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Term 1

PE: PE will be on Monday for both classes. Children need to come to school dressed in their PE kit, a plain white T shirt and black or navy shorts or joggers. 


Forest School: This will be on Friday afternoon for Panda and Tuesday afternoon for Koala. We have protective outer clothing the children wear but they will need a pair of wellies. It is advised to provide a thick jumper, hat and gloves on the colder days as we will go to the Forest area in all but the most extreme weathers.

What a week!

It has been an amazing start to school for the Reception children.

They have explored the different learning environments and have been on a walk around the wider school, we even managed to spot some of their siblings hard at work.

We have stayed for our first school lunch and our super work is already on the wall. But most importantly we have made some new friends.

The staff are very much looking forward to next week when the children are all full time and learning can start properly.


The children have coped really well with their first week of full time school.

We have started our phonics sessions and learnt our first 4 sounds, m, a, s and d.

In maths we have explored the numbers 1 and 2, and the relationship between them. We know that 2 is 1 more than 1 and that 1 is 1 less than 2.

In small group we have talked about our different families and drawn them.

Week 3

Another busy week for Reception.

We had our first PE Session. The children learnt about keeping their space and moving safely around the hall. We played a game of Jelly Beans to practice our listening skills in a larger space.

In Phonics we learnt the sounds t, i, p and n. We learnt to use Fred Talk to blend the individual sounds into words. 

In Maths we looked at the numerals 3 and 4. We looked at the relationship between them and how to make them, for example we could make 4 by 1+3, 2+2, 3+1 and 4+0.

We looked at different emotions; angry, sad, happy and worried, and what would make us feel these emotions.

We also made junk model robots using our growing DT skills.

And another week flies by!

Reception have been busy again this week.

We built on our new skills for PE by having some small equipment out to move across. We needed to use our listening skills so that we stayed safe moving around the hall and so that we had a go at each station.

In Phonics we learnt the sounds g, o, c and k. We can now make the words dog and cat too using Fred Talk.

In Maths we explored the numbers 5 and 6 and the relationship between them. We have been working particularly on knowing the number fact 1 Less as we find this a little more tricky than 1 more.

We looked at the language of now, next and then for ordering events and played some memory games to help keep us focused.

Week 5

We have continued to look at different ways of moving in PE and practiced balancing across different benches.

We have looked at the emotion sad and how i can stop us being ready to learn. We talked about how we can help ourselves or others if they are feeling sad.

In phonics we learnt the sounds u, b, e and f. We used Fred talk to read different words.

In maths we looked at the numerals 7 and 8. learning that 8 is 1 more than 7 and 7 is 1 less than 8.

We have stared to look at the first keywords, I, a and the. We listened out for them in stories.

Busy Again.

Reception have continued to build on their moving and balancing during PE. They pulled themselves along benches and mats just using their arms to build up their muscles and perfected their balancing and jumping using the benches and box.

Following the children's interest we created a pirate ship in the outdoor area and drew treasure maps.

In maths we looked at the numerals 9 and 10 and the relationship between them, using careful counting to check the amounts. We also used positional language to describe where the pirate had hidden the treasure, using behind, beside, in front and under. 

In Phonics we practiced the sounds we have already learnt and learnt l, h, r and j.

We have continued to look at different emotions and how they can prevent us from being ready to learn. This week we looked at the emotion worried and discussed what we could if we are worried about something or how we could help a friend if they are worried.

In story time we read different Pirate stories, listening out for the keywords the, I and a.

Wow End of Term 1!

It's been another exciting week to finish the term.

From the children's interest we went for an autumn walk around the school grounds. We collected lots of leaves, that were different shapes and different shades of green, yellow, orange, red and brown. We didn't find any acorns and think that Cyril the Squirrel who lives in the Forest school area has collected them all ready for the winter.

In Phonics we learnt the last 5 single sounds y, x, v, w and z. We also practiced our blending by doing lots of Fred Talk.

In Maths we reviewed the numbers 1-10 and did lots of subitising of objects to 4. This is where we can recognise the amount without counting by the different patterns they make. We also found different ways of making each number using our fingers, ie. 3 could be all 3 on one hand or 2 on one hand and 1 on the other.

But best of we finished the week with a party. We dressed up in our spooky costumes and played spooky musical statues and a scary memory game. We made our own sandwiches,either blood (strawberry jam) or pus (cheese spread), and we decorated biscuits.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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