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Our Science Learning Journey

Science at Barley Close:

Year 1 trip to the Zoo

Year 6 fossil making

Year 5 Planets Workshop

Year 5 Glider workshop

Year 2 and 5 Trip to Slimbridge

STEM Workshop Year 3&4

As part of our science week we had a visit from the National Composites Centre. They started with a whole school assembly and then Year 3&4 were very lucky and had a workshop. As part of our workshop we became engineers and had to build a 30cm bridge and see which was the strongest! It was really fun. 

The Royal Microscopical Society donated our school a handful of microscope to use for the week. Our Year 4s and 5s, thoroughly enjoyed looking at things in such detail.  Bugs, rocks and sand look so different up close!!

Year 5 Forces topic

Year 5 enjoyed exploring forces in Term 2. 

We looked at Air Resistance, making paper helicopters as well as parachutes from different sized bags. 

We looked at Water Resistance where we made boats from foil.

We looked at friction, levers, pulleys and gears too.

Trip to Aerospace museum

In Term 2 Year 4 went on a trip to the Aerospace museum. We loved seeing Concorde that was our highlight of the day! Then we spent the afternoon doing some Engineering on Minecraft - it was great fun!

Trip to Techniquest


Year 5 went on a trip to Techniquest, Cardiff in December 1st.

The children loved exploring the science exhibitions and watching The Forces Show. We had some fantastic volunteers too!

Science Christmas Day 2022

In December we had a science Christmas day planned for us. In the morning we made ice cream and got to eat some! Then in the afternoon we made slime smiley The day was really good fun and we learnt so much about states of matter. 

Science Christmas Day

As part of our Science Christmas Day, Upper Key Stage 2 engaged in an experiment where they had to make a pulley that would lift Santa's sack.  In Lower Key Stage Two we had to use different materials to try and make Santa's boots quieter. In Key Stage One we made nose warmers for Reindeers. In EYFS we enjoyed making Christmas Exploration Bottles. 

Engineering day

In Year 4 we great day being engineers! We had a day run by the RAF where we got to make gliders. We spent the morning designing, making and evaluating our gliders. We then had a whole class competition on the playground to see who’s glider could fly the furthest smiley we talked about the different parts of a glider, and what we can do to make them fly better. It was great fun! 

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