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We will soon be sending a letter regarding the children participating in sex education lessons. These lessons are sometimes referred to as PSHE (Personal, Social Health Education) lessons to the children (as they participate in those every Monday) or RSHE (Relationships, Sexual Health Education). 


Under the National Curriculum there are five main teaching points, which are mandatory. 

  • Families and People who care for me
  • Caring Friendships
  • Respectful Relationships 
  • Online Relationships
  • Being Safe


As well as discrete PSHE lessons, we teach these things woven into our weekly timetable of activities. The lessons and activities reflect the diversity of the society we live in and can focus on topics such as civil partnerships, violence, unhealthy relationship and some forms of abuse. These are all done in an age appropriate manner.


The main aim of the RSHE session is to teach children about safe and healthy relationships and puberty. 


When looking into puberty we will look at different language, which may be used to describe body parts and changes in the body around the time of puberty, and dispell any myths that are often had - at this age. In addition, there will be some visual images to show them some of the changes and these can be made available to you, where you require them to be. There will be no videos and a lot of the lessons (2 in total) will be talk based.  


The reproductive system will be discussed, within the discussion of changing bodies and puberty. Children will see slides to aid discussion in a baby's growth from conception to birth. Again there will be no video. There will also be a chance for us to look at some common myths/misconception around this topic.


I am more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about this, once you have had a chance to look at the letter dispatched shortly.  

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