ideas about WW1 into paragraphs and doing more research, ready to write a non-chronological report about trench life in the final week of term, We will be undertaking more science experiments about the properties of materials in science, continuing to look at the key beliefs of Muslims in RE and continuing with our PE topics. 


Our talk topic next week is again related to Michael Morpurgo, however this week we're going to write a story about one of his characters appearing in the playground. Can you please talk to your child about their favourite Michael Morpurgo characters,


Rhino class have been working really hard this week. We've been scientists, both with our visitors (see photos below) and by completing our own experiment dissolving salt. We have been exploring characters and planning to finish writing War Horse from where we've read up to. In maths, we've been solving practical problems related to time, which has been really useful for our everyday lives. In PE, we've been playing team games outdoors. 

Next week, we will be writing our War Horse stories, moving on to statistics and timetables in maths, undertaking more experiment, continuing to have thoughtful discussions in RE and working on our teamwork PE, alongside much more.

In Big Write next week, we will be writing a letter to Michael Morpurgo about his stories. Therefore, our talk topic this week is books by Michael Morpurgo. Please make sure you are talking about this with your children as the more they discuss it, the more ideas they will have! 



This week has been another lovely week to be a rhino. We've been really successful at telling the time - thank you for your support at home! We have been using drama to explore our new text - War Horse. We have also undertaken science experiments, thinking about solubility and dissolving, as well as thinking about our new RE topic and gymnastics.


Next week is looking really exciting. We will be beginning to plan our continuation of War Horse, solving problems related to time, continuing to think about properties of materials, looking further into Islam and beginning our other PE topic - invasion games. We will also have special visitors, coming from the University of the West of England, who will be undertaking a fair test experiment with us. Please can you try to remember to bring your disposable plastic bottles. We need one each to be able to do the experiment - it would be a shame if we didn't have enough.


Our new talk topic is about the Walk to School project we will be doing. Your child will have a letter for this - please talk to them about it. If you live further away, think about whether you could park and stride (park 5 mins walk away). We will be writing a newspaper report about the first week of this project at Barley Close.




Last week, we began reading our new book (War Horse), researched WW1, learnt how to measure angles, began our new topic about the properties of materials and used Scratch to draw shapes.


This week, we will be thinking about the characters in War Horse, telling the time (if you could practise this at home, that would be amazing), investigating more materials, thinking about balancing in gymnastics and beginning our new topic in RE. 


This week, for talk topic, children should be encouraged to talk about a book that they have enjoyed. We will be writing a book review.



I hope you have all had a lovely, restful half term and enjoyed the festivities. This week we will be researching the context for our new book, War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. This means that we will be looking at different aspects of the First World War. In maths, we will be moving on from shape and moving on to look at measuring angles. Our theme in Topic this term will be based mainly upon science, especially properties of materials and reversible and irreversible changes. In RE, we will be looking at the nature of God.


In Big Write this week, we will be writing instructions about how to have a good year. Therefore our talk topic is New Year/fresh starts.


I am looking forward to seeing you all for an exciting new term, see you on Wednesday with your PE kits!


Mrs Hyde



We have had a fabulous last couple of weeks of 2016 in Rhino class. Our class assembly was wonderful - thank you to everyone who came and supported us, and to everyone who helped their child learn their lines. I was very proud of all of you. As well as writing and practising this, we have also been learning a lot, despite the excitement of Christmas. We have continued to work on our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, including visualising and building nets; written very sophisticated quest stories, which I am very excited to read and made Christmas cards and advent calendars. The party today was lovely. We had three very special visitors; two very small ones, accompanied by their lovely mummy, Mrs G, and one wearing a red suit and carrying presents.


Thank you to everyone who wished me luck for my upcoming wedding. As a reminder, when we come back I will be Mrs Hyde, although I'm sure I'll forget and will definitely still answer to Miss Clark. Have a wonderful Christmas and new year and I will see you on the 4th of January with your PE kits (it is a Wednesday after all).


Miss Clark


This week we have been working really hard. In maths, we have been thinking about ordering decimals; we have started a new topic about quests in English, which we kicked off with some drama and we have measured our pulse, thinking about how to be fair scientists and really focus on what we're measuring.

Next week, we will be writing and rehearsing our class assembly, ready to perform it for our loved ones on Friday. The children are writing it and are very proud, so it would be lovely if lots of people could come to see it. We will be ordering decimals and beginning to think about writing our quest stories - we will also be able to read the much-anticipated next chapter! 

Out talk topic this week is frost/snow which should be easy to talk about, considering the amount of it that there is around on the way to school at the moment! We will then be writing a setting description of a frosty/snowy scene in big write on Friday.



Last week we tackled fractions, explanation texts about circulation, science, research, more dance, animals (in french) and another Big Write. 

Next week, we will be moving on to decimals in maths, learning about quest stories and doing some drama related to this in English, learning about our heart rate and writing our own class assembly! 


Our talk topic this week is winning something. This could be a competition or a prize. We will be writing a story about this.



This week year 5 have tackled ordering fractions, begun looking at explanation texts, continued our circulation topic and written persuasively about donating to charity. Next week, we will be adding fractions, researching and writing explanation texts and learning about Water Aid in RE. We will also continue with our PE topics and reading extracts from new texts in guided reading.

This Friday is the Christmas Fayre, where we will be selling tea light holders. Any extra glass jars would be greatly appreciated. 


As I type this, it is raining really heavily, meaning that this week's talk topic is very appropriately timed. We will be writing a story about finding something in the rain. Therefore, it would be amazing if you could talk to your child about getting caught in a heavy rainstorm or thunderstorm.




We've had a fabulous start to Term 2 in Rhino Class. We've written newspaper reports about our new class text, Pig Heat Boy; learnt about angles, area and perimeter; started our science topic about circulation and our new PE units - net games and dance.

Next week we're moving on to explanation texts and fractions. Our talk topic this week is charity and giving, ready to write a persuasive letter in Big Write. 


Please remember to book your parents' evening for Wednesday or Thursday. If you are unable to make these days, speak to me to arrange an alternative appointment. Also, we will be making tea light holders for the Christmas fair. Please bring in any clean, empty glass jars that we can re-purpose.


Extra Term 2 Update

Now that we have finished swimming for the winter, we will have 2 PE slots. This term we will be focusing on Net Games in outdoor PE and Dance indoor. 


Our outdoor PE will be on a Monday afternoon.

Our indoor PE will be on a Wednesday morning.


Rhino class had a fabulous final week of term! We wrote our own Highwayman poetry, multiplied by 2 digits and thought about purple learning. We also went on our first trip of the year. Mrs G and I were so proud of everyone who went - the children were very well behaved and asked excellent questions, which was noticed by the staff on the Matthew and the MShed - pictures to follow! We spent the final days of term designing, making and evaluating boats. I'm excited for next term when we will be able to test them in the swimming pool!


From next term, we will be starting weekly Big Writes. This means that every Friday the children will write for 45 minutes about a topic that we give them. We ask that the children talk about these topics as much as possible in the week before so that they have plenty to write about. Our first Rhino talk topic is: Bonfire Night. We will be writing a setting description.


Have a wonderful holiday, I look forward to seeing you on October 31st!


Last week, Rhino class thought about the features of persuasive writing, added and subtracted numbers up to 1000000, began creating powerpoint presentations on a subject of their own choosing and started to create some Harvest artwork based on the theme of 'Pride'. Some Rhinos had the opportunity to perform what they have learned in French. They did very well and the whole school were impressed. On Friday afternoon, visitors came to perform a play based around an anti-bullying message. This was really good and was enjoyed by all.

This week, we will be writing persuasive letters. identifying factors, multiples and prime numbers, finishing our harvest work, editing and improving our presentations and using atlases in topic. We will also be swimming and continuing to learn tag rugby. Can you ensure you child has the correct kit for both - we are trying to make sure everyone brings their so we can have a class point.


If you have a trip letter, please can you return it soon. If we do not have enough letters/money returned, we will not be able to go.


Last week, Rhino class were writing rags to riches stories, giving the value of all digits in a number up to 1 000 000, researching Tudor explorers and editing a PowerPoint to make it more interesting.

This week, we will be writing persuasively, adding and subtracting numbers to 1 000 000, creating a PowerPoint about something we're interested in and getting ready for the KS2 harvest production. We will also have tag rugby - it's getting colder now so please make sure we have appropriate outdoor PE kit (including trainers with molded studs if possible).

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