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Sunday 28th June


Below are some links to different learning or fun activities that you might want to check out! (Thanks to Mrs Welch for letting us steal some of your ideas!)




This includes learning linked to volcanoes which is a topic we covered before Christmas. There is a special live event on Tuesday 30th June at 12pm. Watch with an adult and enjoy!





Type in a location to explore and follow one of the trails (definitely one to try on a nice day).


Remember to go with an adult, stay safe on roads and take plenty of water! Please also remember to follow the guidelines in relation to covid to stay safe!)



3) Life skills: A list of skills which could be fun to learn whilst at home (and helpful to the adults at home too!)


1) Tie shoelaces (some children still don't know in Y4) 

2) Make your own bed. 

3) Set the dinner table.

4) Wash the pots.

5) Cook a simple meal with an adult.

6) Make your own breakfast.

7) Tell the time.

8) Clean your bedroom. 

9) Fold your own clothes. 

10) Count money (adults, you might not get it back though!).

11) Know who to ring in an emergency.

12) Water and care for plants. 

13) Know my own address and be able to write it down (never give it to a stranger of course).

14) Sort the rubbish recyclables. Use gloves!



4) Art: Create a stamp print from household objects. 


You will need: 

Poster paint

A tray for the paint 



Things you could use for printing: 

Potatoes and apples - cut in half 

Carrot or celery - with the end cut off

bubble wrap


plastic bottles 

loo rolls 

cookie cutters 

toy cars


cotton buds


This is not a complete list and you may be able to find more around the house but ask before you cover it in paint!





PE Home Challenge w/b 15th June

Fun Art Competition!

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