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Our school SENCo's are:

Miss Tammy Hambly can be contacted on 01454 867090 or by email

She works Monday and Wednesdays


Mrs Hazel Popel can be contacted on 01454 867090 or by email

She works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning

SEND and inclusion at Barley Close

We recognise and fully support the statutory rights of all pupils to equal opportunities. In line with our Special Needs Policy we believe that all children should receive a broad and balanced curriculum, relevant to the individual needs, with access to all areas of the curriculum.
In planning and teaching the National Curriculum teachers will have due regard to the following principles:

  • Setting suitable learning challenges
  • Responding to pupils’ diverse learning needs and overcoming potential barriers to learning assessment for individuals and groups of pupils

National Curriculum and the statutory assessment arrangements.
We have a number of children who have been placed on the SEN/D register, and Support Plans have been written for them all. Support Plans are written by the class teacher in consultation with parents and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) as part of a graduated approach of SEN support. Each child is set personalised termly targets for achievement. Support Plans are monitored and reviewed at least 3x per year or more frequently if outcomes have been met. Parents are involved with every step of this process. As a result of focused teaching and support many of the children make good progress. Class teachers with support from the SENCo usually identify special educational needs but occasionally parents will request that a child should be assessed. The Educational Psychologist or Inclusion Support Service and other external professionals may be involved if it is considered additional support or advice is need. Educational Psychology support is limited and children are prioritised according to need.

SEND Commonly Asked Questions (also known as the SEND Information Report)

What happens if I am concerned about my child’s learning, behaviour, or social and emotional wellbeing?

South Glos Parent Carers


South Glos Parent Carers is an organisation founded by parents of children with SEND within our local area. They provide advice and support to foster parent / carer wellbeing.


As a school, we can refer parents to SGPC for individual support and once permission is given, this support can be delivered via email, call or face - to - face.


This organisation works alongside parent / carers to provide support and strategies in a number of different ways, for example:

- children with emerging needs,

- a child's needs present differently at home or school

- a child needs support with emotional based school avoidance (EBSA)

- supporting the Early Help and Prevention Process (EHAP)

Neurodiversity Week


In Term 4 we celebrated Neurodiversity week at school. This year the focus was on how we can celebrate our unique strengths and differences.


A neurodiversity can be identified as, but not limited to: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Condition (ASD), Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia and Tourette's Syndrome.


We held a whole school assembly where we learnt what neurodiversity means and found out how famous individuals who have neurodiversities use their differences to make a positive impact. We were amazed at how many celebrities, sports people, inventors and entrepreneurs we knew.


We then participated in a range of activities within our classes, such as circle time discussions, creating information posters and writing fact files about an inspiring individual with neurodiversity.


Please find below some supporting resources if you wish to continue the conversation of neurodiversity at home.

Links to support: ADHD

Links to support: ANXIETY (also see links on Mental Health)
Links to support: AUTISM
Links to support: FAMILIES
Links to support: MENTAL HEALTH (also see links on Anxiety)
Links to support: SLEEP
Links to support: DAYS OUT & PLACES TO VISIT

Links to support: TOILETING

ERICS support group

  • Barley Close Community Primary School
  • Barley Close, Mangotsfield, Bristol
  • United Kingdom, BS16 9DL
  • Tel: 01454 867090
  • Email: