Barley Close Community Primary School
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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Jo Williams, Headteacher
Picture 2 Kim Drake, Deputy Head Teacher (SLT)
Picture 3 Jayne Daniel, Deputy Head Teacher (SLT)
Picture 4 Karen Beard, Teacher
Picture 5 Alison King, SENCo (SLT)
Picture 6 Jessica Rammell, Teacher (on maternity leave)
Picture 7 Sharon Gleed, Teacher
Picture 8 Claire Crocker, Teacher
Picture 9 Michelle Prideaux, Teacher
Picture 10 Sarah Silbereis, Teacher
Picture 11 Sue Sheppard, Teacher
Picture 12 Katy Cripps, Teacher
Picture 13 Katie Chandler, Teacher
Picture 14 Samantha Mitchell, Teacher
Picture 15 Hazel Popel, Teacher
Picture 16 Kayleigh Hyde, Teacher
Picture 17 Christie Bryant, Teacher
Picture 18 Kat Pringle, Teacher
Picture 19 Chris Hunter, Teacher
Picture 20 Steve Craig, Teacher
Picture 21 Maria Gio-Batta, Teacher
Picture 22 Agnieszka Olszewska
Picture 23 Michelle Moorcraft, School Business Manager (SLT)
Picture 24 Teresa Ridley, School Administrator
Picture 25 Julie Brayley, Clerical Assistant
Picture 26 Nick Tooker, Nursery Practitioner
Picture 27 Deborah Duggan, Teaching Assistant
Picture 28 Sue Green, Nursery Practitioner
Picture 29 Gill Dickinson, Lunchbreak Supervisor
Picture 30 Julia Baker-Haynes, Teaching Assistant
Picture 31 Julie Amos, Lunchbreak Supervisor
Picture 32 Sharon Harris, Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 33 Vicki Withers, Breakfast Club
Picture 34 Sue Herepath, Kitchen Unit Manager
Picture 35 Maria Wells, Kitchen Assistant and Breakfast cook
Picture 36 Kylie Buckley, Nursery Practitioner
Picture 37 Joanne Collins, Teacher Assistant
Picture 38 Louise Dunn, Nursery Practitioner
Picture 39 Michelle Harris, Teaching Assistant
Picture 40 Danielle James, Nursery Practitioner
Picture 41 George Payne, Teaching Assistant
Picture 42 Sarah Lines, Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 43 Kerry Spindler, Teaching Assistant
Picture 44 Sonia Burton, Teaching Assistant
Picture 45 Debbie Rowley, Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Picture 46 Julie Williams, Teaching Assistant
Picture 47 Clare Butterfield, Teaching Assistant
Picture 48 Nikki Frost, Lunchbreak Supervisor
Picture 49 Helen Woodward, Teaching Assistant
Picture 50 Rachel Davies, Teaching Assistant
Picture 51 Mine Somyurek, Teaching Assistant
Picture 52 Rebbeca Cornish-Lewis, Teaching Assistant
Picture 53 Cindy Masters, Teaching Assistant
Picture 54 Sharon Merchant, Teaching Assistant
Picture 55 Kristine Lockwood, Nursery Practitioner
Picture 56 Jenny Weston, Family Link Worker
Picture 57 Della Fry, Playleader
Picture 58 Eve Griffiths, Deputy Playleader, HLTA
Picture 59 Kerry Kiff, Teaching Assistant
Picture 60 Abbie Thomas, Lunchbreak Supervisor
Picture 61 Anna Selway, Lunchbreak Supervisor
Picture 62 Jen Paddock, Lunchbreak Supervisor
Picture 63 Claire Bradford, Teaching Assistant
Picture 64 Bryan Savage, Site Manager
Picture 65 Julie Halton, Cleaner
Picture 66 Megan Richards, Class Teacher

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  • Barley Close, Mangotsfield, Bristol
  • United Kingdom, BS16 9DL
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