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Term 1

Tuesday 22nd October



Over the past 2 weeks, the children have been learning to write instructions. They have looked at the features of instructions. For example instructions are always in order, numbered, some have pictures/diagrams, list of things that you will need and imperative words (the children also know these as bossy words).



Last week, the children learnt about shapes (flat 2D and solid 3D shapes). The children worked really hard to recognise and name some shapes and then use mathematical language to describe the properties of these shapes. For example, a square are 4 equal sides and 4 vertices (corners).

This week the children are focusing on measure. We discussed all the different types of things we measure such as weight, volume and time etc. This week the children have been focusing specifically on length and height. At the start of the week, the children were measuring various objects in the classroom using cubes. Today we introduced them to a ruler and the rules when using a ruler to measure.


Gingerbread Man Tea Morning

Thank you so much to everyone that attended our tea morning. You could tell that the children really enjoyed the quality time spent with you! Not to worry if you couldn’t make it this time. We hope to get another date in the diary for the future.



Please continue to read at least 3 times at home with your child. Don’t forget to sign the yellow Reading Record to show this. The class will get a reward if they have the highest number of ‘home’ readers but the children can achieve an individual reward based on their own personal best! Please see class teacher for more information.


Message from Mrs Crocker

I just wanted to say that I have been very proud of all of the children in Leopard Class this term. It is a hard transition from Reception into Year 1 but I feel like they have handled it exceptionally well. Thank you to your wonderful children for making this term very special to me. They are a wonderful class and I’ll be sad not to see them through to the end of the year. I have promised the children that I will visit them with my new arrival as soon as I can. Have a great half term! x

Monday 7th October



Over the past two weeks the children have been learning how to write a recount. This involved retelling what they did on our class trip to Berkeley Castle. They learnt to include time openers (first, next, after that, finally), conjunctions (to join two sentences together such as 'and')  and adjectives (describing words) in to their writing. 



Last week we worked on number bonds to 10 such as 5 + 5, 7 + 3, 4 + 6 etc. They later moved on to counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Most of the children were able to complete this, however more practice is needed. The children really enjoyed when we counted in 10s by pretending to use £10 notes.

The children have really enjoyed dancing and singing along to some youtube videos. Links below. 

Robot Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s -

Numberbonds to 10 -

Counting back from 20 -


Dates for your diary!


Year 1 Leopard Class

You are invited to our ‘Once upon a time’ tea party on Tuesday 22nd October at 8:45am. At drop off, you will be invited to come into our classroom, to enjoy the gingerbread men that we plan to bake the day before. We thought that this would also be the perfect opportunity to listen to your child read, look through their work and celebrate all that they have achieved.

Formal invites to follow!

 (Courtesy of the children)

Monday 23rd September 


Wow! What an extremely busy start to Term 1. 



We have been focusing on Fairy Tales/Traditional Tales for the past 3 weeks. we have specifically focused on the story The Gingerbread Man. The class were familiar with the story and could retell the main events of the story. The children learnt how to add a capital letter and full stop to their sentence and recorded the beginning, middle and end of the story. 


How can you help at home?

Share more traditional tales with your child at home or by borrowing from your local library.



Over the past 3 weeks the children have been focusing on Place Value. This has involved working with numbers to 100. The class has a chance to explore numbers by using various resources such as number lines, base 10, numicon and cubes. Most of the children were able to record numbers to 20. We have also been working on finding one more and less than a number up to 20.


How can you help at home?

Please count every day things and point out numbers in the environment. By the end of year 1, we expect most of the class to count and write numbers to 100.



We have largely focused on moving across the pool forwards and backwards. Many of the children still require floats for support. All seem very confident in the pool.



This terms unit is Games. Last week, we worked on ball skills. By the end of the lesson the children could tell me if they were confident at kicking and bouncing a ball while moving. 


Forest School

We have made nature crowns and built a house for the 3 little pigs using natural resources in our Forest School Area. 



We have been looking at castles and the different parts of a castle such as the draw bridge, turrets and arrow slits. 



Linked to our castle theme, our class have been looking at different materials. The children could tell us if an object was made out of metal, plastic, foam material etc. We then introduced them to new words such as transparent and opaque so that they could describe the materials in more detail. 


CLASS TRIP: Berkeley Castle Tuesday 24th September 

Forest Skills Fun!

Week 3 spellings

Friday 20th September 2019








Polite Reminders:

Water bottles - please ensure that the children bring a water bottle to school. This should be filled with water only. Any juices/squash will be tipped away. 


Reading books -We are very lucky and have lots of support with our reading in Year One. Please ensure the children have their reading books and yellow reading record in school EVERYDAY.


Change book day is every WEDNESDAY


Spellings - Please ensure you help your child to practice their spellings weekly. Spelling tests will take place every FRIDAY

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