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What the ladybird heard at the seaside

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Writing ideas

I have had a number of parents' emailing me the last few days asking for ideas for writing at home. On this basis, I have drawn up a list of a few ideas to get you started:


1. Write a set of instructions. This could include something you have recently made e.g. a cake or craft, or instructions detailing how to complete an activity, e.g. how to wash your hands correctly. Make sure you use time openers: first, next, then, after that, finally, as well as imperative verbs for those command sentences (mix, pour, cut, chop) and of course check for capital letters and full stops.


2. Rewrite a familiar story incorporating small changes. For example, take Little Red Riding Hood and change the characters. Little Red could become Little Green and instead of having the wolf as a villain, it could now become a snake. In addition, Little Green could be visiting her Uncle instead of her Grandma and perhaps he (instead of she) took a basket of plums instead of apples etc, and so on.


3. Write a setting description maybe of a view from your window or of a picture. Make sure you use expanded noun phrases and commas in a list to show detail and description - please see the pictures below of some iconic settings that you could use.


4. Write a letter - possibly to a classmate asking them if they are alright and what activities or home learning activities they have been doing recently.  Have they been playing a certain game, or tried out the new Disney plus yet?


5. Design and make a poster for how to stay safe during this current situation. Alternatively, for an upcoming event. Ensure it uses persuasive language, catchy slogans and pictures.


6. Write a fact file about your favourite animal, how to care for a family pet or for Cookie the hamster. Make sure you have a title, introduction, subtitles and a range of sentence types (command, statement, question, exclamation).


7. Write a diary of your daily activities. Remember to begin with Dear diary.


Remember! When you are happy you have completed a piece of work, always reread it aloud to check that it makes sense and that it is in the correct tense. Check that you have used the correct punctuation - question marks, exclamation marks, capital letters and full stops.


Also, please use the spelling mats, sound mats and common exception word mats (attached below) to help with your spelling. You could even use a dictionary to check for spellings.


Enjoy and I can't wait to see some amazing writing from Team Lion!


Stay home, stay safe!


Mr Filer

Setting pictures to describe

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