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Term 3

8th Jan

Well we have survived the first week, and it's been a very strange week for everyone no doubt.

It is very quiet in the classroom without everyone in and Mrs Lines, myself and the children that are in are missing the rest of the Pandas.

The day in school continues to follow the usual routine;

AM: morning mission, English, small group, independent learning and Phonics.

PM: maths, independent learning, story.

During independent learning we've been making junk model rockets, painted our moons, played games and listened to readers.

All the activities we have done in school have been uploaded to seesaw or classdojo for home learners to have a go at too and Mrs Lines and I have loved seeing what you been up to. We hope you have enjoyed having a go at home and apologies for any delays in uploading activities we have been experiencing a few IT issues.



16th Jan

We have enjoyed the Aliens Love Underpants story this week.

We have designed our own Aliens, practiced our alien words, tried alien maths and written messages to the Aliens.

We hope you've enjoyed joining in at home. We have loved seeing what you have been up to.

We are so glad the Aliens have finally given Floppy back and he is now recovering at Mrs Lines' house.

It was lovely to see those of you who could make it on our zoom call on Friday afternoon.

Next week we are going to continue our space theme. We are hoping to make our own paper-mache planets and some "moon rock" cakes.



22nd Jan

We've been off into space this week again.

We have enjoyed The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet. We've also looked at some non-fiction books about space and found out about the different planets.

We've use paper mache to create our own planets, this was very sticky but good fun.

The best part was cooking our own "Moon Rock" cakes and eating them for snack time. They were very yummy. It looks as if the children at home have had fun cooking too!

Forest School was very muddy but that meant there were some great puddles for jumping in! Just remember to keep your mouth closed when you jump because a mouthful of muddy water does not taste nice as Mrs Sheppard found out.

We have looked at repeating patterns in maths, making patterns with our toys and our lunch!

In Phonics we have started learning some new diagraphs. Fred the frog and Frod the alien have been helping us blend them in real and alien words.

29th Jan

This week we have looked at our favourite Traditional Tales.

In English we focused on The Little Red Hen and looked at the different characters and ordered the main events using the language, first, next  and then.

In Maths we looked at sharing and particularly halving. We even had to halve the the recipe when we pretended to be the Little Red Hen and made bread rolls.

In Forest School we practiced our bird spotting skills, ready for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. We also made our own bird food balls to hang in the trees in the outdoor area.

6th Feb

This week we have been reading What the Ladybird Heard.

In Maths we have practiced our positional language to describe where the ladybird was hiding and we have learnt about doubling by matching the amount of spots on each side of the ladybird.

In English we have tried to use alliteration with our names the same as Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len in the story. We also wrote about our favourite part of the story, some of us liked it when the cats purred and others liked it when the ladybird whispered into the animals ears.

In Phonics we have reached the end of speed set 2 of our sounds and so are now playing lots of word games to help us recognise them in words.

In Forest School we did some natural paintings using mud which were very effective.

Feb 12th 

Wow, we've made it to the end of term and what a strange one it has been.

This week we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year.

We have learnt how the animals had a swimming race and the Chinese Emperor named the years after the order the animals finished the race. We also looked at some non fiction books about Chinese traditions and found out that they believe red is a lucky colour and give red envelopes containing money to children for the New Year.

In maths we learnt about ordinal numbers and how we don't say oneth, twoth etc but first and second. We also explored money and looked at the difference in size, colour and shape of the coins. We then used 1ps to buy some toys in our pretend shop.

We have made our own dragon masks and danced around the Forest School area. The Chinese believe that the dragon will bring health, happiness and good fortune so here's hoping.

This term we have learnt the keywords:-

her, here, we, all, your, get, said, they, his, by, see, put, for

and we have practiced the speed set 2 sounds:-

ay (may I play), ee (what can you see), igh (fly high), ow (blow he snow), oo (pooh at the zoo), oo (look at a book), ar (start the car),  or (shut the door), air (that's not fair), ir (whirl and twirl), ou (shout it out) and oy (toy for a boy)

Wishing you all a healthy and happy break and fingers crossed we will all be back together soon.

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