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Topic - Art and DT - Chinese New Year Activities


Art & DT Activities


This week our topic lessons will be Art & DT focused, as you get creative and try Chinese New Year activities:


Create a Dragon using craft items (painted paper plates, piper cleaners, tissue paper)
If you don’t have these items, use toilet paper instead of tissue, cut normal paper into semi circles and paint them.


Chinese Rattle DrumFollow easy instructions of how to make a Chinese Rattle Drum here:

You don’t have to have bells – you could use anything small such as beads, gems, small acorns!


Chinese Paper LanternsCreate Paper Lanterns using different coloured paper, or paint some white paper. Follow the instructions here:


Chinese Paper FansMake Chinese paper fans! Use coloured paper or plain, and decorate before you start folding. Can you use Chinese symbols?


Use Chopsticks - Practice using chopsticks to lift different items. When you get confident, try eating your food with them!

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