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Barley Close Geography Curriculum


All children will be provided with a varied and interesting curriculum based on the programmes of study from the National Curriculum, that fosters curiosity about the world they live in. They will acquire geographical skills through field work, studying a variety of maps and the exploration of places both in the UK and the wider world. They will have opportunities to learn about both Human and Physical Geography and whenever possible, relate this to their own experiences. In addition, they will become aware of their responsibilities as a citizen in this global world. 



In EYFS and Year 1, the children begin by studying their home, school and the local area on maps and in field work walks. They build on this learning by extending it to learning about the United Kingdom and comparing this to Sydney Harbour in Australia looking for the human and physical feature similarities and differences in Bristol Harbour and Sydney Harbour. Children record this on their learning walls, in floor books and in their individual curriculum books. The Barley Close Geography Curriculum (linked above) has been designed to incorporate a Bristol focus and UK focus while also making sure each year group have access to learning about the wider world. From Year 1 to Year 6 children will study most areas of the world so should leave Barley Close with a steady knowledge and appreciation of the world we live in. 


In Year 1 to Year 6 Geography is taught once a week based usually alternating a term of History then a term of Geography. At the start of each unit, a title page that lists some key vocabulary will be stuck at the front in each child's Humanities book. During the year, children will go on trips that deepen their understanding of geography units covered and experience practical field work to build on their prior knowledge and skills. 



Through the teaching of Geography, children develop an understanding of their local community and the wider world. They will then develop a respect for the diverse communities and world in which they live. They learn valuable geographical skills through map work and fieldwork and are encouraged to ask questions in order to further develop their understanding of the world. 

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