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Term 3

Blast Off!


Our topic in Leopard class this term is: Blast off!


English: during our English, we will be writing a letter to Neil Armstrong, writing instructions on how to make a rocket, as well as exploring the book 'Whatever next'.


Maths: we will be covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as part of our calculation lessons. As well as this, we will be learning about position and direction, number and place value (more than/less than and fact families), time and money.


Linking to our topic:

For RE, we will be exploring Judaism. In computing, we will be digitally writing a letter to one of the astronauts we have been looking at. In History, we will be exploring Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake and as part of this, we will be making rockets, for our Art and Design. For science, we will be looking at light and dark, as well as different materials,

I have uploaded some online learning for 18.02.22 - please complete the worksheets. For English, the children have been writing instructions on how to build a rocket. The children will need to use the format provided and they will need to write what is happening in each picture, including a time opener and a bossy verb for each part.


Please message me if you have any questions. 


Have a well deserved half term!

Spellings to be test for 18.02
Miss Harvey’s group:

1. Catch

2. Kitchen

3. Hutch

4. Witch 

5. Patch

6. Pitch

7. Says

8. Be


Miss Rowley’s group:
1. Fish

2. Help

3. Rub

4. Shock

5. Felt

6. She

Spellings to be test for 11.02
Miss Harvey’s group:

1. Funny

2. Very

3. Family

4. July

5. Baby

6. Fly

7. When 

8. The


Miss Rowley’s group:
1. Back

2. Stack

3. Bump

4. Pick

5. Kit

6. He

Spellings to be test for 04.02
Miss Harvey’s group:

1. Kent

2. Skin

3. Kit

4. Keep

5. Bike

6. Sky

7. One

8. Ask

Miss Rowley’s group:
1. Fins

2. Had

3. Ship

4. Run

5. Shed

6. Are

Spellings to be test for 28.01
Miss Harvey’s group:

1. Dream

2. Choice

3. Shake

4. White

5. Broke

6. Your

7. Some

Miss Rowley’s group:
1. Cub

2. Bun

3. Gust

4. Kid

5. Dust

6. Was

Spellings to be test for 21.01
Miss Harvey’s group:

1. Spray

2. Three

3. Fright 

4. Show

5. Stool

6. Shook

7. Once

8. She
Miss Rowley’s group:
1. Pin

2. Not

3. Dog

4. Past

5. The

6. Got

Spellings to be test for 14.01
Miss Harvey’s group:

1. Shake
2. Smile
3. Spoke
4. Rude
5. Straw
6. Come
7. Love
Miss Rowley’s group:
1. Mad
2. Sad
3. Dad
4. Sat
5. Mat

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