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Term 3 Learning

What are we learning this term?


Term 3 Week 5 Learning Update!


The highlight of our week was our exciting trip to Bristol Zoo Project! We have been learning about animals in Science this term, so it brought the children's learning to life to see some of the animals we have been talking about in our lessons! We talked about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores as well as categories of animals- which were mammals, birds etc. We all had a great time!


In English, we have been preparing to write a recount of our trip to Bristol Zoo Project. We are particularly looking at the use of capital letters when describing places and days of the week. 


In Maths, we have been learning to count to 50 and practising ordering numbers. There is a MyMaths activity for the children to complete to support this learning. 


In Art, we made printing plates out of foamboard- we are looking forward to painting prints with them next week! 


Spellings quiz for 9th February:


  1. happy
  2. funny
  3. family
  4. be
  5. your


The rule this week is: words ending in ‘y’.

Term 3 Week 4 Learning Update!


This week in English, we finished writing our new fables based on "The Fox and the Crow". The children loved making up new endings!


In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. You could support this learning at home by talking about cutting objects into equal pieces, e.g. pizza or cake, and by sharing groups of objects equally between 2 or 4 people. There is a MyMaths activity linked to this learning to complete at home as well.


In Science, we learned about pets. 


Spellings quiz for 2nd February:


  1. played
  2. helped
  3. pulled
  4. so
  5. she


The rule this week is: adding ending ‘ed’.

Term 3 Week 3 Learning Update!


This week in English, we have been learning about the fable, "The Fox and the Crow". We have been using "and" to link sentences and build compound sentences. 


In Maths, we have been learning about capacity. The children have really enjoyed their practical learning in this area, using spoons and cups to fill larger containers. There are two MyMaths activities to complete online this week- the first is recapping other measures we learned about last term and the second is comparing capacity. 


In Geography we looked at the countries of the UK again. 


In Science we continued our learning about animals by grouping animals into the categories of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects. 


Spellings quiz for 26th January:


  1. jumper
  2. sticker
  3. boxer
  4. no
  5. of


The rule this week is: adding ending ‘er’.


Term 3 Week 2 Learning update!


English: This week, we finished our unit on the story "Little Monkey". We wrote a setting description of the jungle using plural -s and -es endings. 


Maths: We continued our learning about subtraction. There is a MyMaths activity to support this learning set for homework, due in 2 weeks. 


Science: We learned to identify mammals as part of our new Science learning about animals. 


RE: We learned about how Christians try to follow in Jesus' footsteps by following the teachings in the Bible. 


Forest School: We filled bird feeders and put them in our Forest School area, to help the birds in this cold weather. Many of the children made shelters for the birds and scattered seeds. We heard a robin sing, which the children loved!


Spellings quiz for 19th January:


  1. hunting
  2. fishing
  3. meeting
  4. are
  5. ask


The rule this week is: adding ending ‘ing’.

Term 3 Week 1 Learning update.

It's been a lovely first week back! The children have been excited to see their friends and we've managed to get outside, which has been lovely!


English- We read our new class text, "Little Monkey". We are learning to add -s and -es to make plurals in English. We will be using these next week to write a setting description of a rainforest. 


Maths- We have been learning how to use ten-frames to find number bonds to 10 and 20. We have set a MyMaths activity that supports this learning, so would be grateful if you could encourage your child to complete this at home. If you need any help accessing MyMaths, please ask a member of staff.


Science- we learned about the seasons and made calendars to bring home!


Spellings quiz for 12th January:


  1. have
  2. live
  3. give
  4. I
  5. is


The rule this week is: word endings ‘ve’.

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