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Welcome to Elephant Class!





My name is Miss Beard and this is going to be my second year as part of the Barley Close team and I am really looking forward to it! My first year in Elephant Class was absolutely amazing and I am excited about getting to know another set of fabulous children and their families.


In my spare time, I love getting out in the fresh air and exploring, in all weathers. I am also a huge live music fan and try to get to as many concerts as I can, as well as at least one music festival in the summer. 


 In Year 5, we have lots  of work to do and lots of challenges to set ourselves, to build on all  the fantastic work we did in Year 4, but I also think that we can  have lots of fun at the same time!


 Mrs Kiff and Miss Harris will be working alongside me in Elephant  Class and I know they are both excited about the coming school  year.



 In Term 4, PE is on Monday and Wednesday. We will be completing our Wednesday lessons outside, whatever the temperature, so trainers are probably better than daps, as they offer more support and jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt will keep you warm! Please remember to bring your kit in  at the start of term and leave it in school (unless it gets really dirty).  Please remember that you need a separate pair of shoes for PE rather than wearing your school shoes/spare shoes for the field.  Long  hair will need to be tied back and earrings will need to be removed  for all PE activities.



 You need to read at least five times a week and record it in your  reading record. Please remember to bring your reading book AND  reading record into school everyday please! I will be checking reading records every Friday afternoon.



 A list of words will be sent home every Wednesday and will also be posted here. You will be  tested on these words the following Wednesday!


 Please don't hesitate to come and speak  to me at the end of the school day, if you need to pass on  information about your child or have any questions.



 I will be posting weekly updates to share  what we have been doing and what we will be doing. 





Year 5 Curriculum - updated November 2017


It was an action packed final week of Term 3 in Elephant Class! The children wrote fantastic non-chronological reports about World War 1 and also started to produce a 'neat draft' (complete with pictures!), some of which will be displayed in the corridors of the school. In Maths, we worked on + and - using mental methods, rather than written methods. It was great to see so many parents and grandparents at our first Purple Power Homework show on Friday morning - the quality of the homework was amazing! Congratulations to Times Table Rock Legend, Abigail and Pupils of the Week, Alex and Annabelle.

   I hope everyone has a brilliant half term - Term 4 begins on Monday 19th February and we have PE!!

Term 3 Purple Power Project


There has been a lot going on in Elephant Class again!! We spent the last but one week of Term 3 looking at non-chronological reports in English, before taking notes to use in our own report that we will be writing next week. Maths lessons were based around rounding decimals and area and in Science, we finished our observation lesson and also made plastic from warm milk and vinegar!!

The sun shone on us on Friday afternoon, when we buddied up with Panther Class to do some Maths outside and we also got really muddy, during our Forest Schools session.

  Times Table Rock Legend was Gabija and Pupils of the Week were Finley and Talliah

  We shall be just as busy in the last week of term - how can we be half way through the school year!! We will be writing our non-chronological reports about World War 1 in English; in Maths we will be continuing our work on Area and Perimeter; in PE, we shall conclude our units on netball and gymnastics. Somehow, we will also find the time to do some World War 1 art and do some forward planning for next term's topic - Anglo-Saxons!

  Our Talk Topic is e-safety and our Big Write next week, will be a story about NOT keeping safe on the internet and the impact that can have. 

  A reminder that we will be showcasing the homework that has been done this term, on Friday 9th February at 9am, in the classroom.


Spellings to be tested - Wednesday 7th February












Writing World War 1 stories, reading, writing and ordering decimals, gymnastics, netball skills, rusty nail observations, forest schools, spelling, guided reading, times tables and lots more besides - we certainly packed a lot  into our week!

  Times Table Rock Legend was Cameron and Pupils of the Week were Olivia and Tayla.

  This week, we begin our work on non-chronological reports in English (we will be writing information texts about Life in the trenches) and in Maths we are looking at decimals and area. In Science, we will be looking at how new products are created and going up against the Dragons in the Dragons Den! We will continue to work on our gym and netball skills in PE and on Thursday, we will once again head out to find mud and puddles, in our Forest Schools time!! Please make sure your child has a waterproof coat on, to make sure they stay as cosy as possible!

   Our Talk Topic is 'Should we continue to talk about World War 1, 100 years after it ended?' and in the Big Write on Friday, we will be writing a persuasive argument backing up our opinions. 

Spellings to be tested: Wednesday 31st January












It has been another great week in Elephant Class (Well I enjoyed it anyway!). We have spent our English lessons this week looking at the problems that might be encountered in our World War 1 stories and the children also wrote some great poems about life in the trenches. In Maths, we concentrated on using our skills of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to help us convert measurements and in Science, we got our investigating heads on to find out what happened when different substances were mixed with water. 

  Our Times Table Rock Legend was Ollie and we celebrated the fact that everyone who completed both tests became a Times Table Rock Star!

   Next week, we will be writing our World War 1 stories in English and in Maths we will be concentrating on understanding decimals. We will be starting an investigation in Science, that will need us to observe changes over a week and in PE, we will be continuing to improve our gym and netball skills. Excitingly, on Thursday, we will be taking part in our first Forest Schools lesson. This gives the class to go outside, take on team-building challenges and get wet and muddy all at the same time! Children will need a complete change of warm clothing (including coat) and ideally wellies for their feet. Spare shoes are a definite must, if you have no wellies!! This clothing will be sent home every week. 

   Our Talk Topic is World War 1 battles and on Friday in Big Write, we will be writing a setting description of a battle. 

Spellings - To be tested Wednesday 24th January












Yet another fabulous week in Elephant Class; we seemed to spend lots of time laughing and talking about silly stuff (just don't tell Mrs Williams!)!

  In English, the children have become enthralled in 'Warhorse' and did some great role plays on a very cold Monday morning! They have also spent lots of time talking about the characters in the book and thinking about what details they can put into their own World War 1 inspired stories. Our Maths work was centred around Roman Numerals and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and it was fabulous to see so many of them pushing themselves out of their comfort zone, by trying a harder level of work. In Science, we carried out a fair test to see which material was most absorbent and in PE, we worked on our ball skills, in preparation for some netball games. 

  Congratulations to Joe and Indi who were Pupils of the Week and also to Talliah, Olivia and Maddox who all received their pen licences!

    The week ahead sees us continuing with our work on World War 1 in English, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 with measurements and decimals in Maths and in Science, we will be carrying out another investigation. On Tuesday morning, we will be going out onto the field to support our poetry writing skills, so please remember to send wellies or spare shoes in. (A text has already gone out). 

  Our Talk Topic this week is properties of materials, as in the Big Write this week we will be writing stories about what happens if materials all get mixed up and your clothes are made out of wood and your windows are made of wool!

Spellings to be tested - Wednesday 17th January










Happy New Year!!!

Elephant Class have been fabulous this week - even if we were only together for 3 days!

 Next week, in our first full week of 2018, we will be beginning our work in English, on WarHorse by Michael Morpurgo, by creating some role plays, writing a conversation between the characters and thinking about how the characters are portrayed in the story. In Maths, we will be looking at Roman Numerals (or Noman Rumerals as we have renamed them), negative numbers (well it is quite cold at the moment) and multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to help us convert measurements. Our Science lessons will be based around an investigation to see which material is best for mopping up spills and in PE we will be working on our gymnastic skills and playing some netball!

  Our Talk Topic this week is should animals be used in war and our Big Write will be a persuasive piece of writing about this topic. 

Spellings to be tested Wednesday 10th January













Slow down for Christmas? Not in Elephant Class!! We had a great time at 'We the Curious' on Monday; the children were knowledgeable, respectful and very well-behaved and it was a pleasure to be out and about with them! Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy Christmas lunch on Wednesday, it was very exciting getting the glitter and tissue paper out on Thursday to make our Christmas cards and everyone looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers on Friday!

  As well as all this, we also found time to write and edit our enlightenment stories in English, further our understanding of statistics in Maths and also write about our trip!

  Well done to our Times Table Rock Legends, Kian and Maddox - it has been great to see how enthusiastically the children have been playing Times Table Rockstars and their hard work is paying off!

   Tomorrow, we will be welcoming Mums and Dads in to help make calendars, having a class reward and generally being excited about breaking up for Christmas!


    I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and New Year and I will see you all on January 3rd 2018. I wonder what the New Year will bring us?! 


I know I say it every week - but it's been yet another busy one in Elephant Class! In English, we have drawn a storyboard, gathered vocabulary and started writing our Enlightenment stories about overcoming a fear. Our Maths lessons were centred around 2d and 3d shapes and in Creative, we wrote our own myths based around how the sun was created. We braved the bracing temperatures on Friday for some great games of Kabaddi (and there wasn't one child who complained about the cold - they are all stars!) and way back on Monday morning, added some fab moves and jumps to our Mission:Impossible dance routines!

   Our Times Table Rock Legend was Alisha. The introduction of this programme has certainly had a huge impact on recall of multiplication and division facts and the children have thoroughly enjoyed playing against each other in class!

   Next week, we are going to be packing a lot in! On Monday, we will be spending the day at 'We The Curious', where we will be watching a show in the planetarium; attending a workshop about the Earth, Sun and Moon and also having a look at the permanent exhibitions. Children will need to be wearing school uniform, bring a coat and a packed lunch and £1, which they will be able to spend in the gift shop. Wednesday is Christmas Dinner day and we shall also be making our Christmas Cards and on Friday, it is Christmas Jumper Day! As well as all this Christmas excitement, we shall also be buddying up with Panther Class on Tuesday for some Maths Activities (children will need a spare set of shoes, as we will be going on the field); writing our Enlightenment stories; looking at Statistics in Maths and playing Kabaddi against Rhino Class on Friday! There is no talk topic this week, as our Big Write time on Friday will be used to work on our Enlightenment stories.

Spellings - To be tested Wednesday 13th December












How can it be the start of December already?! Another week in Elephant Class has brought more achievements and lots of hard work! In English, we started a new story unit called Enlightenment, which focuses on a central character who has a negative mindset which stops them achieving something. It is only when something jolts them out of this negative place, that they are able to see that that can achieve anything they want! Our stories will be based around travelling into space and are linked to the story book 'The Darkest Dark', by Chris Hadfield.  In Maths, we were adding and subtracting fractions and in PE, we continued our dance work centred around Mission:Impossible and our games of Kabaddi. 

  Our Times Table Rock Legends were Lilly and Ethan and our Numeracy Ninja was Sonny.


  Next week, we continue with our Enlightenment stories in English. Our Maths work will focus on 2d and 3d shapes and in our Creative lessons, we will be looking at Myths that tell us about how day and night were created. In RE, we will be looking at places of worship. 

   Our Talk Topic is brushing your teeth in space and in the Big Write on Friday, we will be writing instructions on how to carry this out! There are lots of videos on the internet that show how this can be done - it looks most tricky!!

Spellings - To be tested Wednesday 6th December












This week's Talk Topic is mean/bad story characters and in Big Write on Friday, we will be writing a character description of one of these characters.


Well where has the last week gone?! For those of us who were at camp, we packed a lot into our three days and it was fantastic to see so many of the children push themselves out of their comfort zone when tackling the activities. Some new friendships were developed and the children were a true credit to themselves, their families and to Barley Close! The people that didn't come to camp had a great few days, being creative indoors and out and also cooking lots of scrummy biscuits and cakes! Everyone was feeling weary by the end of the week, but it didn't stop many of us attending the Christmas Fair and it was a brilliant way to end a most memorable week!

  This week we return to 'normal' (whatever that is) and have lots of things to keep us busy! In English, we will be starting a new unit, based around quest stories. We shall be linking this to our Space theme and will be using the book 'The Darkest Dark' by Chris Hadfield as our starting point. In Maths, we will be revisiting Fractions and how to add and subtract them. We continue with our Mission Impossible dance routines in PE and will also be braving the cold to play Kabaddi on Friday. This is a great game that combines tag and dodgeball and the children are very quickly becoming masters of it!


Yet another fabulous week in Elephant Class! Everyone was very enthusiastic about our work on the Britannia Woods crash and produced great work in the Big Write on Friday. On our visit to the woods on Tuesday morning, the children showed great road safety sense on the way to and from the woods and also had a great time whilst we were there. On Friday, 21 of them took over the role as teacher for the morning and they were amazing - some were very nervous, others less so - but they all gave it their best shot and I think we definitely have some future teachers in our midst! As well as this, we also achieved a lot in other lessons! In English, we wrote a newspaper article about an alien spaceship; in Maths, we continued our work on multiplication and division and we also found time to design and create Christmas glass jars to sell at the Christmas Fair! 

   Pupils of the Week were Cameron and Imogen and Times Table Rock Legend was also Imogen!

  Next week, most of us are off to camp and those that are left behind have lots of art and cooking projects to complete. There have been no spellings given out, because of camp and also, Big Write will be a free choice, so there is no Talk Topic!


This week has been a week of trying new things and being imaginative and enthusiastic! We have learnt a new method to divide in Maths, before we move onto the more 'traditional' method of bus stop, that everyone knows and remembers from school! In Creative, the children have been very intrigued by learning about the first moon landing in July 1969 and we also managed to recreate the relationship between the sun and the moon, using a torch and a netball! In the Big Write, they wrote fabulous letters to Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield (the best ones will get written up and sent off to him, in the hope that we MIGHT get a reply). In English, we investigated an unusual sighting of a spaceship in the playground, that appeared to have blown up and left debris in the pirate ship! Those children that brought rocks to school, enjoyed painting poppies on them, and I hope they can find a suitable resting place for them, at some point over this Remembrance weekend. 


Our Times Table Rock Legend was Tayla-Leigh and our Numeracy Ninja Master was Alisha


 Next week, we have a lot to pack in, for a change! In English, we will be writing newspaper articles, based around the alien spaceship and in Maths, we will be continuing our work on multiplication and division. In computing, we will be continuing our work on writing programmes to control things like traffic lights and lighthouse lights. We will also be making the Christmas lights that we will be selling at the Christmas Fair on November 24th. Thank you to everyone who has sent in jars so far - we will be making the lights on Thursday afternoon.

  Our Talk Topic is the Air Crash that happened in Downend 60 years ago. This was when a Bristol Britannia airplane crashed in woods on Overndale  Road. On Tuesday morning we will be walking to the woods, to see the memorial plaques and site. A note should have been sent home yesterday (but I forgot to give them out), asking that children should be sent to school wearing a waterproof coat. The note will be sent out on Monday. 


Spellings - To be tested Wednesday 15th November












Our first week of Term 2 was a fabulous one and we all achieved great things! In English, we began our unit on newspaper articles, by spending time reading First News and thinking about the structure of newspaper articles. In Maths, we revisited knowing how to convert units of time and it was really good to see how much everyone improved in confidence by the end of the week.  In RE, we talked about places of worship and in Geography, we spent time looking at atlases and trying to locate places. Our first outdoor PE lesson of the term stayed dry and we played a new game 'Kabaddi' that is a bit like tag crossed with dodgeball! 

   Our Timestable Rock Legends were Alex and Abi and our Pupils of the Week were Olivia and Lauren. 

   Next week, we will be talking a lot about being safe on the roads. On Monday, we will have a classroom based lesson about the importance of keeping safe when out and about and then on Tuesday and Thursday, we will be going out in small groups to put our skills into practise! Looking at the forecast, it looks like it might be damp, so please make sure your child has a coat in school with them! Our English work will continue to focus on newspapers and in Maths we will be working on our multiplication and division skills. In PE, we shall be carrying on playing Kabaddi and will also be starting our dance unit, which is based around the music from 'Mission: Impossible' and our topic work will continue to be based around the topic of space. 

  Our Talk Topic this week is Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield and in the Big Write, we will be writing letters to him. The best ones will get sent off - all the way to Canada!!


Spellings - to be tested 8.11.17












Hope everyone had a good holiday and is feeling ready to take on all that Term 2 has to offer (we are going to be very busy!). Our Talk Topic is Bonfire Night and our Big Write on Friday will be a information text/non-chronological report.



It  has been a funny old week in Elephant Class this week and there have been lots of last minute changes which everyone has coped with very well!

  In English, we learnt and performed part of 'The Highwayman' poem and we discovered we definitely have some stars of the future in our midst! In Maths, we did some group work looking at 2d shapes and revisited our knowledge of 3d shapes. Those children that brought their pjs in for our class reward looked fabulous and I was very jealous! They thoroughly enjoyed their reward, as they have been an absolute pleasure to teach this term!

 In PE, they braved as much rain as they could, before they had to abandon their Tag Rugby matches against Rhino class and were then victorious in the dodgeball game that was played instead!


   I can't believe we are at the end of Term 1 already - it has been a great start to Year 5 for everyone and I'm excited about what Term 2 will bring us. Have a great half term and I look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday 31st October!


Well it isn't every week that you get to help build a pizza oven - but the Elephants did this week! They all thoroughly enjoyed getting mucky and doing the cob dance to mush up the straw and clay - and the pizza we ate on Friday tasted fabulous! We also found time to swim, play some tag rugby matches (the coach was very pleased with their skills), design and create our Harvest Art, further our understanding on time AND fit in all our termly assessments.... Phew!! Well done to Lilly, Ollie, Ben, Abi, Alisha and Harry who have become the Elephant PE leaders and spent two mornings this week working with the Year 1 and 2 children. 

    Congratulations to our TT Rock Legend, Isabelle and our Numeracy Ninja Masters, Alex and Olivia. 

    As we start the final week of Term 1, we will be reading and performing extracts of 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes in English. In Maths we will be learning about shape and in Science we will be looking at pulleys and levers. We will have our final swim session of 2017 and also be taking part in some Tag Rugby matches against Rhino class. We are looking forward to sharing our Harvest Art with you in the Harvest Assembly on Friday - and also having our first class reward of the year, as the children have earned 20 class points!

  Our Talk Topic this week, is things that have gone wrong, as in Big Write on Friday, we will be writing a poem about a bad experience!

Building the pizza oven!

Spellings to be tested Wednesday 18th October















Well as Week 5 comes to a close, everyone in Elephant Class has been working hard and being very busy! In English, everyone produced great alternative endings to 'How to Live Forever' and there are now many examples of our writing up in the corridors outside our classroom. In Maths, we faced our fear of fractions and by the end of the week, most of us were able to compare fractions, identify equivalent fractions and change mixed numbers to improper fractions. Everyone had great fun designing a parachute for an egg, in Science, to test out our theories on air resistance and thankfully not many eggs broke, when we launched our parachutes into the air! In Computing, we began to look at using Powerpoint to make presentations and in Tag Rugby, Mr Quirke was very impressed with our teamwork when we played some matches!


   Congratulations to our Time Table Rock Legend, Ben and our Numeracy Ninja Master, Imogen


   Next week, there are lots of different things happening! On Wednesday afternoon, we shall be getting mucky, helping to build the school's pizza oven and on Friday, we shall be using the oven to cook our own Pizza! Some children will have training to become Play Leaders and we also need to fit in all our regular lessons! In English, we will looking at the poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes and in Maths, we shall be looking at time. We will also be getting ready for the Harvest Assembly on Friday 20th October, by creating fabulous pieces of artwork to show you!


  Our Talk Topic is English countryside, as in the Big Write on Friday we will be writing a setting description of the moor the Highwayman travels across.

Spellings - Week 5

To be tested on Wednesday 11th October













Well we have been back at school for 4 weeks now and I think we have achieved a lot already! We are all getting used to life in Year 5 and when Mrs Drake taught the class on Friday morning, she said how much more grown up, the children already seem and thoroughly enjoyed herself!

  We had a great week in English, creating some role plays of 'How to Live Forever', thinking about the feelings of the characters and also planning our alternative ending for the story, which we will write next week. In Maths, we revisited our work from Year 4 on calculating (+, - and x) and also stretched our understanding of x using a written method. The sun shone on our Tag Rugby lesson (although many of us got VERY muddy!), we worked on our front crawl in swimming and we also had our first school council chat of the year, before the first meeting of the year. 

    Our Pupils of the Week were Izzy and Lilly and our Numeracy Ninja Master was Joe. This week's Rock Star Legend was Finley - the children are still very enthusiastic about our new multiplication game and I hope it continues!

   Next week, we will be writing our alternative ending to 'How to Live Forever' in English and in Maths we will be looking at division and fractions (so if children come home talking about the 'f' word' that is what they mean!). We will be carrying out an air resistance investigation in Science and in RE we will be looking at what characteristics you need to be a great leader. 

  Our Talk Topic will be our Science Investigation, as in the Big Write this week, we will be writing a recount of the air resistance experiment that we are going to carry out. 

Spellings to be tested Wednesday 4th October












Week 3 has flown by, and as is our way, we packed a lot in! In English, we wrote a persuasive letter to the main character Peter, persuading him to read the book 'How to Live Forever'. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the children's work and I'm sure it won't be a surprise to hear they can be very persuasive when they put their minds to it! In Maths, we concluded (for now), our work on Number and Place Value and it was reassuring to hear the children talk about how much more confident they felt, compared to the beginning of the unit. In Science, we learnt about friction (with the help of some jelly); in RE we thought about why people may or may not have a religious faith; in swimming, we focused on our sculling skills and in PE we braved the rain to work on our Tag Rugby skills! I have been really impressed with the amount of reading that lots of children are doing at home and thank you for your suppport with this. Having given the children their account details for Times table Rockstars, it has also been great to see how many of them are logging in after school. I can already see a difference in their ability to recall facts and hope this new found interest lasts! 

  Our Rock Legend this week is Harry, our Numeracy Ninja Master is Talliah and our Pupils of the week were Finley and Abigail! Also well done to Maddox, who was voted our class Eco Ranger for the year!

  Next week, we will be planning an alternative part of 'How to Live Forever' in English and in Maths, we will be revisiting the calculation strategies we used in Year 4. In Science, we will continue our work on forces and we will also fit in PE, RE, Swimming, Computing, French, PSHE and Guided Reading!! WOW!!

 Our Talk Topic is Lucy, the sister of Peter in 'How to Live Forever' and in the Big Write on Friday, the children will be writing a character description of her. All we learn about her in the book is that she is serious and lives in a library where all the books come to life at night, so we can create all the other details about her and there won't be any right or wrong answers!!

Spellings - To be tested on Wednesday 27th September













Talk Topic picture, for Big Write - Friday 22nd September. Story starter - what is behind the door?

Talk Topic picture, for Big Write - Friday 22nd September. Story starter - what is behind the door? 1


Yet again, I have had another fabulous week in Elephant Class and I'm hoping that all the children would agree with me! We packed a lot in - again - continuing our work on persuasion in English, number and place value in Maths (get them to tell you about the cheesy rounding rap we used) and also starting our Science topic on forces and our first Guided Reading sessions. Everyone who dressed up or wore yellow for Roald Dahl day looked fabulous and it was great to meet some of you at 'Meet the teacher' on Wednesday afternoon! 

   We have also started our new times tables programme 'TTRockstars'. This has replaced 'Mighty Multiples' and focuses on improving our own scores over a period of time, rather than simply learning one table before moving onto another one! We complete the test whilst listening to a class rock tune and every week, we will award the title of 'Rock Legend' to the person who has improved their score the most. The first Rock Legend of the year was Gabija!

    This week, we will writing a persuasive letter to the main character of 'How to Live Forever' in English, in Maths we enter our final week of working on Number and Place Value and we will be looking at friction and air resistance in Science. On Friday, children are able to wear their jeans to school, in return for a small donation, to raise money for 'Jeans for Genes' day.



Spellings - To be tested Wednesday 20th September













Talk Topic - Week Beginning 11th September. Our focus is the attached picture, which is from 'How to Live Forever'


Well I have an amazing first week back at school (I hope the children have as well!) and it has been fabulous getting to know everyone! We have achieved a lot in our first week - in English, we started work on our unit based around the book 'How to Live Forever', in Maths we concentrated on place value and we also did lots of work on Purple Learning and how we can help ourselves become better learners. We elected our school councillor (Imogen) and also took part in the elections for Year 6 Sports Captains. Everybody has worked hard and I know we are going to have an amazing year!


  Next week, we will continue with the same topics in Maths and English. We will be celebrating 'Roald Dahl day' on Wednesday by completing some artwork (and dressing up/wearing yellow hopefully!) and will also be beginning our Science work which is based around forces. Children will bring home their first set of spellings on Wednesday. A reminder that we are holding a 'Meet the Teacher' event on Wednesday 13th September. There are no set times for anyone, just come along if you want to say hello! I will be in Elephant Class between 3.30 and 4.30.


Welcome back Elephants!!

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone again and hearing about the adventures you have been getting up to in the holidays! Try not to worry too much about coming back to school... it will be okay and we are going to have lots of fun together!!

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