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Y6 - Giraffe

Welcome to Giraffe Class 2019-20!


I am really excited about being in Year 6 again! We certainly have to work hard, but we also enjoy our final year at Barley Close and most importantly have lots of fun! As well as myself, we also have Mrs Harris, Mrs Baker-Haynes, Mrs Spindler and Miss Thorpe working with us. I will update this page regularly with what we have been doing in class, as well as putting important information on here about trips, PE and swimming. If you do have any questions, please feel free to come and chat to me before or after school - if I can't answer your question straight away, I will always get back to you with the necessary info!


Miss Beard



In Term 2, we have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday. Children will need to wear their PE kit to school. This consists of black/navy jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts; a white or blue t-shirt and their school jumper. Barley Close t-shirts and hoodies can also be worn on these days. None of their PE kit should be branded (Adidas, Nike etc).  Long hair will need to be tied back and earrings will need to be removed or covered up. 



Spellings will be sent home on a Friday and tested the following Friday. Every child will have a spelling book and the spellings will also be put on this page.



 Although children no longer need to read 'to' an adult, they need to collect at least 3 signatures a week, to say that an adult has seen them reading at home. Reading records are checked every Friday.



All children have an account for Times Table Rockstars and have their log in details in their reading records. They are encouraged to play at least 3 times a week! 



Well the Christmas tree and fairy lights are up in the classroom and the countdown has begun! In English, we have started looking at explanation texts - we have learnt about grumpy teachers, earthquakes and Santa Claus this week! In Maths, we have been improving our understanding of decimals and in Science, we have been making circuits and learning the associated vocabulary. 

 PE lessons have seen the children braving the cold to play netball and rugby. 

       Next week in English, we will be writing an explanation text about Christmas. In Maths, we will be looking at Shape. We will be getting creative in our Art lesson, when we get the clay out and in Topic, we will be learning about the abolition of slavery. 


   A reminder that Christmas dinner day is Wednesday 11th December and Christmas jumper day is Friday 13th December. 

Spellings to be tested on Friday 13th December












Well what a fabulous performance the children gave in our class assembly! They worked very hard to learn their words and lots of teachers came up to me afterwards to say how brilliant they thought the children were. Well Done Giraffe Class!!! 

   As well as rehearsing for the assembly, we have also been busy sitting our second round of mock KS2 tests. The children have put a lot of effort into trying their absolute best during all of the tests and they should all feel very proud of themselves! In English, we also wrote fabulous poems about the Slave Trade and in Maths, we learnt about dividing fractions. 

    Massive thanks to Mr Moore for providing today's Food Friday - everyone got some cooked halloumi  and a choice of dips to try! It was very popular and it was great to see so many children trying halloumi even though they didn't think they would like it - and then coming back for seconds!!


Well done Pupils of the Week, Mckenzi and Steven and Times Table Rock Legend Leah.


Next week in English, we begin learning about explanation texts and in Maths, we are looking at decimals and fractions. Our Science lessons will concentrate on electrical circuits and in Art, we will be using clay to make a tile that represents slavery. 

Spellings to be tested Friday 6th December












Sorry - I made a mistake with the date of our class assembly. It's Thursday the 28th November - not the 27th.


This week has gone very quickly and we have packed A LOT in!! In English, we have been looking at poems; talking about metaphors, similes and personification and also writing our own poems about slavery. Our Maths lessons have centred around percentages and the children have become very confident at using them. They braved the muddy field to play tag rugby in PE and we have also started preparing for our class assembly which is on November 27th.

   Well Done to Pupils of the Week, Erianna and Anika and Times Table Rock Legend was also Erianna.

   Next week, in English we will be writing poems about slavery and in Maths we will be dividing fractions. Much of our English and Maths lesson time will be taken up with our second round of mock-KS2 tests. We will also be busy practising our class assembly - the children are already looking forward to performing it! 

Spellings to be tested Friday 29th November













What a fabulous week! Everyone has worked really hard in English, writing diary entries about life as a slave. In Maths, we recapped our understanding of multiplication and divide and in Topic, we learnt about slave auctions. We braved the cold and rain in both of our PE lessons and everyone fully embraced the wintery weather!!

     Our cinema trip was a complete success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the film - they were a real credit to the school and their families with the way they behaved.


Well done to Pupils of the Week, Lola and Caitlyn. 


Next week, we will be looking at poetry in English, percentages in Maths and the abolition of slavery in Topic. Our class reward on Tuesday afternoon will be a muddy sports afternoon - please make sure your child has old, warm clothes to wear and shoes that are okay to get muddy! 

Spellings to be tested Friday 22nd November












Well I think the holiday certainly recharged everyone's batteries, as we have had a fabulous week in Giraffe Class! In English, we have started reading stories about the experiences the slaves endured, in preparation for writing a diary entry as a slave. Our Maths work centred around reflecting and translating shapes and place value. In Science, we started our Electricity topic by understanding that not everyone in the world has access to electricity and in Topic, we learnt what life was like on board a slave ship. 

   Well done to Pupils of the Week, Corey and Olivia and TTRS Rock Legend, Amelia


   Next week in English, we will write a diary entry and in Maths, we will be looking at calculations and problem solving. Our Topic will be about the slave auctions. Our trip to the cinema on Friday will be a great way to end the week (especially as we will be dressed up for Children in Need) and I'm definitely looking forward to it! 

Spellings to be tested 15.11.19












Stop the clock - Term 1 is complete!! We have had lots of fun and also learnt lots - bring on the rest of the year!!


 We finished the term in style, being victorious in the Netball tournament that we played against Zebra Class and also wrote great balanced arguments in English.


Congratulations to Pupil of the Term, Luis and Times Table Rock Legend, Jorja.


Have a great holiday everyone and see you for Term 2 on Monday 4th November!


First test week of Year 6 completed! All the children have worked very hard this week at completing our first set of mock KS2 tests and should be feeling very proud of themselves! They have learnt a lot about what 'sitting the test' looks like and many of them have been surprised with the scores they have achieved! 

    In Art, the children drew abstract self-portraits and in PE, we had a great game of netball.


   Well done to Pupils of the Week, Lily and Leo and also Times Table Rock Legend, Luis


 In the last week of Term 1, we will be looking at Geometry in Maths and writing our balanced argument in English. Our PE lessons will see us take on Zebra Class in a netball tournament and we will also be watching the film version of our English book 'Holes'. 

Spellings to be tested Thursday 24th October












Well the weather has certainly turned autumnal, but we are staying sunny in Giraffe Class!! We became independent scientists in our Science lesson this week and planned and carried out our own investigations about shadows. In English, we started a new unit - we will be writing a balanced argument about whether juvenile working camps should be allowed to be used as a form of punishment. Our Maths work centred around those infamous Fractions - and thankfully, most people were feeling a lot more confident by the end of the week. We also started our unit looking at abstract art, which raised lots of discussion about what could be seen in the paintings we were looking at. 


   Well done to Times Table Rock Legend, Caitlyn and also Pupils of the Week, Jorja and Dan W.


   Next week, sees the first practise KS2 tests of Year 6. We use real past papers, so that by the time the 'real ones' come around in May, the children know exactly what to expect. We take time to talk through what they can and can't do during the test and how much help we are allowed to give them when it comes to reading questions. We also fit in extra play times during test week, to make sure we are giving our brains time to relax as well! It is also chance for us to see where the gaps in learning are, so that we can plan our lessons accordingly. 

    Our English lessons will continue to be based around the argument text and in Maths, we will be looking at multiplying and dividing. 

Spellings to be tested Friday 18th October












We have had another great week in Giraffe Class!

In English, the children worked really hard on their stories linked to our book 'Holes' and used lots of ambitious vocabulary in them. Our Maths work centred around finding the area and perimeter of rectangles and also converting measurements. In Topic, we talked about the important role Bristol played in the Slave Trade and our Science lesson saw us writing instructions on how to make a camera from a Pringles tube! 

    Well done to Pupils of the Week, Grace and Dan M and our Times Table Rock Legend was Olivia.

    Next week in English, we begin a new unit - writing a balanced argument and in Maths we will be looking at Fractions, decimals and percentages. We will be beginning our Abstract Art unit in Maths and in Science, we will be looking at shadows. 


Spellings to be tested on Friday 11th October












We are halfway through the term! 

It has been another great week - in English, we started a new unit, where we end up writing a story about Stanley's unlucky great-grandfather and his adventures on a mountain! In Maths, we have been reminding ourselves about the four different calculation strategies; in Topic we found out about the triangular route of the slave trade and in Science, we began to make pinhole cameras out of Pringles tubes. Everyone seemed to enjoy the Lifeskills trip and lots of important information was learnt. 


 Well done to Pupils of the Week, Seren and Ryan and also our Times Table Rock Legend - Seren again!


   Next week in English, we will be writing our stories; in Maths, we will be looking at measures (area, perimeter and converting measures) and in Topic, we will be starting to look at Bristol's role in the slave trade.

Spellings to be tested 4th October












Well the sun has been shining and it has been another fabulous week in Giraffe Class! We have been writing about Yellow Spotted Lizards in English and on Wednesday, we had a very special guest when Mrs Spindler brought Custard the Leopard Gecko into class. In Maths, we have been rounding numbers and also using negative numbers in real life situations, which led to some interesting discussions about going overdrawn at the bank! Our Topic lesson was about how the transatlantic slave trade began and in Science we learnt about how our eyes work. 


   Well done to Times Table Rock Legend, Anika.


Next week, we start a new English unit, which will centre around a narrative about our book 'Holes' and in Maths, we will be looking at Calculations. Our Topic work will involve learning about the Triangular routes of the slave trade and we will be making cameras in Science. I'm sure everyone will have a great time at Lifeskills on Thursday - please make sure you have returned permission slips and money, if you haven't already. 

Spellings to be tested Friday 27th September












First full week completed! We have been busy - in English, we have been improving our understanding of embedded clauses and learning about yellow-spotted lizards and geckos. Our Maths work centred all around number and place value and in Topic we were very enthusiastic about using maps to locate countries around the world.

    Swimming on Thursday was great fun and our diamond cricket skills showed great improvement in PE. Our first lot of spellings were given out on Friday and are displayed below. Children should also be reading 3 times a week and practising their maths skills on Timestable Rockstars and Mymaths. (Their mymaths log in details will be sent home on Monday. 


  Thanks to everyone who has sent in money for our lifeskills trip and the YR6 camp deposits. 


Well done to Pupils of the Week, Luis and Grace and our Times Table Rock Legend, Lola.


  Next week, we will be writing a non-chronological report about a yellow-spotted lizard in English and in Maths we will be looking at rounding numbers and negative numbers. We will start learning about the slave trade in Topic and in Science we will be learning how our eyes work. 

Spellings to be tested: Friday 20th September












Well, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week of Term 1 and I hope the children have as well! We have had a great week getting to know each other and also fitted in some English and Maths lessons as well! Next week we will be starting our English work based around the book 'Holes' and in Maths we will be looking at place value. We start our Topic on Slavery and we will also have our first PE and swimming lessons of the term!


Have a great weekend!

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