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Y3 - Alligator

Term 6 - Tuesday 7th July


Below is a link based on measurement (measuring and comparing masses, adding and subtracting masses and measuring capacity) for Year 3 children. You can access these resources if you have signed up and registered your details.



Enjoy as always!

Term 6 - Monday 29th June


Below is a link to worksheets based on angles, shape and time (if you have been using this website for learning).




Term 6 Sunday 28th June


Check out our 'Fun Stuff' section for some fun ideas!

Term 6 - Friday 19th June


Again, more free resources if you have set up an account! These ones relate to different types of line within geometry!



Term 6 Saturday 13th June


Please see the 'Fun Stuff' section for a fun PE challenge to complete at home - starting next week!

Term 6 Friday 12th June


Again, if you have been accessing this learning, here is the next instalment that you might want to take a look at!



Term 6 Saturday 6th June


See 'Fun Stuff' in Term 6 for details of an Art Competition!

Term 6 - Saturday 6th June


The UK Space Agency has published a collection of space related educational resources that schools, parents and carers can use when teaching their children at home.


The resources are available here:

Term 6 - Friday 5th June


Polite reminder: There are lots of fun activities for you to complete on SeeSaw, pick and choose as you wish but we are loving seeing your work and replying to you using this online platform!


Also, remember there is other online learning including:


* Times Table Rockstars

* MyMaths

* Doodle Maths

* Reading Eggs


We hope you are enjoying the different tasks whilst also having a good balance between work and play!



Mrs Rammell, Mrs Silbereis & Mrs Milbourne

Term 6 - 5th June


We have set up a Times Table Rockstar competition between both Year 3 classes which runs until 11th June! Which class will claim victory? Get playing to help your class win NOW!

Term 6 - Thursday 4th June


If you have been completing work from this weblink, this Fraction link might be of interest to you!



End of Term 5


Welcome to the end of Term 5! We hope that you had enjoyed completing the different activities set on our class page, Reading Eggs, Times Table Rock Stars, MyMaths, Doodle Maths and so on... So much choice! However, we also hope that you have made the most of spending time with your family and completed other activities that don't relate to school whatsoever! 


Enjoy the half term holiday - the weather looks to stay lovely so hopefully you'll be able to get out in the garden or locally at a safe distance! Remember to looks after yourselves, stay safe and take some time to relax!


Mrs R, Mrs S and Mrs M x

Saturday 19th May - We have yet another challenge set by our Sports Partner CSET and it is a mixture of Science and PE! Get running around to find all of the answers! Regarding Q1, the 3 elements in order are: gold, tin and copper. But that's all I'm giving you! Please complete the week beginning Monday 18th May and send in to the address included on the sheet. Have fun! Mrs Rammell x

Friday 15th May - Timestable Rock Stars Competition linked to the Guinness World Records!

Tuesday 12th May


Quick! Look!


This might be something that interests you! The Year 3 session is on Wednesday at 11am!


We at Progressive Sports have partnered with Aspire Sports and have created a series of 'Active Maths’ sessions that cater for each year group. These sessions will be running “live” everyday at 11 am on our Facebook page.

The 'Active Maths’ sessions will consist of 10 questions which pupils will have to complete physical activity to answer and, if correct, they will earn a point. Sessions will last for approximately 20 minutes and parents and pupils will also be able to interact with us through the comments section on the live stream.
If you have the time and feel that you may benefit from an alternative active maths session, please feel free to take part!
Our Facebook page is
Kind regards
Progressive Sports

Monday 4th May - A fun PE challenge


This is already on the school website, but just so you have the details here too...


EVENT: CSET Sports Partnership Home X-Country League

Week 2:
4th May - 8th May 2020
Week 3: 11th May – 15th May 2020





Any day between Monday 4th - Friday 8th May 2020



Your own back garden or suitable safe place


KS1 – 800m = 100 laps
Year 3/4 – 1000m = 125 laps
Year 5/6 (& Teachers) – 1200m = 150 laps

Comfortable clothes to run in – Good pair of running/trainer shoes
If the weather is warm then please ensure you use sunscreen and wear a hat


A course/track of 8m should be marked out in the garden.
Place an object at each end of the course/track.


IMPORTANT – Ensure that the garden is clear of any trip hazards/obstacles and, if you are running on grass, it is not too wet to run on.

Children record the time taken to complete the required number of laps and send their results to Mrs H-P.

Children must run alone – no-one else to run alongside them
Encouragement from spectators is welcomed
Music can accompany the running
Water/drinks bottles can be handed to the athlete during their run

Individual Competition:
Certificates will be awarded to the Best Individual Boy & Best Individual Girl from each course
Certificates will be awarded to the Overall Best Individual Boy & Overall Best Individual Girl after the scores are combined from the 3 races (Points awarded on time compared to others in the race – e.g. fastest time = 1 point etc)

Team Competition:
The four best times per school will go towards the Team scores
Certificates will be awarded to the winning school from each course
Certificates will be awarded to the overall winning school (combination of the 3 race totals)

Please ask parents/carers for permission to share photos/videos of you in action on Twitter: @CSETSports1 @Barley_Close

Monday 4th May




Just a quick message to say a huge well done to one boy and one girl in particular who have made a good start using the Reading Eggs toolkit!


We hope you have had fun engaging with it and cannot wait to see how much everyone else enjoys it!


Keep at it everyone, you are doing a fab job balancing work, school and home life and every day will be different - which is ok!


Mrs R x & Mrs S x

Sunday 3rd May Part 2


Hey everyone! We have been sent some resources linked to Road Safety which you might find interesting!


Click on the above link and then log in using:

Username: woersp

Password: SSWOERSP20 (all in capitals)


Please note: it will always ask you if you want to restart or resume. Apparently this is due to multi-users. This resource is also aimed at Year 3 and Year 4 so adults, you might want to check it out first before showing your Year 3 child.

Sunday 3rd May - "Fun Stuff" Page


Check out this page for an art competition which closes at the end of May, a cookie recipe and much more!

Monday 20th April Maths on the Move from Progressive Sports

Term 5 Week 1


If you are using this website, the link below is a practical way to teach time as well!

Maths..... Arithmetic and a Time Challenge!

Friday 17th April Part 2


How could we forget this one!?


If you google 'Literacy Shed' and then check out 'Literacy Shed plus' there's access to reading comprehensions, activities and videos all with ideas and learning linked to them. Videos (for example) are a great way to capture a child's interest, something we make lots of use of within our class teaching and learning.


This is also a website that we have used many times in the past and personally really love!


Have fun!


Year 3 Team x

Friday 17th April


Hello! We hope you have had a lovely week what with the glorious sunshine - although today's rain is a little different in comparison! 


We have had this link sent to us:


This site has links to free home learning resources, 'Parent' guides for maths at home, maths activities blogs to read, ways to make it fun and so on...


Hopefully it'll reassure you and give you some useful tips should you need them!



We also have this link which is a free 'Talk for Writing' booklet that you might want to use!



We're loving the free resources that can be accessed online as we feel it gives so much choice meaning that you and your children can have some control over what they learn and hopefully give them the enthusiasm to complete different activities!


Enjoy the last few days of the Easter break!


Mrs R, Mrs S and Mrs M xx

Wednesday 8th April 2020

We hope you are all having a lovely Easter holiday and enjoying the wonderful sunshine! 

Until we are all able to go back to school, we are planning something exciting for next term's English and we would love the children to prepare by having some fun exploring Roald Dahl!


We would love to hear from you- what is your child's favourite Roald Dahl book? 


There are some activities your child might like to do over the holidays:

  • Maybe they'd like to make up their own "Revolting Rhyme"?
  • Try making a recipe using chocolate or invent a new sweet for Mr Wonka! 
  • If you had a "Magic Finger", what magic would you do?
  • Can you make up a magic spell for "The Witches"? 
  • If you had a Giraffe and a Pelly as friends, where would you go and what would you do?


If you complete any activities linked to Roald Dahl, we'd love to see them! You can email video clips or messages directly to us or send via Facebook Messenger! Or feel free to drop us a line just to say hello and let us know how you're getting on. 

Mrs Silbereis, Mrs Rammell and Mrs Milbourne




Tuesday 7th April 




How are you all doing? Are you making the most of the holidays to relax with your families? Or are you finding it better to keep to a structure and some routine? Whichever it is, keep going as you know what’s best for your household!


As your class teachers, we are enjoying our holidays with those close to us but also thinking about school and checking the maths sites, Facebook and thinking of new ideas etc... But we all deserve a break, don’t you think? So make sure you do too please! 😃👌


Don't forget to do things to keep your mind and body healthy, whether it’s PE, yoga, reading in the garden, cooking or whatever takes your fancy!


Look after yourselves as well as those close to you!


Year 3 xx

Friday 3rd April


So it is now officially the Easter holidays! This means that you have two weeks off from learning - should you wish to! I suggest that you take this time to relax with your family and have even more fun together! Mrs Williams posted a fantastic (long) list on Facebook of activities you could take part in including a Talent show, a Come Dine with Me event, obstacle courses in the garden... to name a few!


Do WHATEVER you wish to do in the holidays - relax, school work or a mixture of both, You know your family and children the best so make the most of it! You also all deserve a break after getting to grips with a new way of living and working!


Our Topic for Term 5 and 6 is "Journey through the Ages" for Year 3. Throughout the holidays OR over the days and weeks after the Easter break, you might want to begin to complete any of the following ideas and activities:


- Look up timelines which include the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

- Create cave style art work using hand printing, sticks, stones and leaves.

- Find out what it was like to live in the Stone Age and perhaps create a diary entry or report based on what you found out.

-Find out about Stonehenge.

- Research and draw the tools and weapons from the Stone Age.

- Any of your own ideas linked to this topic. name a few ideas!


However, please relax and catch up 'online' with loved ones - you all deserve it hugely!


Year 3 Team x

Wednesday 1st April


Another link with some ideas should you wish to look at it...


How was your day today? Ours as usual consisted of any of the following depending on which teacher it was: being in school, completing various pieces of school work and tasks at home, house bits and bobs, ringing families to check in, looking after our little ones, prepping dinner etc. Funny how it's kind of becoming the norm really but still, each day is varied and each day definitely has its challenges and successes! Don't you think?


Remember, you're doing a fab job - we're very jealous and sad that we are not the ones to be teaching your children but don't forget that it is ok to only do 20 minutes one day or say 2 hours another day or whatever you achieve! Go with the flow, your know your child and their needs best in these uncertain times! Please do keep in touch by sending in pictures and messages of what you're getting up to! 


Year 3 Team x

Monday 30th March




Hope you all had a good weekend. What did you get up to?


Mrs R's was spent chopping down the trees (not me!) in the garden to create more sunlight, playing football, playing hide and seek, blowing bubbles, housework (my house has never looked so good! Haha!) and chilling as a family

Mrs S's include playing with the nerf guns, baking with her children and making sure the dog had used up all of her energy.

Mrs M's was spent stripping wallpaper, entertaining her pet hamster and also relaxing with her husband!

..and why not?! It was the weekend after all!


We do hope you have enjoyed spending a relaxing/ restful weekend with your loved ones.


Below is another maths link that you might be interested in. It is a free resource but you do have to register as a parent/ adult first...




Hope you are all keeping well, we miss you all!


Year 3 team x

Saturday 28th March - EXTRA LINKS - NO PRESSURE!


Below are some links with further learning and fun activities. Remember, we have given you lots and the whole range can be spread out over a long period of time so please don’t panic and please don’t rush through them! We know you are doing a fab job supporting your children!


Youth Sport Trust has a number of resources for parents and schools


White Rose Maths home learning   ‘The White Rose Maths team has prepared a series of five maths lessons for each year group from Y1-Y8.  We will be adding five more each week for the next few weeks.  Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.’


UCL Institute of Educationfree online learning resources   ‘We have compiled a list of resources helpful to teachers, school leaders, parents/carers and young people.  All of these resources are either free/have been made free during the period of school closures.’

Friday 27th March - HOME LEARNING UPDATE


Hello and well done for completing your first week of home learning. We hope it has gone well for you at home and that you are enjoying the extra time with your family.


We have missed you all lots and are hoping for a speedy return to school! Sadly, we don’t know when this will be... fingers crossed it is sooner rather than later!


We hope you have enjoyed working through the home learning packs sent to you and any other learning that can be completed online. Have you enjoyed the different tasks? Remember routine and structure is great but don’t feel like you have to complete a solid day of learning. After all, it is a home, not a school. Do what is best for your child and your family. We are grateful for any amount of learning completed - whatever the context! We are equally happy to hear you if have made the most of the beautiful sunshine that we have experience lately too!


A few reminders/ bits of information for you...


1. You had rather a lot sent home including the following:


Times Table Rock Stars - a challenge is currently set up!

mymaths - we have commented on your feedback and set new challenges!

Mini maths - added on this page this week.

Doodlemaths and English - shout if you need a log in.

Learning packs - that chunky pack of paper...

Lots on Facebook page - we have been adding lots of links of ideas and tasks including some lovely art ideas.

Reading - read whatever gives you pleasure and then talk about what you have read with someone else. Ask and answer questions about that text.

Spelling practice - you had your spellings for the term but also practise the Year 3 statutory spellings. If you are someone who struggles with spelling, there is nothing wrong with working on Year 1 or Year 2 common words which can be googled online.

Fun science experiments - look up ideas online and have a go at home! Record it on an iPad to share!



2. Ways to stay in touch


a. Telephone calls - we have managed to speak to almost all of you and left messages for those who haven’t been able to answer. It has been LOVELY to speak to you and catch up and we will try to ring every 1-2 weeks to say ‘hello’! REMEMBER: our number will display as withheld 👍

b. Facebook - comment or message and we will reply!

c. Email - or - We will try to reply in one way or another!

d. MyMaths - we will comment on your progress to encourage you to continue to work hard!


3. English ideas if needed...


- Change an element of a story that you know e.g. the ending, the main character, the setting and so on... 

- Write a set of instructions based on something you have made at home or based on your baking for example.

- Setting or character descriptions - create new settings or characters and describe them using noun phrases, similes, alliteration and interesting word choices. Include a range of conjunctions and punctuation to make it really interesting!

- Write a Letter - write a letter to a family member or a friend.

- Factfile - about an animal, a planet, your favourite sport...

- Diary - keep a diary of each day... it could prove to be an interesting read in the future!


These are all ideas to keep you going for weeks and weeks - especially if you change the theme/ main idea so have fun!


Anyway, we know you are all doing a fab job (we really do mean this!) and you will no doubt want to steal our jobs from us when we return. We’re very proud of your children and cannot wait to be back in class to teach them and welcome you back too!


Keep safe and have a restful weekend! You all deserve it!



Year 3 Team xx







Tuesday 24th March - HELLO!


Hey Alligator class!


Hope you are keeping well, we are missing you all lots and lots!


In addition to your chunky home packs and 2 sheets of ideas (we like to keep you busy!), below is an additional maths website to access with activities specifically for your year group. There are many question that you can just copy onto paper rather than printing out!


There is also a PHSE link a couple of audio stories which allow for discussions and activities to take place. It has been advised that these are suitable for 5yo+.


Do feel free to message through Facebook to say hello, how you’re getting on or send photos of your fun activities whilst indoors/ safely in your garden!


Thanks and stay safe!


Mrs R and Mrs S x



Welcome to Alligator Class Page!



Information from Alligator Staff!

Alligator class will have two teachers this year. Mrs Rammell will teach the first half of the week and Mrs Silbereis will teach the second half of the week, including alternating Wednesdays. 

We are always very busy in Alligator class as we have lots of fun learning to squeeze in! In the morning, we take part in our daily English and Maths lesson and also complete daily English and Maths Basic Skills sessions. The children also complete Guided Reading sessions several times a week. In the afternoons we have various creative activities such as; topic, PE, swimming, music, Religious Education and PSHE. We will also take part in weekly French lessons!

The children will still have the opportunity to earn class points in order to have a special class party and if their attendance meets the school target, we get extra play - something that will be missed during the afternoons in Year 3 no doubt!


A note from Mrs Silbereis

Hello! I've been teaching at Barley Close for over ten years, so I've had the privilege to get to know many of our lovely families really well! It's a lovely, welcoming school and I'm looking forward to another year of exciting experiences!


Having had my own two children since I started at Barley Close, I now understand how a parent feels entrusting their child to someone else 5 days a week! We work really hard at Barley Close to involve the children's individual interests, skills and needs in every lesson to make learning fun and ensure they enjoy coming to school.


When I'm not at school, I really enjoy spending time with my family. We love picnics, steam railways and beach walks especially! We often visit Cornwall and I love exploring new places too. We particularly enjoyed completing the Gromit Unleashed trail last summer and the Plymouth Elmer trail this summer as we found interesting places we'd never been to before!


I am really looking forward to getting to know your children this year. Please do feel free to come and have a chat after school if you have any questions or concerns, or you'd like any more information!


A note from Mrs Rammell


I have been lucky enough to be teaching at Barley Close since January 2010, and as a result, many children and families know me well already. If you don’t know me so well, I look forward to getting to know you very quickly! I love working at Barley Close and being a part of everything it has to offer – whether this is through teaching, events, FoBC or Governors! I missed the children, families and staff of Barley Close hugely whilst on maternity leave recently- although I did thoroughly enjoy taking the year off to be with my baby boy! I am also very pleased to be working directly with Mrs S again this year. We know each other very well and I am excited to be part of the team who will support your child throughout Year 3.


When I'm not at school, I really enjoy spending time with my family. As you will know, I am now lucky enough be a mother myself and I wouldn’t change it for the world! This past year, I have really enjoyed watching my little boy grow and develop into a real character – a little monkey indeed! I am excited for what the future brings for him as each year passes. As a little family we love to go for long walks, holidays abroad (although these are now very different to my past holidays!), visit the park, pop out for lunch or spend time with our family and friends.


Please do feel free to come and speak to me if you have any questions or concerns, or you'd like any more information! I look forward to spending a great year with you all!



Handy things to remember.


Handy things to know!


Book bag / Lunch boxes / Reading books

In Year 3, book bags will go in the children’s drawers, lunch boxes in the trolley by the cloakroom.

Please make sure that you sign the reading diary with a short, encouraging/ informative comment so that we know how your child is getting on at home. If their yellow reading record is not signed, they will not be able to change their book.

Snacks / Water bottles


Please remember that tuck is not offered in school any more so feel free to provide your child with a healthy morning play time snack. Please remember that we are a nut-free school!
You may wish to send your child in with a bottle of water to keep in the classroom. I strongly advise this as it a quick and easy way for your child to stay topped up with water! Please make sure that the bottle contains water only and is named.




School uniform PE kits are to be worn to school on the day your child has PE. Our PE lessons will take place on a Monday and a Thursday. Please ensure that your child is sent in with the appropriate kit for that day so that they are able to take part in a fun, interactive lesson! Please also ensure any earrings are removed for these days so that your child can participate. No branded clothing items should be worn for PE, especially hoodies as these can be dangerous during some PE lessons such as Gym.




Please ensure that your child wears the correct uniform to school as colourful hair bows, jewellery etc can become very distracting and can easily get lost.




As you know, Alligator class will have two teachers this year. The first half of the week will be covered by Mrs Rammell and Mrs Silbereis will teach the second half of the week. Both will teach alternate Wednesdays.

Polite Request:


Your child should have a yellow reading record book, a reading book and spelling book.


Please take the time to practise reading and spellings at least 3x a week and note down when you read with your child in the yellow reading record book. If you could complete more, that would be fantastic! Reading books can be changed on a Tuesday or a Friday as long as their reading record book has been signed and a comment has been made. Spellings are given out on a Friday and are tested the following Friday.


Thank you.


World Book Day buddy reading!

World Book Day

Thursday 5th March

“Bring Back the Bedtime Story”

To celebrate World Book Day we are asking all children to come to school dressed in their PJ’s or Onesie and bring a favourite book or story to share. During the day classes will be taking part in Buddy Reading activities to share the idea of reading stories together, especially at bedtime.


We hope you are as excited as we are about this!

Term 3 Infant Agility - A few snaps for our fantastic lesson!

Making papier mache volcanoes in Topic!

Curriculum overview for Year 3 2019-2020

Year 3 and 4 spelling list to practise through the year

Children in Need!

Codebreaker for Pudsey!
Codebreaker for Pudsey!
Codebreaker for Pudsey!

Fun Maths Friday!

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