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Y6 - Giraffe

Friday 3rd July

Friday again? How did that happen?? 

If you haven't yet sent us your leaver's video, please can we have it in the next few days!

    I know that lots of you are thinking about Year 7 - remember it's okay to feel a bit nervous. Your new secondary schools will know how you are feeling and they are all working really hard to put things in place for September, so that you know exactly what you have to do! Keep checking out the information on their website - especially the questions section!


  Have a fab day and a great weekend,

Miss Bsmiley

Thursday 2nd July

Morning... Hope everything is okay in your household and that everyone is still finding good things to do, to keep themselves busy. I can't believe that we are nearly at another weekend AND that we are in July!

    Enjoy your Thursday,

        Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 1st July

Hello! Well I can't believe this is the 4th virtual 'pinch punch, first of the month' I have written  whilst we have been in lockdown! Let's hope we can soon go back to do things like that in person! 

  So most of us are at home today - find good things to do to keep yourself busy! This week would have been sports week - over on the Year 6 website page there are some sports day activities that you can do - you can send your results into your teacher and who knows, you could be the fastest in the school! 

    Remember lots of your secondary schools are putting lots of information on their websites and will also be sending you information via email or post. The more you can learn about what will happen in Year 7, the less nervous you will be. I know from the children that are coming to school that uniforms are starting to be ordered.... Make sure it isn't left too late, as you want to have everything you need for the first day of term!


 Have a great day!

Miss Bsmiley

Tuesday 30th June

Hello hello! Well I hope your week got off to a good start yesterday and that you found good things to do, to pass the time. Thank you to everyone who had completed their yearbook messages and had them ready for Mrs Spindler to collect. Thanks also to those people who have sent in their videos. Please make sure you get them sent in by the end of the week, so that we can start putting them together and share the finished product with you all.


Have a great Tuesday - the last day of June!!

Miss Bsmiley

Monday 29th June

Morning! Now come on - own up... Who has switched summer off???? I got blown to school this morning!!


I hope you all had a great weekend - the weather was a bit unpredictable, but hey we are used to that! I can't quite believe that we are heading closer to July. Don't forget to keep checking out the websites of your secondary school to find out useful information. Mrs Spindler will be coming around today to collect your yearbook messages, so keep an eye out for her!


Have a fab day,

Miss Bsmiley

Friday 26th June

Good Morning to you all! We have made it to another Friday and it is ever so slightly cooler! It was so hot yesterday, we even gave up extra play to come into the classroom and be in the shade!


  There is a great resource over on the Year 6 page, where you can take virtual tours of lots of cool places. Check it out and see what you can learn from the comfort of your own home!


Have a great day - and weekend,

Miss Bsmiley

Thursday 25th June

Thursday???? How is it Thursday already??!! 

Morning to you all - I hope you have all found ways to keep cool during this rather warm weather. It is certainly good for the mood isn't it and hard to believe that in 6 months time it will be Christmas Day!! 

    In school today, we are going to be busy writing our yearbook messages and I hope you are getting on okay with yours. We really need everyone to at least write a few messages, so that everyone gets a yearbook full of memories. You only have to write a few lines and when they are all together in a book, it will be a fab memento of your time at Barley Close.


Have a great day,

Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 24th June

Morning everyone,

Hope you have those shorts, hats and suntan lotion at the ready (and some ice lollies as well), as it is going to be a scorcher today!

    So most of us are at home today - find time to do a bit of work to keep your brain ticking over but also make sure you find time to have fun and chill as well. I hope you are all managing to find time to check out the information that your secondary schools have been sharing with you. Remember that your new teachers are well aware that you will be feeling apprehensive about starting and they are all working hard to make sure that your transition to Year 7 will run as smoothly as possible!


Have a great day,

Miss Bsmiley

Tuesday 23rd June


Well I think we'll all be joining Mckenzi in wearing shorts today, as I think it's going to be a warm one! 

    Hopefully you will start to write your messages for the yearbook today. Thanks to all those parents who have given consent for photos to be used and for their child to produce a video. We are determined to mark the end of Year 6 in the best way we can, whilst still following all the social distancing rules.

   Have a good day,

    Miss Bsmiley

Monday 22nd June

Happy Monday everyone!

The sun is shining and the birds are singing - what a glorious start to the day! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and did fun stuff. Another week looms and hopefully we will find good things to do to keep ourselves busy.

   Hopefully you would have received a letter via parent mail about the plans we have for the end of the year. We are hoping that a Year 6 video and an individual yearbook will be a good way to mark the end of the year - it hasn't been the year we thought it would be - but we can always change and adapt!! For those people who are home learning still, we will deliver your packs of paper in the next day or two. 


Have a great day,

Miss B smiley

Friday 19th June



Yay! The weather is damp and murky but we shouldn't let that affect our mood! I had a great walk in the rain yesterday after school - I got soaked; I had rain dripping off my nose and my trainers will take days to dry out. It was lush!!!


I hope you all have a fabby day and enjoy your weekend - Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!


Miss Bsmiley

Thursday 18th June

Morning morning! Right I have a word for you today - Rain. It's going to be a wet one and so there are two ways to approach it... Either pull on your wellies and some appropriate clothing and go and find some puddles.... or.... stay in your pjs and head for the sofa with snacks and a list of good films!!! Sometimes you just can't argue with the weather... the thunderstorm we had last night was just incredible wasn't it! 


Whatever you get up to - make sure your grab your day, we are only getting one shot at it!

Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 17th June

Morning - it's a Wednesday so lots of home learning going on today. Looks like the sun is going to shine as well! 

  The children that have been in school have been been getting very creative making up new socially distant games to play outside - yesterday Thomas became personal trainer to some of them and was making them do sprinting, burpies and press ups. Lily, Anika and Amelia had some great games of hopscotch and Akili, Cole and Luis had a competition to see who could keep quiet for the longest AND play rock, paper scissors!


Hope you are finding good ways to keep yourself busy - have a great day!

Miss Bsmiley

Tuesday 16th June

Morning! What a gorgeous morning it is - I got very warm walking into school and as I type this, the gardeners are out on the field cutting the grass - I love summer!!

   I hope you feel like you achieved good things with your Monday. What are going to be your main targets for today? I have just posted some PE challenges on the Year 6 page - maybe you could challenge the other members of your family to see who can do the best.


Have a great day,

Miss Bsmiley

Monday 15th June

Gooooooddd Mooooooorrrnnnnnggggg!! Hope you all had a great weekend - and here we go with another week! Please keep checking the website for tasks that you can complete and feel free to send them to me on dojo or seesaw.  The rules about how much work you need to be completing haven't changed - do as much or as little as you want to and do things that interest you. I know that lots of the secondary schools are starting to send out information about Year 7 - maybe you could do some research about the important things - when lunch is, whether you have to wear a tie and can you wear black trainers or you do you have to wear 'proper' shoes?


Whatever you get up - have a good day,


Miss Bsmiley

Friday 12th June

Morning!  I thought it was the weekend when I woke up..... took me a few seconds to realise that it wasn't. But the good thing about it being Friday is that the whole of the weekend is still ahead of me and that I get to see some lovely children today! My new mindset is to see the positive in every situation... it's really hard sometimes but it is soooooo worth it!

    Enjoy your Friday and your weekend - see what positives you can find throughout your days!

Miss Bsmiley

Thursday 11th June

Morning everyone! 

Hope your Wednesday was a good one - I worked from home and felt good abut getting lots done. However, it is good to be back in the classroom again today, ready to welcome some children! 

    A reminder that if you decide that your child is going to come back to school, you need to email Mrs Williams, to find out if there is a place free. Children that just turn up will unfortunately be sent back home - it isn't that we don't want you back; it's just that there are numerous checks about safety that have to be completed, to make sure that everyone is kept fit and well. Her email address is Children that have already been coming in have a place for the rest of the term and I know a couple of you have already been in contact to request a place from next week. 

    We are putting together ideas about how we will be able to mark the end of Year 6 and will send out details when we have them. 


Hope you have a great day,

Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 10th June

Hello! So it would appear that a wet Wednesday is on the cards - but that's okay, rain is good and it means that I don't have to water the garden later AND my lawn might start to turn back to be green rather than brown!

    So we are all home learning  today - so please message me on class dojo if you can! Remember that Seesaw is also a way for you to share work and message me. I haven't posted much on there yet, as only 4 people have created a log in and only 2 people have added work. Seesaw may well become important to help us celebrate the end of Year 6, so if you have mislaid your log in details, please let me or the school office know and we can resend them. We are thinking about how we can mark the end of your time at Barley Close and have several thoughts about what we can do, given the current social distancing rules - please share any ideas that you may have with me. 


Enjoy your Wednesday,

Miss Bsmiley


P.S - You are all lush!!

Tuesday 9th June

Hello!! It's another gorgeous morning - let's hope everyone is feeling good and ready to face whatever today throws at them... I hope it involves chocolate and nice people!


Have a great day,

Miss Bsmiley

Monday 8th June

Happy Monday! 

Hope you all had a great weekend - even though the weather was a bit 'unsettled' on Saturday. It was great to be outside in the sunshine yesterday - let's hope it lasts all week!

   There are tasks on the Year 6 page to complete (the children in school will also be doing the 20 second challenges today) and you have all your online learning available as well. Please feel free to message in and share anything you have been up to.

Have a good day,

Miss Bsmiley

Friday 5th June

It'sssssssss Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

Where has this week gone? The people that have been back at school have been amazing and it has been good to see them. The people who are still at home are just as amazing and it has been good to hear from some of you on Class Dojo! 

    The weather may have changed, but it just means that we have more of an excuse to watch films and do inside things!


Have a great weekend - you are all superstars!

Miss Bsmiley

Thursday 4th June

Morning morning! 

Hope you all had a good day yesterday. So it's back to school for some of us today - no sunshine, but it's dry and that's okay! This week seems to be going quite quickly and I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow... There are some new tasks over on the Year 6 page - we will be doing the same arithmetic questions in class today and will probably end up playing the category game at some point as well! 

Have a great Thursday,

Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 3rd June

Morning everyone! So we've hit the middle of the week and it would seem that today we are going to have some of that funny wet stuff falling from the sky - remember rain?? 

   Those of us that have been back at school this week have had a good couple of days and we are getting used to the 'new' Giraffe groups. I hope that all the home learners are doing okay as well. It's been great to receive messages from you, which I have been able to share with the children in my group. 

       We've been doing home learning for a good few weeks now and I just want to remind you of what is available. If you have mislaid any of your log in details for online learning, then please get in touch with me and I can get them to you.... So we have:


2) doodle maths/english

3) My Maths

4) Reading Eggpress

5) Year 6 website page - over 150 different activities at the moment and we will continue to add new ones regularly.

6) BBC Bitesize

7) Barley Close facebook page

8) PE with Joe Wicks


and finally 


9) searching 'home learning for year 6' on the internet will bring up loads!!


Have a great day,

Miss Bsmiley

Tuesday 2nd June

Morning everyone,

Hope your Monday was good to you! The sun is shining, the grass is being cut at school and we are going to have a fab day! The giraffes that returned yesterday all had a great day and it was lush to see them. Please remember to say hello or pass on work you have completed on class dojo or seesaw and then I can pass messages on to them!

Have a great day,

Miss Bsmiley

Monday 1st June


Hope you all had a great 'half term' week and did lots of lovely things (as far as lockdown allowed). So it's the first day of Term 6 - some of us are coming back to school and some of us are still doing our learning from home - but we are together in spirit!! Please share work with me via class dojo or seesaw - then I can share it with your friends at school! There will be work posted on the Year 6 page everyday, just like we have done since school closed. The rules are the same - do as much or as little as you feel like doing.


Have a great day,


Miss Bsmiley

Top 3 dojo places

1) Jorja

2) Ella

3) Lola


Well done everyone!! 


Happy Half-Term Giraffes!! You are all completely amazing!!!

Friday 22nd May


It's Friday!!!!!!!!

It's windy out there - so you might need to wait to get into the pool, as it is also slightly chillier!!

So we have made it to the last day of term 5. Next week is half term. Mr Moore and I won't be setting any tasks for you to complete, but obviously you can still access TTRS and all the other online learning apps we have. I will keep checking class dojo, so if you want to message me with any queries or questions (or even just to say hello) then feel free - it will be lovely to hear from you! 

I will post the Top 3 dojo points later today - but the current top placed person is currently way out in front!! 


Have a good day,

Miss Bsmiley

Thursday 21st May

Hello to you all!

Another gorgeous sunny morning! I plan to be busy today - I could possibly be writing letters to deliver out to a rather amazing group of children I know. Delivery will be tomorrow!!

I hope you are managing to keep in touch with family and friends and are still finding fun things to do to pass your time. It would be lovely to hear abut any new skills that you have picked up during lockdown - for instance I know that Dan W has been working on his cooking skills!!


Have a good day - grab the sunshine!

Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 20th May

It's Wednesday, the sun is shining and I am sending you all a virtual high-five! 

Hope your Tuesday was good to you - I think I stood in the sun a little too long with the keyworker children and I have a pink nose today! Oops!

    I have received some great messages from Dan W, Jorja, Lily and Lola over the last couple of days, telling me what they have been up to - it seems to involve quite a lot of cooking - which is a great life skill to be working on, during this time. Remember, one day you won't be living with your parents and being able to cook will save you money!! I'm always willing to receive photos of food! I've continued my 'no sweets, chocolate, cake, crisps or biscuits' mantra since we finished school - it has been REALLY, REALLY REALLY hard - but I'm feeling proud of the fact that I've managed to do it. I'm now closer to the end than the beginning, which is a great feeling!!! 


Have a great day and don't forget the suntan lotion when you are outside - It's going to be a hot one today! 


Miss Bsmiley


p.s - Missing you all loads and loads. You are all fabulous!!


p.p.s - Top 3 dojo points so far this week are: Jorja, Ella, Lily. 

Tuesday 19th May

Hello! It's going to be a warm one today - so I hope you have something planned outside - even if it is just a walk around your nearest park! I am in school with the keyworker children today, so I am sat in the classroom typing this. It is very quiet without all of you in it!!

   There continues to be lots of talk in the news about the planned re-opening of schools. Remember , this is a PLAN at the moment - we don't know definitely if we are coming back on June 1st. However, if we do open, lots of things have been put in place to make sure everyone can stay as safe as possible. 


   Well done to everyone who is continuing to log into all the online learning things we have and completing the work that is being set on the website. It is good to keep your brain ticking over, but remember to do things that interest you and don't give your parents too much of a hard time if they are asking you to do some learning! 


Enjoy your day,


Miss Bsmiley

Monday 18th May

Hello! It's the last week of Term 5 and next week we are on holiday!! I think it is important to still mark these occasions in this strange world we are living in - helps us keep track of the days and the dates and it also means that there is no need to do school work next week!

   But before that, we have five days available to us! The Year 6 website continues to be updated with tasks everyday and you have your online learning things like TTRS, doodle maths, MyMaths and Reading Express to keep you busy as well. Spending too much time looking at a screen is not the best thing to do, so make sure you are splitting your day up into chunks. The weather is going to be good this week, so make sure you get outside as much as you can (whilst still following all the social distancing rules obvs). 

   This week, dojo points will be worth double their normal value, for instance, if you go on doodle maths you will earn 8 points. I will reveal the winners on Friday - everyone's scores will shortly be reset to 0. If you have forgotten any of your log in details, message me on dojo and I can resend them to you. 


Enjoy your day,

Miss Bsmiley

Top 3 Dojo points

1) Jorja 

2) Lola

3) Thomas


Well done everyone - have a great weekend!!

Exciting news over on the Year 6 page about a TTRS World Record attempt!!

Friday 15th May

Friday already? How did that happen!!

So here we are, at the end of another school week. It was great to talk to so many parents yesterday - and I got to speak to a couple of you as well, which was absolutely amazing! I know these are very strange times, but you are all doing fabulously well!


I will post the top 3 dojo points later today - there is a very clear winner at the moment, but things can change!!


Enjoy your weekend,


Miss Bsmiley

Thursday 14th May

Hello! How is it Thursday already?! I really hope you are all having a good week - and not getting too bored! I have found it a bit hard over the last couple of days, I have to admit - feeling like we are never going to get out of lockdown. But actually, I know that's not true, because there are small changes happening and we will come out of the other side! 

    I'm hoping to speak to lots of parents later today - maybe even some of you! I know it will be completely weird talking to your teacher on the phone, but hey it's probably not the strangest thing that you've experienced in the last few weeks! 


Happy Thursday everyone - don't forget to clap tonight! 


Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 13th May

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

Good to see the sun is shining. There are some activities for you on the Year 6 website page - it is completely up to you and your family how much work you are completing. Do what you feel happy with and the most important thing is not to be worrying about anything! 

   I am in school today with the keyworker children - I will hopefully be ringing some of you later; if not today, then tomorrow, so if you have an unknown number come up on your phone, it might be me!! 

  Have a good day,

Miss Bsmiley

Tuesday 12th May

Hello you lot! Hope you are all doing okay - hope you have been staying safe and sane and silly. I heard yesterday that when you smile, your brain releases a chemical that makes you feel happier - so I reckon we should all be seeing how many times we can smile today! Now there's a science experiment you can do, without having to write anything down! 

    It is a funny old time, within what was already a funny old time. There is lots of talk in the news about schools and what will happen - I have to admit, I am limiting the amount of time I am listening to the news and am just trying to enjoy my days, as there seems to be a lot of talk about what MIGHT happen. If you or your parents have any questions, then feel free to send them to me on dojo (only I will see the message, unless you put it on class story). I am in school tomorrow with keyworker children and I am hoping to ring as many of you as possible. There is also some information on the school website and facebook page. Rest assured, everyone's safety is at the very top of the Team BC list - I am missing you all loads and loads, but we have to keep everyone safe and well. 


Have a good day - keep smiling!!

Miss Bsmiley

Seren and her Mum have been busy again - it's on display in Lyde Green!

Seren and her Mum have been busy again - it's on display in Lyde Green! 1

Monday 11th May

Hey everyone, hope you enjoyed your weekend - the sunshine was great and VE Day was certainly celebrated near where I live - it was great to see so many houses decorated! 

 So here we are - another week. This week, we should have been doing our KS2 SATS - but obviously we aren't. I know some of you are disappointed (others less so) - but remember, our lessons were never just about the tests - you have been learning skills that you will need at Secondary School and beyond! 

   The announcement that Boris Johnson made last night, gives us some new information about what MIGHT happen next month - but for schools to reopen to certain year groups, certain things need to happen. It isn't a definite thing yet, as it depends what happens over the next couple of weeks - but remember, anything that is about what will happen at Barley Close you will hear from Barley Close. 


Hope you have a great Monday,

Miss Bsmiley

Top 3 dojo points

1) Jorja

2) Lola

3) Thomas


Enjoy your weekend everyone - see you on Monday!! smileysmiley

Thursday 7th May

Happy Thursday everyone - except, technically it's Friday, as tomorrow is a Bank Holiday to mark the 75th anniversary of VE day, so there will be no school work set!! We deserve a 3 day weekend and as the Second World War was one of our topics this year, I'm sure you will already know that VE day marked the end of the war in Europe and there were lots of parties across the country (and indeed the world). There will be lots of information about it in the news and on tv - it will make a nice change from hearing about a certain virus! 


The Top 3 dojo points at the end of yesterday were:

1) Jorja

2) Thomas

3) Lola


Have a good day - enjoy the sun and you might want to keep an eye on your letterbox today... wink


Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 6th May

Hello!! Looks like it is going to be a warm one - make sure you are taking advantage of the warmth and get outside or make sure all your windows are open. I've discovered during lockdown that the warmth of the sun on your back is really brilliant at making it feel slightly more bearable!

  Top 3 dojo places

1) Jorja

2) Thomas

3) Lily



Have a good day everyone - remember you can message me on dojo if you need anything,  or if you just want to say hello! 


Miss Bsmiley 


Tuesday 5th May


Happy Tuesday! I am in school today with the keyworker children - it is very quiet in Giraffe Class without you all. Did you see the video that Mrs Williams posted on youtube yesterday? The classrooms are here just as you left them - although slightly tidier possibly!

   I hope you are finding a way to find a good mix of doing fun things and a bit of school work. I know from Class Dojo that Lola, Jorja and Lily are all getting the balance right - it is really good to see what people are getting up to. But the most important thing is to stay happy and safe. Take each day as it comes and do what feels right for you and your family.

I am starting to hear from secondary schools about information they would like from me and I know they have also started getting in contact with your parents. Whatever happens about schools reopening, rest assured your new secondary schools are doing everything they can to make sure your move to Year 7 is as organised as it normally is! 


Have a good day everyone,

Miss Bsmiley

Monday 4th May

 Hope everyone had a good weekend - was good to see the sun shone for Dan W's birthday on Saturday! We begin another week of being at home - I'm sure you have some good routines going and hope you have learnt about some interesting things.

   There was lots of talk in the news yesterday about Year 6 children coming back to school on June 1st. THIS IS NOT FACT!! This is what the government are thinking MIGHT happen - but nothing has been decided yet. It's a bit like when we have a chat in class about what to do for a class reward - we talk about what MIGHT happen, before we make a firm choice! There are lots of good reasons why they want to try and get schools re-opened - but everyone's health is the most important thing.  Please remember when there is firm news about what will be happening at Barley Close, we will let you know. 


   Have a good day,

Miss Bsmiley

Top 3 Dojo Places... It was very close - just one point between 3rd and 2nd and one point between 2nd and 1st!!


1) Lily 

2) Thomas

3) Jorja


Enjoy the weekend everyone - I'll be back on Monday!

Friday 1st May

And a pinch, punch first of the month to you all!! As I type this, the sun is thinking quite seriously about coming out - I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does, as the last few days of grey and wet weather have been a bit of a struggle. But I know that it's okay to feel like this - I am keeping myself busy - but also giving myself time to chill out. I did an online quiz last night (I do it every Thursday) and got my highest score so far, which made me feel good. I am also reminding myself that I am lucky to be well and safe and able to go out for a walk - taking enjoyment from the small things is soooooo important at the moment! 

   Anyway - Happy Friday to you all. I will be posting the Top 3 class dojo places at about 3.45 today. There is only 4 points between the top 3 at the moment! 


Have a good day,

Miss Bsmiley

Hello from me!

Still image for this video
You wouldn't believe how long it took me to do this - but I didn't give up!!
As a school, we are sharing lots of information with you about sites that are useful and resources that you can use. Please can I offer a friendly piece of advice, that you carefully read the small print, to make sure that any free trials you sign up for don't become paid subscriptions after a few weeks. I know you are all more than aware of this, but just wanted to remind you all. 

Thursday 30th April

Hello! Hope you are good today - it is nearly the weekend! 

I had a lovely day in school yesterday and got very muddy weeding the Grubby Club area. It is very odd being at school without all of you - it is far too quiet and I don't have many children to moan at!!

    I have been sent lots of messages and photos of work you have been completing, which is great to see. Please keep sending them...

Top 3 Class Dojo places

1) Jorja

2) Lily

3) Thomas


Who will be number 1 at the end of tomorrow, before I reset all the scores? Who knows! 


Have a great day everyone,

Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 29th April

Hello everyone! 

    Well it was certainly wet yesterday - but it looks like it's going to be drier today! You know you are getting old, when you see it raining and you think that it will be good for the plants in the garden! 

   I am in school with the keyworker children today - my first job is to some weeding for Grubby Club, as it is looking a bit overgrown. 

   Top 3 dojo places are:

     1) Thomas

     2) Jorja

     3) Lily. 


   I hope you are all doing okay - I know that I am having a few wobbly times wondering when this will all end and when 'normal life' is going to come back. I know lots of my friends are going through similar feelings  and we are helping each other out and making each other laugh. It's okay to have worries - as long as you are controlling them, not letting them control you. 


   Have a good day,

      Miss Bsmiley

Tuesday 28th April


I think we might need to dig deep today - I think it's going to be a wet one!! Although - if you have wellies or some old shoes, jumping in puddles is always great fun!! I'm going to keep myself busy by doing some Maths Lead work and also getting out for a soggy walk! It's been great to see so many of you logging into Reading Eggspress - it's a really easy way to work on your reading and spelling skills, read books and entertain yourselves with games and spending your eggs! Lily, Anika and Ella have made great avatars as well - Ella's is definitely showing a Harry Potter vibe! 


Top 3 Dojo places

1) Jorja

2) Thomas

3) Lily and Amelia


Enjoy your Tuesday,

Miss Bsmiley

Monday 27th April

Hello! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends - wasn't the weather incredible! 

So here we are beginning another week. I hope you are all managing to keep yourselves busy - remember, make sure you are keeping a happy balance between learning and relaxing. It is great to see so many of you logging onto TTRS and all the other things we have - a couple of more people have signed up to Class Dojo as well. 

    We have no information yet about when schools will re-open, even thought there is lots of talk in the news about it. Remember, you will hear about what is happening at Barley Close from us. Mrs Williams will keep us all updated - try not to spend too much time worrying about it, as it is out of our control. Rest assured, as soon as we have any news we will let you know!

   Have a great day,

     Miss Bsmiley

Top 3 dojo places

1) Jorja

2) Dan W

3) Amelia and Thomas


Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday 24th April

Yay - it's Friday AND the sun is still shining! I hope lots of you managed to get out on your doorsteps last night and do the 8pm clap - the one on my street seems to get longer and longer every week, which is really nice and I'm getting to say hello to people that I didn't really know before! 

  There are some tasks on the Year 6 page if you want to do them. Remember, you shouldn't be getting stressed about doing the work. Pick and choose the things that interest you and try and get a good mix of things that involve looking at a screen and things that get you being creative and moving about. Well Done to Anika, Mckenzi, Jorja and Ella who have already logged into the new Reading Eggspress programme. As well as lots of activities, there is a also a virtual 'library' which has fiction and non-fiction books, enough to cater to every taste! 

  I will post the Top 3 dojo places at the end of the day...


Have a good day,


Miss Bsmiley

Thursday 23rd April

Happy St Georges' Day! I always like Thursdays, as I look forward to doing the 'Clap for Carers' at 8pm. It's great to see everyone out on their doorsteps, supporting all the people that are putting themselves in the frontline - all the NHS workers, the supermarket workers, the delivery people, the bin men, the list goes on and on!! They are all doing an amazing job! 


    On the Year 6 page, I have put up information about a new reading programme Barley Close are going to be using. There are lots of amazing books that you can read on there, reading inference questions, spelling activities and lots of exciting games to play. You earn 'eggs' as you work (a bit like the coins on TTRS) and there is a shop where you can spend them! You also earn trading cards as you complete activities - I think it will be really useful AND really good fun! You will receive your log in details by text later today. Please contact me via class dojo if you have any problems, or email the school and we will solve it together!


  Have a good day everyone,

Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 22nd April

Happy Wednesday! Hope you all had a good day yesterday - it was lovely to see some of the BC children when I was at school AND I got to talk to some parents on the phone, which was also great! 

   Looks like it's going to be another gloriously sunny day - don't forget the suntan lotion when you are outside! 


Top 3 dojo places at the end of yesterday were:

1) Amelia

2) Jorja, Thomas, Dan W

3) Leo


Enjoy your day,

Miss B smiley



Tuesday 21st April

Happy Tuesday to you all - and the sun is shining already, which is a fabulous way to start the day! Today finds me in school with the keyworker children. It is very strange to be in school without all my lovely Giraffes - and I'm wearing my jeans!! 

   If you chose to do some work yesterday, then I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, you don't have to be doing everything that we put up - do the things that interest you and that you know will be useful when you come back to school, to keep your brain remembering all the amazing things you already know how to do! 

  I have reset the dojos to 0 and will do this every two weeks, while school is closed. The way to earn points is to go on: TTRS, doodle maths, mymaths and sharing work with me on class dojo. After the first day, the top 3 look like this:

1) Amelia

2) Seren

3) Thomas


Hope you all have a good day,

Miss Bsmiley

Seren and her Mum have been busy!! Isn't it amazing!!

Seren and her Mum have been busy!! Isn't it amazing!!  1


I hope you have all had a great holiday, even though it was probably very different to the one you normally have. Hopefully it involved lots of time with your families, lots of time in the sunshine AND lots of chocolate!!! Ryan, I hope you had a great birthday!!


   So here we are then, Term 5 has begun! Mr Moore and I will be continuing to post ideas for work on the Year 6 page (remember you can find it under children - class pages) and there are also ideas being posted on the Barley Close facebook page. Videos will continue to be uploaded onto Youtube as well (I am going to do another one, where hopefully you will be able to see my whole face!). The BBC have got lots of great lesson ideas on their 'BBC Bitesize' website - programmes will also be available on the iplayer. The programmes cover all the subjects we teach at school and are presented by lots of celebrities! Use this time to learn about things that interest you - we often wish we had more time to learn things in school, this is your time to find out about things that you've always wanted to find out!


However, it is important for parents/carers and children to all remember that 'normal school hours' do not need to be kept to during lockdown! Do the work that interests you, do things that you enjoy and DON'T get stressed out about learning. Everyone is in the same position at the moment - you won't be falling behind, you won't be the only one who comes back to school, feeling that you have forgotten everything (and I include myself in that!). Stay happy, be kind to yourself and to others and keep safe!


You can continue to message me via class dojo and I will be re-sending out log in details to anyone who hasn't signed up, inbcase the information has been 'tidied away'. You can also email the school '' and it will be passed on to me, or you can ring the school office (01454 867090). 


We don't know as yet when school will reopen, but Team BC are out here if you need us! 

Have a great day,

Miss Bsmiley

Top 3 places of dojo points

1) Lily

2) Jorja

3) Amelia


Well Done everyone! 

Friday 3rd April

Morning everyone!

Well today is officially the last day of term! If you have already checked out the Year 6 website page, you will know that Year 6 have earned themselves a year group reward - so there is no need for you to do any work (unless you really, really, REALLY want to!)!! Take today to do things that you really enjoy - whatever that might be! 

The next two weeks are Easter Holidays - the strangest one we have all experienced, but still one that we need to appreciate! So enjoy it and I will see you back here on April 20th!


Happy Holidays everyone,

Miss B smiley

p.s - If you need to check in with me, I will be checking the class dojo messages at points during the holiday, but not necessarily every day. 

Thursday 2nd April

Morning everyone!

  Well the sunrise was beautiful this morning.. I know I keep talking about the weather (it is a frequent topic of conversation in Giraffe Class anyway), but at this time what is happening outside can be so important to how we are feeling! 

   Hope you managed to get through yesterday without any pranks being done to you - or if you did any, they were taken in good humour! 

   Have a good day,


Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 1st April

Morning - I am sending you all a virtual 'pinch, punch, first of the month... and no return!' 

I'm sure if we were all together, we would all be trying to catch each other out with April Fool's pranks... I wonder who would be the most successful?

   I hope you are all doing okay - remember this is a strange time for everyone and it's important to be kind. Parents are not used to being your teachers and nobody is used to the rules we are living under, so be mindful that some people will be finding this hard.


Top Tip - At the end of each day, think about 3 things you are grateful for. Yesterday, I saw my niece whilst out on my walk.. We had a conversation across a road, to social distance - but it was really nice to see her - without being on lockdown, I wouldn't have seen her yesterday! 


Well Done to the Top 3 dojo people..

1) Lily

2) Jorja

3) Amelia


Happy Wednesday!


Miss Bsmiley


Morning everyone! 

The sun is shining again - yay!!! Hope you have some good things planned for today. Is anyone out there doing PE with Joe at 9am? It's a great way to start the day - especially as you aren't having to walk to school!! 

  Mr Moore and I have put lots of new ideas on the Year 6 website page - and the regulars like arithmetic and the countdown challenges are there as well. If you have any ideas for what we could do, then message me via class dojo and your idea could be included! 

  You are doing brilliantly on the TTRS competitions - we are currently 1st as a school for the one I set up, 1st as a class and Luis and Steven are in the top 3! Well done everyone!! 


Have a good day,

Miss B smiley


p.s - Who would win in a fight between a jammie dodger and a chocolate digestive? 

Monday 30th March

Morning everyone,

Hope your weekends were good and you managed to find lots of things to do to fill your time. I hope you have been checking out all the videos on the school youtube channel! Also, there are still lots of tasks being put up on the 'Year 6' class page - hopefully everyone can find something they like the look of. 

   I am checking TTRS, doodle maths and MyMaths twice a day and am awarding dojos to those that are playing. You can also earn dojos for sending potos of your work to me via classdojo.

When I checked on Friday evening, the top 3 were -

1) Lily


3) Jorja.

A special well done to Jorja who has completed all her MyMaths tasks - and the extra ones I have set her! 

Have a good day everyone,


Miss Bsmiley


P.S - The mystery photo was pages of a book... 

What on earth is this a photo of?? Ask your family...

What on earth is this a photo of?? Ask your family... 1

Friday 27th March

Happy Friday!!! We have made it to the end of our first week of school shutdown!!

It's been great that the sun has shone for us - hopefully you have spent lots of time outside (where possible) and you've been finding lots of things to do to keep you busy! I've decided that the best thing to do is to appreciate the simpler things in life and have enjoyed finding different ways to contact my friends and family. I'm also trying to space out the things I am doing with my time and get myself into a new routine, which has definitely helped me feel happier.

   It was great to stand on my doorstep last night and join in with the 'clap for carers' - they are doing such an incredible job! I hope you got to join in as well.


 The Top 3 in dojo points are:

1) Amelia

2) Lily

3) Leah

Thank you girls for sending me photos of all the work and activities you have been doing. 


I hope you all have a good weekend - whatever you get up to. I will be back here on Monday, but if you want to say hello or have any questions, message me via Class Dojo. If anyone has lost their log in details then email the school - - and I will get them to you.


Miss Bsmiley

Thursday 26th March

Morning everyone! Another sunny morning! Hope you all had a good day yesterday - it was lovely to go out for a walk in the sunshine and I saw somebody I used to teach who is all grown up and studying at college now (obviously we stayed 2 metres away from each other!)

   I am in school today with the key worker children - we have lots of things planned, starting with the Joe Wicks workout at 9am! Enjoy your day,


Miss Bsmiley

Wednesday 25th March

Hello Giraffes! 

Well wasn't the sunshine lovely yesterday! It was lovely whilst doing my daily exercise, to feel the sun on my back and see lots of trees and plants starting to grow. I also spent a bit of time in my garden, doing some digging, which was very satisfying! Last night I did a quiz with some of my friends, using a video call app which was great fun - I am learning so much about all this modern technology malarkey!


   I'm checking TTRS, doodlemaths, MyMaths and class dojo twice a day and am awarding dojos to the people that are logging on. I will share the Top 3 children every couple of days. Thank you to those people who have been sharing work with me via Class Dojo - it really cheers me up! 

So at the end of yesterday, the top 3 placed children were........... 

1) Lily

2) Jorja

3) Amelia


Well Done!! It is very close - just 4 points separate them!


However, remember you don't need to be doing 6 hours of school work every day - it is important to take time out to be with your families and give yourself a rest. Do as much or as little written work as you feel like doing; these are strange times and we need to be looking after ourselves! 


If you have mislaid log in details then message me via Class Dojo or contact the school office and the message will get to me.


Have a good day,

Miss B smiley

Tuesday 24th March

Morning lovely Giraffes!

Well the sun is shining as I type this and I think it is going to be a gorgeous day. I hope you are all doing okay and that you are getting used to the new way of life. My top tip for today is to try and take one day at a time - think about what you are going to achieve today and don't worry about tomorrow! 

   The Year 6 class page has been updated (I've even put some Science on there!!!) and make sure you keep an eye on the school youtube channel and facebook page. 

Have a good day,


Miss B

Class Dojo

I have reset everyone's dojos and also changed the categories. You can now earn dojos for going on TTRS, Doodle Maths and English, MyMaths and spellings. I will award points and reveal the Top 3 every Friday afternoon. I will be able to check your log in details for all the maths learning and you can share your spelling score with me via class dojo messaging. I would suggest you do your test like we always do on a Friday morning. I wonder who will be in the top three on Friday?!

 Monday 23rd March

Good Morning Giraffes!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine responsibly. I also hope you spoilt your Mums and did every thing you were told!

I'm going to post some information here every day (Monday to Friday), whilst school is closed. This page will be used for messages, information and silliness... There is a'Year 6' page for all your learning tasks. Both Mr Moore and I will be updating that page Monday - Friday. Thanks to those people who have signed up to Classdojo - I have already been messaging some people. The school facebook account is also being updated very regularly and the school youtube channel(Barley Close Primary youtube) is also proving popular with teachers uploading videos covering all sorts of subjects!


Today's Top Tip - Get yourself into a routine. Plan to spend some time doing some learning every day. Your home learning pack had several ideas, there are lots of things available on line AND we have several TTRS competitions going (including a Battle of the Bands with Zebra Class). You will be coming back to school at some point and it's important to keep on learning!


 Monday Morning Mission

What are the similarities and differences between a badger and a bowl of jelly and ice cream?


Have a good day - enjoy the sunshine!! 

  Miss Beard smiley 




A new way of being Giraffe Class.

Well we might not be coming back together as normal on Monday morning, but rest assured we will still be able to keep in touch! This page will be my main way of communicating with you all - I will post a daily message (Monday to Friday), that may include activity ideas, learning tasks or just a silly message. There will also be opportunity to message me using the class dojo app. Children that were in school today (March 20th), will have brought a letter home; children that weren't in school today will have details delivered to their homes in the next couple of days. 


   I will be checking TTRS, doodle maths and MyMaths daily and will continue to give out dojos for children who use these sites. I have set up a Battle of the Bands against Zebra Class that starts on Monday and also a new Top of the Rocks competition against local schools, that also starts on Monday. 


All children will have come home with their learning packs, which should keep them busy for the next couple of weeks. There are extra exercise books available in Lemur building for collection if anyone runs out. The Home Learning (click on the children tab) section of the school website also has further ideas. 


The school phones will continue to be manned for the next two weeks and if you have any questions, please get in touch. 


Have a good weekend and I'll be back here on Monday.,


Miss Beard


Welcome to Giraffe Class 2019-20!


I am really excited about being in Year 6 again! We certainly have to work hard, but we also enjoy our final year at Barley Close and most importantly have lots of fun! As well as myself, we also have Mrs Harris, Mrs Baker-Haynes, Mrs Spindler and Miss Thorpe working with us. I will update this page regularly with what we have been doing in class, as well as putting important information on here about trips, PE and swimming. If you do have any questions, please feel free to come and chat to me before or after school - if I can't answer your question straight away, I will always get back to you with the necessary info!


Miss Beard



In Term 4, we have PE on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Children will need to wear their PE kit to school. This consists of black/navy jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts; a white or blue t-shirt and their school jumper. Barley Close t-shirts and hoodies can also be worn on these days. None of their PE kit should be branded (Adidas, Nike etc).  Long hair will need to be tied back and earrings will need to be removed or covered up. 



Spellings will be sent home on a Friday and tested the following Friday. Every child will have a spelling book and the spellings will also be put on this page.



 Although children no longer need to read 'to' an adult, they need to collect at least 3 signatures a week, to say that an adult has seen them reading at home. Reading records are checked every Friday.



All children have an account for Times Table Rockstars and have their log in details in their reading records. They are encouraged to play at least 3 times a week! 



Well it sure has been a strange week, but we have still been very busy in Giraffe Class! 

In English, we wrote narratives that showed different atmospheres - the work produced was truly incredible and I was definitely transported back to 1940s Devon. In Maths, we were revising our knowledge of area, perimeter and volume and in Science, we showed off what we had learnt about blood and the heart by producing posters and presenting them to the class. Our PE lesson was a whole class game of Kabaddi (where everyone displayed very high levels of sportsmanship) and we also managed to fit in a class reward!

American Football

American Football 1
American Football 2


Yet ANOTHER amazing week!! In English, we have been looking at creating atmosphere in our narratives and in Maths we have been revising our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. Our Topic lesson involved writing a letter in character: the children were soldiers who were fighting in the Second World War. In Science, we learnt how the heart works - and some children were thoroughly disgusted by seeing a video of a heart pumping blood around the body!! 

   Well done to Pupils of the Week, Caitlyn and Liam and to Times Table Rock legend, Leo.


Also, a thank you to Leo, Dan W and Thomas who organised a cake sale to raise money for charity. I'm not sure how much was raised in total yet, but it was a very successful venture! 


   Next week in English, we will be writing our own narratives focusing on atmosphere and in Maths, we will be revising our knowledge of area, perimeter and volume. We will continue to learn about the Second World War in Topic and our bodies in Science. 

Spellings to be tested on Friday 20th March












The week has flown by! We have written non-chronological reports about the Second World War, made our brains hurt with a week of Algebra, learnt about life as a soldier in the Second World War AND looked fabulous when we all wore onesie's and pjs for World Book Day! 


Congratulations to Pupils of the Week, Corey and Thomas and Times Table Rock Legend, Akili.


Next week, we will starting a unit on narrative (focusing on setting, character and atmosphere) in English. Our Maths work will be based around fractions, decimals and percentages and in Science, we will be learning how the heart works. Our Topic lesson will involve us taking on the character of a soldier in World War 2, to write a letter home. 


On Monday, we will be taking part in a Road Safety Workshop and on Friday, we are having an American Football lesson!! As Friday is Sport Relief, children will be able to come dressed as their sporting hero - remember, there are other sports out there, besides football!  

Spellings to be tested Friday 13th March











Buddy Reading with Alligators on Book Day!


We have had a great first week of Term 4 in Giraffe Class! In English we have been looking at non-chronological reports about the Second World War; in Maths we have been looking at ratio and fractions, decimals and percentages and in Science, we learnt how blood gets pumped around our bodies. In Topic, we created a leaflet that showed what we had learnt about rationing and in PE, we had very competitive games of kabaddi and dodgeball.

  We have also been talking a lot about saying positive things to each other and it has been great to see how proud the children are of each other, when they achieve something or when they persevere with their learning. 

        Well done to Pupils of the Week, Olivia and Corey and Times Table Rock Legend, Lily.


  Next week, in English, we will be writing our non-chronological reports about the Second World War, in Maths we will be getting to grips with Algebra and in Science, we will be learning about how the heart works. In Topic, we will continue our learning about World War 2.


  A reminder that children can wear their onesie or pyjamas to school on Thursday 5th March, for World Book Day (and bring in their favourite bedtime story) and the parent's evening sheets are also available in class for you to sign up for an appointment. 

Spellings to be tested Friday 6th March












Another amazing week in Giraffe Class! In English we have written letters to Australian authors Gary Crew and Shaun Tan (the best ones will be written up neatly and then posted off to Oz) ; in Maths, we have been looking at symmetry and circles; in Topic we learnt about rationing (and enjoyed eating spam hash) and in PE, we had a great game of dodgeball and enjoyed going on the large apparatus! We have definitely earned our week off! 

    It was great to be awarded the biscuits for getting the highest % of reading completed last week and we are keeping our fingers crossed that our score this week will see us starting Term 4 on a reading high! 

   Well done to Learning Gem Legend, Corey and Pupil of the Term, Dan. It was very hard to just choose one person! 


 We return to school on February 24th. Our English unit will be based around a new book that we have been reading called 'Letters from the Lighthouse' and in Maths, we will be revisiting our understanding of ratio and fractions, decimals and percentages. Our Topic will continue to be the Second World War. 


The children have been amazing AGAIN this week - it has been test week and they have really impressed me with the positive way they have approached the tests and they have all surprised themselves with just how much they know! 

   But it hasn't just been about tests - in English, we have started to look at formal letters and the language that we need to use in them. Our Maths lessons centred around angles and in Computing, we talked a lot about the importance of using kind words when talking to people on social media. Everyone had great fun in our gym lesson on Tuesday and there was great team work on show when we played some games of Kabaddi. 

   Well done to Pupils of the Week, Seren and Steven and to Times Table Rock Legend, Tyler. 


   Next week, we will be writing letters to the authors of our current English text 'The Viewer' and in Maths, we will be looking at co-ordinates and symmetry. Our Topic lesson will be about food rationing during the Second World War and in Computing, we will be designing a poster to display around school that shows everyone how to be safe online. 

Spellings to be tested Friday 14th February












I am so lucky - I have had a great week with your fabulous children! They have written great narratives from several perspectives; learnt about area, perimeter and volume in Maths; started writing scripts for a video clip about life cycles AND discovered a new Maths website they can access called 'Doodle Maths'. They all have log in details for this and it can be accessed at home. 


    Next week is test week - we will be sitting past KS2 test papers, as we did in Term 1 and 2 - I know everyone is going to be amazing and try their very best. They are learning new things every week and it really is a pleasure to see them growing in confidence - and having fun whilst they are learning! We  will also be looking at writing formal letters in English and revisiting our understanding of shape and angles in Maths. We will continue our work on Living Things in Science and in Computing we will be looking at esafety - more specifically how our actions can impact on the happiness of other people. 

Spellings to be tested Friday 7th February











World Book Day

Thursday 5th March

“Bring Back the Bedtime Story”

To celebrate World Book Day we are asking all children to come to school dressed in their PJ’s or Onesie and bring a favourite book or story to share. During the day classes will be taking part in Buddy Reading activities to share the idea of reading stories together, especially at bedtime.


Well Done to Pupils of the Week, Steven and Akili and Times Table Rock Legend, Anika.


The children of Giraffe Class are completely amazing and I have had a fabulous week with them! They have been working really hard in English, learning how to use dialogue to convey character and move the action along and we have also been getting to grips with what 'standard English' is. In Maths, we have been converting metric measurements and also converting between miles and kilometres. Our Topic work involved researching life as an evacuee during World War 2 and in Science our focus was life cycles. Everyone seemed to enjoy gym in PE on Tuesday and there were some evidence of some very flexible people! 

    Next week in English, we will be writing narratives based on 'The Viewer' and in Maths, we will be revising our knowledge of area, perimeter and volume. We will also be continuing our work on World war 2 and Living Things.

Spellings to be tested Friday 31st January












Well it has been an incredible week in Giraffe Class this week, everybody has been working SO hard and showing each other lots of respect - it has been amazing to see just how hard everyone has been working and how supportive they are towards their classmates. In English, we wrote narratives, focusing on dialogue and in Maths we were learning new skills (how to read pie charts and work out the mean) and revising old ones (calculating with fractions, decimals and percentages. Our Topic work involved learning more of the basic facts about the Second World War and in Science, we learnt about the work of Jane Goodall. 

  Congratulations to Pupils of the Week, Amelia and Leah and Times Table Rock Legend Mckenzi.

    Next week in English, we will be continuing to think about how we use dialogue in narratives and in Maths, we will be looking at converting measurements. Our Topic work will involve learning about evacuation during the Second World War and in Science, we will be learning about the life cycles of animals. 

Spellings to be tested on Friday 24th January












Happy New Year! The children have started 2020 in such a positive way! They were all really pleased to see their friends and catch up with their holiday news and it was great to see everyone. We have had a busy week... In English, we have started looking at 'The Viewer' , a picture book written by Gary Crew, which tells the tale of a curious boy called Tristan and what happens to him when he finds an old-fashioned toy in a junkyard. Our Maths work involved long division (which hurt our heads, but also made us feel amazing when we got to grips with it) and dividing fractions. In Topic, we started learning about the Second World War and in Science, we were learning about mammals. 


   We have also been rewarding people that are demonstrating the four learning gems (diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby) and the children have been really enjoying praising their friends. We have introduced a recognition board in class, to show off just how amazing we all are - ask your child if they have made it onto it yet. 


  Well done to Pupils of the Week, Jorja and Tyler


Next week in English, we will writing our own version of 'The Viewer' and in Maths we will be looking at pie charts and fractions, decimals and percentages. We will continue to learn about the Second World War in Topic and in Science, we will continue to learn about Living Things. 

Spellings to be tested on Friday 17th January











Wishing all of the Giraffes and their families, a fabulous Christmas and New Year!! Enjoy the break and see you all on Tuesday 7th January 2020!!


We have had great fun in English this week, preparing to write our explanation texts about Christmas. Mr Moore has been sharing his thoughts about what Santa gets up to when he isn't delivering presents and we have come up with all sorts of theories about how he knows who to put on the naughty list! In Maths, we have been reminding ourselves about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and how to draw them accurately. Our Topic lesson was about the abolition of slavery and the children had great fun making clay tiles about slavery. 

  Well done to Thomas and Liam, our Pupils of the Week. 


   Next week, we will be busy getting ready for Christmas - we have Christmas Cards to make; an explanation text about Santa to write; the KS1 Christmas Show to watch; a Christmas film to watch  and we are looking forward to inviting you in on Thursday 19th December at 2pm to help the children make their calendars for 2020! 



NO SPELLINGS THIS WEEK - We're having a week off!!



Well the Christmas tree and fairy lights are up in the classroom and the countdown has begun! In English, we have started looking at explanation texts - we have learnt about grumpy teachers, earthquakes and Santa Claus this week! In Maths, we have been improving our understanding of decimals and in Science, we have been making circuits and learning the associated vocabulary. 

 PE lessons have seen the children braving the cold to play netball and rugby. 

       Next week in English, we will be writing an explanation text about Christmas. In Maths, we will be looking at Shape. We will be getting creative in our Art lesson, when we get the clay out and in Topic, we will be learning about the abolition of slavery. 


   A reminder that Christmas dinner day is Wednesday 11th December and Christmas jumper day is Friday 13th December. 

Spellings to be tested on Friday 13th December












Well what a fabulous performance the children gave in our class assembly! They worked very hard to learn their words and lots of teachers came up to me afterwards to say how brilliant they thought the children were. Well Done Giraffe Class!!! 

   As well as rehearsing for the assembly, we have also been busy sitting our second round of mock KS2 tests. The children have put a lot of effort into trying their absolute best during all of the tests and they should all feel very proud of themselves! In English, we also wrote fabulous poems about the Slave Trade and in Maths, we learnt about dividing fractions. 

    Massive thanks to Mr Moore for providing today's Food Friday - everyone got some cooked halloumi  and a choice of dips to try! It was very popular and it was great to see so many children trying halloumi even though they didn't think they would like it - and then coming back for seconds!!


Well done Pupils of the Week, Mckenzi and Steven and Times Table Rock Legend Leah.


Next week in English, we begin learning about explanation texts and in Maths, we are looking at decimals and fractions. Our Science lessons will concentrate on electrical circuits and in Art, we will be using clay to make a tile that represents slavery. 

Spellings to be tested Friday 6th December












Sorry - I made a mistake with the date of our class assembly. It's Thursday the 28th November - not the 27th.


This week has gone very quickly and we have packed A LOT in!! In English, we have been looking at poems; talking about metaphors, similes and personification and also writing our own poems about slavery. Our Maths lessons have centred around percentages and the children have become very confident at using them. They braved the muddy field to play tag rugby in PE and we have also started preparing for our class assembly which is on November 27th.

   Well Done to Pupils of the Week, Erianna and Anika and Times Table Rock Legend was also Erianna.

   Next week, in English we will be writing poems about slavery and in Maths we will be dividing fractions. Much of our English and Maths lesson time will be taken up with our second round of mock-KS2 tests. We will also be busy practising our class assembly - the children are already looking forward to performing it! 

Spellings to be tested Friday 29th November













What a fabulous week! Everyone has worked really hard in English, writing diary entries about life as a slave. In Maths, we recapped our understanding of multiplication and divide and in Topic, we learnt about slave auctions. We braved the cold and rain in both of our PE lessons and everyone fully embraced the wintery weather!!

     Our cinema trip was a complete success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the film - they were a real credit to the school and their families with the way they behaved.


Well done to Pupils of the Week, Lola and Caitlyn. 


Next week, we will be looking at poetry in English, percentages in Maths and the abolition of slavery in Topic. Our class reward on Tuesday afternoon will be a muddy sports afternoon - please make sure your child has old, warm clothes to wear and shoes that are okay to get muddy! 

Spellings to be tested Friday 22nd November












Well I think the holiday certainly recharged everyone's batteries, as we have had a fabulous week in Giraffe Class! In English, we have started reading stories about the experiences the slaves endured, in preparation for writing a diary entry as a slave. Our Maths work centred around reflecting and translating shapes and place value. In Science, we started our Electricity topic by understanding that not everyone in the world has access to electricity and in Topic, we learnt what life was like on board a slave ship. 

   Well done to Pupils of the Week, Corey and Olivia and TTRS Rock Legend, Amelia


   Next week in English, we will write a diary entry and in Maths, we will be looking at calculations and problem solving. Our Topic will be about the slave auctions. Our trip to the cinema on Friday will be a great way to end the week (especially as we will be dressed up for Children in Need) and I'm definitely looking forward to it! 

Spellings to be tested 15.11.19












Stop the clock - Term 1 is complete!! We have had lots of fun and also learnt lots - bring on the rest of the year!!


 We finished the term in style, being victorious in the Netball tournament that we played against Zebra Class and also wrote great balanced arguments in English.


Congratulations to Pupil of the Term, Luis and Times Table Rock Legend, Jorja.


Have a great holiday everyone and see you for Term 2 on Monday 4th November!


First test week of Year 6 completed! All the children have worked very hard this week at completing our first set of mock KS2 tests and should be feeling very proud of themselves! They have learnt a lot about what 'sitting the test' looks like and many of them have been surprised with the scores they have achieved! 

    In Art, the children drew abstract self-portraits and in PE, we had a great game of netball.


   Well done to Pupils of the Week, Lily and Leo and also Times Table Rock Legend, Luis


 In the last week of Term 1, we will be looking at Geometry in Maths and writing our balanced argument in English. Our PE lessons will see us take on Zebra Class in a netball tournament and we will also be watching the film version of our English book 'Holes'. 

Spellings to be tested Thursday 24th October












Well the weather has certainly turned autumnal, but we are staying sunny in Giraffe Class!! We became independent scientists in our Science lesson this week and planned and carried out our own investigations about shadows. In English, we started a new unit - we will be writing a balanced argument about whether juvenile working camps should be allowed to be used as a form of punishment. Our Maths work centred around those infamous Fractions - and thankfully, most people were feeling a lot more confident by the end of the week. We also started our unit looking at abstract art, which raised lots of discussion about what could be seen in the paintings we were looking at. 


   Well done to Times Table Rock Legend, Caitlyn and also Pupils of the Week, Jorja and Dan W.


   Next week, sees the first practise KS2 tests of Year 6. We use real past papers, so that by the time the 'real ones' come around in May, the children know exactly what to expect. We take time to talk through what they can and can't do during the test and how much help we are allowed to give them when it comes to reading questions. We also fit in extra play times during test week, to make sure we are giving our brains time to relax as well! It is also chance for us to see where the gaps in learning are, so that we can plan our lessons accordingly. 

    Our English lessons will continue to be based around the argument text and in Maths, we will be looking at multiplying and dividing. 

Spellings to be tested Friday 18th October












We have had another great week in Giraffe Class!

In English, the children worked really hard on their stories linked to our book 'Holes' and used lots of ambitious vocabulary in them. Our Maths work centred around finding the area and perimeter of rectangles and also converting measurements. In Topic, we talked about the important role Bristol played in the Slave Trade and our Science lesson saw us writing instructions on how to make a camera from a Pringles tube! 

    Well done to Pupils of the Week, Grace and Dan M and our Times Table Rock Legend was Olivia.

    Next week in English, we begin a new unit - writing a balanced argument and in Maths we will be looking at Fractions, decimals and percentages. We will be beginning our Abstract Art unit in Maths and in Science, we will be looking at shadows. 


Spellings to be tested on Friday 11th October












We are halfway through the term! 

It has been another great week - in English, we started a new unit, where we end up writing a story about Stanley's unlucky great-grandfather and his adventures on a mountain! In Maths, we have been reminding ourselves about the four different calculation strategies; in Topic we found out about the triangular route of the slave trade and in Science, we began to make pinhole cameras out of Pringles tubes. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Lifeskills trip and lots of important information was learnt. 


 Well done to Pupils of the Week, Seren and Ryan and also our Times Table Rock Legend - Seren again!


   Next week in English, we will be writing our stories; in Maths, we will be looking at measures (area, perimeter and converting measures) and in Topic, we will be starting to look at Bristol's role in the slave trade.

Spellings to be tested 4th October












Well the sun has been shining and it has been another fabulous week in Giraffe Class! We have been writing about Yellow Spotted Lizards in English and on Wednesday, we had a very special guest when Mrs Spindler brought Custard the Leopard Gecko into class. In Maths, we have been rounding numbers and also using negative numbers in real life situations, which led to some interesting discussions about going overdrawn at the bank! Our Topic lesson was about how the transatlantic slave trade began and in Science we learnt about how our eyes work. 


   Well done to Times Table Rock Legend, Anika.


Next week, we start a new English unit, which will centre around a narrative about our book 'Holes' and in Maths, we will be looking at Calculations. Our Topic work will involve learning about the Triangular routes of the slave trade and we will be making cameras in Science. I'm sure everyone will have a great time at Lifeskills on Thursday - please make sure you have returned permission slips and money, if you haven't already. 

Spellings to be tested Friday 27th September












First full week completed! We have been busy - in English, we have been improving our understanding of embedded clauses and learning about yellow-spotted lizards and geckos. Our Maths work centred all around number and place value and in Topic we were very enthusiastic about using maps to locate countries around the world.

    Swimming on Thursday was great fun and our diamond cricket skills showed great improvement in PE. Our first lot of spellings were given out on Friday and are displayed below. Children should also be reading 3 times a week and practising their maths skills on Timestable Rockstars and Mymaths. (Their mymaths log in details will be sent home on Monday. 


  Thanks to everyone who has sent in money for our lifeskills trip and the YR6 camp deposits. 


Well done to Pupils of the Week, Luis and Grace and our Times Table Rock Legend, Lola.


  Next week, we will be writing a non-chronological report about a yellow-spotted lizard in English and in Maths we will be looking at rounding numbers and negative numbers. We will start learning about the slave trade in Topic and in Science we will be learning how our eyes work. 

Spellings to be tested: Friday 20th September












Well, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week of Term 1 and I hope the children have as well! We have had a great week getting to know each other and also fitted in some English and Maths lessons as well! Next week we will be starting our English work based around the book 'Holes' and in Maths we will be looking at place value. We start our Topic on Slavery and we will also have our first PE and swimming lessons of the term!


Have a great weekend!

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