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Term 3

Friday 9th February 2024


Just like that, another term is done and we reflect on what an excellent week we have had.


This week in Maths we have finished our unit on measurement where we converted measurements in centimetres to millimetres. To try put our new skills into practice we measurement everyday items in the classroom, including measuring our partners fingers and thumbs.






This week it was Internet Safety Week. In our computing and PSHE lessons we discussed about how we can keep ourselves safe online. We discussed what information it is safe to give out online as well as talking about our trusted adults that we can talk to when things feel a bit unsafe online.



This year the theme for Internet Safety Day was 'Inspiring Change.' For this we looked at how technology has changed throughout the years, from games, to phones, music devices and computers. Alligator Class had to order the items from the oldest, to the newest. 



I wish everyone a wonderful half term, I hope you all have lots of fun!!!


Mrs Garland


Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the Term : Nicolas

Reading Ambassador: Piper

Raffle ticket winners: Ani, Rai, Yashika and Sum Ying

Reading Raffle: Jenson and Harry





Friday 2nd February 2024


As January comes to an end, we are finishing week 5 of Term3. Where has the time gone?


This week in English we completed our End of Unit Writ where we wrote a Fact File for Poseidon, the God of the Sea. The Alligators used this opportunity to show off how much they know about homophones, as well as non-fiction writing features. In our reading lessons we read a fact file about the artist Claude Monet.


In our Art sessions this term we have been learning about 'Impressionism' and the work of Clause Monet. Over the last few weeks we have been sketching nature pictures based from scenes in his garden in France. This week we painted our pictures and had lots of fun doing so in the process.



All of the Alligators then had great fun testing out the shadow puppets and experimenting with the different materials themselves.



Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the Week: Harry

Marvellous Maths:  Jenson

Raffle ticket winners: Nicolas, Amira and Phoebe

Reading Raffle Winner: Ani

Friday the 26th of January


Another superb week complete in Alligator Class.


This week in Alligator Class we have been continuing our English unit on the Greek Myths, This week we have been focusing on the grammar skill of homophones and have been practising putting these into our writing. We have had a particular focus on accurately using 'their, there and they're'.... which isn't easy! Next week we will continue on this and work towards writing our end of unit write.


In Maths we have been continuing to look at angles, this weeks focusing on looking at right angles. All the Alligators have been brilliant at being able to identify if an angle is smaller or greater than a right angle.


In PE we have loved continuing our gymnastic sessions. This week we ensured that we landed very safely on our feet!



In our Science lessons this week we have continued our unit on light. This week we carried out our own reflection experiments. Here we made predictions on whether particular objects would reflect light, depending on the material that the object was made of. We are proud to say that most of our prediction were correct!




Next week we plan to continue the fantastic work we have been doing, including painting our sketches of the 'Japanese Bridge.' Inspired by the artist Claude Monet.


Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the Week: Willow

Marvellous Maths: Clara

Raffle ticket winners: Ronnie, Ani and Jenson

Reading Raffle Winner: Willow




Friday 19th January 2024


It is so cold outside this week! But in Alligator class we have still been loving the fact that the sun is shining.


This week in English we wrote our End of Unit write. We have all written a letter to King Aegeus, from his son Theseus, telling him all about how we have killed the Minotaur. The Alligator's have worked so hard at using the present perfect tense, as well as including co-ordinating conjunctions into their writing.


In our music lesson this week we had a super fun time singing along to Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds.' This was a song that many children recognised from their parents/carers playlists. 


In Maths this week our children have continued to look at shape, moving on to angles. We have also worked incredibly hard in practising our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Please keep practising at home Alligators. You can do it!!


Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the Week: Ani

Marvellous Maths: Harmony

Raffle ticket winners: Rai, Jack, Piper

Reading Raffle Winner: Ibrahim

Friday 5th January 2024


What a fantastic first week we have had in Alligator Class, focused, hardworking and determined! Proud of you all Alligators.


In English this week we have been re-visiting some of our non-negotiables, including putting capital letters and full stops in the correct places. In these lessons we have touched on our new literature around Greek Mythology, which all were excited to hear about.


In Maths we have re-visited some misconceptions identified in our assessments at the end of Term 2. The Alligators are now regularly completing worded problems in their Maths lessons in preparation for reasoning questions where they will need to explain 'how' they got their answers.


In computing this week the Alligators learnt all about communication throughout the ages. Here we spoke about horse messengers, message pigeons, telegrams and send things in the post. We then wrote by hand our very own emails. These we will send in our lesson in the computing suite.


Today we took part in our first gymnastics session with the gymnastics coaches. Here we did focused on completing many rolls on the mats and benches.


Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the Week: Amira

Marvellous Maths: Michael

Raffle ticket winners: Sum Ying and Charlie

Reading Raffle Winner: Nicolas

Friday 12th January 2024


It has been a brilliant week in Alligator Class.


This week we have continued to read Greek Mythology, reading the myth about Theseus and the Minotaur. The Alligators have really got into character, writing in first person as if they are Theseus slaying the Minotaur in the labyrinth. In English we have been learning about writing in the present perfect tense. Here they have been putting these writing skills to practice.


In science our new topic is 'light.' This week we explored which sources emit light and are classed as light sources. We looked at a variety of different light sources such a torch, lamp, the sun, a phone and categorised them into 'natural' or 'man-made' sources of light.


In Maths our topic has been 'money', this week particularly looking at how to give change. Here we recapped using column subtraction in order to give customer accurate change when purchasing items. 


In computing this week we have been learning about different forms of communication, focusing on how to send an email. All children in Alligator class wrote an email to the friend. Then in the computing suite we typed up our email on the laptops.



As always, we look forward to what next week brings!


Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the Week: Dolly

Marvellous Maths: Darcie

Raffle ticket winners: Rai and Ani

Reading Raffle Winner: Ibrahim


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