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What does my child need for school?

Daily Essentials

Please make sure your child comes to school with appropriate uniform and the following items everyday:

Bookbag - clearly named

Reading book and yellow reading record 

Water bottle - clearly named; we are a Healthy School - please avoid adding squash

Packed lunch (if required) - clearly named

Coat - clearly named


We cannot express enough how important it is to clearly label your children's items as they very often get lost and without a name, they are unlikely to successfully return. 



A healthy snack of fruit or vegetables is provided daily for the children, however you are welcome to give your child a small snack to bring into school for breaktime if you wish; please keep in mind we are a Healthy and Nut Free school when selecting the snack. 



We recommend the following uniform for all our pupils:


Royal blue sweater or cardigan with school logo;

White shirt or blouse, royal blue, white or yellow polo shirt;

Grey or black trousers or skirt;

Black or brown school shoes.


School uniform is available to purchase online at Apparel By Ro - Barley Close School Uniforms  You can now browse our school’s personalised online web page and make quick and easy purchases.  For any urgent queries, please contact:


Mitchell Quirke 

Tel- 07583 948759 - 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday


Children are expected to come to school in their PE kit on their class's PE days (Fridays).


PE Kit

T-shirt (white, or house colour - ask your teacher if you're unsure)

Dark Shorts or tracksuit bottoms/leggings

PE hoodie or jumper


It is very important for children's safety that they have the appropriate footwear to partake in sporting activities. 


Outdoor Learning (Forest School - Wednesdays) 

Wellies, to be kept in school. please clearly name both boots. 


Children with long hair should wear it tied back during the school day.


Please ensure that your child wears the correct uniform to school as colourful hair bows, jewellery etc can become very distracting and can easily get lost.


Please make sure your child comes to school prepared for weather conditions...


  • If it is due to be hot, please make sure they have applied suncream before school, have a hat and water bottle with them. Children can bring suncream into class but they must be able to apply it themselves - we cannot apply it for them. 
  • If it is due to rain or be cold, please ensure they have a waterproof coat and layers to keep warm inside. 

Swimming - please make sure all jewellery is removed before coming to school as children are not allowed to enter the pool wearing any jewellery and we cannot remove it for them.  If they have recently had piercings, please tape over them before coming to school. 


Please encourage your child to be independent in getting dressed and undressed - we are not allowed to dress the children and it is very distressing for them if they are not used to doing this themselves. 

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