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Y6 - Giraffe

Welcome to Giraffe class.


You have finally reached Year 6 and are now the oldest and most responsible children in Barley Close. We have a busy and exciting year ahead of us! Your class teachers are Mrs. Daniel on a Monday and Mrs. Popel Tuesday - Friday. Our teaching assistant this year is Mrs Harris, who also covers Mrs Popel's PPA on a Friday.


A message from Mrs. Daniel....

Amazingly this will be the start of my twelth year at Barley Close and I am really looking forward to teaching year 6 on a Monday. I love being part of Barley Close but when I am not at work Erin, my six year old daughter, keeps me very busy! If I do have any spare time I like to read and go swimming (not at the same time!).


A message from Mrs. Popel....

I'm really looking forward to another year in Y6 and getting to know everyone. I really love teaching and especially enjoy In my spare time, I like to visit the many sights of Bristol with my young son James. I also like watching live music and enjoy running. I'm a regular at Parkrun and have entered the Bristol Half Marathon again this year.



Important things to remember

Spellings: will be tested on a Friday.

PE is on a Monday and Tuesday. Please remember we will be outside all year - you will need trainers and warm clothing.

Reading books, reading records and PE kits must be in school every day!


Multiplication Fact Families worksheet - you can easily create your own based on this design!

Weekly update




Well here we are nearly at the end of term. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone! It has been quite a week for Giraffe Class with our brilliant performance of the Next Big Step. Can I say, I was so proud of everyone who took part? All the children gave a fantastic performance and worked their socks off. Well done!


The business project is in full swing. The children are gearing up for Market Day next week. If you can attend to celebrate all their hard work, it will be open from 2.30 pm on Tuesday. We really have some great products available. 


Next week, there will be transition for the rest of the school on Wednesday and Thursday. Y6 will be in the empty Reception classrooms where they will be practising for our leavers' service on Friday and doing other fun stuff.


Please can you ensure they have swimming kit for Wednesday and Thursday as I will try to take them swimming on one of the days. 





Welcome back everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and restful half term. I cannot believe this is it - the last term for the current Y6 at Barley Close. Although this is our last term, it is in fact jam packed with lots of different things. This week we have been writing a discussion text and a persuasive letter all based on our class text The Viewer. As you may know, writing is teacher assessed so every piece of writing counts!


We've also been busy conducting scientific studies in to light. On Thursday, we were lucky enough to be visited by Road safety team and the children all mapped their route to their new school.


Next week is camp week. I know the children are buzzing about the prospect of a whole week at PGL! For those not going to camp, we will let you know where you'll be on Friday. 


PE: Monday is swimming and on Thursday it is PE with Mr Quirke.




Congratulations to all of Giraffe class. You all did exceptionally well in your SATs. Everyone was so mature and dealt with this week really well. I'm very proud of you all.


Next week, we will be carrying on with English by looking at our new book The Viewer. We will be diary writing next week and this will form part of our writing assessment. Also this week we will be auditioning for parts for the school play. A letter will be sent home by the end of the week informing children which part they have and what they will need for this role.





So it is finally here! SATs week! All our hard work this year will soon pay off as we tackle the Grammar, Reading and Maths papers. This week we have been working really hard in all subjects to prepare for these. All the children have been mature and sensible in their approach and have taken all the practise papers with graciously and with good humour - we know it's not the most interesting thing in the world!!


Next week, the grammar paper and spelling will take place on Monday, Reading on Tuesday, Maths Arithmetic and Reasoning on Wednesday and the final reasoning paper on Thursday. Friday will be a fun day for letting off some steam!


We are hoping to use the pool Friday morning but I will confirm with a text if this is going ahead.


SATs breakfast will take place Mon-Thurs and we invite children to come in at 8.15 for some breakfast in a relaxed environment - no revision allowed!!


Hope you all enjoy the weekend. Get some rest, do something fun and forget about SATs!


Monday swimming as normal. Tuesday PE as normal. We also will do an extra rounders session on Wednesday. So PE kits in school please.




Once again, this week has been mainly focusing on revision for the SATs tests in a couple of weeks time. In Maths and Grammar we have been going back over the things we've learnt throughout the year and looking back on somethings from Y5 too. As you may know, the SATs paper tests everything the children should have learnt from Y3-Y6, so it covers a lot of material!


This week in writing we have been continuing to look at our class book Journey to Jo'burg and have been getting to know the story and characters, in preparation for the story we will be writing next week. All our writing from now on has to be really independent as this is the work that will be used as evidence for the children's writing assessment. 


If you would like to help your children at home, please continue to encourage them to read, practise their timestables and take a look at the CGP books or websites such as The School Run and BBC Bitesize as these will help prepare them for the 14th May. I've put a lot of revision materials on MyMaths, so if you would like to access these please ask me to provide you with log in details.


We've also chosen the end of year production for Y6 and have started learning the songs. Next term we have a singing teacher visiting each week to get us in fine voice for the production!


Also, a quick note that swimming has started again and children are expected to have their kit on a Monday. PE is as normal on a Tuesday.


Big Write - Journey to Jo'burg last chapter 




Welcome back! I hope you all had a restful Easter Break. As you may know this term is SATs. They take place on 14th May and last all week. Because of this, the focus for the first part of the term will be on revision in Maths, Reading and Grammar. During this revision, we will be looking again at all the major areas of these subjects and giving tips on test technique. Also going home today, is a list of the Y5/6 Statutory words. Every week we will test children on a random selection of these. This will take the place of standard spelling. 


In addition to this we will be focusing on writing. This area of learning is teacher assessed, therefore we will still spend our time as normal in this subject. Our class texts this term will be Journey to Jo'burg and The Viewer.


PE is on Monday and Tuesday. Swimming will be taking place every Monday. Please ensure your child has kit ready for this.


Big Write talk topic: Naledi's Diary.




This week was Science week and we have been busy getting to know more about all things Science. In assemblies, we were visited by three Scientists from UWE who specialised in Geology, Marine Science and Forensic Science. They came in and told us all about their line of work and the amazing opportunities open to students of Science. In class, we investigated the best materials for an Astro Nappy for an astronaut (and have written a Big Write on the subject). In English, we have been writing all about The London Eye. I've been really impressed with the children's improving vocabulary and use of formal language. In Maths we have been looking at Geometry, focusing on angles and shape.  


Next week, as part of Fun Maths Friday, we will be doing a Maths Forest school activity in the afternoon. As a result children will need: suitable shoes such as wellies and a change of old clothing suitable for getting muddy. Please can this be brought in on Friday so all children can fully take part in what should be really fun!


PE: Monday and Tuesday 


Big Write: Letter from Salim




It was really great to meet so many parents at Parent's Evening this week and to be able to share the brilliant progress Giraffe class have made. If you were not able to make Parent's Evening but would like to discuss your child's progress, please drop me a line and I can arrange something before or after school or even a phone call.


This week we've been finishing off our Newspaper reports and I must say we definitely have some budding journalists in this class. I was really impressed by the children's commitment to improving their work. Next week, we will be moving on to Non-chronlogical reports on the London Eye. In Maths, we were looking at perimeter and area. This was a revisit from earlier in the year and I can definitely see progress. This puts us in a really good place for May. A lot of parents asked me what they could do at home to help their child in Maths. I'd say the best thing to practise at home is arithmetic. You can download the past papers from 2016 (sample and actual test) and have a go at these in timed conditions. Also, If you google 'arithmetic tests KS2' you should find something useful. 


Next week is British Science week and we will be doing a bit of Science on the afternoons. This year's theme is Exploring. 


Big Write: Science Experiment Write Up




Sorry for the slightly delayed weekly message this week, everything got affected by the snow! I hope you all enjoyed our unexpected snow days. Apologies for not being able to do Big Write or spellings this week. Spellings we will roll over but we will have a brand new Big Write for this week. Last week, we transformed our classroom into a busy newsroom as we attempted to unlock the mystery of Salim disappearing on the London Eye. All the children worked really hard to get their copy in to me by the deadline. This week we will be finishing those reports off. Our focus for these reports is inserting quotations and formal language. In Maths, we were looking at measures and problem solving with these. Not only do these take up a large part of the SATs they are also useful for lots of areas of later life. They are also very easy to practise at home. Next week, we will be looking at perimeter and area.


PE is Monday and Tuesday. Children should have their PE kit in school every day and should have suitable shoes for PE. I will make them do PE if their school shoes are velcro or lace-up, otherwise they will spend our slot in another class.


Big Write: Ted or Kat's thoughts on the Eight Theories.




Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing week off. In English this week, we have been getting to know our new class text, 'The London Eye Mystery'. This book follows the progress of Ted and his sister Kat as they investigate the disappearance of their cousin from the London Eye. So far the class are really enjoying the story. Next week we will be turning our classroom into a busy news room as we write articles on the disappearance of Salim.


In Maths this week we have been looking at algebra. This is one of the areas of maths that traditionally people think of as being 'secondary' level but this week we have spent a lot of time discussing how actually it is just missing number questions, which is something the children have been doing for years. As a result, they've all been really successful.


Next week, it is World Book Day on 1st March. There is no theme this year, so come as any character you want. 


Reminder: PE is on Monday and Tuesday and a pair of shoes suitable for the field is needed every day for lunch.


Big Write topic: View from the London Eye.




Well here we are nearly at the end of Term 3. As with most years these are fairly short terms, so we hardly have room to relax! On Tuesday we had a fantastic visit to We the Curious and saw the 3D planetarium, which was an amazing experience. All children were brilliant and a great credit to Barley Close


This week we have started a new topic in English looking at Persuasive texts. This texts will have a focus on Single Use Plastics, which is a big issue at the moment. Every year millions of tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea, causing untold damage. Ask your children to tell you all about it! In Maths we have gone back to Fractions for a week of revision. The children are so much more confident in this area and are starting to apply and reason about Fractions.


Next week we will be doing another round of Mock SATs looking at the 2016 SAT paper. This is purely being used to give children more practise and to see where they are and what we need to focus on next term. I'm 100% sure that there will be great progress from all children in Giraffe!


Also next Wednesday we have a Martial Arts session at 9am. Please ensure PE kits are in school.


Big Write: Persuasive text - Single Use plastics




Another great week in Giraffe! There has been some fantastic work in both English and Maths and the class have really tried hard to grasp different concepts in Maths and SPAG. Once again, I am really impressed with everyone's ideas in the Camp Green Lake stories and the resilience shown with percentages. By now, you should have received a letter all about the MyMaths homework site. This is totally voluntary but I will set work each week that will be vital revision towards SATs and to practise skills. Also if any children have an area that they are struggling with, I am more than happy to set extra. We were also lucky this week to be joined by a PCSO who talked to us about online safety and showed us a very hard-hitting video about keeping safe online. 


PE is now Monday (indoor) and Tuesday (outdoor)


Big Write: Newspaper article on Stanley finding treasure




Happy Friday everyone! This week has been non-stop for Y6, we've been finishing off our discussion texts, getting to grips with the book 'Holes' and practising our co-odinates and translation skills. In Science, we have been learning all about The Earth and Space. By now you should have had your homework task come home. We are asking children to complete a research project on Space either a written, typed/powerpoint presentation or a craft project. This is entirely voluntary and children don't need to complete it but it would be really great if they could as we are going to have a celebration event at 3pm on the last Thursday of term. Next week we are moving on to writing a story about Holes and looking at percentage problems in Maths.


PE is now Monday (indoor) Tuesday (outdoor).






Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a wonderful break, a great Christmas and a happy New Year. This is a short term, so Y6 are straight back into work mode looking at Area and Volume in Maths and Discussion Texts in English. In English, we are writing discussion texts on whether or not homework should be compulsory in schools. This texts work much like formal essays so are a really useful skill to learn. Also it helps children find out what their opinion is and have a justification to back this up. In Maths, we will look at the calculation of area and volume for a couple of days and then next week will move on to co-ordinates, translation and reflection. This term we will also be focusing a lot on problem solving and reasoning in all areas. If you are looking to do some Maths work with your child at home, my suggestion would be to look at the Arithmetic papers and have a go at these in timed conditions and then go through the answers. If you google 'arithmetic papers KS2 new curriculum' you should find something useful. Also this term, we are looking at e-safety in Computing, which are mainly focusing on the use of Social Media. This is a really good opportunity to have conversations with your child about this topic.


PE is now Monday (indoor) Tuesday (outdoor). Quite a few children are forgetting their kit; please remind children to bring in suitable clothing for PE.  I will make them take part if they have shoes they can run in but if they don't they have to be sent to another class. Thanks!


Trip letters have gone out for our trip to @Bristol. We would be really, really grateful for parent volunteers. If you think you can help, please see Mrs Popel or Mrs Daniel.



Big Write Topic: Not-so-truthful brochure for Camp Green Lake




Well here we are at the end of T2 and the Festive season is upon us! This week we've been finishing off our Bear and Hare stories. I know I say this a lot but the writing in this class is really exceptional. A few children also got to share their writing in Assembly. In Maths, we've been focussing on drawing and measuring angles. Some children have found this a challenge but it is really important for so many things in the real world as well as school. On Thursday we had our class party with popcorn, The Muppets Christmas Carol and pyjamas - very Christmassy!! Don't forget that on Monday afternoon Giraffe class is open for Parents and Carers to come in and help with a Christmas craft. It will be lovely to see lots of you there.


One final message: I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and wish you a very happy New Year.




Once again, we've had some brilliant work produced this week. I'm so impressed by the progress made in writing. We've been writing stories, this week, inspired by the heart-warming John Lewis advertisment, The Bear and the Hare. The children have been really inspired and I cannot wait to read the finished stories. In Maths we have wrapped up Fractions for this term. It may feel like a bit of a slog but these form a large part of our curriculum (and the SATs). Next week we will be moving onto Geometry and will be taking part in Fun Maths Friday with Y4 all based around shape. We will also finish off our stories.


Big Write Topic: The Snowman




Happy December everyone. We are now officially on the countdown to Christmas. This week, Year 6 have mainly been completing and going through their Mock SATs. The purpose of this is to see where they are at the moment and give them another chance to take a look at papers and familiarise themselves with them. After the papers were marked, we went through these in pairs to see where the children did well and where they could improve. I was really impressed with the results, given that it is only December. Next week, we will be going back to normal and writing a Christmas story in English and finishing off fractions in Maths. 


Just a quick reminder that on the 18th December Giraffe class is open for parents for a Christmas craft activity. 


Big Write Topic: The Ghost of Jacob Marley from A Christmas Carol




Can you believe we are over half way through Term 2 and that Christmas is just round the corner (I think I can finally bust out the word Christmas!!) This week, we have finished off our Spooky Cott adventure stories and learnt how to properly edit and redraft our work. In Maths, we have continued looking at Fractions. Today we worked in mixed pairs on a range of Fraction problems. I was so impressed by the class. They were focussed, engaged and shared their learning with each other. Lots of the class expressed how much they enjoyed the work. Next week we are doing Mock SATs using some past SATs papers. This is not meant to worry or stress out the children, it is simply for us to see where they are and get them to have lots of practise with a real SATs paper before the 'big day'. The rest of the week will be spent in small groups looking at the things that went well and improvement points. 


This week in our topic, we had a War time 'Make Do and Mend' theme where we used old fabrics to create decorations for the school fayre. They children all worked really hard and challenged themselves to gain a new skill...there are definitely some talented tailors in Giraffe class! A massive thank you to those who donated fabric - we were really grateful! If you would like any of it back, please let me know! These will be on sale at the school fayre tonight. We hope to see you there!


Big Write Talk Topic: The Blitz

PE is on Monday and Thursday. Please ensure you check your child's PE kit, many are turning up without suitable footwear for the field. If they don't have a change of shoes they cannot do PE as it is unsafe. Also some children have told us their shoes no longer fit. 



Today is Children In Need and Giraffe Class chose to do a talent show. This was a real success with the children working so hard on their acts. This week, we also had a little trip to Britannia Woods to learn about the Downend Aircrash that took place 60 years ago. As usual, the class were wonderful ambassadors for the school and really enjoyed themselves. I'm looking forward to their writing today.  In Maths we have been carrying on with Fractions. Next week in English, we are continuing to write our Spooky Cott Adventure stories and will also keep going with Fractions. Also next week, we are visiting Mangotsfield School to see their performance of We Will Rock You and creating lovely Christmas crafts for the Christmas Fair. These will have a war time Make do and Mend theme, so we will be really grateful for any donations of old Christmas fabrics, jumpers, T-shirts or any decorations we can reuse or recycle.  It was lovely to meet with so many parents this week for Parents' Evening. If you missed this and would like to have a chat with me, please let me know and I can arrange this for you.




I hope you've enjoyed our class assembly today. I think you'll agree that Giraffe have put in an amazing amount of effort and should be very proud of what they've achieved. This week, we have been focusing on our new topic, World War II and learning all about the Battle of Britain and the start of the Second World War. The children have been writing newspapers and applying all their understanding of history to this. They've done a really great job. In Maths we've continued to look at Fractions. This is a really big topic and one that comes up a lot in the SATs. I would suggest, if your child feels they are struggling, taking some time at home to look at this. There are lots of great websites (including Top Marks and BBC Bitesize) that have fun games linked to fractions. Also there are lots of revision guides out there for Y6 - as long as they are for the New Curriculum or are from 2015 onwards they will have everything they need. Next week as a stimulus for Big Write and our writing in class, we will be taking a walk with Elephant class to the sight of the Downend air crash. As you may know, this took place 60 years ago this week. This will be on Wednesday. I also look forward to seeing you all at Parent's Evening and sharing all the success!


PE: Monday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor)


Big Write: Downend Air Crash newspaper report.




Welcome back! I hope you all had a great half term. This week, Year 6 have been looking at our new topic The Second World War and the Home Front. This ties in with our text this term 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. So far the children have really enjoyed reading this book and writing in character. They've also enjoyed the topic itself, learning about the key people in WW2 and how it started. In Maths we have started fractions. This is an area lots of children struggle with but with regular practise and a good understanding of their timestables they do become clearer. You can help at home by discussing fractions e.g. 1/2 is also 50% and talking about what a fraction actually is by using cake or pizza - always a winner! Next week we will be continuing these topics and we also will be practising for our class Assembly


PE this term: Monday afternoon and Thursday morning with Mr Quirke


Big Write topic: The Battle of Britain





Here we are nearly at the end of Term 1. Year 6 does always seem to fly by! This week we've spent time on assessments for Maths and English. As I said last week, these are to see where the children are now and to see what we need to look at next term and beyond. The children took these all very seriously and really tried their best. This week we are looking at division in maths, looking at the efficient method for dividing by 2 digit numbers. If you google Khan Academy, this website has really easy to follow instructions on how to do this. In English, we will be writing an explanation text all about how a drone works. Also next Friday, is Harvest Festival. The children have worked hard and it will be great to see you there.





Happy Friday everyone! Hope you've all had a good week. Here in Giraffe Class we have been spending time in Maths consolidating our understanding of addition and subtraction. By doing this now, we will hopefully improve our speed and fluency in arithmetic, which will help us as we move on to other areas of the curriculum. In English we have been spending time finishing off our flashback stories. All the class have a good grasp of SPAG and now we are focussing on refining our writing using a range of sentence structures and choosing ambitious vocabulary. One way, at home, you can help build vocabulary is when reading with children. If there is word or phrase they might be unsure of, look it up together in a dictionary or online, and see if they can use it in their work that week. Avid readers make the best writers! Also this week, we have been researching into Harvest in the past for our Big Write and Harvest celebration. Year 6 have found some really interesting facts including traditions such as: Michaelmas day supper; Lammas day; Lord of the Harvest and everyone's favourite Calling the Mare (ask them about it!!) Next week, we are doing our half termly assessments. These are purely to see where the children are and what we need to work on in the run up to Christmas. In very exciting news, we will also be building a pizza oven in the playground and making and eating pizza on Friday!!! I'm just a little bit excited about that!


Big Write next week: Save Our Pool




Here we are at the end of September and half way through our term, can you believe it?! Last week in addition to our usual English and Maths, Year 6 took a trip out of the classroom to Lifeskills at the Create Centre in Bristol. For those of you who don't know, Lifeksills is an interactive skills centre where children are taken round in small groups to see what they would do in certain senarios. These include: a house fire; calling the police; seeing an abandoned Iphone on a railway line and buying things in a shop. Each area is really life-like and children use real phones to call for help. All the children really enjoyed it and were very good on the telephone calling 999. In addition to this, we have been creating our own Crossing Pero's Bridge stories and looking at addition in Maths. Next week, we will finish our stories and move on to subtraction. We will also be preparing for our Harvest assembly by researching into what Harvest would have been like in Mangotsfield in the 1900s, when it was a small rural village.


Big Write Talk Topic: Harvest in the Past




Well, this term is flying by as we are nearly half way through term 1. Giraffe class continue to produce good quality work in all areas. In English, I have been very impressed by their poems inspired by the horrors of slavery and all children have really challenged themselves to try and use ambitious vocabulary. In Maths, we have concluded our unit on Place Value with a look at negative numbers. Although some children found this tricky, they didn't give up and made progress. This is one area of Maths that children can practise at home or when out and about by watching the weather, making a note of the temperature or even when discussing money. We've also started our slavery art topic by looking at different pieces of abstract art.


Next week, we will be writing 'flashback' stories in English and looking at Addition and Subtraction in Maths. Don't forget, Thursday is Lifeskills. Due to the numerous roadworks dotted around Bristol, the coaches will be leaving promptly at 8.45 so please be in for 8.30. I know all too well the pain of the roadworks on the ring road!!!


Big Write talk topic: Lifeksills




Here we are at the end of Week 2 and Giraffe class are well into the swing of Y6 now. I've been really impressed this week with their mature attitude and how well they are taking on responsibility. This week we started learning all about Bristol's role in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in both our Topic and English lessons. All the class have tried really hard to improve their writing and increase the amount they write. In Maths we have been carrying on with Place Value and moving on to ordering and comparing whole and decimal numbers. We will continue this next week but will move on to negative numbers. In English we will be writing poetry. It was great to see those who attended the Meet the Teacher event on Wednesday - I hope it was useful! If you weren't able to attend but would like to stop by for a chat, I'm available Tuesday- Thursday after school. 


Talk Topic for next week: Why Slavery is wrong. The class will be writing a letter in character. 




Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful break and looking forward to the new year ahead. This week Giraffe class have mainly been getting to grips with the expectations and routines of Year 6 and, I must say that, they have risen to the challenge brilliantly. In the afternoons, we have been reminding ourselves about what makes a good learner and thinking about how we can challenge ourselves day to day. This week we also had a visit from SARI (Stand Against Racism and Inequality). Giraffe were very mature and had an excellent discussion about the effects of racism. Next week, in Maths we will continue to look at place value and consolidate our understanding of the building blocks of Maths. In English, we will introduce our new topic with some writing on the Slave Trade. I also look forward to seeing you at the Meet the Teacher event on Wednesday after school.


Talk Topic for next week: being a sailor on a ship bound for the Caribbean.



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