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Y4 - Chameleon


Good morning Chameleons.

This is the last week of term and what a peculiar end to the school year.

It was a pity we couldn't say goodbye. I hope you were all proud of your reports.


One of the activities I have put on Seesaw is writing a letter to Ms Cripps.

If you want to email me a letter instead, I will ensure she receives it.


Keep up with Reading Eggs, My Maths and TTRS during the summer break - I'm not sure whether Doodle Maths will still be active.


Have a great summer holiday and enjoy being in Year 5.


From Mrs Watts


Good morning Chameleons.

It was great to see so many of you trying those tasks on Seesaw last week - many of them don't take any longer than 10 minutes, once you have worked out how to use the pen etc. The fractions work was popular and it showed how much you have learnt in Year 4 as 'it was a piece of cake'!


There are a wide selection of activities this week and I have deleted or archived many activities which were not attempted.


Oak National Academy is focusing on Maths problems and patterns if you want to take a look.


Reading Eggs is very popular so if you haven't tried it yet - take a look; remember you do Reading  Eggspress!


If you have lost or forgotten your login details you can easily contact me as I have a copy of them.


My group are going to do some work on Pirates this week and you can draw a cartoon pirate on 'Art for Kids Hub.' Take a look as there are so many pictures to choose from.


Have a great week.

Mrs Watts



Good morning Chameleons.

I can't believe it is July this week. I hope you are pleased about your Year 5 teacher - many of you were taught by her in Year 2.

Most of you did not clear out your drawers so I have done that for you - some of you left items in them too which I have passed on to your new teacher.


I have planned some fun activities on Seesaw this week and the focus for Maths is fractions. There is also a 2 week project based on 'Banksy' and a fun drawing activity.


Oak National Academy is focusing on diary writing, number patterns and Roman Numerals.


Continue with Reading Eggs, Doodle Maths, TTRS and My Maths.


Have a good week.

Mrs Watts


22nd June 2020

Good morning Chameleons,

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, the longest day and also Father's Day. Did you spoil your dad?


I hope you had a good week and enjoyed the thunder and lightning, but not necessarily the rain! This week is meant to be hot! You can do all the sporting challenges that I included last week; we tried the standing jumps and sprinting.


Even more of you tried the Seesaw activities last week. Have a look and see what you fancy this week! There is a brilliant drawing activity you might enjoy.

How to draw a cupcake:


Oak National Academy have lessons about coordinates, translation and even a singing lesson.


Continue Reading Eggs, TTRS, Doodle Maths and My Maths.


You can email me if you have any questions or mislaid your login details.

From Mrs Watts

15th June 2020,

Hello Chameleons,

I hope you had a good week and kept yourselves busy. It's great to see so many of you having a go at the activities on Seesaw; 3 more tasks appear each week day. I try to find fun activities that may not take very long - including Music, Art and PE.


Don't forget to keep collecting those 'eggs' on Reading Express and even trophies!

You still have TTRS, My Maths, Doodle Maths and have a look at Doodle English using the same login; I'm not sure if it still works!

If you have lost or forgotten any of your login details for these or Seesaw, please email me or contact the school who will pass on the message so I can let you know your details.


Above there are some activities that you may find enjoyable - take a look.

Oak National Academy are still running lessons and for Maths it is symmetry this week.


Don't forget it's Father's Day on Sunday so you could make a card for somebody special in your family, especially if you haven't seen them for a while - Granddad, Uncle,

If you look online it shows you how to make a shirt and tie design!


Have a good week.

Mrs Watts




Here is an Art competition you might be interested in doing:

It's Puffin Book's 80th Anniversary and they have a variety of daily activities you can do.

Here is the link:

8th June

Dear Chameleons,

I hope you had a good week.

It was great to see the work and photos some of you have been doing on Seesaw learning; I hope you have been enjoying some of the activities I have left for you.

There is another week of work scheduled for you.


Keep up with Reading Eggs, My Maths, Doodle Maths and TTRS too. 

The National Academy is covering 2-D shape in Maths, word work and instructions in English, Music and PE with Joe Wicks; have a look and see if you fancy any of these lessons.


Have a good week.

Mrs Watts

If you were watching NASA on Saturday and watched Doug and Bob go up into space, you might want to explore this site:

1st June

Good morning Chameleons,

June already - 'pinch, punch first of the month'! I hope you had a good half-term.

I'm sure some of you have brothers or sisters going to school today and I'm sure you are keen to get back as soon as possible. I will now be working at school 4 days a week so will only be able to do this page on a Monday.


I know 2 of your have done some Home Learning on Seesaw and I will set up some more activities for you to do later today. If not, have a look today!

Don't forget Reading Eggs - some of you haven't started that yet.

You also have Oak Teaching Academy you can peruse and see what they have for this week.


Have a good week.

Mrs Watts



22nd May

Good morning Chameleons,

It's Friday already and next week is half term so you may be allowed to have Bank Holiday Monday off!


How was my homework?


(3 X 4 ) - 5 = 7                         12 - 5 = 7

(5 X 9 ) + 7 = 51 X                   45 + 7 = 52

(8 X 4 ) - 4 = 28                        32 - 4 = 28

( 9 X 7 ) + 9 = 73 X                   63 + 9 = 62

( 6 X 3 ) + 10 = 28                    18 + 10 = 28

( 11 X 11 ) - 18 = 104 X            121 - 18 = 103

( 4 X 6 ) + ( 2 X 12 ) = 48           24 + 24 = 48

( 5 X 5 ) - ( 3 X 3 ) = 34  X          25 - 9 = 16

( 10 X 4 ) - ( 7 X 3 ) = 21 X         40 - 21 = 19

( 8 X 8 ) + ( 4 X 9 ) = 100            64 + 36 = 100 


5 again. I must admit I do need to look at the sign.


It's really exciting today as you will be given your home learning codes for Seesaw.

I have set you some fun activities to do and you can send me some comments too.

I can't wait to see what you do. It rhymes - not intentional!


Have a fabulous Friday and weekend.

Mrs Watts

21st May

Hello Chameleons,

I am at school today so here are the answers:


half of 64 = 22 X       32

double 35 = 70

half of 48 = 23 X         24

double 39 = 79 X        78

half of 74 = 37

double 143 = 286

half of 98 = 44 X         49

double 337 = 674 

half of 116 = 58 

double 419 = 836 X      838


Oh well, that's half correct!


Mark these. Don't forget to do the calculation in the brackets first.


(3 X 4 ) - 5 = 7

(5 X 9 ) + 7 = 51

(8 X 4 ) - 4 = 28

( 9 X 7 ) + 9 = 73

( 6 X 3 ) + 10 = 28

( 11 X 11 ) - 18 = 104

( 4 X 6 ) + ( 2 X 12 ) = 48

( 5 X 5 ) - ( 3 X 3 ) = 34

( 10 X 4 ) - ( 7 X 3 ) = 21

( 8 X 8 ) + ( 4 X 9 ) = 100


Why don't you write a revolting recipe for a sandwich or cake. You could make it first!

My idea is an eyeball sandwich using a hard boiled egg with a cherry tomato replacing the yolk.

This could be placed in a bap with tomato ketchup - that could give somebody a shock to see that looking at them!


Or a piece of food, like a slice of pizza, could run away similar to the Gingerbread man story; anything is better than being eaten!


Don't forget your posters, be ready to clap at eight.

Have a terrific Thursday.

Mrs Watts

20th May

Good morning Chameleons,

I hope you had a busy day yesterday. Today is suppose to be a hot day!


How did I do with this homework? 

9 X 8 = 72

36 ÷ 3  = 11 X                12

12 X 12 = 132 X             144

4 X 8 = 34  X                    32

6 X 7 = 42

145 ÷ 5 = 19 X               29

56 ÷ 7 = 8

36 X 7 = 212  X               252

63 ÷ 10 = 0.63 X             6.3

0.64 ÷ 100 = 64 X          Oh I thought it was times!  0.0064

1.42 ÷ 10 = 14.2 X           I did the same again! 0.142


3 correct today!

Mark these today:


half of 64 = 22

double 35 = 70

half of 48 = 23

double 39 = 79

half of 74 = 37

double 143 = 286

half of 98 = 44

double 337 = 674

half of 116 = 58

double 419 = 836


To relax today, try 'cosmic yoga'.


Tomorrow is 'Clap for Carers' so why not create a new poster of hope for your window or a new rainbow.


Finally, have you watched 'Lockdown Laughs' yet? It's the staff, including me, telling jokes. Have a look! It's on Barley Close youtube.


Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Mrs Watts



19th May

Good morning Chameleons. I wonder what new skill you learnt yesterday!

Can you still do it today? 


How well did I do with my homework?

  1. 1023 + 2756 = 3769   X          3779
  2. 3570 – 1479 = 2891   X           2091
  3. 55691 + 2765 = 58456
  4. 15063 – 3597 = 11464  X       11,466
  5. 40765 + 26084 = 66859 X      66,849
  6.  70132 – 38770 =31362 


Oh dear only 2 correct! I hope you did better than me. 


Here's my next homework to mark:


9 X 8 = 72

36 ÷ 3  = 11

12 X 12 = 132

4 X 8 = 34

6 X 7 = 42

145 ÷ 5 = 19

56 ÷ 7 = 8

36 X 7 = 212

63 ÷ 10 = 0.63

0.64 ÷ 100 = 64

1.42 ÷ 10 = 14.2


Above you will find a Science orienteering activity you might want to try today or this week. Have fun!


This site has a variety of free Maths activities and worksheets especially for Year groups 3 - 6:


Apparently TTRS are taking part in Guinness World Records. Have a look!


There are activities on this site as well:


There are different competitions on it including drawing a robot and a bug hunt. Have a look.


Have a good Tuesday.

Mrs Watts




18th May,

Good morning Chameleons,

I hope you had a good weekend.


Try something different today - websites which might help are below.

Why not learn a new skill like finger knitting, learning a German word, origami (the art of paper folding) - I'm sure you have your own idea.


Answers to Fridays arithmetic:


45,037 + 28,908 = 73,945

21,482 - 10,783 = 10,699

7 X  9 = 63

72 divided by = 12

£8.47 + £5.79 = £14.26

£5.00 - £ 3.43 = £1.57

19 divided by 5 = 3 r 4

1   of 24 =     4  of 24 = 16

6                        6

8365 - 4876 = 3489

5038 + 4438 = 9476

0.742  X 100 = 74.2



Something different today. Can you mark my homework? 

Mark the ones that are correct. Write the right answer for those that are wrong.

Answers tomorrow.


  1. 1023 + 2756 = 3769
  2. 3570 – 1479 = 2891
  3. 55691 + 2765 = 58456
  4. 15063 – 3597 = 11464
  5. 40765 + 26084 = 66859
  6.  70132 – 38770 =31362


Oak National Academy are covering lessons on non-chronological reports, measures and money, Spanish and art this week. Why not take a look.


Do you fancy some coding? Have a look at this.:


What about some Science?


Or a real mixture of activities to choose from:


These are some activities you can do as a family:


Have a marvellous Monday.

Take care.

Mrs Watts



15th May

Good morning Chameleons,

It's Friday already!

Here are the answers to Thursday arithmetic:


34,274 + 11,350 = 45,624

17,042 - 9,378 = 7664

8,742 - 4714 = 4,028 

9 X 6 =54

32 divided by 8 = 4

£1.38 + £4.97 = £6.35

£5.00 - £2.63 =£2.37

of 40 =             3 of 40 = 15

5                                5           

21 divided by 6 = 3 r 3

8  -   5      =

14    14       14


I hope you got them all correct. Are you getting quicker?


Fridays arithmetic:


45,037 + 28,908 =

21,482 - 10,783 =

7 X ? = 63

72 divided by ? = 12

£8.47 + £5.79 =

£5.00 - £ 3.43 =

19 divided by 5 = 

1   of 24 =      4  of 24 =

6                     6

? - 4876 = 3489

5038 + ? = 9476

0.742  X 100 =


Today you could practice your handwriting by copying out a poem or a few jokes; remember quality not quantity.

It's spelling test day so practise some of the year 3/4 spellings using rainbow writing, pyramids or your own idea. Ask someone to test you as well.


Have a look at Carol Vorderman's Maths website as apparently quite a few of the children in the class are enjoying that - it is free at the moment.


Above there is a French challenge you might fancy doing today or next week.

Have a great Friday and weekend.

Mrs Watts

14th May

Good afternoon Chameleons,

I hope you have had a great day. I did at school. The children made their own salt dough and shaped it to create a sculpture and they used the PE equipment to make their own obstacle course for others to try.


Here are the answers to Wednesday arithmetic:


10,423 + 978 = 11,401

4863 + 5,679 = 10,542

8401 - 3048 = 5353

4792 - 3303 = 1489

1.93 - 0.47 = 1.46

7 X 8 = 56

 42 divided by 7 = 6

1  of 28 =     3  of 28 = 21

4                        4  

14.2 divided by 10 = 1.42

1.3 x 100 = 130


Have a good evening, don't forget to clap at 8:00pm.

Mrs Watts


Here is the arithmetic for Thursday:


34,274 + 11,350 =

17,042 - 9,378 =

8,742 - ? = 4,028 =

? X 6 =54

? divided by 8 = 4

£1.38 + £4.97 =

£5.00 - £2.63 =

of 40 =                  3 of 40 =

5                                5           

21 divided by 6 =

8  -   ?      =

14    14       14


Here is another video you could use for writing:


Write a dialogue between the shoemaker and the shoes or rival shoemaker.

Draw and describe your own idea for a magic pair of shoes. Write a set of instructions for how to make them.

Create a new plan to get rid of the rival shoemaker.




13th May

Good morning Chameleons,

It's sunny again, is there an activity you can do outside today? 

Can you make your name using sticks, leaves, grass cuttings, daisies, dandelions or stones?

Can you make a short message? Take a photo.


You could use pencils, books, pens, lego bricks inside as well.

'What is for lunch?' could be an example of a message! 


Here are the answers to yesterdays:


14273 + 2549 = 16,822

1897 + 7843 = 9740

4038 - 1759 = 2279

5142 - 1387 = 3755

9 x 8 = 72

94 divided by 10 = 9.4

3.23 x 100 = 323

4  -    = 3

5      5      5


     +    6 =   13

16          16       16


29 divided by 3 = 7 r 2



Here is the arithmetic for today. Don't forget to time yourself.


10,423 + 978 =

? + 5,679 = 10,542

8401 - 3048 =

4792 - ? = 1489

1.93 - 0.47 =

? X 8 = 56

? divided by 7 = 6

1  of 28              3  of 28 = 

4                        4  

14.2 divided by 10 =

1.3 x 100 =



Watch this video


Rewrite from the dog's or Jack's point of view.

Create a persuasive poster for a certain brand of dog food.

You may have your own ideas for writing using this video.

Just have fun!


As you know I work at school on a Thursday so I will put the answers to the arithmetic when I return.

Above there is another arithmetic for Thursday.

There is also another video you can use for writing.

Have a great 2 days.

Mrs Watts



12th May

Good morning Chameleons,

How did you get on with the arithmetic? Here are the answers (in bold):


14273 + 2549 = 16,822

  1897  + 7843 = 9740

4038 - 1759 = 2279

5142 -  1387 = 3755

9 x 8 = 72

94  divided by 10 = 9.4

3.23 x 100 = 323

4  -    = 3

5      5      5


     +     6 =   13

16          16       16


29 divided by 3 = 7r2


Here is a set of 10 (actually 11) questions for today. Don't forget to time yourself and start with the ones you can do.


2739 + 17908 =

6989 + ? = 8042

6124 - 4088 =

? - 4921 = 2054

12 x 11 =

0.42 + 1.8 =

1 of 27 =                     2 of 27 =                             

3                                  3 

0.83 X 100 =

32 divided by 6 =

9   +   7   =

10      10 


There are other Maths activities that have been linked to sport; orienteering details above.

Maths on the move which is at 11am today; have a look and see what you think:



Maths on the move.

Good morning,


We at Progressive Sports have partnered with Aspire Sports and have created a series of 'Active Maths’ sessions that cater for each year group. These sessions will be running “live” everyday at 11 am on our Facebook page.


The 'Active Maths’ sessions will consist of 10 questions which pupils will have to complete physical activity to answer and, if correct, they will earn a point. Sessions will last for approximately 20 minutes and parents and pupils will also be able to interact with us through the comments section on the live stream.


Our Facebook page is


Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the team at Progressive Sports if you have any questions or concerns.


Kind regards


Peter Randall


Have a great Tuesday.

Mrs Watts


11th May

Good morning Chameleons,

I hope you had a good 3 days off work and are ready to get back to it again today. I thought you could have a go at arithmetic today; remember to time yourself - answers tomorrow.


14273 + 2549 =

? + 7843 = 9740

4038 - 1759 =

5142 - ? = 3755

? x 8 = 72

? divided by 10 = 9.4

3.23 x ? = 323

4  -    =

5      5


     +     ? =   13

16          16       16


29 divided by 3 = 


This week, the National Academy are covering measures and money, persuasion text, Spanish Armada, light and textures in Art.

Why not have a look and see if you fancy anything different!


Above there is a 2 metre challenge and some Maths games you might want to try.


Have a good Monday.

Mrs Watts


7th May

Hello Chameleons,

What a lovely day! It will be a busy evening with the 8pm clap for carers and the full moon, which hopefully will be visible. Apparently, it is a super moon too.


If you have any problems with Reading Eggs, please let me know as I can hopefully sort it out as I've had quite a few parents/carers tell me that their child is finding it too easy. I've been able to adjust it so they are working at the Year 4 level.


Have a great VE day tomorrow and I hope you are allowed to have a 'workfree' day.


Stay safe.

Mrs Watts


6th May

Hello Chameleons,

Did you see the moon last night? It was so bright and I hope you enjoyed finding out more about the moon yesterday.


It's VE day on Friday. Do you know what it means and what happened on 8th May 1945?

You can find out on


You could make bunting for your garden to put up on Friday. If you're not sure how to make it,, watch this video:


What else could you make? Cakes or biscuits would be fun to make and decorate but it seems many other people have the same idea, when you look on the supermarket shelves!


Aerospace Bristol have some interesting activities and videos linked to VE day:


A scientific investigation for you today:


Make some paper aeroplanes and test them in the garden.

Which ones flew the furthest?

Can you work out why?

Can you improve them to make them fly further?


Do you remember making paper helicopters and parachutes from plastic bags in term 1?

You could make some today and test different sizes to see what happens?


Lots to keep you busy and I'm at school tomorrow, so I will be writing this a lot later.

Have a great 2 days.

Mrs Watts



5th May

Good morning Chameleons,

I hope you had a great time with your challenge that you set yourself yesterday. Today, you could try a different challenge or even try to beat the one you did yesterday. Can you challenge somebody in your household?


Did you notice the moon last night? It was so bright. Apparently, the full moon is on Thursday 7th May.

What do you know about the moon?

Who was the first man on the moon?

How many missions to the moon have there been?

Which countries have sent people to the moon?

What does NASA stand for and where are they based?  

What is the map of the moon?

What are the phases of the moon?


Have a look at this site:


See if you can see the moon tonight, if it is a clear night with very little cloud.

Have a good Tuesday.

Mrs Watts

'May the 4th be with you!'


Sorry Chameleons but I couldn't resist it! I'm sure you will hear that Star Wars analogy several times today.

Yet another week of lockdown commences but it seems there is now light at the end of the tunnel! June 1st has been suggested, apparently.


Continue with Reading Eggs; one of you has a bronze trophy award already!

This week, Oak National Academy have lessons for you about measures, newspaper reports, more work on Henry VIII, Spanish, Music and Science. Have a look and see what you fancy. It seems they still have the previous lessons too. 


Make the most of the good weather today and possibly set yourself a challenge. It could be 50 skips using a skipping rope, 20 'keepie-uppies' using a ball (apparently the record is 26 hours), bouncing a ball on a bat/racquet for 5 minutes, running a distance in a certain time, 

jumping and measuring the distance (like long jump) - the ideas are endless. Then try to beat it. You could try it this morning and then repeat this afternoon and possibly this evening.


Have a good Monday and don't work too hard.

Mrs Watts

1st May

Good morning Chameleons,

Wow it's another new month! What have you planned to do today?

Do you remember making bread rolls with the Warburtons team? They have some activities to do if you are interested: 


If you are struggling to find flour, try Lidl! Happy baking or even make sandwiches for the family!


This is an Art competition, if you are interested:


Now something for Parents and Carers if you are not a fan of Maths:


This is a NCETM facebook page if you have any questions about Maths that other parents can answer:


Wow, so much to look at! Hopefully you can go out in the garden and run 100 times around your garden again! It will give you a break from studying.

Did you clap the Carers last night? It was slightly colder so I found everybody went back indoors after the clap!


Have a good Friday and weekend.  

Stay safe.

Mrs Watts

30th April

Good afternoon Chameleons,

Sorry it's later today but I have been at school. If you do not know your reading eggs login, then contact me as I now have a copy of them.


Do you have any relations who you have not seen since the lockdown began? Why not write them a letter and tell them what you have been doing. Try to make it interesting and funny to possibly cheer them up.

I hope you were able to do the sports challenge today - I think it was involving coins.


Stay safe.

From Mrs Watts

29th April

Hello Chameleons,

The weather was actually ok yesterday and I was able to go out for a walk. I hope you were able to go out for some fresh air too. I must admit I'm trying to find different routes for my walks so I don't do the same one every day.


Why don't you try something different today and research a topic of your choice? You could choose animals, a football team, a country, a sport, a place, something from the past like World War II - the ideas are endless. You can find some facts online:


This site is very child friendly and has interesting videos as well.


You can then write sentences using your facts; try not to just copy from the text as you don't learn anything then.

Next, you can draw some pictures and colour them.

Don't forget a title page and subheadings.


If possible, you can then present your project to the rest of the class. This could be something you can continue over several days. You could also create a poster of facts.


I'll be at school tomorrow so will write this later when I get home.

Have a good day.

Mrs Watts

28th April

Good morning Chameleons,

Wow, what a difference in the weather! I couldn't go for my early morning walk today.

You may have to do some dancing or exercise indoors. 


Attached are some monster activities you could try and there is also an alien 'Talk for Writing' activity sheet - you don't need to donate to access it.


I have been doing some word searches, crossword puzzles and Sudokus to keep my brain active. I bought a collection of puzzles and try to do 1 every day. You can also make your own word searches using squared paper or draw your own squares and put in some words. Don't forget to write down the words so the other person knows what they are looking for. Fill in the other squares with random letters.


Have a good day.

From Mrs Watts



27th April

Good morning Chameleons,

We had better make sure we make the most of the good weather today as it is suppose to rain at the end of the week. Today you can start the sport so have fun!

It was great to see so many of you enjoying reading eggs already. If you haven't, look at it today and start collecting those eggs and create your avatar.


This week Oak National Academy is area and perimeter, comprehension, Henry VIII, Spanish and Science is light and reflection.  Have a look and see what you fancy doing.


I completed a jigsaw puzzle this weekend. It was nice to do something different. Have you got any jigsaws you could do? You could time yourself or try to do it without looking at the picture. I always do the outside pieces first and I also look for any words/letters to piece together. 


Have a great Monday.

From Mrs Watts


Good morning Chameleons,

Last night was disappointing as I didn't see anything, did you? I might try again tonight!


Next week, CSET are running some competitions for you to do at home (see document above). These will continue for 3 weeks and week 1 has been sent. Hopefully you will have enough space in your garden! The results can be emailed to me

and I can email them to Mrs Hayward-Pope.

Have fun!


If you want a change from the normal learning, you could try:



or are running a competition to design your own drink cans to encourage recycling. There is a chance to win a Nintendo Switch for those who do enter and the template to download is


Don't work too hard and have a good weekend in the sunshine.

From Mrs Watts



Hello Chameleons,

Sorry it's so late but I was at school today. I'm sure you know it's St George's day. I forgot it was Earth day yesterday.

Apologies if you were looking at 7:30 last night but that was GMT, we are now 1 hour ahead so it was at 8:30pm. I saw the capsule go over but nothing else. Tonight, the Starlink5 is suppose to fly over at 10:10pm, but I don;t think I feel very lucky today. Starlink6 might be visible at 9pm.

There is also a new moon! I just enjoy looking at the star constellations -saucepan or plough, Venus, which is the brightest light in the West and the general tranquility of the night sky. It is so much better now there is less pollution so we need to make the most of it. Happy hunting!


Don't forgot the 8pm clap for NHS/carers too, which is when you can wave to your neighbours as well.


Hopefully, today, you will receive your login details for Reading Eggs. I've seen it and it looks like fun and I can see what you are doing as well.

Stay safe.

Mrs Watts



Good morning Chameleons,

The sun is shining again and tomorrow is St. George's Day. Why not find out more about St George, the patron saint of England, and what he did. You could create a poster to show the main facts and illustrate it with appropriate pictures; I don't want to tell you too much!    


Last night, I went outside at 9am to see if I could spot the SpaceX starlink satellites passing over us from West to East. I noticed about 10 of the 60 that were passing.

Tonight, they are launching the next wave of starlink satellites from Kennedy Space Centre, Florida. You can watch the live take-off at about 7:37pm and about 20 minutes later, they should be overhead travelling from the West . It looks like a white dot travelling at a constant speed followed by another one. Find out more on


I was also lucky enough to see a meteor shower, like a bunch of flashing lights moving across the sky. See if you can find out more about meteor showers.


Have a great day.

Mrs Watts 




Good morning Chameleons,

Yesterday, Oak National Academy launched its online classroom.

This will change on a weekly basis and this week it is area and perimeter, poetry and Henry VIII. There are quizzes, videos and activities so why not give it a go!


BBC bitesize have also launched online resources for every subject.

BBC Bitesize

Why not take a look as you may want to do some French, Music or Art for a change.


Don't forget your Active Breaks. You could do some exercises on the spot or some partner work like we did in class or even dancing round the room. This will wake up your brain and make you feel good!


Have a good Tuesday.

Mrs Watts


Hello Chameleons,

I hope you are all well and yet again the sun is shining! Back to home schooling again.

Don't forget to practise your number skills just like our daily arithmetic lessons. You could create your own 10 calculations for somebody else in your house; make sure you know the right answers as well!

Maths on the move have created this sheet of ideas:


Have a good Monday.

Mrs Watts


Hello Chameleons,

It seems it's going to be at least 3 more weeks before I see you all again! I hope you had a good Easter and were able to enjoy eating some chocolate eggs. I'm sure you have all been continuing to work over the holiday and don't forget to practise spellings, ie. those on the Y3/4 spelling list which can be found at the bottom of this page. Remember you can do rainbow writing, pyramids and diamonds with these spellings. If you want a challenge, find words in the dictionary or reading books that you don't know and practise those; don't forget to check the meaning of the word!

I'm sure you remember the Roman film we watched in English involving the bear! It was on Literacy Shed

Have a look yourself and you will notice a wide range of video clips with suggestions of activities you could do. Literacy shed plus, has numerous free resources you could use which includes reading and writing.

Other ideas are:

this is maths for each year group.

this includes a year 4 home-school booklet you can apparently download for free.


That's it for now.

Stay safe.

Mrs Watts




Hello Chameleons,

I can't believe that this would have been the start of our Easter holidays! 

Just another link to some ideas you can do at home if you want:  


Take care.

Mrs Watts


Good morning Chameleons,

What a lovely day! Remember to have regular breaks from your learning and do something completely different. Maybe create your own game or even make your own set of Top Trumps cards. They could then be played when we get back to school. Take your time and create a couple each day - it could be super heroes, animals, cars, countries, movies, authors or your own idea.

Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Mrs Watts 


Hello Chameleons,

I've been busy at school today so sorry for the late message. I found out today that you can use your doodle Maths login to do doodle English - give it a go and see what happens.

Apparently, Carol Vorderman is also doing her stuff for free as well. Check it out!

Have a great evening.

Mrs Watts


Good morning Chameleons,

It's April 1st, time for a joke!


What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?

A dino-snore!


Now one for the parents/carers:


When you look for something, why is it always in the last place you look?

Because once you've found it, you stop looking. 


Have a good day and do some form of exercise today; create your own obstacle course or set up your own round of circuits such as 10 star jumps, jog for 20 seconds, skip round the garden.


Mrs Watts


Good afternoon Chameleons,

That wind is quite cold today. Do you remember the melting experiment we did at the beginning of term? I have just used the left over butter to make chocolate chip cookies, they smell delicious. I was able to use up some old ingredients, like flour, chocolate chips and sugar, that was in my cupboard. See if you can do some cooking too.

Tomorrow is April 1st and you know what that means? April Fools day. Will you think of a clever trick to play on somebody? Does somebody need cheering up? Tell them a joke.

Knock, Knock.

Who's there?


Boo who?

Don't cry, it's only a joke!


Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Ranata who?

Ranata jokes, will need to find some more for next time.


Mrs Watts


Dear Chameleons,

I hope you had a work-free weekend and made the most of some free time instead. 

Here are some extra resources you may find useful:

You will need to register to access this resource but they are free.   


free online learning resources   this is from the UCL Institute of Education


Have a great learning day!

Mrs Watts




Good morning Chameleons,

What another lovely day so don't forget to go out for your daily walk or play in the garden!

It is much quieter now there is less traffic, so you can hear different bird sounds! I didn't realise there was a bird that sounds like a police siren!

I saw lots of rainbows in windows today. Did you join in the 8pm clap for the NHS last night?

It was noisy around here, including some fireworks.

Keep up the good work and do 1 job to help your parents or carers today.

Stay safe and well.

Mrs Watts


Good evening Chameleons,

Sorry for the late entry but I was at work/school today. It was such a lovely day that the children were outside playing a variety of games.

Great to hear that you are all working on your packs, using TTRS, My Maths and doodlemaths, and even doing your own mini-projects! Keep up the good work! 

Don't forget to put up some words of kindness in your windows tonight.

Stay safe and well.

Mrs Watts


Good afternoon Chameleons. What a lovely day. I hope you are not working too hard.

Here is a link to another website for all those enthusiastic about Maths.


Jigsaw PSHE


Jigsaw is the lovely PSHE scheme we follow. They have put together some online resources for families. They recommend these are for ages 5+ but they include a story and discussion so younger family members can listen in too. There is also a Calm Me section, which encourages children to be mindful.


Make sure you say something nice to each member of your family today to make them feel good. laugh




Good morning Chameleons,

I hope you are enjoying your home packs and joining Joe Wicks for his daily workout. I notice some of you have been on TTRS and I have put more homework on My Maths. I hope you have made good use of Doodle Maths and keeping up with reading at least 3 days a week.

Be kind to each other. smiley

From Mrs Watts 



Ideas for activities to do at home

Welcome Chameleon Class of 2019-20!


Hello. My name is Mrs Watts and I started teaching Year 5 Elephants in Term 2 (2018) as a job share and I am looking forward to being part of the Year 4 team with Mrs Welch in Iguana Class. Our teaching assistant will be Mrs Merchant who is a fabulous experienced teaching assistant at Barley Close.



Don't forget your child can wear their PE kit to school on that day.

Your PE kit should include black shorts and a white t-shirt and black daps or trainers. Jogging bottoms and a jumper are also handy as we do PE outdoors as well. Some older clothes and shoes would be advisable for this PE session. 

Please also remember that if your child wears earrings, then they need to be taken out that morning before school.




Spellings will be given out on Friday and then tested the following Friday. Please encourage them to practise them every day so they know them before the test.


Please continue to hear your child read and sign their reading record books. The school expect children to read at least 3 times a week and there is a raffle draw every week. Please remember to send their reading records in on a Monday.


TTRS and My Maths logins have been given to the children and it's great to see so many of them enjoying these activities at home.


It has been great to meet so many of you already and I look forward to getting to know you and your families this year.

Don't forget to come and see me if you are concerned about anything or just want to talk. I am available at the end of the school day. 

Let's hope it will be a year full of fun and learning.

Mrs Watts



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