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Welcome to Barley Close Eco Council


Last year we had a fantastic Eco Team and this year our team will no doubt be just as amazing!


We will be appointing new members so watch this space for an update of names...


Year 1 Leopard: 

Year 1 Panther: 

Year 2 Tiger: 

Year 2 Lion: 

Year 3 Crocodile: 

Year 3 Alligator:  
Year 4 Chameleon: 

Year 4 Iguanas: 

Year 5 Elephant:  

Year 5 Rhino: 
Year 6 Giraffe: 

Year 6 Zebra:

Adults: Mrs Rammell


Please keep a look out for what we get up to this year!



2017 / 2018


The year so far...

Top Eco News of times gone by...




We had a great start to the Eco Year! 


In Term 1 we had our first meeting. This allowed us to meet each other and also put forward ideas for the year ahead.


In Term 2 we set up the Bag2School scheme to support the recycling of old clothes and materials in order to raise money for the school. This was linked to FoBC too. Feedback from previous years suggested that December would be a better time of year because parents and carers tend to sort out clothes before Christmas. Well, this information was certainly correct! This time we managed to raise a total of £68 compared to £24 in the previous year! Thank you all for your support!


In Term 3, we introduced the WoW Scheme which is an initiative that encourages children to walk to school. Our school was lucky enough to be selected by Living Streets to take part and as a result, our Eco Rangers have been specially trained to be the WoW Monitors in order to support and encourage children to walk even just part of the way to school. Keep a look out to see if your children earn a badge!


Term 4:


We are well underway with our Walk to School scheme with just over 100 children receiving a badge for walking to school in February. The children need to walk to school part or all of the way 3 times a week, every week that month to earn a badge. Well done to those who achieved it in February! We like to keep track of which class is in the lead each week - not that we're competitive or anything! ;o)


We also have brand new recycling bins which is making it easier for us to recycle properly as this is collected every fortnight from our school. Each day, our eco monitors collect paper up into one bag for it to go in the recycling bin daily ready for collection! Keep it up team!


More things happened as the year progressed... Well done team!





  • We continued to spy on each class this year. We made sure that lights and whiteboards were switched off when not in use, and checked for paper and bottle recycling.
  • We helped to ensure that our school was kept tidy from rubbish and litter.
  • We collected paper and bottles to be recycled daily from each class.
  • We set up food recycling bins for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 so that children put any waste in these instead of with normal rubbish.
  • Our Eco Flag poster winner was turned into a real Eco Flag which has been proudly displayed in school.
  • We took part in the Bag2School scheme and make people more aware of what can be recycled or reused whilst also raising money for our school.




  • Eco Rangers spied on each class.  We looked at the following: lights, paper, bottles and whiteboards. 
  • We have also continued to provide the bottle recycling bin. This has encouraged children to recycle their bottles and they have also become more aware that plastic can be recycled - just like paper.  
  • Each week – even sometimes every day, different Eco Rangers went to each class to collect up any paper recycled. 

  • Year 5 and 6 took part in special lessons ran by a lady called Penney Ellis linked to weather.

  • Year 5 were also lucky enough to visit the Resound centre to study data collected. We looked at the different charts, had a tour of the centre and also met Bob Crampton, a local weather man from ITV. This resulted in us being in the Cotswold Homes magazine as well!

  • Some Eco Rangers were lucky enough to visit BBC Bristol. We took part in finding different wildlife and bugs to see what was there. 

  • We were also interviewed by BBC Bristol Radio. He asked us what we had found, what our day was like and a bit about school. Our radio report was played live on the radio!




  • This year our Eco Rangers attended Bristol Zoo to see their Walk of Fame plaque and enjoy the zoo gardens.
  • We redesigned our Eco News board.
  • Our bottle recycling bin had a make-over.
  • We created a bottle recycling chart to count how many bottles we recycle.
  • Our Eco Rangers regularly spied on classrooms to check that lights were switched off, paper was being recycled and the whiteboard was off when not in use.
  • Local litter pick in Mangotsfield.
  • Featured in Downend Voice News reports.
  • Bag2School Scheme.
  • WEEE competition.
  • New Eco Rangers appointed.
  • Action plan to be introduced this year.





  • New Eco Rangers appointed.
  • Eco Spies introduced with a trophy and certificate for winning class each term.
  • Bag2School Scheme.
  • Local Litter picking session.
  • WEEE competition.
  • Invited to Bristol Zoo Walk of Fame awards ceremany and won the title of "Bristol's most Sustainable School" - AMAZING!
  • In local press as a result of this award.

Do you have any ideas for our Barley Close Eco Council?

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Eco Action Plan 2016-2017

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