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1. Learn how to tie shoe laces.


2. Create an Easter Egg hunt around the house/garden - hide eggs for your siblings or parents to find, write some clues to keep them guessing!


3. Chop potatoes in half and carve lines into the flat faces, then paint each pattern and make Easter Egg prints!


4. Treat your Mum to breakfast in bed for Mother's Day - ask another adult or older sibling for help if you're going to use a kettle or hob! 


5. Weave an Easter basket using strips of coloured paper and Sellotape. 


6. Write a letter to a local care home for elderly residents to read - it will put a huge smile on their faces!


7. Help your grown ups around the house - learn how to sort the washing into colours and whites and how to load the machine properly. (Make sure you get adult permission and supervision before touching the washing liquid/powder!!)


8. Look after your pet - take charge of changing their drinking water every day, or brushing their coats (if they have fur!)


9.  Help to keep the recycling sorted.


10. Tidy your toys away every single day! 

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