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Medical Matters

Medical Matters


We will co-operate fully with you to ensure that your child is healthy at school. We need to know of any medical problems which might affect your child’s progress at school, eg asthma.  We also have information in school with the recommended time of absence for infectious diseases such as chickenpox and slapped cheek. Please contact us for any further advice.

The School Nurse regularly visits school and is available for advice.  You will be notified and fully consulted regarding any problems.

We will do our best to help with children’s medical needs, and will administer short-term medication if it is impossible for parents to come into school to do so themselves. Parents whose children require long-term medication should discuss the matter with the Headteacher.

Emergency contact details

We must have an emergency contact number for you or another nominated adult in case we need to contact you urgently during the day.

Medical Needs Policy

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