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Term 5 Learning

Term 5 Week 6 Learning update:


We have had a wonderful time this week celebrating Sports Week! Unfortunately Sports Day itself was rained off, but we still enjoyed a range of fantastic workshops and healthy eating activities!


We have had workshops in dance, skipping, tennis and multisports! The children also particularly loved making fruit kebabs and choosing which fruits they preferred. Many of them asked for seconds!


English: We designed our own obstacle courses and wrote instructions for assembling them. 


Maths: We continued our learning on place value by ordering numbers to 100 and finding 1 more and 1 less than these numbers.


Spellings quiz for 7th June:


  1. Monday
  2. Tuesday
  3. Wednesday
  4. where
  5. said

The rule this week is: Days of the week (capital letter)  

Term 5 Week 5 Learning update:


English- we wrote pirate poems using the grammar skill of -s and -es plural endings. 


Maths- we learned to compare and partition numbers to 100 into tens and ones. There is a homework activity on MyMaths to support this learning. 


History- we learned about Brunel and made medals showcasing his many achievements. 


Art- we continued our "Playful Making" by making playdough prototypes and then clay models of boats and sea monsters! The children had a wonderful time doing this activity. 


PE- we have started practising our Sports Day races! We also had a brilliant dance session with our sports coaches, learning a dance to the song "Under the Sea". 


Spellings quiz for 24th May:


  1. ships
  2. brushes
  3. catches
  4. were
  5. by


The rule this week is: plural s and es  

Term 5 Week 4 Learning Update:


English- we finished our learning about the notorious pirate Blackbeard. We wrote factfiles using the past tense -ed verb endings as our grammar skill.


Maths- we finished our learning about time by measuring and comparing time. We discussed the terms "earlier" and "later". There are activities on MyMaths to support this learning- please encourage your child to log on and complete these activities as they help to consolidate what we have learned in class.


Computing- the children planned a story that they will record using media images and small world play figures. 


Science- we continued our learning about materials by predicting and testing which materials would be best to make a pirate ship.


Spellings quiz for 17th May:


  1. dolphin
  2. phone
  3. nephew
  4. we
  5. they


The rule this week is: consonant  ph

Term 5 Week 3 Learning Update:

English: This week in English, we have been learning to write in the past tense using verbs ending in –ed. We are learning about the notorious pirate Blackbeard in order to write a factfile about him.


Maths: We have begun our learning about time. We have read and written the time to o’clock and half past times. There is an activity on MyMaths to complete at home to support this learning.


Science: We continued our learning about the properties of materials. We made predictions about whether materials would be waterproof or bendy and then tested our predictions!


Spellings quiz for 10th May:

  1. fresher
  2. taller
  3. mixer
  4. school
  5. there


The rule this week is: adding suffix ‘er’.

Term 5 Week 2 Learning Update:


English: We have finished our learning about the story "Pirate Pete". We wrote a new ending for the story using "ing" and "est" word endings.


Maths: We learned about division this week. We gave the children an opportunity to use the MyMaths website to practise their learning and to remind them how to login. If you no longer have your child's MyMaths login details, please speak to their class teacher.


Forest School: We started a round of activities using pieces of wood. Some children whittled sticks using vegetable peelers in small groups, other children made homes for pinecones using twig teepees and the last group completed a nature hunt. 


RE: We thought about our safe places, to introduce our learning about places that are sacred in different faiths.


Science: We continued our learning about the properties of materials. We sorted materials into groups based on whether they were transparent or opaque and we tested objects to find out whether they were waterproof. The children made excellent predictions! 


Spellings quiz for 3rd May:


  1. wheel
  2. which
  3. white
  4. house
  5. put


The rule this week is: wh

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