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No-Screen Activities

No-Screen Activities


What can you do when there’s no school and you're stuck at home?

Try these activities!



Extra-Curricular Activity Ideas:


  1. Build 3D Shapes with Lego – can you describe the properties? (vertices, faces, edges)
  2. YouTube Yoga or Just Dance videos – can you make up your own dance routine?
  3. Bake a cake! Can you carefully measure and weigh the ingredients, with adult supervision?
  4. Play a card game with a sibling or adult.
  5. Learn how to sew a button, or sew up a hole (with adult supervision!)
  6. Make a paper aeroplane – can you write instructions for someone else to make one?
  7. Tidy your room! (Make your own bed, pick up your toys, put dirty clothes in the basket…)
  8. Offer to help your Mum or Dad with something around the house – show off your Purple Learning Powers!
  9. Learn how to say “Hello” in 5 different languages – you can choose which ones!
  10. Write a letter to a friend or a family member wishing them Happy New Year!

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