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Term 5 (Apr - May)

Key Dates for Term 5

Monday 15th April

Term 5 begins

Monday 6th May

Bank Holiday

Monday 20th May- Friday 24th May

Sports Week

Children are invited to wear sports clothing all week

Wednesday 22nd May

Sports Day

Children to wear a T-Shirt of their house colour

Friday 24th May

End of Term 5

Week 1.

Using our text this week Greta and the Giants we discussed the work of Greta Thunberg and the difference she has made to our planet.  We used the book to think about what she is like and write our own pledges to help the Earth.  In maths we practised writing numerals and worked on understanding the number sequence forwards and backwards with missing numbers posing a challenge.  We also built on earlier work considering number bonds to 5.  In Term 5 we are starting PHSE subjects and thought about how rules keep us safe and children's rights as part of this discussion.


Week 2.

We used a non fiction book on Castles to learn more about history and how populations lived and kept themselves safe.  We built our own castles after learning about their features and identified some similarities and differences between castles and modern homes.  In maths we tried practical methods of showing number bonds to 5 and tried to show our understanding by writing them on Friday.  In PHSE we thought about responsibility and what that means at school.  We are responsible for keeping ourselves and our friends safe, being ready for our learning and respectful to others.


Week 3.

Our text The Kings Hats allowed us to think about the role of King Charles III and what types of jobs he does.  We identified professions that wore hats for their job and on Thursday we used our very best hand writing to write a letter to the King to tell him about our favourite hats.

In maths we looked at 1p, 2p and 5p coins and started to understand that these coins represent a value and can be exchanged for goods.  Our reception garden will soon have a buddy bench so in PHSE we thought about different ways of making friends and drew some pictures reflecting these ideas.


Week 4.

This week we have again been historians. We thought about why King Charles in known as King Charles III and then looked at the differences between Kings of the past and the modern day monarch.

We looked at Maps and how we can use them to find our way around. We then drew maps of our outdoor area and of our classroom.

In Maths we revised positional language by hiding objects, and ourselves, in, on, under, beside, in front or behind a box. We then looked at directional language and learnt the Forward and Backward dance and the Left and right dance. We also did the Hokey Cokey to help us remember. We then used our knowledge to program Beebots to move to a particular spot.

We also had our first practise of our events for sports day


Week 5.

The children very much enjoyed Supertato by Sue Hendra this week.  They hunted for evil peas, counted them and created wanted posters describing his features.   We thought about what happened in the story and how we might describe the hero.  In maths we looked at 2D and introduced 3D shapes.  What features each group had, their names and some differences and similarities.  On Friday the children enjoyed exploring the library on our visit and will receive their library cards in term 6 so they can take out up to 20 books free of charge. 





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