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Term 3

Spellings list for Term 3

Expressive Painting Art Unit: mixing primary colours to make secondary colours

PE hockey skills

Week 1 learning update:


What a fantastic start to Term 3 in the new year. It feels like a fresh start and we’re ready to hit the ground running with lots more to learn. In English we read The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield. The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield I Read Aloud I Books for kids about music ( Here is the YouTube link to the story being read aloud. It’s a beautiful story about a bear who finds a piano in the forest and begins to practice every day until he is extremely good at it. We will be writing a diary entry about the bear’s experience of travelling to the big city with his new talents focusing on using conjunction connecting word like and, but, so. And of course, keeping up with capital letters and full stops.

In Maths, we have been telling the time. We are lucky that we have a mini clock each for the children to use and show me different times I ask for so these have been really fun practical lessons. The children are secure with o’clock and half past so now we move on to quarter past and quarter to the hour.

In PE on Thursday we did some pirate style marching and dancing to a beat of 8 and in RE we started a unit about Islam. We learned about the five pillars of Islam.

The children have been so happy to be back together again in class. Here’s to a great 2024.


PE kit on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS please. Thanks!


Reading books changed and spelling test on FRIDAYS.

Week 2 Update:


So, we had another busy, jam packed week!


In maths, we continued to work on our skills of telling the time and focussed on quarter past, quarter to and then finally mixed times. They made great progress with this but please continue to practice this skill at every opportunity to consolidate as we will move on to 5 minute intervals within Year 2!


In English, we continued with The Bear and the Piano and completed a diary entry pretending to be the bear. It was a great way to consider how the bear felt at different stages of the story using this thoughts and feelings.


Science was good fun as we handled a range of seeds and sorted them based on colour, size, shape and texture and then moved on to sketching them.


PE was tricky due to the hall being out of action however we did get to play some pirate PE games outside. Arrgh! Great fun indeed!


We also studied the artist Vincent Van Gogh and put our developing art skills to good use.


This week we will look at sentence types in English and move onto Statistics for Maths.


As usual, please work hard to learn your spellings and read 5x a week - this is key for ALL areas of learning and will really help your child to be the best they can!


We hope you all had a fantastic weekend and look forward to continuing a cold, but lovely week with you all!

Week 3 learning update


We've had a lovely week. In English we continued to work on the book The Bear and the Piano. We're going to write a review of the Bear's piano concert performance. We've been practising using exclamation and question sentences like "Have you ever seen a performance that has left you speechless?" and "How talented the Bear is!" We're working on joining our letters in our handwriting and keeping our work neat.


In Maths, we've been studying statistics. We took tally chart data about our class's favourite colour and favourite fruit then transferred the data onto a block graph. Lion Class really enjoyed doing the task. Next week more on statistics. 


In PE we continued with our pirate dance moves. The children enjoy the warm up game where they have to climb the rigging, scrub the deck, walk the plank or captain's coming stand and salute!


In Science we started an experiment on plant growth. The children drew and labelled a diagram of the experiment and will continue to observe the seed's change and growth.


Quick reminder: please could anything that you send into school be named. Jumpers, coats, water bottles, hats, gloves. It helps us to return things to the rightful owner. Thank you! 

Week 4 update:

Well, as usual it's been another busy week!

In maths we continued and finished our unit linked to statistics and focused on pictograms where each picture could represent 2 or 10 votes/ responses. We then looked at division using a number line in calculation.

In English we described the bear's performance using exciting/ engaging adjectives and then used this to write a longer piece reviewing the bear's performance on the stage.

In History we looked at what impact Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole had on hospitals and what conditions were like before and after these two historical heroes.

PSHE we continued to work on our personal goals and designed certificates in readiness for achieving our goal!

Science included setting up an investigation linked to plants and different temperatures! Let's hope the storm/ wind hasn't affected it. We also looked at our seeds to see what changes have occurred there...

Wowsers! What a busy week!

Polite requests:

- please keep up the reading at home. Supporting your child to read really supports them in all aspects of learning. Even football stars will rely on this skill! 😊

- please remember to let your child know to come to an adult should they need support or help at that point in time. That way a situation can be resolved or supported immediately.

Thanks so much everyone and enjoy the sunshine tomorrow! ☀️

Looking forward to Monday!

Week 5 update


Lion Class have been so busy and working so hard this week, as always. They are starting to get tired as we near the end of term so I for one will be making sure to get lots of early nights as we approach half term break. 


In English this week, we've been reading The Secret Sky Garden by Linda Sarah. A video of the story being read aloud can be found here: The Secret Sky Garden - By Linda Sarah and Fiona Lumbers | Read with Miss Nadin ( We've been studying past, present and future tense verbs and using them in sentences to describe the sky garden. For example, The fierce kite is darting across the sky. The flowers are waving in the breeze.


In Maths we have started a new unit on measure. We have measured different items around the classroom in centimetres and metres and thought about which piece of equipment would be most useful in different situations. Dig out your rules and tape measures at home and get measuring things around the house! 


In History, Lion Class continued their learning about the Crimean War and Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. They studied how Florence Nightingale changed hospitals for the better. 


Carry on reading 5x a week to earn 5 raffle tickets. Make sure to leave a written comment in the yellow Reading Record. Maths homework available on MyMaths and Timestable Rockstar websites. Log in details on the inside cover of children's yellow reading records.

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