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Resilience, Kindness and Curiosity

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RE Barley Close Curriculum



  • Children are excited by and want to learn RE.


  • Provide an interesting and varied curriculum that makes children curious about the world they live in and challenge any stereotypes.


  • From EYFS to the end of Key Stage 2 children become well informed and be able to empathise and appreciate diversity in their local community, nation and wider world.


  • Children understand their role in the world by developing critical thinking skills, reflecting on similarities and differences between religious beliefs and practices.


  • Utilise opportunities to link RE to other subjects, particularly Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE), British Values and Spiritual, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural (SMSC).


  • Offers opportunities for discussion and high-level questioning. This allows them to be open to other views and accepting of their own world perspectives and that others.




  • Our curriculum will encompass the SACRE South Gloucestershire Agreed Syllabus and our own unique curriculum progression to ensure all knowledge of RE are being taught across all year groups.


  • Teaching will encompass learning and progression of skills in 3 key areas per year, Expressing, Believing and Living.


  • Through our teaching, including the use of religious artefacts and visits, we will motivate our children to find out more about different religions.


  • All religions and belief systems, including non-belief systems are taught with respect and sensitivity, valuing links which can be made between home and school and different faith communities in our area. 


  • We will support all children as appropriate so that everyone can access the curriculum.


  • All staff will use assessment for learning to ensure progress during lessons and across the themes of Believing, Expressing and Living.




  • Children will enjoy learning RE and be motivated to find out more about the world they live in.


  • Evidence of work, in floor books, will show core knowledge, progress and cross curricular links.


  • Children will be able to verbalise clear reflections of their own beliefs’ and an awareness of other beliefs and how they impact on their daily lives.


  • A good understanding will result in British Values ‘Tolerance’ being promoted and displayed in the children’s work, thoughts and behaviours.


  • High expectations.


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