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Term 3

Week beginning 3-1-22

Welcome to a new term and a new name! We are now altogether and known as Bear Class.

The children have adapted well to the change and are enjoying spending even more time together.

This week we have been reading Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. We have drawn story maps linked to the story and used props to act it out.

We have subsequently been practicing reciting numbers from 10 back to 0 as we pretend to zoom off in our rockets.

We have also been practicing our subitising, the skill of not having to count objects but knowing how many there are by the pattern. We have used this skill to play simple games with dice.

A great start to a new term!

W/C 10/1/22

Another busy week!

This week we have been looking at the difference between fiction and non-fiction books and subsequently we have been looking at some non-fiction books about space. Linked to our love of volcanoes we fond out that the largest volcano in the universe is on Mars and is bigger than Mount Everest and we also found out that astronauts' sleeping bags are strapped to the wall so that they don't float away. We looked at astronauts and found out about their space suits and labelled the main parts. We also thought about what we'd need to take with us if we went into space.

In Maths we looked at the relationship between numbers, particularly 1 more. We made towers to represent the numbers 1-5 and noticed how they looked like a set of stairs as the became 1 more each time. We used the phrase "diddly diddly do I'm taller than you" to help us make sure we had them in the correct order.

In phonics we continue to revise our set 1 sounds and practice segmenting and blending green words.

We learnt the red words no, so and go and listened out for them during story time.

We've enjoyed making dens and shelters and continued this at Forest School before making a rope swing.


w/c 17th Jan

This week we have continued our space theme and looked at aliens. We have read the book Aliens Love Underpants written by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. We even had a visit from an alien.

We were unable to go to Forest School this week so we did some cooking instead. We made Rock (meteor) Cakes which were very tasty! We used our weighing skills from previous learning. The recipe can be found in the virtual cookbook. 

In Maths we have been looking at the composition of 5, this is the number bonds that make five. We practiced using the number bonds to create patterns of 5 spots on some underpants.

In PE we stated practicing our ball skills by rolling a ball at a target. We continued this in independent learning by playing skittles.

W/c 24th January

This week we have followed our interest in dinosaurs and volcanoes.

In English we learnt a call and response chant, We're off to see the Volcano. We also read the book Ten  Minutes to Bed Little Dinosaur by Rhiannon Fielding and Chris Chatterton. This is set in the imaginary Land of Nod so we had a go at making up our own imaginary lands. Some children chose to create Dino Land, or Unicorn Land and others Robot Land. I'm not sure which I'd like to visit most.

In Maths we continued our look at composition of numbers and moved on to the numbers 6 and 7.

In PE we continued to practice our ball skills as we tried to hit a target by rolling the ball.

Outside we have created different tracks to follow either with cars or on foot with actions written beside it, such as jump, hop or spin.

w/c 31st January

This week we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year.

In English we listened to the story of the Great Race. This explained how each year got its name. We learnt that the Chinese 'King' was called an Emperor and that quarrel meant argument. We acted out the story to help us remember it before we wrote a list of the animals.

For PE we watched and then created our own ribbon dances. We also created a Dragon dance around the outside area.

In Maths we looked at comparing quantities, using the phrases "___ has more than___" and "___ has fewer than ___" to explain our findings. We also looked at whether quantities were  equal to each other. This we found a little more tricky because sometimes the spacings between the objects made them look equal, demonstrating that we had to count each group to be sure.

We tasted noodles, either plain or with soy sauce or sweet chilli sauce on and recorded which we preferred. We then used what we'd been learning in maths to compare which was our favourite flavour, and that was plain noodles.

We watched a short film about how Chinese people celebrate their New Year. They decorate their houses and have a special meal and then watch a parade and have fireworks. We found out that red is a lucky colour.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


w/c 7th February

This week we have continued to follow our interest in tigers and have read "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" by Judith Kerr.

We also thought about whether this could really happen and where tigers live in the wild. We also looked at where some other animals live an placed them on a world map.

In Forest School we made tiger masks and had our own tea party with little cakes and hot chocolate.

We looked carefully at some pictures of tigers and then painted our own pictures.

In Maths we revisited numerical order and focused on 1 more and 1 less. We also looked at and created our own repeating pattern.

In PE we returned to practicing our ball skills. This week we focused on bouncing the ball to each other.

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