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18th February- home learning for school closure

Home learning 18th February 2022.

As school is closed tomorrow, I am going to list some of the activities that we were planning to do at school. The children have all been given their online learning logins for homework sites to use tomorrow.

We are very aware that it would have been the last day of term and the children have worked so hard and are understandably tired. If your child would rather research something that is of interest to them, use crafts or start a new book they’ve been itching to read, they certainly deserve to do something they would enjoy, as long as they are still learning something.


  • Spelling test- spellings are available on the website, on the Alligator class page- you can give your child a spelling test using their words for this week.


  • English: We have been learning about the Greek myth, King Midas and his golden touch. The children have been using possessive apostrophes and tomorrow would have re-written the myth using possessive apostrophes in their recounts of the myth, e.g. “King Midas was horrified when his golden touch turned his daughter Marigold’s beautiful hair to cold, shiny gold”. A copy of the text of the myth is in the home learning folder on the website.


  • Times tables/ arithmetic: Please ask your child to log in to TT Rockstars and complete their sessions- each child’s target is 25 sessions per week.


  • Maths: We have been learning about data this week and how to interpret data from different representations. We have learned about tables and bar charts already so tomorrow we were due to learn about pictograms. I have set some activities on MyMaths for the children to complete tomorrow. There were some set in September, “Pictograms” and “Pictograms and Bar Charts”, which your child should complete if they haven’t already. Then I have added two new activities, “Frequency Tables and Bar Charts” and “Interpreting Data”. Once they have finished these, they can continue any other MyMaths activities that they haven’t yet completed.


  • Topic: Given that it was the last day of term, we were going to watch the Disney film, Hercules! The children have been really excited to learn about the Ancient Greek gods so you could do this for an enjoyable, relaxed afternoon if you have access to this film. If not, your child could use a safe search engine to research the Greek gods and goddesses and to make notes of their findings. We have added some information documents about the Greek gods to the home learning folder on the website, if you would prefer this to an online search.


  • Bonus activity: My kids and I will be watching an interactive adventure video by Maddie Moate and Greg Foot- this was aired live on Wednesday so we are excited to watch it! Here is their description: Join Maddie & Greg for a live, interactive, escape-room style adventure through the Cambridge University Botanic Garden Glasshouses! Help them find clues, solve puzzles, and discover the mysteries of the Moonflower! Suitable for all ages, especially those with a sense of adventure! Here is the link if you would like to watch: The Mystery of the Moonflower - an interactive twilight adventure with Maddie & Greg - YouTube (

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