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Term 1

What a fantastic term 1 we have had!


In English this term we read a book called 'Leon and the Place Inbetween.' Here we wrote different character descriptions, looked at noun phrases and how to use descriptive language. 

At the end of our unit we moved on to look at persuasive writing features, including alliteration and rhetorical questions. At the end of our unit pupils wrote their very own persuasive leaflet about the circus.


In Maths this term we started looking at addition and subtraction. Initially, pupils were a bit nervous about learning how to do column addition, but by the end of term 1 most pupils were doing this were confidence. Well done Alligators.


In our times tables sessions we have been learning our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. The Alligators have shown great perseverance in these sessions.


Our science topic this term was 'Rocks, soils and Fossils.' We had lots of fun doing carrying out experiments on rock permeability, rock hardness as well as well as categorising rocks by their properties. The Alligators did very well at recording their results in tables and carrying out group work to find results.

In our history unit this term we learnt all about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. In these lessons the Alligators loved learning about how different tools were made throughout the different Ages and how people became hunter gatherers and built their own settlements. The Alligators wrote diary entries in the day of the life as a Caveman, these are proudly on the wall outside our classroom.


In our computing sessions we have looked at networks, looking very closely at our school network and which devices are linked together. In these sessions we acted out being our very own network, moving paper files round the classroom with our own wireless connection, made out of string. The children loved doing this!



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