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Welcome to the Nursery - Lemur page!

We are relatively a new class in Barley Close, opening our doors in April 2012.  We believe in nurturing the children in our class, allowing them and enabling them to explore and learn in their own individual way. Staff plan for your childs individual needs, observing your childs interests and providing activities that will support and extend their learning.  Each child has their own Keyworker, someone who will work with you and your child to ensure you have the best experience whilst you are with us.


Our learning environment encourages your child to experience independence from free choice of rescources and self care skills to whether they wish to explore the indoor or outdoor environment. We explore outside in all weathers to enable children to learn about and question every aspect of their learning environment.


We value parents input and are more than happy for parents to join us in sessions, to help out with displays and most importantly to carryout observations of your childs learning at home or out and about. Having a picture of your child whilst they are at home really helps us to understand your child.


Lemur Class Team

Mrs D James -Nursery Manager/Family Support

Mrs G Payne-Deputy Manager

Mrs J Amos- Playworker Assistant

Mrs K Lockwood_ Playworker Assistant


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Changes to Lemur Class.


Many of you have been noticing changes in Lemur Class.  Mrs James and Mrs Payne have been busy moving furntiure around and adding different things for the children to explore.  We have added a Tractor tyre for the children to sit in for stories and quiet times.  We have also added canopies to make individual quiet spaces for children as it is important that children have a safe space to retreat too if they wish to do so.  We have added some more homely touches as small children require a safe and secure space that will encourage them to explore, by making the class look more homely the children should feel less intimidated and more comfortable.  We have added some photo frames to the hallway so that children can recognise pictures of themselves and their friends, a great way to encourage children to communicate. We hope to continue these improvements so if you have any suggestions please feel free to talk to us as they will be greatly appreciated.

Goodbye Mrs Troy    wink


Sadly Mrs Troy left Barley Close just before half term.  We were all very sad to loose Mrs Troy in Lemur Class.  We would like to thank Mrs Troy for all her hard work whilst she has been with us and wish her  the very best for the future.



The children have been singing some of the lines from the film "Frozen" .  We have used the weather to extend the children's learning, going outside to look at the ice and the frost. We have also begun to make our own Ice Castle.




The icy weather has been great for us in Lemur class and we have enjoyed exploring.




Christmas Celebrations


We would like to invite you to our  Lemur class Christmas celebrations!


Date: Friday 19th December

Time: 11am-11.45 Lemur Class Christmas Party.  Please feel free to donate food.


11.45-12pm Songs around the tree.  Mince pies.


Staff will take pictures throughout the morning.  We kindly ask that staff take photo's to prevent pictures being taken of children who do not have written consent.










Christmas! sad


As we all know Christmas is approaching us rapidly!!!!  We have already begun the preparations in Lemur Class.  Over the next few weeks the children will be exploring a range of activitites based on Christmas to support children's understanding.  As part of the celebrations we hope to invite you into Lemur Class to join us in some songs around our tree, the date will be confirmed next week.  The children have been singing "Jingle Bells" "We wish you a Merry Christmas" "When Santa got stuck up the chimney" and "Twinkle Twinkle" It would be great if you could sing these songs at home, or in the car with your child to help prepare them.

Parent Meetings


Thank you to all those parents who attended parent meetings this week.  It's been lovely to share your childrens learning within Nursery and with you at home.  Please share any observations you may make at home as we value what you see and do with your child.  Observations only need to be very brief a few lines or two but this will help us to learn more about your children and what they like to do at home.


If you have not put your name down for a meeting but would like to discuss your child with their Keyworker please approach the member of staff and book one in.

Children in Need


A huge thank you to all those children who took part in our Children in Need morning!  The children enjoyed decorating spotty cakes and looking for round shapes in the Nursery.


Thank you for you donations.

Making Marks.


We have been encouraging the children to explore making marks in a variety of ways.  The children have explored using crayons, pencils, paints and marbling.  We have also encouraged the childre to use a variety of movements when participating in these activities.  We have flicked paint, used our trikes, printed with cars and even used a round measuring wheel! Its fun to use a variety of things.  Why not look around at home and see what you could use with your child?  We would love to see some pictures from home. smiley


Mud, mud, glorious mud!!!!


The children have been playing and exploring outside for much of their time in Lemur class over the past few weeks.  Due to the recent rain that we have been having many of the children have shown an interest in the puddles that have formed, splashing around and having lots of fun! Some of the children have shown an interest in what we wear when its raining such as wearing  our coats and  our Wellingtons. We observed some children exploring the mud that had appeared.  Mrs James prepared a "mud Kitchen" where they children had the freedom to explore the mud with their hands, tipping and pouring the mud into a variety of containers, adding more water or other items that they could find. The mud kitchen will be available to the children until they naturally move on to other interests.  If you would like to join in with the fun please feel free to do so.



Our first week

We have really enjoyed getting to know our new families in Lemur Class.  The children have settled exceptionally well and have begun to explore and learn about their new environment.

We hope that over the next few months you will be able to join us in sessions to learn and watch your childs learning and development.


We have added a few photos of our first week and as will see we have already had lots of fun!






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