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Y6 - Giraffe

Welcome to Year 6.


I am proud to lead Giraffe class and everyone who works hard within it, both students and staff. My name is Mrs King, our fabulous teaching assistants are Mrs Wilson and Mrs Griffiths. Mrs Whittle, Mrs Duggan and Mr Perry are SEN Teaching Assistants in our class. Mrs Gransden has also joined our team and works with the whole class every Wednesday.


We are kicking off 2015 by zooming into space 'To infinity and beyond!' Not only are we expanding our space knowledge but we are also examining light, how fast light travels and how our eyes work!


Over the remaining terms of the year, not only we will be finding out about our local area, delving into a world of chocolate and writing our own 'Lonely Planet Guide to the world'. Combined with Year 5 and 6 camp in May and an end of year production to rehearse and perform, it looks as though 2015 will be busy one indeed!


So hold onto your hats and join me for a roller coaster ride in Year 6!

Mrs King

Important Information


MONDAY and THURSDAY: PE- outdoor PE kit including trainers/daps is essential and you will be expected to take part every session. NO EARRINGS or JEWELLERY


No swimming this term


If the weather is good we aim to head outside to squeeze in extra PE sessions. Please bring your kit on a Monday and leave them in school all week!



Year 6's Freedom Song

We imagined how Slave workers felt as they were taken from their homes and transported across the world to work on plantations in the West Indies. Each table wrote their own version the famous freedom song 'Go down Moses'. We hope you enjoy it!

Group 1
Verse and Chorus of 'Let my people go'

Freedom Song group 2

Group 2 'Let my people go'
Verse and Chorus 2

Freedom Song group 3

Verse and chorus- group 3
'Let my people go'

Freedom song - Group 4

'Let my people go'
Verse and chorus 4

Freedom song- group 5

'Let my people go'
Verse and Chorus 5

Freedom Song- Group 6

'Let my people go'
Verse and chorus 6

Topic term 6: Tour Guide to the world

Spellings Term 6

Term 4 and 5: Chocolate

Spelling Term 5

Spelling Term 4

Term 3. To infinity and beyond topic overview

Spellings term 3

Term 2 Creative Curriculum 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'

Term 2 spellings

Term 1 Creative Curriculum Overview 'Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion'

Spellings Term 1

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