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Term 4 (Feb - Mar)

Key Dates for Term 4

Monday 19th February 2024

Term 4 begins

Tuesday 19th March


Thursday 21st March

Parent meetings

Thursday 28th March

End of Term 4.

Week 1.

This week in English we read the book Zog by Julia Donaldson.  It continued our dragon's theme from term 3.  The children enjoyed learning about all the things Zog did at Dragon school and what happened while he was practicing.  In forest school 'Dragon school' this week, the children were excited to make sparks with flint steel fire starters.     

In maths we recapped 2D shapes and their properties and went on to consider doubles to 5.  The children learnt that both parts of a double must be equal and practised saying what doubles made using the stem sentence e.g. double 4 is made from 2 and 2.   


Week 2. 

We have had a very busy week with our English text Billy and the Dragon.  The children explored the characters and started to consider inference wondering what Billy was like based on her actions in the book e.g. Billy was kind, brave and enjoys fancy dress parties!

In maths we were examining odds and evens and using the Numberblock characters and Numicon shapes to help with this.  In forest school they made dragon eggs and played a game of dragon tails on the school field.  


Week 3.

What a busy week!  Children enjoyed learning about the frog life cycle in English through our class text Teeny Weeny Tadpole.  We have tadpoles in Fox class so children can see their development in real time and are intrigued by the changes they undergo.  In maths this week we considered money using 1p and 2p coins in our pirate shop.  We also built on previous knowledge carefully counting sounds, actions, objects we could move and finally those we couldn't.  Children tried different strategies to count the objects starting to consider themselves as learners and what works best for them.


Week 4

This week we have read the traditional tale "The Little Red Hen". The hen sent us a letter asking for help to make the bread. We therefore made some bread rolls, to make sure we knew what to do, before replying to the hen.

We continued our learning about life cycles and looked at the life cycle of a chicken. 

In Maths we returned to our learning about weight and tried to balance the scales to find the weight of an object in cubes. We also reviewed our understanding of doubles and odd and even numbers.

In Forest school, we visited the pond looking for tadpoles.


Week 5.

In English this week we looked at the life cycle of a bean.  The children considered how the plant grows roots, shoots and flowers before then planting their own beans in Forest school.  In maths we started to think about greater and lesser than when comparing quantities.  Children also worked on their understanding of the number line with 1 more and 1 less.  We measured beanstalks on Thursday and used non standard items (our footprints!) to measure objects around the classroom.   On Monday it was global recycling day so we introduced plastic, paper and card recycling bins into the classroom and taught the children what to put in them.  


Week 6

This week children learnt about the real message of Easter and why we celebrate with eggs representing new life and beginnings.  Children created Easter cards, had an egg hunt in Forest school and enjoyed the end of term assembly.   We thought about the magic that is in our world and our imagination through our book When I was a child.  In maths children recapped 2 step repeating patterns, counting on and how to share a number of objects fairly. 

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