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Term 1 Sept - Oct

Term 1 Key Dates


Tuesday 1st Sept


Wednesday 2nd Sept

Back to School

Friday 18th Sept

Jeans for Genes Day - denim bottoms, school tops
(Online donations to the charity website)

Wednesday 23rd Sept

Meet the Teacher – CANCELLED

Friday 25th Sept

Meet the Head Teacher Coffee Morning
(to be confirmed)


Thursday 22nd October 2020

Pupil of the Term Assembly

@ 2:45pm


End of Term 1

Friday 23rd October 2020

Inset Day





2nd October 2020


This week we have been busy continuing learning about different animals to link with our Circle of Life topic. In English, we have practiced using adjectives for expanded noun phrases to describe animals appearances, habitats and eating habits, to write our own fact files. The children have produced some amazing pieces, with some very interesting facts! 


In Science we have continued learning about life cycles and food chains, and explored growth and offspring in the animal kingdom; the children found this fascinating and lots of interesting questions developed through our discussions. 


In RE we have explored the parable 'The Good Samaritan' while discussing the importance of caring for others and our planet. The children really embraced this discussion and are very passionate about recycling, and they were quick to recognise the link to our school rule of "Be Respectful". 


In Maths we practiced making number bonds through addition and subtraction with two-digit numbers; a familiar skill and a real confidence booster for many of the children who may not have attempted addition or subtraction for many months due to lockdown. 


Next week's learning!

Next week we will read the non-fiction text, 'One Day on our Blue Planet in the Savannah' and we will write a diary entry from the point of view of a lion cub at the end of our Writing unit. In Maths, we will revisit multiplication and practice using arrays to solve calculations. In Topic, we are focusing on Healthy Eating, and in RE we will be learning about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement as we celebrate Black History Month.  


Thank you for your support at home with reading and spellings each week.

Remember, children should be accessing Reading Eggspress for 45 minutes a week, or reading a physical book at least 4 times to be entered into the weekly class prize draw to be celebrated as Tigers' Reading Champion. 

Have a great weekend,
Miss Mitchell

25th September 2020


This week the children have been reading and exploring animal fact files in preparation for writing their own Animal Fact File at the end of the unit. The children have identified different sentence types including questions and statements, in preparation for organising their facts and information. 


In guided reading we used dictionaries to find the meanings of different words - which was an experience for us all, as we become ever reliant on Alexa, Siri and Google! 


In Maths we continued our Place Value unit, counting in 10s and 2s, forward and backwards, and solving word problems. Times Table Rock Stars practice at home really helps with this unit!


In Topic, we have continued exploring different habitats, identifying living, non living and never living things, and identified food chains in the animal kingdom. 

Next week we will continue writing animal fact files in English; write a prediction in Guided Reading; practice addition and subtraction skills in Maths; and look into growth and offspring in Topic. It'll be another jam-packed week!


Thank you to those practising spellings and reading at home regularly; it is really making a difference to your child's progress and confidence in the classroom. 


A reminder of our whole school expectation of Home Reading:

- Access Reading Eggs for 45 minutes a week (minimum)

- Read at least 4 times a week (physical books, if preferred to Reading Eggs)


Have a great weekend,

Miss Mitchell 




18th September 2020


The weeks are just flying by, I can't believe we're heading into Week 4 already!


This week has been jam-packed with learning, as we've finished our writing unit of Meerkat Mail, with everyone writing their own postcards and some even making it to the Incredible Writing wall display! Mrs Williams is very impressed! We've also read a fact file about Meerkats, learning that they are very social creatures who like to eat scorpions(!)


In Maths, we've continued exploring place value to understand 'greater than, less than, equal to' in various measurements and numbers, with "Mr Croc" and "Mr Equals" helping us to identify the correct symbols. 

In Topic, we've explored habitats across the globe ranging from deserts, polar, rainforests and jungles. We enjoyed the sunshine mid week as we explored micro-habitats in our own school grounds - the children loved becoming investigative researchers, discovering dragonflies, beetles, spiders and woodlice to name a few!


Next week's learning!

Next week we will read non-fiction animal fact files to continue our Circle of Life theme, leading to the children researching and writing their own fact files combining English and Computing skills. In Guided Reading the children will be using dictionaries to explore meanings of words (no Alexa, Siri or Google allowed!) Maths will continue with Place Value, focusing on counting in 10s and 2s. Please log in to Times Table Rock Stars and My Maths to support the learning of this. Finally, in Topic we will be investigating environments and creatures that are 'living, dead or never alive'. 


Thank you for your support at home with reading and spellings each week.

Remember, children should be accessing Reading Eggspress for 45 minutes a week, or reading a physical book at least 4 times to be entered into the weekly class prize draw to be celebrated as Tigers' Reading Champion. 


If you haven't already done so, please sign up to Class Dojo as I post all reminders on there and you will receive instant notifications - it's a really simple and effective way of keeping in touch and making sure we're all in the loop! I also post pictures of the children's learning and send it directly to you, so you can see how your child is enjoying school. If you're experiencing problems signing up, let me know and I will do what I can to help. 

Have a great weekend,
Miss Mitchell

11th September 2020 - Our First Full Week!


We made it! Our first full week in Tiger class is complete! The children have managed a full timetable of lessons brilliantly, and it's particularly impressive at this time as we are coping with changes every day as new challenges arise, for instance the introduction of 'concrete bubbles' for play time on rainy days, new locations for lunches, and staggered drop off and pick ups. It's definitely different, but we've had a fantastic week regardless. 

In English we've been reading the story 'Meerkat Mail', exploring the characters and settings, using adjectives to describe locations in preparation for writing our own postcards next week. We've even had some pieces of 'Incredible Writing' in their first short burst write! 

In Maths, we've explored place value, using diennes to represent tens and ones with two-digit numbers up to 100. 

In Topic, we've identified the continents and oceans of our planet, explored different climates across the globe and role-played as weather reporters to demonstrate different weather patterns. 


Next week we will continue reading Meerkat Mail, writing a book review in Guided Reading and writing our own postcards in English. We'll continue with place value in Maths, and in Topic we'll be exploring animals and their habitats. 

Have a great weekend,
Miss Mitchell


4th September 2020 - Our First Week!


Wow! We may have only been in for three days, but it's been a busy fun-filled few days! We've played a lot of games to help us get to know each other better, and I am thrilled with how lovely every new member of Tiger class is. We spent a lot of time agreeing our class pact and discussing the new school motto and rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe. We've also refreshed our phonics knowledge, played lots of Maths games, written our 'hopes and dreams for year two', and unleashed our creative sides to make Tiger faces with media and materials. It's been fun!


It certainly was different to any other first week back, but the children have been absolutely brilliant in managing the changes in coming back to school and starting a new year; I am very proud of them!!


There are sure to be some teething problems as we all settle into the 'new normal', with staggered drop off and pick up times, following one way systems, not bringing reading books home etc but I am sure if we all continue to help one another it will soon be a smooth process. Thank you for all of your support and cooperation so far, it really is a team effort!



We are trying our absolute best to keep all children and staff as safe as possible, and to reduce the spread of germs we must keep all windows and doors open all day, regardless of weather conditions.

With this in mind, it is important that children come to school well-prepared for cold and wet weather... layer up!

They all have pegs to leave jumpers and coats on, and there is space for wellies too.
We cannot help the children to dress so it is imperative that they wear clothes and shoes that they are able to independently put on and take off.


PE will take place every Thursday
Please make sure your child is following the school uniform policy and comes into school on Thursday already dressed in PE kit. This includes black leggings/joggers/shorts, white/yellow/blue top, suitable footwear (trainers or daps).
I would also suggest bringing a hoodie or jacket as the children will go outside in all weathers, unless it is particularly bad, of course.


Next week's learning...

We will be starting more formal lessons next week and kick starting our topic of 'The Circle of Life'. We will be reading 'Meerkat Mail' in English, hot seating the characters in Guided Reading, and building up to write our own postcards at the end of the unit. 


In Maths we will be looking into Place Value, using diennes and games to understand the value of tens and ones. 


In Topic we will be exploring the different climates around the globe, and identifying the seven continents and five oceans. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. I will always endeavour to reply as soon as possible. 


Have a great weekend, let's hope the rain goes away!

Miss Mitchell,

Spellings to be tested on Friday 11th Sept

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