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RE, History and Geography

Religious Education


At Barley Close we teach Religious Education (RE) once a week and follow the SACRE South Gloucestershire scheme of work provided. There are themes to follow and explore each term incorporating different elements of the main religions such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. Themes have titles such as What can we learn from Religion about right and wrong? and What does it mean to belong? We teach children to be inquisitive and ask questions about different religions whilst showing the utmost respect for different religions and cultures. If you have any questions about how we teach RE at Barley Close please speak to your child's class teacher.





At Barley Close we teach topics based on key parts of British and World History. In Reception children learn about themselves and their own history. They learn to sequence events. In Key Stage 1 history is incorporated into topics and follow children's interests where possible. In Key Stage 2 history is learned discreetly across two history topics during the year. Topics are listed in the Year Overview documents for each year group. We teach history through skills such as observation, questioning, research and evaluation. 



At Barley Close we teach Geography as part of our topic lessons. Each year we study a standalone Geography topic and also incorporate it into other subjects, such as History and Science. In Reception children learn about  their own world and the wider world through exploration of the local environment and stories. In Key Stage 1, children are encouraged to study their local area, the Geography of the British Isles and the identify other places in the world. In Key Stage 2, we investigate the wider world through maps. atlases, aerial photography. We also compare our environment with others around the world comparing and contrasting these. Experiences and field trips are a key part of Geography at Barley Close to build children's cultural capital and to hone fieldwork skills.

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