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Term 4

Friday 28th March


Just like that, Term 4 comes to an end. What an excellent term it has been.


This week in English the Alligators have finished their English Unit on Oliver and the Seawigs. IN our End of Unit Write this week children wrote an explanation text on how to enter the Night of the Seawigs competition. The Alligator this term have learnt to write in complex sentences using subordinating conjunctions and here they put that skill into practice.


In Maths we finished the term on a fractions unit. The Alligators learnt how to find the fractions of an amount, rising to this challenge. They are now fantastic mathematicians, able to use mathematical vocabulary such as the numerator and denominator.


In DT this week we made our marble maze run. We had so much making our lego prototypes, seeing where our marble would run and testing its path. We then later in week sawed the wood we would need for our walls, finally putting it all together with gorilla glue.. We were very proud of our results!






Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the Term: Clara

Reading Ambassador: Clara

Raffle ticket winners: Esmee, Clara and Willow

Reading Raffle: Esmee


Friday 22nd March 2024


How beautiful, the sun is finally shining.


This week, I could not be prouder of the Alligators, each and every one of them!! This week we have been completing our end of term assessments and each and every Alligator have tried their best.... and that is all we ever ask.


This week we were lucky enough to eat some pizza from our brand new outdoor pizza oven. It was so yummy! We are hoping to get back out there next term.




In science this week we learnt about how plant seeds are fertilised through pollination and germination. We had lots of fun acting out the the life cycle, playing the parts of a bumble bee and flowers. We then drew out the process as a story map. We produced some beautiful work.


The Alligators have worked so hard this week that they have earnt their final class point!!! 20 class points in a short space of time, meaning that we will look forward to a well deserved class party next week.


Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the week: Esmee

Marvellous Mathematician: Lucas

Raffle ticket winners: Sharmane, Mace and Clara

Reading Raffle: Anne

Friday 15th March 2024


Another wonderful week in Alligator Class!!


This week our children have continued to work so hard in Maths, learning how to multiply using the grid method. In English we have finished reading our book Oliver and the Seawigs and have been learning how to write in complex sentences. The Alligators have been superb at proof checking their sentences with this work, editing their sentences.


In Science this week, we have continued our topic on plants. This week, in pairs we learnt all about the different parts of a plant and their functions. We dissected a tulip plant, naming the different parts.




In our Geography unit, we are continuing looking at the Land Use in Bristol. This week we used the computing suite to test out our research skills. Here we research the county of South Gloucestershire, finding out many facts about the area.


In our Religious Studies lessons we learnt about Hinduism beliefs, learning facts about Brahman and the other Hindu Gods.


Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the week: Ibrahim

Marvellous Mathematician: Sum Ying

Raffle ticket winners: Sharmane, Yashika and Jack 

Reading Raffle: Darcie

Friday 8th March 2024


It has been so lovely to see the sun this week! It has definitely put a smile on everyone's faces.


In Alligator Class this week, the highlight this week has been our class trip to Bristol Harbourside. This is part of Geography unit on 'Land Use in Bristol.' Here we have been learning about the City and County of Bristol, including locating where we live and research how Bristol is used as a port and for trade.


Here our children are looking for Barley Close School on the floor at the Mshed....



We learnt many facts about why Bristol is used for trade purposes....



We were very lucky with the weather and enjoyed carrying out field work on the Harbour. Tallying the number of boats, whilst completing sketches of them.




We cannot wait to discuss all of our findings in our write up about our trip next week.


Yesterday we had so much dressing up for World Book Day. It was so much fun!!!




Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the week: Sharmane

Marvellous Mathematician: Anne

Raffle ticket winners: Ronnie, Nicolas and Clara

Reading Raffle: Ibrahim

Friday 1st March 2024


It has been a rainy, but wonderful week in Alligator Class.


This week in English we have begun our new unit on our new book 'Oliver and the Seawigs.' Alligator Class have enjoyed getting to know the characters, whilst learning to write using direct speech. This has been challenging, but I am so proud of how hard the Alligators have worked in English this week. This is also something we will continue to work on next week.


In Maths this week we have finished our unit on statistics. This week we3 focused on interpreting and drawing bar charts. Again, although this was tricky as it is completely new to the Alligators, they have worked so hard.


In Geography we looked at the County of Bristol this week, linked with our topic around 'The land use in Bristol. Here we looked at famous landmarks in Bristol and located them on Google Earth. The Alligators loved using Google Earth!!! we are all very much looking forward to our trip to the Harbourside next week.


In science we have been working really hard, looking closely at plants and how they are living things that help us to breathe. The Alligators have enjoyed looking at their roots under magnifying glasses this week.



Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the week: Mace

Marvellous Mathematician: Jack

Raffle ticket winners: Sharmane and Rai

Reading Raffle: Kaylah

Friday 23rd February 2024


This week the Alligators have came back to school with the most brilliant attitude! We have had a great week.


In English we finished our unit on Greek Mythology by writing a character description of our 'mythical creature.' These creatures we designed ourselves in class. We then wrote about them using compound sentences, descriptive noun phrases and alliteration.


In Maths we began work on statistics. We started the week recapping on tally charts, before moving on to look at pictograms. This is an area of Maths that the Alligators are quite confident on! They enjoying interpreting and representing data.


In Geography this week we began our unit on 'Land Use in Bristol.' In our first lesson we recapped on looking up the countries of the UK. We then learnt what a county is and looked up our county of Gloucestershire. We used atlases to located our county and the City of Bristol. We then researched towns in our county on ipads. We are very much looking forward to learning more in this topic.



Congratulations to the following pupils:

Pupil of the week: Alfie

Marvellous Mathematician: Layla

Raffle ticket winners: Esmee and Alfie

Reading Raffle: Ani


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