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Term 4 Learning

Term 4 Week 6 Learning Update:

We have had a lovely, fun week doing lots of exciting activities!


English- Last week, the children started to grow runner bean seeds using wet paper towels and Ziploc bags. They have been very excited to see them sprout this week! We wrote instructions for how to grow beans using "bossy verbs". If you would like to support this learning at home, it would be useful for the children to follow any set of written instructions, such as a recipe or instructions for a craft activity. We have added some example sets of instructions below- you can make lemonade, a cardboard pirate or an origami Easter craft!


Maths- We have done some practical Maths learning this week and worked through some arithmetic questions as the children found these tricky in our recent assessments. We have added a new activity to MyMaths to support this learning. 


The children also had a "Free Art Afternoon"- this is an activity for the children to use their imaginations to explore materials freely. They develop an understanding of the properties of materials alongside teamwork skills and resilience whilst having lots of fun!


There are no spellings this week- we have sent home a list of the Common Exception words that your child can read and write, so please feel free to practise these over the Easter break.


We hope you all have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 15th April for the start of Term 5!

Term 4 Week 5 Learning Update:


This week has been a little different as it has been assessment week. The children have managed really well with their tests! We still did some normal lessons in the afternoons...


Science: We looked at the signs of Spring. We talked about new life- flowers, trees in bud and many animals having their babies at this time of year. 


DT: The children evaluated the bags they made two weeks ago. They did a great job of comparing their finished product to their design. 


We also celebrated Neurodiversity week and talked about how all our brains are different and we have different superpowers. The children decorated flags for a school display. 


Spellings: We will not have a spelling test next week as school is closed on Friday for the bank holiday. If you would like to practise spelling words over the Easter break, there is a list of Common Exception Words on the "Helping your child at home" link on the Panther class page. 

Term 4 Week 4 Learning Update:


English- We finished our learning about the story Funnybones- the children have really loved this unit! We learned to write captions for pictures using questions. We have also done some reading learning using a non-fiction text about bones, which they really enjoyed. 


Maths- We continued our learning about addition and subtraction problems, including comparing calculations and finding which total was greater or less. 


Science- We linked our Science to Forest School this week and went out to explore deciduous and evergreen trees!


RE- We began learning about the Easter story as part of our learning about celebrations. 


Art- We used our printing plates that we have made to make prints. The children absolutely loved using printing inks and rollers- they were amazed at how effective the results were!


Spellings quiz for 22nd March:


  1. hear
  2. near
  3. year
  4. when
  5. some


The rule this week is: trigraph ‘ear’.

Photos of our Art printing!

Term 4 Week 3 Learning Update.


English: We have started a new story which has been very popular with the children- Funnybones! We are learning to use question marks to write captions and speech bubbles. 


Maths: We have been learning about subtraction and have introduced numberlines to help the children with their calculations. 


Forest School: The children loved going on a leaf hunt- identifying trees from the shapes of their leaves!


DT: We made a bag for the Funnybones skeletons to take to the park! The children used their designs to make bags of different styles. Some chose to do paper weaving to make their bags stronger. 


Science: We learned to label parts of a plant. 


Spellings quiz for 15th March:


  1. start
  2. card
  3. art
  4. once
  5. one


The rule this week is: digraph ‘ar’.

Term 4 Week 2 Learning Update.


English: We have finished our learning about 'Jack and the Beanstalk and we wrote the story using exclamation marks. Next week, we will learn how to use question marks. If you would like to support your child's learning, you could help them to practise writing the question words: where, when, why, what, which, how and who. 


Maths: This week, we have learned about 3D shapes and measuring and comparing length. There are activities set on MyMaths to support this learning. 


We helped to build the pizza oven this week, with each class having a turn. The children loved this activity and had lots of fun getting messy!


RE: We introduced the Jewish faith and learned about Passover.


Instead of Science this week, we had a storytelling workshop using musical instruments to help retell a story. 


Spellings quiz for 8th March:


  1. twirl
  2. bird
  3. whirl
  4. come
  5. love


The rule this week is: digraph ‘ir’.


Helping to build the pizza oven!

Term 4 Week 1 Learning Update:


English: We have been reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We have learned how to use exclamation marks to make our sentences more exciting!


Maths: We have been learning about money. We have learned about the different coins and their value, as well as how to find amounts of money using the coins. We also looked at solving money problems with values to 20p. If you would like to support this learning at home, there is an activity on MyMaths for the children to practise. You could also help your child to explore some real coins and make a pretend toy shop at home, thinking about how much each toy would cost, which coins could pay for it and how much change they might get. 


Science: We launched our learning about plants by looking at some real plants and finding out the names of different parts of the plant. We looked at some roots, which the children found fascinating! We went outside to spot different plants and the children were very excited to find some daffodils in bud!


DT: This term the children are designing a bag for a story character, so we researched different types of bag and designed bags that we will make from paper later this term. We will be giving the children the option of paper weaving to make their bags stronger, so you might like to encourage them to try paper weaving at home. 


Spellings quiz for 1st March:


  1. fair
  2. chair
  3. stair
  4. our
  5. says


The rule this week is: trigraph ‘air’.

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