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Y6 - Giraffe

Welcome to Giraffe Class 2018-19!


This will be my third year at Barley Close and my first in Year 6 - although I have taught in Year 6 in my previous school, so I know all about the highs and lows of working with the oldest children in the school! Together with Mrs Harris and Miss Harris, I am really looking forward to getting to know the new Giraffes (even though I taught some of them last year, I'm sure there are still things to learn!) . Miss Beard



In Term 2, we have PE on a Thursday and Friday. We will be going outside for our lessons, in all weathers, so children will need shorts or jogging bottoms, a t-shirt,  a sweatshirt and trainers. Children will need separate PE trainers, rather than just wearing their spare shoes for play times. Long hair will need to be tied back and earrings will need to be removed or covered up. 


Spellings & Reading

Spellings will be sent home on a Wednesday and tested the following week. Although children no longer need to read 'to' an adult, they need to collect at least 4 signatures a week, to say that an adult has seen them reading at home. Reading records are checked every Thursday.



Well what a busy week!! We started it with a cinema trip and ended it with a Year 6 game of hide and seek... and packed an awful lot in, during the bit in the middle!! Everyone seemed to really enjoy our trip to the cinema to see the film 'Zoo'. The film made us laugh, feel sad and even (for some of us) shed a tear! The children responded really well to the events in the film and learnt a lot - they were impeccably behaved and it was a real honour to be out and about with them. 

   Our English lessons this week focused on writing a newspaper report about the declaration of World War 2 and in Maths we focused on multiplication and division. Continuing our topic about the Second World War has been amazing - the children have so many questions and are being very respectful about the events of this period of time. 

  Congratulations to our Times Table Rock Legend Abi. 


  Next week, we will continue with our newspaper reports in English and in Maths we will be learning about percentages. Our afternoons will be busy - preparing for our class assembly, which will be held in the hall at 2.30pm on Friday 23rd December. 

Spellings to be tested 21.11.18












Welcome to Term 2! Well the changing of the clocks has brought wind and rain - but luckily, the sun still shines in Giraffe Class! It took everyone a little bit of Tuesday morning to completely wake up - but once we were properly warmed up, there was some excellent learning going on in all manner of subjects! In English, we have started using the story 'Goodnight Mister Tom' as our text and have been exploring the main characters of William and Mister Tom. In Maths, we revisited our work on number and place value and also spent some time looking at the test papers we sat last term. Our new Topic will be the Second World War and we will also be completing some Science this term as well. 

   Congratulations to Times Table Rock Legend Alex and Pupils of the Week, Ben and Jensen.

   Next week, we kick the week off with a trip to the cinema, to watch 'Zoo', a film set in WW2. In English, we will continue with our work on 'Goodnight Mister Tom' and in Maths, we will be looking at Calculations (+, -, x and ÷). We will look at the main events of WW2 in Topic and in PE, we will be doing Tag Rugby and Dodge Ball. 

  Remember, Friday 16th November is Children in Need Day - don't forget your spots, your money and your own clothes! 

Spellings to be tested Wednesday 14th November












Thank you to all the parents and family members who came into the first Purple Power Project Workshop of the year. The quality of the homework was very high and very informative! 


   Everyone in Giraffe Class has worked really hard in Term 1 and all deserve a well-earned rest! See you in Term 2 - remember November 5th is an inset day, so see you all on Tuesday 6th November!!

Halloween Mummies!!


Week 7 completed and we are still going strong! Well everyone thoroughly enjoyed 'becoming' a cat for our extended write on Friday and the quality of the writing was amazing - generally the fridge seems to have been raided and the dog seems to have been picked on! In English, we turned detective to unmask who had stolen the Hope Diamond, from under the nose of the security guard - and started writing great detective stories. Our Maths work largely centred around completing our first set of mock KS2 Test papers. We generally agreed that they weren't as hard as we thought they were going to be and showed off what we know already! Our Topic work involved looking at the Abolition of Slavery in the 18th century and everyone appeared to enjoy the whole class netball match we played in the sunshine on Friday. 

   Congratulations to Pupils of the Week, Lily and Penny and our Times Table Rock Legend, Cerys.

   Next week, we will be unmasking the thief in our Detective Stories and in Maths, we will be tackling fractions, decimals and percentages. We will be getting mucky with the clay in Art and we are looking forward to sharing our Purple Power Projects on Thursday at 3pm.

Spellings to be tested - Wednesday 24th October












 We have worked hard this week (as we do every week), but we have also laughed - because it says on our class code of conduct we should have fun and it is important to follow the rules!

 The children fully embraced our English work on understanding how a car moves and I apologise if they have been bombarding you with questions when you have been driving! Our Maths work centred around looking at shape and angles and in our Topic work, we looked at how Bristol's location helped it play such a large part in the Atlantic Slave Trade. 

  Congratulations to Times Table Rock Legend Lauren and Pupils of the Week, Abi and Fin.

    Next week, in English we will be looking at a detective story and in Maths we will be looking at converting Measurements. In Topic we will continue to look at Slavery and in Art, we hope to get our fingernails dirty by using clay to depict the slave trade. As we missed our swimming lesson last week, we will be swimming on Tuesday 16th Oct and Friday 19th Oct. 

   Our Talk Topic is pets (especially cats!) and our Extended Write on Friday will be a diary entry, when we will be writing in character as a cat! 

Spellings to be tested on Wednesday 17th October













Well where did that week go - we have packed a lot in!! In English, amazing flashback stories were written about a trip to Bristol and the children enjoyed using their 'iSpace' sentence openers! Our Maths lessons centred around division and everyone was very keen to challenge themselves. In Topic, we looked at what goods were transported around the Triangular Slave Trade and there certainly seemed to be a couple of potential Olympic champions in the pool on Tuesday! 

   Well done to Times Table Rock Legend, George and Pupil of the Week, Callum. 


   Next week, we will be writing an explanation text in English and in Maths, we will be looking at angles and polygons. We will be continuing our work on the slave trade in  our Topic lesson. On Tuesday afternoon, we will be watching a play based around the life of author Roald Dahl. Children are allowed to wear yellow on this day - thank you to everyone who has so far sent in the £1 donation. 

Spellings to be tested 10th October












Well another week that seemed to fly by!! Our Maths work was centred around improving our + and - skills, by making estimations and checking our work carefully. In English, we started writing a flashback story, that focused on returning to 18th Century Bristol, to see what life as a slave was really like! The children are becoming really interested in the terrible treatment the slaves received and this week in Topic, wrote some amazing eye-witness accounts of a slave auction. 

  Everyone really enjoyed our trip to Life Skills on Thursday and the children were described as an 'absolute joy' by one of the volunteers. 

  Congratulations to Pupil of the Week, George and Times Table Rock Legend Jamie. 

  Next week, in Maths, we will revisiting multiplication and division. In English, we will continue our flashback stories and in Art, we will continue to learn about the Abstract Art movement. 

  Our Talk Topic is the importance of exercise and in the Extended Write on Friday, we will be writing a letter to our local MP, asking for Barley Close to get its own outdoor gym!

Spellings to be tested Wednesday 3rd October












 The week flew by and the children have been fantastic! In English, some great poets were discovered, as we wrote poems based on the life of a slave. Our Maths work centred around negative numbers and in Topic, we looked at the role that Bristol played in the Atlantic Slave Trade. Mrs Drake was very complimentary about both the netball skills and the behaviour of the class when she taught them on Friday afternoon. 

   Congratulations to Cerys who was Pupil of the Week and Tianna who was Times Table Rock Legend. 

   Next week, in England, we are writing a flashback narrative and in Maths, we will be fine tuning our adding and subtracting skills, In Topic, we will be continuing to look at Bristol's role in the slave trade. On trip to the Life Skills Centre on Thursday has already got the children buzzing and I'm sure they will have lots to tell you when they return home on Thursday afternoon. 

   Our Talk Topic is Growing up and our Extended Write on Friday, will be a recount about our trip on Thursday. 

Spellings to be tested: 26.9.18














Well despite the fact that lots of germs were after some of the children (and Miss Beard), we battled through our first full week of Term 1 and were still smiling at the end of it! 

  In English, we started learning about the horrific conditions that slaves had to endure on slave ships and the children used some fabulous vocabulary in their Extended Write on Friday. In Maths, we continued improving our understanding of place value and in Topic, we got the atlases out and talked about continents and oceans. 

  Congratulations to Pupil of the Week, Tianna and Times Table Rock Legend, Liam.


  Next week in English, we will looking at poetry about the slave trade. In Maths, we will be continuing to look at place value and in Topic, we will continue to learn about the slave trade. 


   Our Extended Write on Friday is writing in letter in character, against the slave trade and so our Talk Topic is the Slave trade and why people were opposed to it. 




Well it has been a great week in Giraffe Class and we have all coped with the return to school remarkably well! We have spent most of the week settling into our new room, getting used to routines and most importantly, making new friends! 

  Next week, we will begin our English and Maths lessons in earnest. We also get to go in the pool for the first time and start Topic and Science lessons.

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