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Term 4

Spelling list Term 4

Thursday 29th February Trip to Chepstow Castle

Practising our aim with tennis rackets and tennis balls into different hoops

Sewing fabric flowers for Design Technology

Week 1 update:


In English this week, we reread the book: The Secret Sky Garden from last term. Over the next two weeks, we will be practising using past tense verbs to retell the story. We will be making sure there is a clear beginning, middle and end to our retelling of the story to make sure we fully understand story structure. 


In Maths we studied mass (weight) this week. We studied the difference between grams and kilograms and how 1 kilogram feels in our hands. We sorted pictures of real life objects like an elephant, packet of crisps and a car into a table of grams or kilograms depending on what unit of measurement you'd weigh them in.


In Geography we started our new unit about the River Wye in comparison to the River Ganges. We looked at the BBC Bitesize website and read about rivers how they start from a source and usually travel downward toward the sea. 


Next week on Thursday 29th February, we're heading to Chepstow Castle right on the River Wye so we can carry out some fieldwork on the river and explore the history of the castle too ready for our history Term 5 unit on Castles and Knights.  

Week 2 Update:


Well! We're already a third of our way through Term 4! 


We've had another fun week of learning with lots going on!


In Maths, we finished our unit of learning linked to Mass and completed activities linked to comparing and ordering different weights and also completed reasoning questions where we got to explain our thinking more.


We were also lucky enough to have some special lessons linked to multiplication which allowed us to deepen our knowledge and understanding when using our counting skills.

In English, we moved onto using simple conjunctions in our writing focusing on the use of 'because' so that we could add extra detail to our writing. We then planned our extended write and finally completed this extended write which was based on retelling the story of The Secret Sky Garden! It's such a lovely story.


Science was a fun lesson searching the grounds for different animals and habitats and then essentially creating our own animal and thinking about why it was suited to its habitat.

Every child was also lucky to help take part in rebuilding our school pizza oven just outside our classroom. Although it was very cold and mucky, the children had a great time!


And finally, the trip! And what a trip it was! Mrs Johnson came back buzzing from it and instantly messaged me to tell me how amazing Lion Class were and what a fab day it was! A special THANK YOU to all of our parent/ carer helpers. Without you and your help, we wouldn't be able to have these amazing opportunities!


We hope you all had a lovely weekend - what a fantastic surprise with the snow too! Did not expect that!


See you all Monday for the next full on week!



Ps Don't forget to sign up to parent's evening!

Week 3 update


Wow what a week! World book day on Thursday where the children got to share their favourite book and dress as their favourite character. We had everything from Where's Wally to Mary Poppins to cat in the hat to the dinosaur who pooped the past! We sang songs about world book day and shared our favourite stories.


In maths we've been studying fractions of shapes and amounts. We've been drawing sharing circles to share out amount to work out half or a quarter of an amount. We know each group must be equal. We'll continue this next week. 


In Geography we studied the River Ganges in India and Bangladesh ready to compare it with the River Wye which we saw as part of a our school trip to Chepstow Castle last week. We've learned about what a river is and now we're going to apply that knowledge to both rivers.


In computing we did a task to code our friends like robots. We pasted actions like forward, pause 5seconds and strike a rock pose onto an algorithm (instructions) sheet. The children really enjoyed this.


Hope you have a lovely weekend. Happy Mother's day to all the mums and caregivers. 


Week 4 Update:


Well as usual, it's been another busy week in Lion Class!


In Maths, we continued our unit of learning based on finding fractions of an amount such as 1/2, 2/4, 3/4 and then also applied these skills to finding a fraction of a length. Next week we will be looking at 3D shape in detail.


In English, we planned our recount to Chepstow Castle and then completed this write at the end of the week. The children worked really hard with many writing a page or so with lots of detail! Next week we will be working on specific gaps in our writing in order to develop our skills further.


Science focused on minibeasts and their habitats and PSHE got us thinking about a healthy, balanced diet. 


Friday was Red Nose Day so lots of fun for us and things to think about there!


Don't forget, next week is Parent's Evening on Tuesday and Thursday. We are looking forward to meeting with those who have booked in.


We are also listening to readers and moving some children up a level - great! Please remember to read at home 5x a week - it's such an important skill to have and can support your child with all other areas of learning.


We hope you are enjoying the weekend and will look forward to seeing you next week.

Week 5 update:


Parents evening this week was so lovely. It was great to speak to so many parents/carers and a pleasure to share children's progress. Please ask us at the classroom door or via email if you need anything else like log in details for MyMaths or Timestable Rockstar. Our email addresses are on the Lion Class Page on the school website. 


In English this week we worked on some key English skills: we reminded ourselves of the word classes: nouns, verbs, adjectives and conjunctions, we refreshed our reading comprehension skills finding key words, facts and used subheadings to find information, we edited and revised our recounts about our visit to Chepstow Castle.


In Maths we studied the properties of 3d shapes looking at edges, faces and vertices (corners). The children really enjoyed getting their hands on the 3d shapes to hold and study. 


In Geography we looked at a whole world map which covered the carpet space. We found the UK and the River Wye and India and the River Ganges. Then the children completed some tasks using atlases.  



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