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Term 4

Key Dates for Term 4


Monday 19th February 

Term 4 starts

Thursday 7th March

World Book Day

Children are invited to come dressed as their favourite book character.

Monday 11th MarchClass Photos

Tuesday 19th March

and Thursday 21st March 

Parents' Meetings
Thursday 28th March End of Term 4


There are no Timetable changes for this term.

PE - Wednesday morning

Forest School - Thursday afternoon

Book change - Friday

Week 1

It's been lovely to have the children back.

This week we have studied the text "Zog" by Julia Donaldson and the children have learnt about the things Dragons learn at school. They have learnt that we need resilience and plenty of practice to be able to learn new skills and like Zog they earnt gold stars for showing resilience.

We even went to Dragon school (Forest School) ourselves as we learnt to make fire. We learnt about how to use a fire steel to make a spark. We learnt to do this safely and know that we should not touch fire, matches or lighters.

In Maths we revisited 2D shapes and we learnt about doubles. We learnt that a double has 2 equal parts, using the statement 4 is made of 2 and 2, Double 2 is 4.

Week 2

This week we have been studying the book "Billy and the Dragon" by Nadia Shireen. We looked carefully at the character Billy and the type of person she was.

We made our own dragons from salt dough, using our hands to mould the shape then, using a range of tools to add features and texture.

In Forest School we made Dragons eggs. We also played Knights and Dragons were the Knights had to chase the dragons to collect their tails.

In Maths we began to look at teen numbers and how they are made of 1 lot of ten and a bit more.

We also looked at odd and even numbers. We learnt how an even number has to be in "pairs" and odd numbers have an "odd one" without a partner. We referred to the as "even tops" and "odd tops" as on Numberblocks. We also realised that they we part of a repeating pattern, odd, even, odd, even....., and used this to predict what we thought a certain number would be (within 10) 

Week 3

The children have had another busy week,

This week we have been studying the book "The Teeny Weeny Tadpole" by Sheridan Cain.

Through this we learnt about the life cycle of a frog. We also have tadpoles in class to watch the changes in real time.

In Maths we revisited money, using 1p and 2p coins to 'buy' objects from the Pirate Stores. We also deepened our understanding about carefully counting and developed strategies to count objects that can't be moved.

Week 4

This week we have read the traditional tale "The Little Red Hen". The hen sent us a letter asking for help to make the bread. We therefore made some bread rolls, to make sure we knew what to do, before replying to the hen.

We continued our learning about life cycles and looked at the life cycle of a chicken. 

In Maths we returned to our learning about weight and tried to balance the scales to find the weight of an object in cubes. We also reviewed our understanding of doubles and odd and even numbers.

In Forest school we visited the pond looking for tadpoles.

Week 5

This week we have continued our learning about Life Cycles by looking at the lifecycle of a bean.

We have looked at the Traditional Tale "Jack and the Beanstalk". We created a story map and used a series of pictures to retell the story.

In Forest School we planted our own beans and learnt about the things plants need to grow.

In Maths we have looked again at comparing quantities and learnt to use the symbols < > and = to give our answer. We have also looked at measuring objects using non-standard units.

On Monday we also learnt about the things we can recycle to help reduce waste and support the planet as part of Global Recycling Day.

In PE we continued to improve our ball skills, this time using a racket to hit the ball towards a target.

Week 6

This week we learnt about the Christian Festival Easter. We also looked at why young animals and eggs are used as the symbols for this celebration. We made our own Easter Nests and finished the week with an Easter Egg hunt at Forest School.

We also looked at the book "When I was a Child" by Andy Stanton. This book looks at the magic we believe in as children. We decided to make our own book about childhood magic and created our own pictures to add. The pictures we created included unicorns, flying trees and superheroes.

The Easter Bunny visited our Maths lessons to ask for our help. He needed our help to work out how many eggs he had collected. We used our addition skills and the process of counting on to calculated how many eggs he'd collected. The Easter Bunny then need our help to share the eggs between people. We used a variety of strategies to share them out and had to decide whether this was fair.

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