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Please check this page regularly while school is closed for updates and messages from Mrs Haywood-Pope and Mrs Collins!

Updated 06.04.20 - Easter Holidays!

We have now made it to the end of term 4. What a very strange and unusual last couple of weeks it has been for us all! However, you have all been utterly amazing and have coped with the changes brilliantly!


As per Mrs Williams's video, it is entirely up to you and your families how you wish to spend the Easter break. If you wish to do some learning that is fine, or if you would wish to take this time to relax with your family and have even more fun together then that is also fine. You know your family and children the best so make the most of it! You all deserve a break after getting to grips with a new way of living and working! Please continue to observe the Government guidelines of staying at home and respecting the 1 hour of daily exercise rules!


Phone Calls Home

It has been so lovely checking in with you all over the last two weeks. I have now spoken to almost every family in our class and I will pick this up again after the Easter break.


Holiday activities

As promised, please find a list of activities that you and your child could do over the Easter holidays:


Please note I have updated the PE section of our website with a variety of websites, ideas and challenges in partnership with CSET and Progressive Sports - take a look and have a go!


Wishing you and your families a wonderful Easter break. If you do need me during the holidays please make contact through email, or via the school Facebook page. Feel free to send me videos and photos - I'd love to see what you're getting up to!


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Haywood-Pope and Mrs Collins 

Easter Holiday Ideas from Mrs Williams

Phonics Activities

Update - 30th March 2020


Hello Tigers!

Well we made it to the end of our first week of school shutdown and what a very strange and peculiar week it was. I hope that you were able to spend lots of time outside and have enjoyed the beautiful sunshine. Mr Filer and I have decided we would like to send you a weekly newsletter, keeping you up to date on how we're spending our time and also giving you further ideas and challenges for your learning. We will post these newsletters on the class page here, and if possible we will get them sent out to you via ParentMail too.


Writing ideas

I have had a number of parents' emailing me the last few days asking for ideas for writing at home. On this basis, I have drawn up a list of a few ideas to get you started:


1. Write a set of instructions. This could include something you have recently made e.g. a cake or craft, or instructions detailing how to complete an activity, e.g. how to wash your hands correctly. Make sure you use time openers: first, next, then, after that, finally, as well as imperative verbs for those command sentences (mix, pour, cut, chop) and of course check for capital letters and full stops.


2. Rewrite a familiar story incorporating small changes. For example, take Little Red Riding Hood and change the characters. Little Red could become Little Green and instead of having the wolf as a villain, it could now become a snake. In addition, Little Green could be visiting her Uncle instead of her Grandma and perhaps he (instead of she) took a basket of plums instead of apples etc, and so on.


3. Write a setting description maybe of a view from your window or of a picture. Make sure you use expanded noun phrases and commas in a list to show detail and description.


4. Write a letter - possibly to a classmate asking them how they are and what activities or home learning activities they have been doing recently.  Have they been playing a certain game, or tried out the new Disney Plus yet?


5. Design and make a poster for how to stay safe during this current situation. Alternatively, for an upcoming event. Ensure it uses persuasive language, catchy slogans and pictures.


6. Write a fact file about your favourite animal, how to care for a family pet or for Cookie the hamster. Make sure you have a title, introduction, subtitles and a range of sentence types (command, statement, question, exclamation).


7. Write a diary of your daily activities. Remember to begin with Dear diary.


Remember! When you are happy you have completed a piece of work, always reread it aloud to check that it makes sense and that it is in the correct tense. Check that you have used the correct punctuation - question marks, exclamation marks, capital letters and full stops.


Also, please use the spelling mats, sound mats and common exception word mats (attached below) to help with your spelling. You could even use a dictionary to check for spellings.


Enjoy and I can't wait to see some amazing writing from Team Tiger!


Stay home, stay safe!




Our Personal, Social, Health Education programme - Jigsaw - has developed some home learning resources that you can do at home along with siblings and parents. Please do check these out at:  


My terrific tigers,


I know it is a strange time being away from school and we're all missing seeing each other and doing all the amazing learning we'd had planned, but do not fear - I have a plan!


I will be updating this class page with ideas regularly and you all went home with a Home Learning activity sheet before the school closed. I hope you have lots of fun with these - please email me photos and videos so I can see what you're getting up to! 

I will reply to you as soon as I can within school hours. 


I will also be updating the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites with videos and photos of things I get up to in school and at home. Keep an eye out and see if you can beat me in some of the challenges!


I am missing seeing your smiling faces everyday, and I very much hope we are back in the classroom together soon. It's very quiet for me, even with Max barking away at the birds (I didn't think I'd miss hearing my name 500 times a day, but I do!) I will try my best to give you all a phone call soon just to say hi and find out what you've been up to. We might even be able to FaceTime if your families are happy with this! 


In the meantime, keep yourselves busy and safe - stay at home and enjoy the longest Easter holiday you're ever going to have! (Think of all the Easter eggs you can eat in this time!) Learn new things, challenge yourselves, appreciate the nature around you, and keep active! Take it easy - you don't have to do everything all of the time, some times a day of rest is exactly what's best for our minds and our bodies. And remember your Mums and Dads are finding this all a bit strange too, so go and give them a hug and try your best to always be kind!


Please make sure you're washing your hands as often and as properly as possible - you guys are SO important in fighting this horrible virus. 


Remember you are all AMAZING and we will all get through this together!!




Home Learning


Here are some ideas for your home learning while school is closed.


Make use of our online learning platforms such as Times Table Rock Stars, My Maths, Doodle English, Doodle Maths. 


Continue to read your books, practice spellings and challenge yourself to put them into sentences!


Most importantly - stay safe!

- Wash your hands for 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday) regularly WITH SOAP

- Cough and sneeze into your elbows then wash your hands immediately


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