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Y6- Zebra

                                            WELCOME TO ZEBRA CLASS 2020/2021


Spellings -

In class today (16/9/2020) children received a spelling menu. This was a handy list of different ways they could be revising their spellings. I have attached copies of this menu (see below) as well as a lot of other activitiy ideas. Hopefully, this will keep it interesting and you and your child will have a better time doing this important job. 


given out 11/9/2020 and to be tested on 18/09/2020


bruise                               The bruise on your leg looks very purple. 

queue                              Did you have to queue a long time in Tesco? 

occupy                             I occupy another house, which I visit in the Summer holidays. 

foreign                            The lovely lady was foreign. 

desperate                        I am desperate for you to stop talking. 

harass                              Don't worry, I won't harass you today!             

identity                            It was a case of mistaken identity. 

controversy                      The politician's decision caused a big controversy. 

determined                       I am determined to do my very best in Year 6. 

aggressive                        Why are you speaking to me in that aggressive tone? 


I have put one sentence next to each as it is very important that your children know the meaning of the words as well as the spelling. 

All children will need to know these spellings so all the class have been given the same ones. 

Spellings are also in spelling books (kept at school for now), in the class (on the English wall) and on the classroom door, as well as on Class Dojo. 

There are no excuses for not practicing during strict Covid- Guidelines! 




Outside of school, I (Mrs Welch) have a husband and 3 children - Ella (14), Grace (13) and Finley (nearly 11). Most of you will know I also have dogs, as one of my dogs was lost for 5 days during lock down and there was a big search party and Facebook appeal. His name is Bob and my other is called Fudge. Both are poodle crosses and very fluffy! 


In School, I have been a teacher at Barley Close for 2 years (this will be my third). It is my first time teaching in Year 6 and I couldn't be more excited. I know that some of you I have taught before and some of you I haven't but I can't wait to find out more about you ALL. 


If your parent's need to contact me they can do so through Class Dojo (see below) and/or email me at 


What a wonderful year we are all going to have! 

Reading and Spelling - 


Reading is still VITAL and will be monitored weekly, by me to ensure that children are getting the chance to read at home. Reading with an adult is so much better and more fun that reading to yourself! 


Due to the quarantine guidance, there are a limited number of books and therefore sending books home is going to be very, very difficult (due to number of books we have to do this with). Therefore, the main way of reading monitoring will be through Reading Eggs. Passwords will be emailed privately to ensure confidentiality. Please, LOOK OUT FOR THESE IN YOUR EMAIL LATER. School will be listening to your child reading and a log made of these times, in their reading record which will be kept in school. It can be sent home as and when guidance allows us to and is safe from COVID. 


Spellings will be written in the spelling book. This will be kept in school so children can practice in school. They will also be in this section of the website and I will list them on the door to the outside so you can photo it and so on. Please do continue to help practice them at home. 

HOMEWORK (Tuesday - Tuesday) Work will be checked and given on a Tuesday 

As a school we do ask for very little home learning to be completed, in comparison to other schools in the area. This is because we appreciate that children do need time to be children and as families, spending time together is a luxury that many of us have limited time for in these busy times. 


However, children have missed a lot of learning (through no fault of theirs or yours) and learning is the key to success. Year 6 is an especially busy year, in preparation for more challenging learning in Secondary. Therefore, I would like to encourage you to all be spending some time on the following homework: 


MyMaths - Tasks which allow children extra chance to practice what they have been learning in class. Repetition has been shown to help children/people to learn the best. 

TimesTable RockStars - Children who know their times tables well reduce their cognitive load in Maths providing them with free space to concentrate on new concepts. 

Reading - through Reading Eggs. We are encouraging children to do 4x10 minute independent sessions on this a week so we can see if any children have gaps we need to address. 

Spelling - weekly (see above) 


Should we be unable to come to school, I will be using this to keep children as up to date as possible so please check log ins and how to use the sessions. Any issues we are here to help. Thank you to Mr Moore who has already helped some children with logging in and using these systems. 


WEEK 3: 


Maths - We are learning to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, and 1,000,000. Towards the end of the week we will go from working with very big numbers to working with negative numbers. 

English - Our end of unit write is a non chronological report on the Yellow Spotted Lizard. We have been learning the features of this writing type and we have been learning how to use embedded clauses. Don't forget the good language choices to make your writing important and interesting! 

PSHE - We have been learning about Emerald power and we were introduced to the word 'bouncebackability'. 

PE - We have made a return to old playground games like 'Please Mr Crocodile' and 'Duck, Duck, Goose. 



Polite Reminders smiley

NO resources from home, at all.

ALL children have an allocated spot to arrive and pick up. 

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