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Y6 - Giraffe

Welcome to Giraffe class.


You have finally reached Year 6 and are now the oldest and most responsible children in Barley Close. We have a busy and exciting year ahead of us! Your class teachers are Mrs. Daniel on a Monday and Mrs. Popel Tuesday - Friday. Our teaching assistants are Mrs. Harris and Mrs.Spindler.  We are all looking forward to making this the best Year 6 ever!


A message from Mrs. Daniel....

Amazingly this will be the start of my twelth year at Barley Close and I am really looking forward to teaching year 6 on a Monday. I love being part of Barley Close but when I am not at work Erin, my six year old daughter, keeps me very busy! If I do have any spare time I like to read and go swimming (not at the same time!).


A message from Mrs. Popel....

I'm really looking forward another year at Barley Close and to taking on the challenge of year 6. I will be in class Tuesday to Friday morning, on Friday afternoons I will be out of class for planning and Mrs Harris will teach PSHE. When not at school, I enjoy visiting the many sights of Bristol with my son, James! I'm a keen runner and this year I'm doing the Bristol Half Marathon (that's 13.1 miles!!)




Important things to remember

Spellings: will be set on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

.PE is on a Monday and a Wednesday. Please remember we will be outside all year - you will need trainers and warm clothing.

Reading books, reading records and PE kits must be in school every day!


Multiplication Fact Families worksheet - you can easily create your own based on this design!

Weekly update




We hope the children who went on camp had an enjoyable time last week - they certainly were full of stories! It was great to hear how many of them attempted activities that they found nerve wracking! I'd like to thank Mrs King, Mr Ford and Mrs Spindler for helping with the camp and making it a great experience for all.


This week has mainly centered around play practise. We have the stage up and have most of the costumes sorted. A letter will be sent home tonight if we still need anything. Everyone is doing really well and it promises to be a great night! Don't forget it is next Thursday 13th July at 6pm. Children can arrive at 5.30 to get ready. Please can we ensure children are on time so we can sort costumes etc. 


Also this week we have started our Things to Do Before You are 11 3/4 challenge. These are a variety of outdoor activities that The National Trust feels all children should experience before their teenage years. With that in mind, this Friday we will have an Archery session with a qualified instructor.


One final thing, reports go home on Friday. These also will contain SATs results and Teacher Assessment. It is up to you whether you share these with your child. 


Next week is Maths week, we will continue looking at 'Real Life' Maths problems and will be planning a recipe, visiting Sainsbury's to buy ingredients on a budget and cooking it in school.





Here we are at the end of another week. This week in class we have been focussing mainly on our writing. Currently. we are writing our sequel to the book 'The Viewer'. Once again, Year 6 have impressed me with their standard of writing. Some writing has been so good I got a little emotional reading it! In Maths we have been doing lots of practical activities on averages. Next week we will be introducing our new book 'Refugee Boy' by Benjamin Zephaniah and looking at different skills needed for secondary school, such as using a calculator.


Our play production is now in full swing and we are practising singing and the play on a weekly basis. Please can you encourage your children to learn their lines at home - they can still keep it a surprise! 


Next week is Sports Week, children need to be in sports kit all week as we will be taking part in sporting activities every day. Also Sports Day is on Wednesday afternoon for KS2 - I look forward to seeing you all there!


One final thing, on Wednesday we all took part in a live Body Coach HiiT session and got a mention from the Body Coach himself - Joe Wicks! The video is still on Facebook and our mention is around 28 mins.


PE is on Monday and Thursday. PE kit should be in school all week.





Welcome back after the half term break. I hope you all had a fab holiday, enjoying the summer weather. We have an action packed Term 6 here in Y6: practising our production; PGL camp; transition days to secondary school and our Y6 Leaver's Service. 


This week we have been focusing on our new text The Viewer and have been busy writing some fantastic diary entries, information leaflets and writing an extension to the story. The children's writing has improved so much and I'm always blown away by the quality! In Maths we have been looking at ratio and proportion in Maths. Next week in English we will continue with our stories based on the Viewer and look at averages in Maths.


This week we were also very lucky to be joined by the singing teacher from South Glos. She came to help us with our singing for our production - even after 1 lesson they were sounding brilliant! We've also been joined by Mr Quirke this term for Athletics.


PE this term: is on Monday and Thursday.



Welcome to the last week of Term 5. Not long now until our Y6 class will be moving onwards and upwards. With this in mind, we have spent the week, practising songs for our production and auditioning for roles. These will be handed out at the end of the week. In Term 6 we will be joined by a singing teacher from South Glos, who will help us fine tune our already lovely voices!


In English, we have moved on to the story The Viewer by writing a discussion text on whether Tristan was right to open the box. The viewer is a picture book for older children. It tells the story of Tristan who finds a toy viewer at the city dump. This has a strange and magical hold over Tristan. 


In Maths we spent some time brushing up on angles and area and having a go at a rather tricky Maths Mystery.


Have a wonderful half-term and I look forward to seeing you all again in Term 6.




It's been business as usual here in Y6 this week but with a few notable exceptions! This week has seen a visit by Andy from South Glos who led a workshop on planning our route to our new secondary schools. It involved thinking about how we would get to school, reading maps and road safety. For some this was fairly easy, for others it was a little bit more tricky! On Thursday we took our afternoon learning outside the classroom as it was National Outdoor the Classroom Day. We used nature to help us perform Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare.


In Maths this week, we gathered data for a time/distance graph by taking a walk round the playground and measuring our distance and time. We then put the results on a graph and analysed them. In English, we have been writing our Journey to Jo'burg chapter story. Our writing has been focussed on power of three and expanded noun phrases. 


In art we have created work all around our chapter story by looking at images of South African villages, Johannesburg and South African geometric designs. Inspired by the colours found in nature, we are in the process of creating some beautiful illustrations for our stories.


Next week, in Maths we will be looking at the area of rectangles and triangles and also calculating perimeter. In English we will be moving on to a new book - 'The Viewer' by Shaun Tan. We will continue with our art work and also take a look at religious art and architecture in RE.


PE: Swimming is on Monday and Outdoor PE on Wednesday.




Last week certainly was an interesting week! Obviously, for Year 6, SATs week was an unusual week to say the least and with our special visitors it made things even more unusual! I must say Y6 coped really well with the week and tried really hard in their tests, showing a lot of resilience. Well done Giraffe class!


Now that SATs are all over, it's business as usual next week. Writing is no longer assessed by a a test; this is done through teacher assessment. This means that all the writing we do from now on is 'assessment' pieces as it will be used as evidence of their level. We are continuing to write our Journey to Jo'burg chapter stories.


In Maths we will be creating and interpreting graphs and charts. This is an area we have looked at before but we will be looking at it in more depth this week. In the afternoons, we will look at Art and ICT for the rest of this term.


Have a restful weekend!


PE: Swimming is on Monday and Outdoor PE on Wednesday.




Here we are on the eve of the SATs and this week we have been busy preparing for the tests in Reading, SPAG and Mathematics. The children have been working exceptionally hard and have shown a really mature attitude to the tests themselves. English lessons have provided us with a bit of a break from the SATs as we explore the book, Journey to Jo'burg. This book, set in Apartheid South Africa, was banned upon publication in 1985. It chronicles the journey of two children from rural South Africa to Johannesburg to search for their Mother. Over the course of the journey the realise the truth about life in South Africa. It's a very powerful novel and the children have had opportunities for shortburst writing based upon the book. After SATs they will be creating their own version of the story.


As next week is SATs we will be providing a SATs breakfast club at 8am for all children. I wish all the children the best of luck for next week. They've worked exceptionally hard this year.


Big Talk Topic: Air pollution in cities.


PE is as usual, swimming on Monday and Cricket on Wednesday. 





Welcome back after Easter. I hope you all had a wonderful break and enjoyed some quality Rest and Relaxation - or indulged in loads of chocolate!!! The next two weeks will mainly be taken up with revision in class. It will be a hard couple of weeks but it will soon be all over. Over the week, I will be sending optional work home, which children may wish to look at. 


Our SATs revision breakfast has been very popular and children have all said they've got something out of it. If you would like to send your child it will take place everyday next week. Remember Monday is a bank holiday and there is no school - as if anyone would forget!!!


PE: Swimming is on Monday and Outdoor PE on Wednesday.


There will be no Big Write this term but if you would like to continue talk homework, I will pick a news story to discuss. This week: The General Election.







We are now at the end of Term 4 and are more than halfway through the year. It has been really brilliant to see how much all the children have progressed both personally and academically this year. This week we have been writing our own 'missing' chapter from the book 'The London Eye Mystery' trying to delve more into the character of Salim. This was also our Big Write for this week. In Maths we have been revising different areas that we found tricky on the mock SATs. The class have been calculating with measures, including looking at train timetables and answering questions on them. Apart from there usually being a time question on the SATs, telling the time and reading timetables is a really useful skill to have anyway and can easily be practised at home.


Just a reminder that swimming starts again next term. It will be on a Monday afternoon.


Also a date for your diary, SATs start 8th May 2017 and in the run up to this, I will be offering a SATs breakfast revision club for all Year 6s. It is totally optional but could be useful for some!


Big Write (first week back) Recount of the Easter Holidays






Week 6 of term 4 is now at an end and what a week it has been! This week we conducted Mock SATs to see where we are and what gaps we have for next Term. I have to say, the class did really well, which is a reflection on their hard work and progress made over the year. We took last year's papers, which are not easy, and I was impressed by the results!


The hard work, however, doesn't end there and we need to make sure we plug a few gaps and get test ready for the 8th May! If you would like to help your children at home, the best thing to do would be getting them confident to answer questions in a limited time frame. The Maths papers are 30 minutes for arithmetic and 45 for reasoning - this equates to around a minute per question. In the reading paper, again the main issue was timing. If you can get to the end of the paper you can score marks!


Just a quick note, on Saturday night Mrs Popel, Mrs Spindler, Miss Crips, Mrs Williams and Mrs King will be walking 10k for the Autistic Society to raise awareness of Autism. In class we produced some fantastic posters giving advice on what it is like to be autistic and how we can help. They are on display in our window!




So here we are at the end of Week 5 of Term 4 and the sun is starting to shine (sort of!) This week Year 6 have been hard at work learning new skills and practising old ones. In English, we transformed our class into The London Standard to create newspaper reports about the disappearance of Salim from the London Eye Mystery. My busy interns have been working their socks off to get their copy in for the 12pm deadline everyday. Quite a few of the class have joined the hallowed ranks of Ace Reporters! Our 'Press Gang' is getting bigger everyday, unfortunately Julia Swahla and Dexter Fletcher have yet to make an appearance!!!!


In Maths we have been looking at pie charts and line graphs and have also been calculating mean averages. At the beginning of the week, I must admit, Giraffe struggled with these but by the end of the week they were flying high! That's what I call resilience and perseverance!! Next week we will mostly be doing mock SATS in maths. I will then use the areas we need work on to really tailor our learning for the last few weeks.


Today has been Comic Relief and Giraffe were brilliant at their Sponsored 1.5km run, so much so, I was thinking perhaps after the SATs it could become a regular thing!



Big Write: Ted or Kat's Diary about going to the London Eye, Losing Salim or talking to the Police.








This week saw the start of Science week at Barley Close. This year's theme is Change and with that in mind our class set about making a Non-Newtownian Fluid (or slime!) This is a simple mix of cornflour and water that can behave like a solid whenever a force is applied to it. It was great fun to make and very messy but helped children understand how solids, liquids and gases are comprised!


In Maths we were finishing off looking at decimals and percentages in word problems. There is a big push this year of explaining answers and reasoning problems, so we have been trying to incorporate these into every lesson. Next week we are looking at Pie Charts and Line graphs.


In English we finished off our 'It's time to Save Planet Earth' persuasive text. The children put a lot of effort into this and it really showed. They have some brilliant arguments and really tried to improve their writing. Next week we will be transforming Giraffe class into a busy Newsroom as our young journalists-in-training investigate the disappearance of Salim!


Big Write: Instructions on Making a Non-Newtownian Fluid




It was lovely to meet so many of you at Parent's Evening this week and share the all the successes of Giraffe class. I was very proud to share with parents how far all the class have come both academically and in terms of maturity. If you would still like a slot, it's not too late, you can always contact the office or come and find me at the end of the day.


This week we have been planning persuasive texts all about saving the planet and becoming more green! I was so pleased to see the passion some of the children felt for this topic - especially as these are our future leaders and decision makers! Next week we will be writing these up and then turning them into letters in our Big Write.


In Maths we have been looking at Fractions and their link to fractions, decimals and percentages. Many parents asked about books that may help children with their preparation for SATs. There are many good ones available from most book shops and supermarkets. Should you wish to get one, I would recommend looking for ones that are linked to the new curriculum or dated 2016/17. They will be the most up-to-date. Next week we will continue this topic.


Also next week is Science week. We will be carrying this over 2 weeks and I have lots of fun and practical scientific experiments planned.


Big Write for 17th March: How can we save Planet Earth?




Here we are in March, isn't the year just flying by? This week Year 6 have been finishing off their Non-chronological reports on the London Eye. The children have done lots of research into the landmark and produced some lovely reports. Also this week we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up and writing a sequel to the animation 'Arctic Circle'. Focusing on building a foreboding atmosphere, the class worked really hard and have really improved the quality of their writing.


This week in Maths we've been looking at co-ordinates and translation. Some children find this area quite tricky because it requires a lot of accuracy and a very sharp pencil!!! Next week we are going back to fractions, decimals and percentages. This is an area of Maths that can be practised anywhere: when looking at discounts at the shops; when cooking or when using money. 


Just a reminder that next Wednesday and Thursday is Parent's Evening. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone again and sharing Y6 's success. If you're not booked in there's still time to book by contacting the office.


No Big Write this week as it is INSET day but the following week the topic will be:

View From the London Eye.




Welcome back after the half term holiday, I hope you had a restful break. This week Year 6 were straight back into the swing of things by investigating and exploring our new class book 'The London Eye Mystery'. Revolving around a young boy, on the ASD spectrum, called Ted and his sister Kat, they are baffled when his cousin Salim goes missing from the London Eye. All of the class are really enjoying the book and have done some brilliant short writing all about the characters. We also have class copies of the book, thanks to South Gloucestershire Library services, who have loaned us all their copies for as long as we need them. Next week we will be writing Non-chronological reports about The London Eye.


In Maths we have started the term looking at Area and Volume and how we calculate these. The children have really got to grips with this topic and really challenged themselves this week. Next week we will be tackling Translation and Co-ordinates.


In Science we are looking at Light and how it travels. This week, Year 6 completed a practical experiment to prove that light travels in straight lines. It was brilliant to see them working cooperatively, solving problems and their sheer joy when they got the experiment to work! Next week we will continue with this.


Big Write Talk topic: Does Light Travel in Straight lines - Science Report write up.


PE is still on Monday and Wednesday. This term we are doing Gym and Volleyball. Please have kit in everyday.


Please can we also sure that children have a spare pair of shoes for the field at lunchtime - it is very muddy at the moment and we are getting a lot of that mud stamped around the classroom! Thanks!





Here we are at the end of Term 3, I'm sure all the children are looking forward to a week off to recharge their batteries (I know I am!). There are lots of activities going on in Bristol over half term, lots are free. Bristol Museum is hosting the Staffordshire hoard, which is a collection of Saxon coins and jewellery. Last year we studied the Saxons and it might be nice to see some of our learning in real life!


This week we have been completing our Rising Stars tests. These give children a little bit of an insight into what they are confident with and what they need a bit more work on. They also gie valuable test practise. In a change to the advertised Maths programme, this week we focused on some revision of multiplication of fractions and word problems. These can be quite tricky and it is good to get as much practise as we can before the SATs, In English we have been looking at Dictionary and Thesaurus skills, all children are really confident in this area.


Big Write Talk topic: The Worst Half Term in the World Ever!!!


Big Write after half term: An interesting person. Talk about someone interesting to help you write a biography e.g. a family member, famous person, historical figure, you could even invent a character.




Can you believe we are at the end of Term 3 week 4?! This year is hurtling by! This week the children have been creating their own stories based on the novel 'Holes' called 'Escape from Camp Green Lake'. Giraffe class have really enjoyed the book and have produced some fantastic stories, which we will finish off next week. Their main focus has been extended their sentences and selecting their vocabulary for effect. In Maths we have been focusing on  number sequences and algebra. Although it looks hard when you first see the questions, I think the class have realised that the 'maths' is fairly simple you just need a method! Next week we will be continuing with this topic.


In other news, I was really impressed to see how many  Year 6 children were keen to sign up to be Play Pod leaders and help tidy up the play pod and help younger children with their play. 


This week's talk topic is: Earth and the Solar System. We will be writing a non-chronological report on the Solar System.




This week we were joined by a group of Post-graduate students from UWE who were helping us navigate the science curriculum. They popped in on Tuesday to set up a fair-test experiment with us, which helped us understand how practical science experiments are constructed. Year 6 had a great time and it really brought Science alive! In English, we carried on with our discussion text 'Should Children have Compulsory Homework?' - I'm sure you can imagine what most of the class thought! In Maths we looked multiplying and dividing decimals by a whole number. At first I think some of the children thought it look tricky but when we made connections between our previous learning, it all got a bit easier.

Next week we are writing stories based on the book Holes and looking at Algebra in Maths.


PE is now on Monday and Wednesday. Please can PE kits be in all week.


Next week's talk topic: Finding Treasure.

The children will be writing newspaper reports on finding treasure at Camp Green Lake. Maybe take a look at some newspaper reports together to get the children used to the structure and the particular language used.




This week we hopped on a coach across town and visited Lifeskills. For those of you who aren't familiar, it is located in an old Tobacco warehouse in Ashton and inside are different scenarios that children might have to deal with in later life, e.g. buying things in a shop or calling an ambulance. Giraffe class loved it and we had some wonderful feedback from the staff, who said they were interested, engaged and asked great questions. In Maths we have been looking at the order of operations and in English we have been writing discussion texts (great practise for all the essays they'll have to write in the future!!). Next week we will be multiplying and dividing decimal numbers and continuing with discussion texts.


PE is now on Monday and Wednesday. Please can PE kits be in all week.


Next week's talk topic: Camp Green Lake (the fictional young offenders institution in the novel 'Holes'). We will be producing a information brochure for prospective clients! Sorry for putting this up twice, we did a Big Write on Lifeskills in the end, as the children go so much from it! 




Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a restful Christmas holidays. It has been a short week, but we start as we mean to go on here in Year 6! In Maths we have been looking at negative numbers and rounding. It's really impressive to see the progress made in this area. In English we are starting our discussion text around the hotly debated topic of homework...I wonder what the children's opinions will be!! We've also started our new topic the Earth and Space, which the children are really enjoying.


Just a quick reminder that next Tuesday (10th) is Lifeskills, we need to be at the Cumberland Basin by 9.30. It is really important that children are in school at 8.45 at the latest. Also if you have not handed in the permission slip yet, please can you do so by Monday at the latest.


PE is now on Monday and Wednesday. Please can PE kits be in all week.






Well here we are at the end of 2016 and what a year it's been! Some of you may remember that I started at Barley Close on 4th January 2016 - so I've been with the class for a whole year now! This week we have been finishing off our Discovery of Christmas stories and wrapping up our angles topic. On Thursday and Friday, we have been getting into the Christmas spirit with the Great Barley Close Christmas Bake Off. The children have made mince pies and apples pies from scratch - even making their own pastry! 


I hope you all have a happy Christmas and New Year and enjoy a well-earned break over the festive season. I look forward to seeing everyone again in 2017!


A few things to think about....


Last year's SATs had quite a few questions about time, which children find quite tricky. Please can children practise telling the time at home, on analogue and digital clocks with both 12 hour and 24 hour. If they find time difficult, even 5 minutes per day will help! Also if you are out and about on public transport, getting them to read the timetables would be really helpful. Apart from the SATs it is a really valuable life skill especially looking forward to their time at Secondary school!


Talk Topic for the first week back: The Christmas Holidays.




Not long now everybody! It's nearly Christmas (can I finally say it?!) This week in Year 6 we have been gearing up for the festive season by writing our very own heart-warming Christmas tale all about how Hector Hare help Barney Bear discover the magic of Christmas. There have been some wonderful examples of writing on show and all the class have enjoyed creating a magical world in their writing. We will be finishing this story off next week, as well as practising our editing and redrafting. These are really important skills for anyone to learn, as it helps you improve your work not only by correcting small mistakes but it gives you the chance to rework large passages. In Maths we will be looking at missing angles in different shapes.


On Thursday we will be having a class party and fun day of Christmas craft. On Friday, is the last day and of term and our Christmas party! 


Although we won't be doing a Big Write next week, we can prepare for the first week back. Where we will be writing a recount about our Christmas holidays.





Well here we are in December, the end of the year is in sight but we can't afford to rest just yet here in Year 6! First of all thank you to all to supported the class at the Christmas Fayre, a fantastic amount was raised for FOBC. This week, we had our Mock SATs and I was really impressed with how well Year 6 handled them and how conscientious they were about doing well. The good thing about doing them now, is that we can go over where things went well and where we need to practise. Next week things get back to normal as we resume business as usual! In English we will be writing a festive story about The Bear who has never seen Christmas (some of you might recognise where this comes from!). In Maths we will be comparing and drawing shapes and learning the different parts of a circle. 


Just a reminder that notes have gone home for the Lifeskills trip on 10th January. The coach has to take us to the the Cumberland Basin for 9.30 ish, so please can children come in to school at 8.45 at the latest. I will of course send a reminder later on!


PE kits need to be in school everyday, PE is on Monday and Tuesday. Also, please can children have a pair of old shoes (not PE shoes) that they don't mind getting muddy for the field at lunch.


Talk Topic for next week - Feeling the cold. Children will be asked to write a diary entry by someone from Australia (or another warm climate) who has never experienced freezing temperatures, snow or ice!




I can't believe how quickly this year is going, here we are at the end of November hurtling towards Christmas time! Year 6 have worked really hard and have been very creative when making their Christmas craft for the fayre this week. Come along with your cash and grab a Christmas bargain!


This week in Maths we have been looking at ratio. This can be a tricky area of Maths (especially adding in a problem solving element) but Giraffe class have risen to the challenge and done really well. In English we have been writing our Spooky Cott Adventure story. At the beginning of the unit we had a chat about how we can extend sentences and add more detail to our writing. I'm really pleased to see children trying this in their work!


Next week, we will be having Mock SATS in SPAG, Maths and Reading. The idea is to get children used to the process of sitting the paper and also give us an idea of where we need to practise a little bit more. By approaching the papers in this way, hopefully, it will take some of the stress out of the tests - as they say forewarned is forearmed!


Talk Topic - the talk topic for next week is to discuss Climate Change - how can we persuade people to become more green?





It has been a busy week here in Y6! Thank you to all parents who attended Parent's Evening this week, it has been really valuable to chat with you and share your child's successes and show you the kind of thing we're up against this year! If you didn't manage to make the any slots but you would like to see me, I'm always available after school Tuesday-Thursday. 


In English this week we have been building up to writing an adventure story - including going on a little adventure ourselves by sneaking out of school for a little walk around the Mangotsfield area! Hopefully, children will be able to draw on this experience, next week when they come to write their own 'Adventure to Spooky Cott' story. 


In Maths we have been looking at finding percentages of amounts. The children have really challenged themselves with this work, with the majority successfully progressing on to word problems related to this area. Next week, we are looking at ratio. The BBC have an informative video on their Bitesize page, if you want to brush up in this area. 


Just a little reminder, that PE is now Monday and Tuesday but kit should be in everyday. Also please can children remember their reading books and records. Also I know lots of the class have been looking at the jigsaw experience home work. This was sent home recently and is made up of jigsaw pieces that contain a different activity you can do as a family, all of which are free e.g. cycling to Warmley on the cycle path. 


Talk Topic: writing your own war time recipes. I've included some examples of recipes in the documents section.




First of all I would like to congratulate Y6 on their brilliant Class Assembly last week, I hope you enjoyed it and it was lovely to see some many parents. The children worked hard all term and produced some fantastic writing, which they were proud to share.

This week we have been getting to grips with our new class book 'Goodnight Mr Tom' set in WW2 it follows the life of an evacuee Willie Beech and his host Mr Tom Oakley. It is a really moving book and tells you all about life during wartime. The class have really enjoyed this book and have produced some great newspaper reports about the outbreak of war. Next week we will be writing short stories based on a chapter of the book.

In Maths, we have been looking at word problems, for the second time this year. It has been great to see how much progress they've already made, Next week we are looking at Fractions of amounts and ratio. Once again, if you are out and about and see a 30% sale, try working out the discount.

Just a reminder that PE has now changed to a Tuesday. We now do PE on Monday and Tuesday.  


This week's talk topic: Discuss life on the homefront during the war.




I hope you all had a lovely, relaxing half term. We are right back into the swing of Term 2 and have had a great first week. We've now started our new class text, 'Goodnight Mr Tom', and will be spending this term creating English work based around the themes of the book. It's a fantastic book and there is a great adaptation starring John Thaw, if you fancy learning more about it. Tuesday of this week saw us visiting Downend Library to watch a performance by the Travelling Light Theatre Company. 'The Mysterious Disappearance of Pobby and Dingan' was a brilliant play set in Australia. The whole class really enjoyed it. In Maths, we have been looking at long division and multiplication and also practising our timestable facts. I can already see a lot of progress from the first time we looked at this in Term 1, which is great to see. It's also our class assembly this week, so I look forward to seeing lots of parents and carers. The class have worked so hard and can't wait to share what they've learnt!


Next week, in English, we are writing newspaper reports. If you have the Downend Voice at home you could always flick through it and chat about how the articles are laid out and what kind of language they contain. In Maths we are continuing look at the 4 operations and solving word problems associated with these. 


Our talk topic next week is: How did Ashmol feel when Kellyanne asked him to go to the Opal mine and find Pobby and Dignan?





Another great week in Year 6! This week we have been exploring how a bicycle works and writing explanation texts to go alongside this work. As usual, the class really engaged with the task and there has been lots of brilliant work produced. Some of the children's understanding of how bikes work is incredible! In Maths we have been looking at fractions and decimals. This area of maths becomes a lot easier if you know your timestables, so please encourage children to spend time in the week learning these. They should know their multiplication and division facts off by heart e.g if 8 x 6 = 48 then 6 x 8 = 48 and 48 divided by 8 = 6 and 48 divided by 6 = 8. If you google 'Multiplication Fact Families' there are some useful practise tasks. Also it would be really handy if children could know basic fraction facts. I will add a document below. Practising these is really easy, as there are many examples in everyday life when you can discuss fractions and their decimals. For example, if you have 100ml tube of toothpaste and half is gone how many mls are left. Finally, a big thank you to everyone who donated to the Harvest food collection, hope you enjoyed the performance as much as we did. The children worked really hard and we are very proud of them! It's trip week next week, so we can't wait to tell you all about it in next week's update!


Just a little note, please can we ensure that nail polish is removed before coming to school on Monday, as it is not part of the uniform regulations. Also if any children require lip balms, please can you ensure that they are not tinted or have glitter in them. Plain lip balms such as Chapstick are fine. Thanks!




This week has been very busy! In English we've been finishing off our 'Crossing Pero's Bridge' stories and learning all about noun phrases. We also found time to write complaint letters to retailers to practise writing in a formal style. The class came up with some fantastic formal vocabulary and several examples ended up on our Sharpie Word Bank! In Maths we've been working with measure, converting between metric units and imperial and metric units. This is an area you can easily practise at home when looking at scales or driving in the car. Next week, we are looking at explanation texts in English and fractions in Maths. Also, it's our Harvest Assembly next week. Year 6 have been busy preparing and we hope you see lots of parents and carers in the audience! As usual, Monday is outdoor PE and Thursday is Swimming. Spelling tests are on Friday.




Here we are at the start of Week 5, I can't believe how quickly this term is going, can you?! There has been some absolutely fantastic writing produced in English this week, with all the children writing a flashback story about a modern character experiencing life in Bristol during 1700s! The brilliant ideas and language have shown how far we've come since last year. In Maths the class have shown lots of resilience when completing long and short multiplication and division. I've been impressed with how some children have realised they really need to practise their times tables at home and have taken some practise sheets home! Next week we are carrying on with our Pero's Bridge Story and looking at measures in Maths. As usual, Monday is outdoor PE and Thursday is Swimming. Spelling tests are on Friday.





We've had a great week in Maths, as we have been revising formal written methods for column addition and subtraction and applying what we know to word problems. In English, we wrote poems all about the voyage of a slave from Africa. The class used some really powerful language to capture the horror of slavery. Next week, we are moving on to short and long multiplication and division in Maths and writing our own flashback story, 'Crossing Pero's Bridge' in English. As usual, Monday is outdoor PE and Thursday is Swimming. Spelling tests are on Friday.


Another great week in Year 6. In a slight change to routine, we celebrated World Book Day on Tuesday. This year we were marking the 100th Birthday of Roald Dahl. Here in Giraffe we wrote in character, imagining we were one of the Witches victims! This theme continued into our English as we wrote diary entries in character as a captured slave. This week, in Maths, we have been continuing to look at place value and moving on to ordering decimals. We were also joined by Miss Symes, a pre-PGCE student who observed us during the week. Next week in Maths we are moving on to column addition and subtraction. In English we will be analysing and writing poetry, based on the Slave Trade. As usual, Monday is outdoor PE and Thursday is Swimming. Spelling tests are on Friday.



Here we are at the end of week 1 in Year 6 - a new experience for all of us! This week we have mainly been getting into the swing of things by revising basic skills, looking at expectations for writing and reminding ourselves about place value in Maths. We have also had an introduction to our topic on 'The Slave Trade' and Bristol's role within this. 


Next week we will continue to look at place value in Maths. We will also be looking at the book 'Out of Slavery' by Linda Granfield as part of our English work. As usual, Monday is outdoor PE and Thursday is Swimming. Spelling tests will resume next week.


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