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Resilience, Kindness and Curiosity

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Visions and Values

Each school has a vision that underpins everything they do.

It  needs to be revisited so it reflects what is happening in the World and takes into account the children we have at our school.


The Pupils, Staff, parents and Governors  have revisited our Vision and Values and thought about what is important to our community now.


This can be summed up in one sentence - ‘Be your best self'


This is our vision for Barley Close.


We asked our children want kind of person they want to be when they leave Barley Close.  Staff , Parents and Governors also did the same.


Together we have come up with shared values that we can all strongly believe in and that we can all show everyday in our actions. 


Our Barley Close Values

  • To be Kind
  • To be Curious
  • To be Resilient



To make our values work, we all need to understand what they mean to us in everyday life both inside and outside school. We have 3 Value characters who help us


Hello. My name is Kin Kindness. I like to make people happy by listening to them and being their friend.  I only use kind words and have kind hands and feet. I do not hurt people by kicking or pushing them and I do not say things to people that might make them sad. I pick up rubbish and always tell the truth. I like to get on with everyone and respect what they believe, even if it is different to me. Be Kind!




Hello. My name is Reli Resilience. I always try my best and I never give up, even when things are difficult. I ask for help when I need to, but I am brave and independent when I need to be. I am proud of everything I do and even when things go wrong I try again and learn from my mistakes. Believe in yourself, you can do it!






Hello. My name is Curio Curiosity. I love to explore and ask questions. I like to have fun and be brave when I am finding out about the world around me. I like to aim high and try new things. I want to be the very best person that I can be. Keep exploring!



This is now our MISSION!


To provide a child centred approach to learning and life which is inclusive for all. We nurture kind, resilient and curious children with high ambitions for their future.



How are we going to promote our new Values?

· Through our assemblies

· Via our PSHE lessons

· Planning our lessons to show and expect our values

· Our day to day activities in school

· We will show and teach the children how these values can be achieved .


We hope you share our passion and commitment to our new values and vision for our School.

We hope that we can share more of our ideas with you soon and that you will start to see and feel the values in all we do and most importantly in our children.


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