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Y5 - Elephant




Welcome to Elephant Class!




My name is Miss Beard and although I am  new to Barley Close, I have been teaching for over ten years. My  previous school was Staple Hill Primary School and whilst I was  there, I taught in every year group from Year 2 to Year 6.  I have  spent the last few years teaching in Year 6 and so am very excited  about moving to Year 5! 


 In my spare time, I love getting outside. I really enjoy  going on long walks,(especially when I can get really muddy), cycling and I've recently taken up running. My other great love is live music. I attend as many concerts as I can get to and also try and get to at least one music festival a year. 


 In Year 5, we have lots  of work to do and lots of challenges to set ourselves, to build on all  the fantastic work we did in Year 4, but I also think that we can  have lots of fun at the same time!


 Mr Edwards and Mrs Kiff will be working alongside me in Elephant  Class and I know they are both excited about the coming school  year.



 In Term 6, PE is on a  Friday. Please remember to bring your kit in  at the start of term and leave it in school (unless it gets really dirty).  Please remember that you need a separate pair of shoes for PE rather than wearing your school shoes.  Long  hair will need to be tied back and earrings will need to be removed  for all PE activities.



In Term 6, we will be swimming on a Monday. Girls need a one piece swimming costume and boys need trunks - don't forget your towel as well!



 You need to read at least five times a week and record it in your  reading record. Please remember to bring your reading book AND  reading record into school everyday please!



 A list of words will be sent home every Wednesday. You will be  tested on these words the following Wednesday!


 More information will be posted on here in the coming weeks, so  remember to check back. Please don't hesitate to come and speak  to me at the end of the school day if you need to pass on  information about your child or have any questions.



 I will be posting weekly updates to share  what we have been doing and what we will be doing. 





The document below will show you what we will be covering in Year 5.


This week has been all about Maths! We have compared the cost of homemade pizza with takeaway prices, shopped for ingredients and cooked (and eaten) pizza. We buddied up with Tiger Class on Thursday to solve problems that we had written and on Friday we looked at the salaries of a wide range of jobs. We were also given a budget of £15 to spend on food and drink for our end of year class party. (Some of us were very good at spotting an offer!). We enjoyed talking to the people who came in to talk about their jobs on Monday and thought of some great questions to ask!

   Next week, we will be spending Monday and Tuesday in Giraffe Class with Mrs Daniel and Mrs Popel, to get us ready for the move to year 6. We will be spending the rest of the week keeping ourselves busy with English, Maths, Topic and LOTS of outside PE lessons! 

   There is no talk topic, as we will not be doing a Big Write on Friday!


Another very exciting week in Elephant Class! Some of us tested our road safety skills out on the nearby roads, we all attended a circus skills workshop on Wednesday morning and on Friday we practised our archery skills! We also fitted in a fun swimming session, Maths and English lessons - oh yes and we spent the morning with one of our new teachers Mrs Popel on Thursday!


   Next week, it is Maths week at Barley Close and we will be looking at when we use Maths in real-life, every day situations! We have some people coming in to talk to us about their jobs on Monday, on Wednesday some of us  are going to Sainsbury's to buy ingredients for food and on Friday some of us will be cooking delicious food! On Thursday, we will be buddying up with Tiger Class to do some maths together. We will also be continuing with our Road Safety workshops on Tuesday and swimming on Monday and Wednesday! 


   Talk Topic is ourselves (again) as in Big Write we will be writing a report about ourselves, that focuses on our strengths and targets for Year 6. I'm sure they will be just as entertaining as the ones that were written about me yesterday! 


  Well another busy week in Elephant Class! In English, we continued our work on 'How to Live Forever'. We completed some drama, we wrote a conversation between the main character and his parents and we planned our alternative part of the story, ready to write them up next week. Our Maths lessons saw us focusing on  fractions and also revisiting ordering decimals. In our Creative lessons we looked at the differences between the UK climate and the Arctic, before comparing the different animal classes and in PE we played rounders. On Tuesday morning, we were visited by a member of the South Gloucestershire Road Safety team, to talk about how we can keep ourselves safe when out walking.

    This week, we will continue to fit in as much as we can! In English, we will write our alternative 'How to Live Forever' stories, in Maths we will be looking at Shape and in Creative, we will be looking at life cycles of animals, plants and humans! We will be visited by the Road Safety team again on Tuesday and this week, we will be going out in small groups to put our knowledge into practise! We will be swimming on Wednesday this week and in PE on Friday, we will continue to improve our rounders or cricket skills! As it is Circus Week at Barley Close, we will be taking part in a Circus workshop on Wednesday and will be creating some Circus themed art on Thursday. 

     Our Talk Topic this week is Miss Beard! In the Big Write this week, the children will be writing a report on  my performance this year.... it's only fair, as I have written each of them a report!


Phew!! Well we can't say the sun didn't shine on Sports Week!! This week Elephant Class have: swam, played rounders (twice), practised for Sports Day (twice), completed fun relay races, raced in Sports Day, played Cricket (twice) and ran a mile!! I think the children must be exhausted! It has been a fabulous week and the amount of pride and team work and good sportsmanship that has been on display has been truly wonderful to see! When we had time to sit down, we also wrote some great instructions on how to live forever (it appears to involve lots of fairy dust, unicorn hair and troll poo!), performed extracts of the Harry Potter play and revised our knowledge of shape in Maths!

    Next week, we are back to 'normal'. In English we will be writing an alternative ending to 'How to Live Forever', in Maths we are looking at Fractions and Decimals and in Topic we are learning about life cycles. On Tuesday, we are due a visit from the South Glos Road Safety Team.

    Our Talk Topic this week is ourselves and the Big Write will be a free choice piece of writing, describing ourselves for our new teacher. 


For the rest of this term, the children have personalised spelling lists that they will be learning. These are written in their spelling books and are based on the Year 5/6 Spelling list. 


This week in Elephant Class we have been busy getting to grips with writing instructions, by looking at the features of them and also writing instructions on how to be the perfect Year 6 teacher! According to many of the children it involves dressing up like a horse and playing music in the morning... so I guess I must be doing something right! In Maths, we spent the week improving our multiplication and division knowledge.  We spent two lovely afternoons out on the field practising for Sports Day and in guided reading, we all learnt a poem by heart and performed it to the rest of the class!

   Next week is sports week... we shall be getting outside every single day and will be playing rounders, cricket, team games and of course, on Wednesday afternoon it is Sports Day! As the weather looks to be delivering us some sunshine, please can I ask that everyone comes to school with a water bottle, so that we can keep ourselves hydrated and healthy! We shall be writing instructions on how to live forever in English, whilst in Maths we will be revising our knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes and in guided reading, we will be rehearsing extracts from a play script. 

   Our Talk Topic is winning a sports competition like the World Cup or an Olympic Medal and the Big Write will be a free choice piece of writing linked to that. 


 Well the children might not have been in school on Monday, but we still packed an awful lot in to our week! We started Term 6 on Tuesday, with an Art themed day. Our new English text is a picture book called 'How to Live Forever' and it has amazing pictures in it. We have all created fantastic 'bookshelves' which will create an amazing in-class display. It is great to see how much more confident Elephant Class have become with their artwork, compared to the start of the year!

   In Maths, we looked at volume and capacity and worked in groups to solve practical problems and in PE we made up our own bat and ball games.

   This term, our approach to spellings will be a little bit different, as the children will all have an individual list, based on spellings they need to learn. They will be writing them into their spelling books on Monday. 

  Our Talk Topic next week is Peter, the main character of 'How to Live Forever' and our Big Write on Friday will be a biography of him. 

We have changed the English text that we are going to be using in Term 6. We will be reading 'How to Live Forever' by Colin Thompson. The story focuses on what would happen in a library if all the books came to life at night. It looks a great read!


 Swimming (twice), basketball, ball games, shot put, running races, hide and seek and capture the flag... Elephant Class have certainly made the most of the warm weather and packed in lots of exercise during the last week of Term 5! We have also written our autobiographies (which were most enlightening) and made Mayan Masks! We certainly deserve our holiday! I hope everyone has a great break and I will see you all on Tuesday 6th June!


This week in Elephant Class, we have being talking about how we challenge ourselves and how we make ourselves feel proud. It is great to hear the children sounding so positive and excited by their achievements and their resilience is growing by the day!

    In English, we started looking at autobiographies and also wrote about a significant memory from our lives (there were lots of mentions of holidays, pets and Christmas!), whilst in Maths we tried to remember the difference between area and perimeter, using handy little rhymes! We designed masks in creative (which we will be making next week) and we also found time to fit in a swimming lesson and two PE lessons! 

     Next week, we will be writing autobiographies in English, looking back over our recent learning in Maths and making masks in creative. We will be swimming on Monday AND Tuesday and we will be rounding off Term 5 on Friday with a class reward.  Our Talk Topic is healthy lifestyles and  in the Big Write on Friday, we will be writing instructions.



Well last week threw up all sorts of surprises, but nothing fazed Elephant Class and they were as amazing as they always are! We wrote our own version of Chinese Cinderella, we converted metric and imperial measurements, we swam, did PE, tasted food influenced by the Mayans and talked about the difference between fact, opinions and beliefs in RE. (Oh yes, and we made scrummy pizzas on Friday as well!)

    This week we will be moving on to learning about autobiographies in English; in Maths we will be tackling area and perimeter; in Creative we will be designing Mayan masks and in Computing, we will be carrying on with our work on spreadsheets. We shall be swimming on Monday and will have PE on Wednesday and Thursday. (We are currently practising for the MAD Olympiad). 

    Our Talk Topic is Dreams. On Friday in the Big Write, we will be writing poems about dreams and children will have the chance to have their poem entered into the 'Once upon a Dream' competition.  Click on the link below for further details.



Yet again, we packed a lot in (especially as it was only a 4 day week!) In English, we continued our work on Chinese Cinderella, and created characters that we will use next week wehn we write a rebirth narrative. In Maths, we continued our work on measurements and in Topic, we used the internet to research Mayan Life. The highlight of the week was our Thursday morning trip to the M:Shed. Everyone was really well-behaved and it was great fun looking at all the skeletons and hear recordings of  Tom and Rhys reading  their poems.

   Next week, we get our first trip to the swimming pool this term, and we will continue to be energetic in PE on Wednesday and Thursday. In English, we will be writing a rebirth narrative, based on the story of Cinderella; in Maths, we will be doing more work on Measurements and in Topic, we will be tasting food... yum!!

   Our Talk Topic, is how confused Mayan people would be, with modern inventions (would they expect to see a fire in the back of an oven) and in the Big Write on Friday, we will be writing an explanation text.


Was that school week really only 5 days long! We started on Monday morning with a virtual reality trip to Mayan Civilisations, thanks to Google Expeditions and ended Friday afternoon sketching Mayan ruins... and packed an awful lot inbetween!! 

     In English, we started a new unit (autobiographies) where our text is 'Chinese Cinderella' and shares what it was like growing up in China in the 1940s. In Maths, we revisited our work on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. We enjoyed lots of PE this week, even though the temperatures were chillier than we expected and showed lots of great teamwork!

    Next week, we are looking forward to our trip to the M:Shed on Thursday morning. Thank you to everyone who returned the permission slip so promptly! We will be continuing to read Chinese Cinderella in English, in Maths we will be looking at converting measurements and in Topic, we will researching Mayan life, using the internet! 

   Our Talk Topic is our M:Shed trip and the Big Write on Friday is a recount of our trip. 


During the first week back, our Talk Topic will be Macbeth... one year later! In the Big Write, children will be able to write a story about what they think has happened.


We made it to the end of term!!

We packed lots in this week... On Monday, everyone was fabulous when they presented their persuasive talks to Mrs Williams. She was very impressed and after consulting with the rest of SLT, they agreed that as the children had been so persuasive, they were happy to let them carry on using texts like War Horse and Macbeth. On Tuesday, we transformed ourselves into witches as we practiced performing one of the witch spells from Macbeth and also continued our work in maths on decimals and fractions. We made huge amounts of mess on Thursday, making Anglo-Saxon shields and swords (thank you to everyone who saved and sent in cardboard) and then finished off the term in style, with an amazing Anglo-Saxon battle on the field. Everyone in Elephant Class felt that we had won, but ultimately, it wasn't about winning, it was just great to see so much good natured fighting going on all over the field!

 We return to school on April 24th, when we will have a new topic and new English units to get our teeth stuck into. We will also be getting back into the swimming pool and details about when our lessons are, will be posted up towards the end of the holidays. I hope you all have a great holiday!

Anglo-Saxon Fun!


How did it get to be the 1st of April?

We have had another productive week in Elephant Class. In English, we have been busy writing a persuasive text to present to Mrs Williams on Monday afternoon. We are trying to persuade her that we can carry on reading 'gory' books like Warhorse and Macbeth! In Maths, we worked to build our understanding and confidence when multiplying fractions and in our Creative lessons, we designed Anglo-Saxon jewellery and also researched aspects of Anglo-Saxon life. When we were doing our researching, we tried out a new way of working and everyone was assigned a particular job! It was fabulous to see everyone taking their responsibilities so seriously and teams worked very well together.

    Next week, we will be presenting out persuasive texts to Mrs Williams in English, before we move on to study some performance poetry. In Maths, we will looking at the relationship between decimals, fractions and percentages and we will be ending the week by making Anglo-Saxons shields and spears before we have a battle on the school field! Any donations of cardboard will be gratefully received on Thursday 6th April! Our talk topic is a day in the life of an Anglo-Saxon soldier and in the Big Write on Friday, we will be writing a diary entry about our battle. 

Spellings to be tested 5.4.17


 Well this week in Elephant class, we started a new English unit, which will end with us trying to persuade Mrs Williams, Mrs Drake and Mrs Daniels that we should be allowed to carry on using texts like Warhorse and Macbeth, even if they include scenes of war and death. In Maths, we polished our dividing skills and continued to work on our mental maths skills. We enjoyed designing Anglo-Saxon shields in Topic (and will be making them in the final week of term) and we also found time to make beautiful cards for Mother's Day!

    Next week, we will be planning and writing our persuasive presentations in English; multiplying fractions in Maths and researching Anglo-Saxon life in Topic. Our Talk Topic is being set a dangerous challenge, as in Big Write on Friday, we shall be writing a Quest Story.


Another fabulous week in Elephant Class!

    In English, we finished our work on Macbeth by re-writing the final scene of Shakespeare's famous play. The children were able to use some amazing vocabulary (inspired by a battle we had on the playground) and I really enjoyed reading their work. Our work in Maths, continued to be centred around multiplication and it was great to see their confidence grow, as the week progressed. 

    Science week was well and truly celebrated! We had two attempts at making ice-cream, where we concentrated on working as a team and learning from our mistakes. Our trip to Mangotsfield Secondary School on Thursday was hugely successful and the children loved getting their hands on all sorts of chemicals to carry out exciting experiments. Their behaviour was fantastic and it was great to see them pushing themselves out of their comfort zone in trying lots of new things!

     We also spent some time during the week talking about how we can be better learners and how we can become more independent and responsible when we are in class. As the year is progressing, it is fabulous to see so many children pushing themselves to the best of their abilities and becoming more confident to 'have a go'.


     Next week, we return to our topic on Anglo-Saxons and will be looking at battles and weapons. In Maths, we will be looking at division and in English, we will be starting a new unit; persuasive writing. Our Big Write on Friday, will be an argument, with a Science theme and our Talk Topic is 'Should children in primary schools be able to do more exciting experiments (involving bunsen burners and chemicals), like they do at secondary school?'


Well the children might have only been at school for four days, but we packed a lot in! In PE, they worked in small groups to create a short routine on the large apparatus, which they then performed to the rest of the class. Our work on Macbeth in English continued and we did some great drama and character descriptions. In Maths, we were improving our knowledge and understanding of multiplication, whilst in Topic, we created a timeline of the main events in British history between 493 and 1066.

   Next week, we are celebrating Science Week. We shall be carrying out experiments in class and on Thursday morning, we'll be visiting Mangotsfield Secondary School to make use of their laboratories to have some fun! In English, we will be writing our own version of a scene from Macbeth and in Maths, we shall continue our work on multiplication.

    Our Big Write on Friday will be based around the quote and picture below and so this is what our Talk Topic is based around. The picture is also up on display in the classroom window.





  In Week 2 we left Macbeth behind for a week and based our English around a short film based in the Arctic Circle. We enjoyed watching the film and describing the snowy setting, before we wrote in role as the lone man and then we finished the week writing what happened once the film had ended. The children were very imaginative and used some fantastic vocabulary. 

   The reason we changed our text, was to celebrate World Book Day. A huge thank you to everyone who dressed up; everyone looked fantastic! It has been great to see so many of the children push themselves out of their reading comfort zones in recent weeks... David Walliams is a great author and Pokemon books are interesting, but it is important to remember there are many, many more authors out there!

    In Maths, we furthered our understanding of multiples, factors, squared and cubed numbers and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Using the large apparatus in PE is proving to be great fun and although the rain put paid to our hockey lesson on Friday, the Art that we did instead was great fun!

   Obviously, we started the week with our Robotics Day. Although we had little idea of what this entailed before it started, the children were quickly engaged and working hard. The visitors that led our session commented that Elephant Class were some of the best children they had ever worked with and it was great to see so much team work and problem solving going on!


   This week, we are back to Macbeth (concentrating on the characters of Macbeth and Lad Macbeth) in English and in Maths we are revisiting multiplication and division. We shall be continuing our work on the apparatus in PE; furthering our understanding of programme making in computing and looking at chronology in Topic.


  As Friday is an INSET Day, we shall be doing Big Write on Thursday. Our Talk Topic this week is spooky forests


I'm sure the weeks are flying by quicker and quicker every term!

     So we hit the ground running in Term 4, with lots of new exciting topics to be learnt! In English, we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to grips with some Shakespeare; Macbeth has proved a popular hit with all the children, especially the more gruesome parts! Maths lessons have seen us revisiting our work on place value and in Topic, we have started learning about the invasion of Britain by the Anglo-Saxons. We finished the week working on our hockey skills in the glorious spring sunshine!

     Next week, we have lots to look forward to! On Monday, we have some special visitors coming in, to lead a Robotics Challenge. On Thursday, we will be dressing up as our favourite hero or heroine from a story book to celebrate World Book Day and I am looking forward to seeing the children dressed up. We shall be continuing with our work on Anglo-Saxons in Topic and in Maths we will be focusing on multiples, factors, squared numbers and cubed numbers. 

     We shall be taking a break from Macbeth for a week to focus on a video about life in the Arctic. This fits in with the World Book Day celebrations on Thursday. A link for the video can be found below. Our Talk Topic is the Arctic Circle video and the Big Write on Friday will be writing the next part of the story.

Arctic Circle Video

Still image for this video
We shall be basing our English work around this all week.


 Welcome back!!


Our Talk Topic this week is Roman Skeletons that were found in Mangotsfield. In the Big Write on Friday, we will be writing a poem about these skeletons. This is to tie in with a request we have had from M;Shed, to provide some poems to use in an exhibition they are going to be holding about the discovery. Information about the skeletons has been sent home with your child!




It's the holidays!! How can we be halfway through the school year! 

We finished off Term 3 by writing, editing and publishing our non-chronological reports about World War One. Everyone seemed to enjoy learning about this period of history, although they definitely weren't impressed with the idea of the lack of food that the soldiers on the frontline had to put up with! In Maths we worked on addition and subtraction calculations and also completed 'hot tasks'to see how much we remembered about our recent work on statistics and rounding. We marked 'Safer Internet Day' this week by reminding ourselves how and why we should be thinking about our safety when we are online and wrote some great play scripts to show our knowledge, in the Big Write. Unfortunately, our trip to Mangotsfield Secondary School had to be postponed, but we will be going along next term instead.


 When we return to school on Monday 20th February, our English focus will be Macbeth by William Shakespeare, our Maths focus for the week will be more addition and subtractions and we we will be starting our new topic, 'Anglo Saxon Settlers'. 


Have a great holiday and see you next Term!


Well we finished off a busy January in style, making a solid from two liquids in Science, improving our rounding of numbers in Maths using playing cards and improving our knowledge of non-chronological reports in English doing some cutting and sticking! As we reach the halfway point of the school year, everyone is working really hard and the progress that has been made since September is huge!

    In the final week of Term 6, we are going to plan and write a non-chronological report about World War One; in Maths, we will be fine-tuning our addition and subtraction skills and as it is Internet Safety Day on Tuesday, we are also going to be busy learning how to keep ourselves safe on line. Our Talk Topic is Internet Safety and the Big Write will be a play script  that supports this.


     On Thursday morning, we will be visiting Mangotsfield Secondary School to take part in some Science workshops. As this visit is covered by the local visits agreement, we won't be sending a separate letter home, but children should remember to bring a waterproof coat on Thursday and wear sensible shoes for walking!


Well where did that week go! Elephant Class were very busy as usual... In English, the children wrote some amazing stories set in  World War One and the words the children used, really made me feel like I was in those muddy trenches! In Maths, we got our hands on some genuine bus timetables and were able to use them to answer questions about travelling around Bristol (assuming that the buses are running to time). Our Science lesson involved setting up an experiment involving nails and various liquids. We are going to use our experiment to work on our observation (and patience) skills, as we are making daily observations and recording our findings. We continue to brave the cold weather creating our own ball games and it was fabulous to see so much team spirit and good-natured competitiveness out on the playground!

      This week, we move onto looking at non-fiction writing in English (although still linked to World War One) and place value in Maths. We will be busy in Science, where we will be trying out for the Dragons Den and also making plastic!! Our Talk Topic is favourite Michael Morpurgo characters, as in the Big Write this week, we will be writing a story about discovering this character in our playground!



In Elephant Class last week, we continued our work on Michael Morpurgo in both English and Guided Reading by looking at 'Warhorse' and 'Private Peaceful'. In English, we have planned our Voyage and Return stories and have been very successful at thinking of problems our main character Joey might encounter out on the battlefield. In Maths, we continued our work on time and tried to use it in a practical way to convert one unit of time to another and work out how long we need to cook food for before it burns! The children were fabulous ambassadors for our school on Tuesday, when we hosted some students from UWE, who helped us complete work on fair testing in Science. 

   Next week, we continue to be just as busy! We will be writing voyage and return stories in English, reading tables and charts (primarily timetables) in Maths and continuing our work on fair testing in Science. The children have earned twenty class points and have chosen to have a onesie/pj disco on Monday afternoon, so prepare for them to be very sweaty when you pick them up on Monday!

  In the Big Write on Friday, we will be writing letters to Michael Morpurgo and the best ones will be sent off to him. Therefore our talk topic this week, is the books of Michael Morpurgo (especially Warhorse and Private Peaceful).


It's been another fantastic week in Elephant Class, that ended with us being rewarded with a class point in assembly for waiting so patiently! We packed a lot in; in English we began looking at our new text 'Warhorse' by Michael Morpurgo and we supported this work in Computing, by researching an aspect of World War 1. In Maths we spent two days improving our telling time skills and everyone got very enthusiastic about writing Roman numerals! We started our topic about Islam in RE, in Science, we learnt about lots of words starting with 's' to explain the process of dissolving and in PE we created and played our own invasion games!

     Next week, is no less busy. As well as continuing with our Invasion Games and Islam work, we will be preparing for story writing in English, by creating our own characters for Warhorse. Our Maths work continues with time and we will be converting time (minutes to seconds etc) to solve word problems. On Tuesday, we have visitors from the University of the West of England coming in, to run a Science experiment. Every child will need a 500ml disposable plastic bottle (empty!), in order to take part. 

     Hopefully, you will have been told about the exciting assembly we had on Thursday, to launch our new Walk to School challenge. Children will get the chance to win badges for walking to school three times a week. Even if you have no choice but to drive to school, we are asking that you park the car 5 minutes away and then walk the past part of your journey.

    Linked to this, our Talk Topic is 'Walking to School' and the Big Write next week will be a newspaper report about the scheme.


Happy New Year!!!

Well it may have been a short week, but we packed a lot in! In Maths, we got to grips with using protractors to draw and measure angles. In English, we started our new unit 'Voyage and Return Story', which is based around Michael Morpurgo's book 'Warhorse'. We used the internet to research aspects of World War 1 and then presented our findings to the rest of the class. In the Big Write, we were all able to write a set of instructions linked to New Year and it seems like many of the children know how to put on a fantastic party!

     Next week we shall be moving on to teach time in Maths. Although we shall be completing some work on how to tell the time, this is a life skill that needs to be referred to every day for it to really sink in. Talking to your child about telling the time and asking simple questions like 'How many minutes is it until we have to leave for school?', can really help your child's understanding. In English, we shall be reading 'Warhorse' and concentrating on the main characters. Our PE lessons this term focus on gym (Tuesday morning) and ball skills (Friday afternoon). Our Topic is all Science based this term and we shall be carrying out lots of experiments.  Our Talk Topic this week is Favourite Books, as we will be writing a book review in Big Write on Friday. Please talk to your children about favourite books you had as a child.

     Lots of children are enjoying the Pokemon reading challenge we started last term, which is terrific to see. A reminder that they should still be asking parents/carers to sign their reading records every time you see them read (5 times a week).


A great final week of term in Elephant class. We finished our fantastic quest stories and everyone embraced the spirit of Christmas! I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two terms at Barley Close and am looking forward to 2017.

   I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year and will see all the Elephants back in school on January 4th (complete with PE kit, because I am hoping to fit in some PE on the first day back!





Well we've had another great week in Elephant Class and although everyone is getting excited about Christmas, we are continuing to work hard and push ourselves out of our comfort zones! We completed our termly assessments and lots of people showed great resilience in working through the reading, maths and SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) tests. The results of these will be used to inform the lessons we plan next term. We had great fun looking at atlases on Thursday in Topic and I think everyone learnt at least one new country name! We finished the week with a fantastic game of netball and everyone showed great teamwork and positive sportsmanship!

       In the final week of 2016 in Elephant Class (How did that happen?!), We will be writing our quest stories in English and revising of knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes in Maths. We will also find time to get creative and make some Christmas Crafts. There is no Big Write on Friday, so no official talk topic... but we will be talking about how we celebrate Christmas throughout the week!




I know I say it every week, but we had another busy week in Elephant Class! In Maths, we were getting to grips with decimals and lots of children felt much more confident at the end of the week, than they were at the beginning of it! We are trying to work on our self-confidence in Maths as well as improve our maths knowledge! In English, we started our new unit, which is quest stories. We had great fun acting out what happened to our story character when he went through a door... our imaginations went into overdrive! We held class council on Thursday and put forward our views to our school council members about the lunch menu, the play pod and the topics we learn about.

       Next week, we will continue our work on decimals and quest stories. In Topic we will using atlases to locate different places in the world and we will continue to dance and play ball games in PE. Our Talk Topic this week is Snow and Frost and we will be writing a setting description of a snowy scene in the Big Write on Friday.



Well last week certainly seemed to pass in a blur! We tackled fractions in Maths and lots of us are feeling more confident about working with them. In English, we used our knowledge about how the heart works, to write informative explanation texts and in PE we had great fun dancing and playing netball! (Please can I remind all children that their PE kit should stay in school every week, unless it gets really dirty!) We also showed our artistic side by making over 70 Christmas Lanterns which we sold at the Christmas fayre. We still have some left, so if you weren't able to get to the fayre, please send £1 into school with your child, so that they can buy one!

     Next week, we will be developing our understanding of decimals in Maths and starting a new story-based unit in English. In Computing we will be continuing to learn how to write short computer programmes and in PE, we shall be keeping our fingers crossed that the sun continues to shine, when we venture outside on Friday afternoon to play ball games!

     Our Big Write on Friday is another story. This time, based around winning something (this could be a competition or a prize), so the Talk Topic for this week is Winning.



Last week saw us tackling fractions in Maths; learning about explanation texts in English; transforming ourselves into major organs and blood cells to find out about how blood moves around the body in Topic and doing some great work about David Walliams in Guided Reading! 

 Next week, we will be writing an explanation text about how the heart pumps blood, continuing our work on fractions and also being creative to make some great products to sell at the Christmas Fayre on Friday. (If you have any spare glass jars that are clean, please send them in before Wednesday!)

In the Big Write on Friday, we will be writing a story about finding something in a storm, so the Talk Topic for this week is a very British one, as it is based around the weather... Getting caught in heavy rain or a thunderstorm



Yet another busy week in Elephant Class! Last week was mainly about the class assembly; the children wrote, rehearsed and performed to the very best of their abilities and I know they were very pleased that so many of you were able to come along and watch on Friday afternoon. I feel sure that we have some budding script writers and performers in Elephant Class... They all did a great job! We also found time to write newspaper reports in English, polish up our understanding of perimeter and converting measurements in Maths and continue to improve our dance skills in PE!

   Next week, we have a new unit (explanation texts) to start in English and in Maths we will be refreshing our understanding of Fractions. In Topic we will be looking at the important job our heart does and in RE we will be looking at the difficulties children who live in different parts of the world face on a daily basis. Our third Big Write of the term will take place on Friday and will be linked to next Friday being Children in Need! Therefore, our Talk Topic  this week is Raising money for Charity. 


Well the first week of Term 2 was just as busy as all the weeks in Term 1 were! We started our new English unit, where we will be writing a newspaper article and very quickly became engrossed in our new class book 'Pig Heart Boy'. We spent some time on Tuesday afternoon with Rhino class, testing the boats that we made last term. Thankfully all our boats floated, although some of them needed repairs once they had been tested! We put 100% effort into our first dance lesson of the year on Wednesday morning and had great fun out in the sun on Friday afternoon, practising our hand/eye coordination in PE.  Earlier on Friday, we calmed the mood with some classical music, fairy lights and chocolate as we completed our first Big Write of the year. The work the children produced was fabulous and I hope many of you have been able to experience a real life bonfire and fireworks display over the weekend.

   Next week, we will be busy in all our regular lessons, as well as preparing for our class assembly which is on Friday afternoon at 2.30. The children are already working hard to put together an entertaining performance and I'm sure will be very excited and proud about sharing their learning with you. Our Talk Topic next week is Remembrance. The children will be asked to write a poem about an aspect of remembrance and having read the poetry that they wrote last term about 'The Highwayman' and 'The Matthew', I am very much looking forward to reading what they produce.

   A reminder that children will need a spare pair of shoes or a pair of wellies in school if they want to play on the field at lunchtime. Our new welly store is looking quite full, but there is still room for more shoes and boots!


Well we have certainly ended Term 1 in style, with a very busy and varied week! On Tuesday, everyone had great fun in our last swimming session of the term and enjoyed using all the large floats and equipment to get themselves thoroughly exhausted! When we all travelled down to Bristol Docks on Wednesday morning, we had fingers crossed for an exciting time and dry weather and we weren't disappointed on either count! Staff at both the M Shed and The Matthew commended the children on their fabulous behaviour and manners; it was a real privilege to take the children out and about! On Thursday, we spent the morning playing in a Tag Rugby tournament against Rhino class and it was pleasing to see so many examples of great teamwork and positive sportsmanship. Although it was a Rhino team that won the overall competition, it was great to see so many of the children being so supportive to each other.  We finished the week by designing and making boats from recycled materials, which we hope to test after the holidays.


When we return to school on October 31st, we will have a new English unit (newspaper reports) and Topic (the human body) to get our teeth into. PE will now be on Tuesday and Fridays and we will no longer be swimming. Our first Big Write of the year (which will be on November 4th), will be a setting description of a bonfire and fireworks display, so our Talk Topic for the first week back will be Firework Displays.


It has been a great Term 1 in Elephant Class and the children have worked very hard. Enjoy the half term holiday and see you on Monday October 31st!


Elephants on The Matthew


Well another week has flown by and I can hardly believe that half term is just around the corner! This week, the children showed great dedication in preparing for and taking part in the KS2 Harvest Assembly. All the practising was worth it however and they did themselves (and you) proud! In English,the children have enjoyed reading and listening to the narrative poem 'The Highwayman' and wrote some great setting descriptions  on Friday. 

  In the final week of Term 1, we have our final swimming lesson and on Thursday we have the small matter of a Tag Rugby tournament against Rhino class to look forward to. If that wasn't enough excitement, we also have our trip to 'The Matthew' on Wednesday, where we will get to see what it would be like to be a Tudor sailor. A reminder that children will need a waterproof coat for the trip, just in case the weather is damp! Sounds like a great week... a fabulous way to end off our first term  in Year 5!


 Well yet again we have had another busy week in Elephant Class. We have been putting the finishing touches to our work for the Harvest assembly, designing our own Powerpoint presentations and we wrote fabulous letters to King Henry VII, trying to persuade him to give us money to fund an expedition (some of us are VERY persuasive!). 

    Next week we are looking forward to showing off our work in the Harvest Assembly, as well as all the normal lessons we have. We start a new English unit which is based around the poem 'The Highwayman' and will also be improving our multiplication and division skills.

   A reminder that trip money and letters should be returned ASAP. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed; the children are very excited about going!


Another busy week in Elephant Class! As well as fitting in lots of Maths and English, we also found time to swim, play rugby, create works of art in preparation for the Harvest Assembly, learn about charities, improve our Powerpoint skills and also work on our handwriting and spelling skills! Well done to the children who have been doing lots of reading at home and getting the required 5 signatures. We have lots of new reading books on our bookshelves and it is great to see them being enjoyed! 

      Next week we will be (amongst other things) writing persuasive letters to King Henry VII, developing our calculation skills, finishing our artwork, swimming and getting a bit muddy on the rugby field! Please can I remind you, that ideally,  children should have football boots or trainers for our rugby sessions, as the grass is damp and daps aren't really man enough for the job! 


Here we are at the end of another week! We have packed a lot in (again), whilst lots of us have been battling with colds and coughs! Despite the groans, I think lots of people enjoyed writing their rags to riches stories, set on a Tudor ship, especially the part that involved a body part being amputated! Everyone has been pushing themselves out of their comfort zones in Maths, during our work on place value and addition and subtraction. On Friday afternoon, the children were very well behaved during a workshop run by the NSPCC  and asked some great questions.

       The week ahead sees us start a new English unit (persuasive letters) and in Maths we will improving our addition and subtraction skills.  In Topic, we will getting the atlases out to find out where the Tudor Explorers were travelling and we will continue to brave the autumnal mornings, when we have our Tag Rugby training on Thursday! 


Another great week in Elephant Class (well I think everyone is enjoying themselves anyway!) and the children are all being fantastic at helping me settle in at Barley Close. 

       This week in Maths we have been working with numbers up to one million and in English we have been looking at our use of descriptive language. We made our first trip to the swimming pool on Tuesday, and on Thursday braved the slightly damp autumnal conditions for some Tag Rugby training! On Friday, we held elections for school council and eco rangers. Ben and Phoenix are now our school council representatives, whilst Tahar and Grace are our class eco rangers.

      Next week, we will writing stories in English, continuing to find out about Tudor Explorers and generally having lots of fun whilst we learn! Tag Rugby will be happening again on Thursday morning and the coach has asked that children wear football boots or trainers for this session, as they offer more support for feet and ankles!



11/9/16 - Well what a great first week we all had in Elephant Class! As well as starting our English and Maths learning, we also found time to complete some Topic work about Tudor Explorers and fit in our first Tag Rugby session! All the children seemed to really enjoy the 'Wake & Shake' exercises we did and  they have been fabulous at helping me settle into my first week at Barley Close. It has also been great to meet so many parents and carers, both before and after school.

Next week we will get stuck into even more English and Maths lessons, learn some more about Tudor Explorers and (most excitingly) have our first visit of the term to the swimming pool! On Tuesday, we will join with the rest of the school and celebrate Roald Dahl Day by dressing up as one of his characters or wearing yellow!


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