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Helping your child at home

How you can help at home!

There are lots of ways to help your child prepare for school and some of the most important are:

- encourage them to be independent in getting dressed and undressed

- support them to use cutlery independently and correctly 

- ensure they are completely toilet trained


We will always do our best to help your child whilst promoting independence; but it is important to note that we are not allowed to dress your children, so if they are not used to getting dressed or undressed (for swimming or after a toileting accident) independently, this can become a very distressing situation for them. Please spend some time over the holidays practising this, so that school is as stress-free as possible. 




The best way you can support your child's learning at home is to read with them every day practising their phonics skills of sounding out, blending and sight reading.


Even if your child is reluctant to independently read, please take the opportunity to read to them - listening to a story and being immersed in the language and imagination of a story is just as important as reading one independently, and children are more likely to try reading if they've seen you do it first.


We will send reading books home every week but please don't feel restricted to only reading this book - the more books your child has exposure to, the better (even if it is The Gruffalo for the 300th time!)


We have weekly spelling tests on Fridays, so regular practice at home will help your child feel confident in their spelling knowledge in preparation for these tests. The list of spellings will be sent home every Friday in their red spelling book, as well as updated on the class website and also visible on the classroom window. 


You can also help your child with their English and Maths skills by playing board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Boggle, Junior Scrabble, card games such as Snap or Crib, dominoes.. the list is endless! This way the children are having fun with you as well as learning - but without realising it! 


If you'd like any support in helping your child at home, please don't hesitate to speak to one of Panther class's teachers- we're very happy to help.

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